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Saturday, December 17, 2011

NEW 911 Truth All-Star Cast Movie

I've received the following message to pass along, announcing a promising mew film in the making, which I believe can help our cause considerably!


Fellow 9/11 Truth Seekers,
I have great news for you ...We’re making “our” movie…

And by “our” I mean the 9/11 Truth Movement’s movie.

“Confession of a 9/11 Conspirator” begins filming in the new year so
it will be available for its World-Wide TV Premiere on the night of
9/11/12 - reaching potentially hundreds of millions of people all on
the same night!!!

Talk about a "Weapon of Mass Instruction"!

Many of our fellow actors and artists have agreed to perform in the film: Ed Asner, Martin Sheen, Woody Harrelson, Daniel Sunjata, John Heard, Michelle Phillips, Joseph Culp, Paul Cross, Nick Mancuso and Judd Nelson - with another dozen still to be cast.
“Confession of a 9/11 Conspirator” is a feature film willing to do what the world’s governments and legal bodies are unwilling to do – open a new investigation of 9/11 for the entire world to see. It dramatizes the first day of “The President’s New Investigation of 9/11” with actors performing from a tightly-written, factually-accurate script drawn from the official 9/11 Commission and National Institute of Standards and Technology (“NIST”) reports vs. the books of Dr. David Ray Griffin, one of the world’s most respected 9/11 truth advocates – as well as research derived from leading 9/11 truth organizations such as Architects & Engineers, Firefighters, Scientists, Military Officers, Pilots and others for 9/11 Truth.

Please help make "our" movie the success we all want it to be by donating what you can spare toward the costs.
Please share this email with your Facebook friends and any other social network contacts you have.

Please visit ( and make your donation now.

All donors will receive "Special Thanks" in the closing credits of the film!!!

For a $25 donation or more, you will also receive the DVD as soon as
it’s available.

Sincere thanks,
Howard Cohen
Executive Director

Making further inquiries, I elicited the following additional information about the project, which I believe is as important as the original message. Please give generously! -- James


Thanks for your rapid reply. David Ray Griffin and I have been working for several years on the script and the project., Richard Gage, Niels Harrit and others in the movement have consulted on the script for accuracy - and of course all our actors are members of Actors & Artists for 9/11 truth.

Thanks for the help.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
The issue of the government + corporate establishment’s gross, transparent mischaracterization of the devastating 9/11 crimes (the “New Pearl Harbor”) and disavowal/taboo-ization of any serious investigation or questioning thereof most clearly parallels, to my mind, the turbid atmosphere at the beginning of the organized Abolition movement 180 years ago, in the early 1830s. Those in the hypersensitive South with any semblance of anti-slavery tendencies or even reservations were pilloried, ostracized, ruined financially, defrocked and, if they didn’t relent or disappear, murdered with the sanction of the community and without benefit of police or trial.
Because, they were quite simply “out of line” for forcing the more vulnerable members of the community to intelligently confront and consider matters already preemptively decided for them and closed.
The half-crazy unconventional few who did, nevertheless, think and feel (like the courageous Grimke sisters of South Carolina) had to flee north to make their stand and never slept without one eye open. These are our worthy predecessors; let us be worthy of them!
In the by-then largely non-slave (not all anti-slavery) North, in Cincinnati, a multi-night student debate at Lane Seminary on the subject of slavery – held over the initial objections of that institution’s illustrious faculty and administration – broke down at the end into riots throughout the city. The debates’ subject – the Southern economic system relying on involuntary slave labor – was not to be mentioned, not to be discussed, anywhere. Because the nation’s leaders had deemed that public order and national well-being depended on it not being.
These days, the nation, following the government + corporate establishment, doesn’t by and large reject or refute the call of 9-11 Truth for revelation and justice ensuing. The public, following the establishment’s lead, simply doesn’t respond to or even consider the matter, at least openly. Whereas, as little as three years ago, you’d be hooted or branded a crank for questioning or demanding a 9/11 investigation, now, after maybe a perfunctory, usually inane query of mild protest, such as how such imbeciles as Bush and Cheney could have pulled such a thing, or how such a conspiracy could be hushed up by all of its participants, there follows, more often than not, agreement to the extent that “I wouldn’t be surprised, given the other boneheaded things the government has done.” But, not accompanied by any particular feeling of injustice or resolve to set things right.
To me, that sort of response that has become increasingly common betokens widespread misunderstanding of the context, or of what’s at stake in permitting the most wanton and tragic crime in American history – a crime destructive far beyond itself – to slide, its true perpetrators to continue to hide under rocks, or, in some cases, out in the open.
One hundred seventy-five years ago, back in the 1830s and beyond, ardent Abolitionists despaired of ever convincing a majority of Americans of the horrible wrongness of slavery and of permitting its arch-defenders and beneficiaries to call the shots. And even the people who knew the truth were mostly too meek to speak up in support of emancipation and an end to the slavocracy system that was unjustly holding millions in degradation and hostage. Yet, when it finally became safe for the political system to act, with the even half-hearted support of, and finally without vigorous retaliation from the voters, the political system did so act and the core evil was exorcized.
And, when enough of the public “gets it” today, I am convinced that the political system will again feel constrained to act by authorizing a real investigation of 9/11, rather than be voted out of office.
And, I therefore conclude that that’s the outcome we as 9-11 Truthers need to continue to work toward – to at last change the conventional wisdom in this country about 9/11, which should be our constant mission, instead of sliding off as a group to feature other worthy goals and causes, best left up to other organizations with our encouragement. Because, none of the other causes out there are, in my opinion, as worthy of our efforts as the seminal, prosecutable crimes we are pledged to see rightly adjudged for the world’s betterment. And for the accomplishment of that, we need to work night and day to bring about a beneficial change in public knowledge and in the conventional wisdom in this country and abroad about 9/11, just as the organizations and arguments directed toward the reality that the government was lying about the JFK assassination and the Vietnam War gradually changed the conventional wisdom in the country related to those realities.
To accomplish as much, we need to work and recruit tirelessly, those of us who know and care about the compound crime and lies related to 9/11 to inform the public adequately of the convincing evidence and its meaning. Our lofty goal is to transform the conventional wisdom and the torpor still abounding in this country into the understanding and indignation needed to successfully and implacably demand a full accounting and justice. That is, to turn the conventional wisdom and win the day.
And nothing short of that will, I believe, ever prevail. Nothing. Accordingly, I say, let’s take a deep breath, redouble our common resolve, and bring it on.
JH / December 7, 2011

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why Our Only Remedy is Justice, Not Reconciliation

Why Our Only Remedy is Justice, Not Reconciliation
by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
     For most 911 Truth advocates and activists, I believe there is a goal even beyond the public disclosure in timely fashion of the truth regarding who was responsible for the horrific death, destruction, cover-up, and hijacking of our civil government and agenda.  And that further goal is justice. Had I been in on the founding of the 911 Truth movement in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy – as I should have been, instead of dithering though convinced for several years, I could have suggested that it become known as the 911 Justice movement (although its subsequent name is certainly fine, and its founding sentiment is one to proudly rally around.)
     But, paradoxically, it seems, the final mile we almost certainly must push when the time is ripe to go beyond 9/11 truth in order to aspire to reach the ultimate goal of 9/11 justice, promises to be as or more difficult to successfully complete than the nine hundred ninety-nine or so we will have crossed to make the truth of 9/11 finally the accepted coin of the realm. And I believe that it will be so for three powerful reasons.
     The most elemental reason is the plain fact that, while equality before the law is firmly a part of the creed we proudly spout as Americans, or as fair-minded individuals wherever we live, legal equality is in reality, not practiced, and never has been, in our country, any more than has equality of opportunity. Your standing before the law depends largely on your socioeconomic position. As Jesse Jackson declared once while speaking in Connecticut, “The rich go to Yale, and, overwhelmingly, the poor go to jail.” How many current celebrities can you name in five minutes, or in a day, who have been convicted of something and effectively sentenced? What happens when Lindsey Lohan is sentenced to 30 days? Right – she almost certainly will be out in 30 hours, and it could be 30 minutes. How many Wall Street agents of fraud and chaos, costing untold hundreds of billions and shattering countless lives, have been prosecuted and put away? How many legion penny-ante local drug dealers and petty shop-lifters? I could go on.
     The insider planners, conscious collaborators, and masters of national and global mayhem on 9/11 – government and agency high and possibly middle-rank officials, quite likely (according to our information) prominent financial and business members of secret and semi-secret exclusive auxiliary organizations like CFR and Trilateral, and minions of AIPAC – are normally immune. Such connected individuals almost always elude indictment. Unless they conspire to rob other elitists of billions, who then turn on them. Among the vanishingly few examples would be people like Madoff and, earlier, Ivan Boesky. People of the  social caliber of the real 9/11 perps are generally as safe as Bush speaking (attempting to speak) in Canada.
     Which brings us to the second great difficulty we will discover in pushing to render our Constitutionally-guaranteed due process of law applicable to the unspeakably heinous psychopathic/sociopathic criminals who planned and ordered 9/11 for their own little elite purposes. And it is that we have never really been a constitutional republic, when push came to shove. But instead, we are and always were more of a tribal sort of system, in which birds of a feather always flock together, and practically never in life rat each other out or suffer their own cohorts to go down. Even their non-guilty cohorts will protect them to the death if given half a chance. Consider the football staff at Penn State. Consider the ranks of police that quickly and irreversibly close time after time around rogues and criminals within those ranks. Or doctors who won’t testify against doctors. Consider the holier-than-thou Catholic priests and bishops who also wouldn't testify or effectively sanction fellow priests.
     Certainly, being honest and good provides no excuse for ratting among the military special forces – who better than even money says were involved in some way in carrying out highly-arcane inside operations on 9/11. Getting cooperation to finger the killers and elite tribal criminoso, even if consciences be bothered, is going to prove a nigh-on-impossible task. “The system is to blame,” we will hear over and over and over and over and over. Get used to it.
     For the third great impediment we will face in our (hopefully) implacable and uncompromising demand, that 9/11 truth lead straightaway to 9/11 justice for all, we need to turn and look hard at ourselves and to examine the motives and preferences of those within our ranks.
     To wit: Some of us have noticed increasing inward-turned rancor within the ranks of the 911 Truth community itself in recent months, and increasing incivility and intolerance for the slightest deviation among some of its leaders. Such is occurring at present even as the public seems to have warmed perceptibly (and perceptively) to our message and some cracks seem to have started in the once-solid façade of the mainstream media’s opposition or impudence of non-recognition toward us and our constant insistence that the official story is a deception that must be challenged. Some chalk it up to cognitive infiltration.
     Yet, some among us are motivated and informed not solely or mainly by the familiar philosophy and provisions of the constitutional state, but even more so by the often discordant modes of resolution traditional within Christian thought and practice almost literally from Day One – as in 2 Corinthians 5:19 of the New Testament, “Christ reconciling the world unto himself.”
     And the problem of applying this almost-romantic notion of somehow taming miscreants to repent of their errant ways and rejoin the sainted community of well-meaning-for-and-toward-all, is that it doesn’t at all fit in this case. Because, we aren’t dealing with simply errant would-be do-gooders (if they were only shown the proper path) here. We are dealing instead with a determined-unto-death sub-community (read malevolent cult) of elite psychopaths who care basically nothing about the general run of human beings, except as their minions and supportive workers, whom all accounts say that they would like to, and plan to, be surrounded by a whole lot fewer of.
     These are the same generationally-expanded clique of people who have murdered our sincerest leaders and covered it up, started our wars for their own private purposes, impoverished us and tanked our economy and sent us into the streets and bread lines on various occasions throughout our history, and now seem to be increasingly able to harness and redirect no less than the forces of nature to suit their nefarious ends.
     Some associate Gandhi – perhaps accurately – with the alternative general tradition of benign forgiveness or amnesty of the enemy of the people. But, the practical truth is, he embraced peaceful resistance in large part because his masses possessed no prevailing firepower. Likewise, whatever pop-guns we might possess, leading some to rely on the Second Amendment as insurance, probably wouldn’t achieve much, either, in a standoff with the massive WMD controlled by the establishment.
     On the other hand, the sheer numbers of the working, or would-be working, class and run-of-the-mill citizenry are already proving to be daunting to the banksters and power-brokers who ultimately depend on us. And, I would contend, if we can manage to make the truth of 911 Truth anything like the conventional wisdom about 9/11 in our land (as the JFK conspiracy community ultimately did with that), we can, at such point, perhaps reconfigure politics to actually not disfavor the acceptance of a new, fair investigation, if our elected officials should determine that their jobs depend on it. I, for one, think that may be our best hope. And its success depends on nothing less than our success at distributing what we know.
     And so, let us at that point of establishing truth, embrace not the precedent of post-Apartheid South Africa (where there were two popularly-perceived legitimate sides in a lengthy twilight struggle), but that of the Nuremberg trials, to indict, convict, and punish those engaged in clearly unprovoked criminal conduct – a high crime against humanity on a mass scale, compounded by deliberate cover-up.
     Thus, let’s rule out reconciliation (which is already urged by some) as a wholly-inappropriate remedy that will solve nothing, and do nothing to restore the security of our Constitutional rule of law, that was criminally stolen from us following 9/11. Let us not adopt mores foreign to our own national experience, which would, in effect, coddle our worst criminals and in no wise even guarantee the emergence of the actual truth.
     Instead, let us embrace, insist upon, demand as with a single, sane, steady and persuasive voice, and hear to absolutely nothing whatsoever but full justice. Let us insist on ultimate justice as the fittest final, glorious act of closure for the crying-out-loud, never-ending, bloody nightmare that has abided with us as 9/11/01.
     Justice it is! We’ve worked too long. Accept no substitutes.
Jlh: 11/12/11

Sunday, October 30, 2011

9/11 and History

9/11 and History
by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organiazaion
     We all live within a continuing narrative of events large and small that is more-or-less fixed inside our heads, spun into ordered and complex layers and infused with familiar meaning by succeeding decades of accretion and experience. Our internalized mental narrative representations of the world are as much a landscape, with features just as prominent and orienting for each of us as the Rocky Mountains, the Mississippi, Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, your local thoroughfare, or the drug store or fire or police station on the corner of your street. And the features and shape of your narrative are as fixed in your own constellation as the stars in the sky and as textured and comfortable as the covers on your bed.
     It’s four steps and a right to the bathroom door. If it became suddenly five or three, we’d bang into the wall or panic would set in. Altering the nighttime or daytime temperature of your room by five degrees either way can spin into a major issue in search of resolution – either call the repairman or change your wardrobe.
     People with stories to tell or points to make comparing the world before 9/11 and after 9/11 very seldom endeavor to tell us what it was about 9/11 that elicited the changes or, even more rarely, what actually happened on 9/11 to account for the dramatic before and after changes in life, mores, attitudes, agendas, expectations, requirements, and events that have followed.  Have you noticed? 9/11 has, thus, become our greatest non-event.
     Thus, 9/11 intrudes itself in our history as a clear break, but normally without plausible definition. The orchestra conductors of our collective existence have imposed on us a mythical account of happenings that day certainly less compelling, but akin to murky cock-and-bull stories from the Old Testament or Greek mythology – a story absurd on its face, maximally insulting our adult intelligence.
     But, contrary to popular belief, few educated people in our culture are fully buying it these days. You don’t believe me? Just think about how nearly all of the plethora of social commentators and decriers of our country’s stupendous dysfunction and failure to provide for and coddle us these days talk and write in detail about things both before and after the life-changing events of 9/11, but conspicuously avoid saying anything at all about the events themselves – what lay behind them, what brought them about, what they consisted in and what produced the effects we observed, who bore responsibility. And the stock excuse for this jaw-dropping omission of the very heart of the matter that flew for most people in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 – that everybody knows anyway – certainly doesn’t apply now.  Because, people don’t “know” these things. If, indeed, they ever did, they’re really not so sure now.  (I, for one, attribute this suspension of certainty, or greater acuity of judgment, to us. Because, who else has been busy disabusing people of 9/11 fairy tales, albeit subtly and from afar in most cases due to our failure to grow into a numerically-large movement?)
     And so, to me, it’s a sign that we’re actually getting someplace, thanks to our persistence, and that even (or especially) people who are asleep eventually do wake up to smell the coffee. The glue that held the old, ridiculous narrative at least loosely in place for a decade is no longer sticking very well, and the country – as we all know – is, as a result of cruel disappointments on many fronts, now coming unglued!
     And now, there’s an at least even chance, it seems, that our main, great issue, our chief demand, that 9/11 be really and seriously investigated, as something eminently pertinent to real American justice and our constitutional guarantees, is going to gain inclusion as one of the small number of prominent demands put forward by the far-more-accepted and better-understood Occupy (Wall Street) Movement that has surged into being. And, to my mind, such may well be the most momentous and propitious happening in our existence as a movement to date, increasing whatever chance there is of our referendum and other efforts and maneuvers’ success. Because, no matter what ultimately happens to the Occupy Movement itself, whether it dissolves and breaks up in the chill of winter, succeeds in eliciting meaningful adherence and reform, or is coopted or hijacked or diverted, as our legions of Cassandras expect, its high-water mark of public acceptance will help to legitimate our demand for many and get them to think seriously about the subject of 9/11 perhaps for the first time.
     Short of that, we are asking multitudes of people to change their whole way of looking at how our country and the world works, going back to the good guys (us) vs. all the successive bad guys from before World War II forward in order to see that true, menacing evil can lurk and operate from and amid our side, and not always from the conjured lesser-known alien others. And, for most, growing up on pulp fiction and westerns, saccharine founding fathers and chest-thumping speeches and sermons, that’s quite a stretch.
JH: 10/30/11

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What Are People Supposed to Believe?

What Are People Supposed to Believe?
By James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
     One of my favorite truisms for 911 Truth (9/11 Truth, 9-11 Truth, etc.), which I repeat to my own group all the time, is “On this key, central issue of our time, we ARE the media!” And no one disputes that statement. Since the regular media is allergic to, or intimidated from, investigating and informing objectively on the super-catalytic mother of crimes known as 9/11 – which just keeps unfolding day after day, with continued barefaced irresponsible neglect accompanied by reams of disinformation calculated to consistently confuse and misinform and dissuade people from bothering to ever find out the verifiable facts of the case, presumably for reasons of dire policy, we few who are informed and convinced of the unmatched importance of what came down on that day are morally motivated as decent world citizens to inform everyone of the truth.
     So, we ARE the media on this! We don’t need bullhorns or stunts to try to get ourselves arrested to do the job. In fact, we don’t even have to make a lot of noise, period. And probably can’t, being a rather small group of people in any one place at one time. We just need to make like the little persistent noise (a rattle, or knock, a squeak or grating – I don’t often say a whine!) that you start to be aware of while driving. The key is not volume, but persistence and repetition. And, if you ever eventually hear it, (i.e., unless the radio drowns it out completely), you WILL CHECK IT OUT! If there’s something wrong (and there is!) people who are alerted, unless they are incurable fatalists of some sort, or over 106 and past caring, WILL eventually – probably pretty soon – investigate. And then, it will be up to them and their personal ethic what they do with the knowledge. But, deep down, they will know!
     So, what is it we want them to find out and come to realize and know? I may, somewhere in the dark recesses of my grey matter, or in my bones, cherish a full-blown conspiracy theory that could vastly outshine the government/pet media’s touted cockamamie conspiracy theory about 9/11 (which we never imagine for a minute they believe a word of themselves). I happen to regard my conspiracy theory as vastly superior to theirs (as you, undoubtedly, do yours, too) because it is squarely based on established facts about 9/11 that the official conspiracy theory couldn’t begin to comport with, let alone account for. My theory accounts for ALL of the established facts I am aware of that I have been able, in a decade of doubt and then conviction , to gather and internalize. My resulting story of 9/11, I believe, is good, wholly adequate for its purpose, basically defensible, fit to share with anyone interested.
     But, to my amazement, others exposed to the same basic set of established facts have constructed an understanding that differs from mine in sometimes crucial respects. And their reasoning for their somewhat different conclusions doesn’t always impress me, nor mine them. But generally – and I emphasize generally – we will still both agree on the established facts and that a full, impartial investigation is needed to sort them out.
    And, unless your message is to be “Don’t think. Just accept my conclusions, I conclude that the facts, and not the details of our individual conclusions therefrom, should be what we urge on people as we spread the word. Because, those facts are the truth, whereas our personal conclusions and epiphanies may not be.
     On a more somber note: At this point, I was going to illustrate what I meant by a reliance on facts alone by reproducing my very recent review on Amazon .com of a brand-new children’s book explaining 9/11 purporting to rely on the “facts” that planes hijacked by Muslim terrorists – terrible people – were flown into the World Trade Center on that day, causing catastrophic fires and wreaking havoc and death. I carefully responded by stating the established facts regarding temperatures and steel and the profiles of the buildings’ collapse, the anomaly of Building 7, and the presence of nanothermite, criticizing the author for ignoring virtually all of the facts that have been established and can be properly verified. I didn’t mention the Pentagon only because the author of the book didn’t. And, today, I found out when I went to scan my review that it has already been removed. And, likewise, I discovered that my review of David Ray Griffin’s Cognitive Infiltration, the second or third one posted, has also been selectively removed. A source of pride, I suppose, to be singled out like that; but, instead, I feel crushed, almost water-boarded. The Bill of Rights is down.
     Currently, there is a move underway to define a consensus view from the conclusions reached by 911 Truthers on most conceivable aspects of our subject of concern. That is a legitimate, though necessarily flawed, exercise, and I think both its content and applied methodology with be interesting. But, I doubt that the consensus positions arrived at will ever be seen as of great significance. I hope not. For one thing, it may be that no one single individual will ever agree with or agree to adopt all of the consensus conclusions as her or his own. So, could everyone’s thought in fact be no one’s? Consider the meaning of that! Speaking for myself, I know that speculators will continue to speculate, convincingly or not, regardless.  And facts will still be facts – even when they are misconstrued. And, I’m sure some haven’t yet been discovered.
     Plus, it may even be discovered, when the pond is drained, that there were a few, or even more than a few, false positives (scavengers, or infiltrators) represented among the responders.
     Besides that, if a “consensus” view comes to be urged on us and widely advertised in the media as “our position”, or “the position of the movement” on such and such, then it will become sort of like our “Apostles’ Creed”, with all of us viewed as “believers” or “members of the body”, or something like a “church”, however “democratic”. And, may God fofend!
JH:  10/4/11

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
     The greatest enemy of freedom from unrepresentative government and the ability to govern ourselves as a nation and other nations to govern themselves, is untrue information. I am almost certain that we have the Constitutional system in place right now to facilitate free expression and attainment through the government and its forbearance of exactly what the majority of the people want.
     The problem is with the new definition of truth that is operating in this country. We say, “truth is always what the complete, unfettered evidence will indicate and prove.” Our stubborn and willful opponents in government now think of us and refer to us derisively and dismissively as “the evidence-based community”, an out-of-step minority. And, so far, they have won the argument. Why?
     I submit that (most) people don’t recognize or pay attention or show interest in the convincing scientific proofs and common sense logical arguments supporting our contention that Muslim terrorists didn’t perpetrate and carry out 9/11 and its destruction and mass-homicide, as our government said. And that, instead, necessarily, insiders known to the highest echelons of our government did that. Because, most people just don’t and won’t think, period.
     With all the deference in the world to Dr. Griffin and the great new film, I don’t think “nationalist faith” is the main problem. Sure, for many baby boomers and a relative minority of highly-ethical and community-minded others, it probably does play a large role. But, I don’t see the rest of the vast nation feeling that good about ourselves now.
     Likewise, it’s often said that people are just too filled with fear, too terrified of terrorists attacking them to let up on the gas when it comes to blaming the perceptively awful Hun/savages (who we this time see as “Muslims”) and want to swat or slaughter them all. Yet, I haven’t talked to anyone in a long time who expressed fear of any foreign terrorists invading. Have you? I submit that that line of reasoning, at least at present, is another media/government construct, and doesn’t explain our problem getting through.
     No, I think the main reason the opposition to and impatience with our message seems to be hardening now is, instead, an aspect of tribalism. (And, quite possibly, most of you won’t buy what I’m saying here because of it!) This is what I’ve found: People, by and large, don’t actually think. They (not wrongly) find the world just too bewildering and complex to even begin to figure out. So, instead, they simply take their cues and adopt their views from their perceived tribal leaders – adopting in this case the ready-made narrative referred back to every day, unanimously, by the news gurus of their choice and the spokespersons for every shade of orientation in the government, who all lip-sync exactly the same message (with slightly varying emphases) on the subject of 9/11.That’s an impressive lineup of supposedly-informed tribal leadership for a humble person here and another one over there to buck!
     So, why do journalists, who are supposed to be truth-seekers and ferret out the real story, so consistently go along with this? Well, first, roughly half of their employers (news outlets) get the bulk of their news via a wire service called the Associated Press – which is reported to be majority-owned by the holdings of a single family whose name is something like Rockshells. The other half or so are fed by a different wire service, Reuters, owned largely by Rockshell family holdings also. As stated on good authority in an earlier posting here, upwards of $6 trillion (from a cash-flow not to be endangered) has been filtered upward from the humble folk to enterprises actively lubricating and operationalizing the Rockshells’ sociopathic wet dreams from financing wars and home-front operations in response to 9/11 since 2001. (Which is precisely why, by the way, you and I find ourselves in the financial mess we are currently in). And the Rockshells’ dream now coming to pass, I am fairly convinced, is of government conducted either openly or covertly by a worldwide Dick Cheney-style unitary executive.
     And completely accordingly, the news organizations invariably weigh heavily on the individual journalists not to wander off on their own in search of stories. (And, at this late date, the journalists and analysts are so heavily invested in the preposterous official story that they could probably never remove the thick coating of omelet from their faces if they reversed themselves now. How could they ever face their incredulous fellows and their bosses like that? Such must be their thinking when tempted to interpret the evidence!
     And, as for the individual “news” (or just daily culture) consumer – who wants to be labeled a “delusional, irrelevant, unpatriotic nut-job?”
     Hang tough! We have our work cut out for us! If we can only get it to court…
JH / Sept. 21, 2011

Monday, September 5, 2011


By James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
     The biggest, most-significant gridlock in America is not that in Congress, or between the Obama White House and Congress, but between the powers-that-be and the truth. Truth is verboten. No truth whatsoever is permitted either in the halls of Congress, nor in the administration, nor in the major or 99+% of the minor news or information outlets nor the courts nor published books, or periodicals, nor, in so far as possible, the private market of thoughts. It is the ultimate banned substance, vying with courage these days for rarity. For, once it (truth) is let in, and the mere possibility of its relevance acknowledged, even a smidgen, well, who knows what mischief, what unraveling, would follow? The whole universe could come down!  No! The Story As Told must be accepted, 100%! Otherwise, we’re finished!  It’s chaos!
     My proudest recruit to the 911 Truth cause to date is a splendid practicing neurologist, a gentleman and solid citizen and the nominee of one of the two major parties for Congress in my district a couple of cycles ago. In fact, I’m convinced he would have won handily, despite the money, but for his lack of name recognition at the time. I was convinced he was a good man, and he subsequently has proven it. He has to somehow get past his objecting life partner to come to our monthly meetings and other events, but, attend and contribute he often does.
     A couple of days ago, I received an email from him, stating he had submitted a letter to the editor of a sizable metropolitan daily in the area, in response to an article urging readers to solemnly observe the upcoming tenth anniversary of 9/11 as a major benchmark  of change in American life and culture.  My friend and staunch fellow Truther ( and far more of a solid member of the community than I) submitted a reply noting that the vaunted American system had failed to properly investigate and prosecute the crimes, resulting in misappropriation of the blame, two tragic and bloody wars, and the curtailment of our Constitutional rights.
     He shared with me that the opinion page editor – who he swears is “a nice guy” – contacted him offering to publish the letter if he would re-submit removing the reference to the government and media lying and covering up – likening that reference to the flap over Obama's’s birth certificate.
     After receiving this information, I took the liberty of emailing the editor of the opinion page, asking him how he could justify denying especially someone of the known integrity and depth of my friend a voice on this all-important issue, especially given that polls have shown that over 40% of the American public tends to doubt that the government is telling the truth about 9/11. I asked him if he could come anywhere close to matching the scientific qualifications of my friend to render a meaningful judgment, and how he could justify dismissing and silencing such a highly-respected person as, allegedly, a fringe thinker.  My friend told me my email would “just piss him off”. And that may be what happened, because I haven’t heard anything back.
     The question that lingers in my mind about this episode is, “what ready-made conclusions and what thought processes caused that opinion page editor to respond to my friend, someone whom he clearly knew, in the manner that he did?” Relatedly, why would someone in as responsible a position as the opinion page editor of a sizable newspaper – no doubt both a newsman and a person of some intellect – steadfastly refuse to consider any actual facts or evidence pertaining to the central event of our time? Was it really because he thought he had every reason to believe that someone of the stature of my Truther friend would submit and harbor an absolutely preposterous judgment regarding something he had clearly studied enough to form a judgment about? That doesn’t seem likely.
     Instead, I think the answer – in this case, and in numerous analogous cases of steadfast refusal to consider on the part of perfectly sane and intelligent people you have encountered as well, is that they simply refuse to own the consequences if we are correct.
     Many people refuse to let register in their minds the consequences of someone being murdered or tortured or verbally or physically assaulted in their presence for the same reason – because anybody admitting to be in the presence of such an act automatically has heavy responsibilities that they will not shoulder. Hence, they check out mentally.
     That, my friends, is where we are in America. All of the cover-up and disinformation that we continue to encounter daily only abets, only blesses the process. It’s a stupendous but classic case of co-dependency.
     And so, we continue to beat our heads against the solid wall – a wall more solid than the Berlin Wall or the Great Wall of China or the Iron Curtain or Hadrian’s Wall ever were.  We keep thinking, “if we can just make a break-through”. Let us guard lest the “break-through” we make is in our own head!
     And, what is our best chance? In my opinion, it’s that one faction of the psychopathic/ sociopathic mass-murderous insiders or mass obstructers of justice will eventually “rat out” another faction and all the linkages and the story will come pouring out. We already have seen some glimmers of that. Let us be strong and  ready to insist on justice!
     Happy 9/11, everybody! And, thanks a million for taking responsibility!
JH: 9/05/2011

Monday, August 22, 2011


911 Truth: Obstacles and Objectives
By James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
     I’m with Adam of Cincinnati911Truth in proclaiming that finding and applying the truth about 9/11 is our proper objective, and not finding or shaping a consensus. Thus, viable alternatives need to be considered and accommodated on a continuing basis.
     And yet, in my opinion, once-viable hypotheses concerning various aspects of the 9/11 occurrences that have already been disqualified as clearly and basically defective or wanting in an evidentiary sense by a vast majority of 911 Truth advocates need not be welcomed for a comeback, barring fundamental improvements, sometime later just because new people have become active in the movement who haven’t rehearsed the old arguments and concurred in decisive refutations a couple of years before. We’re not in the ‘just opinion’ business, and shouldn’t waste most of our energies turning over the same stones yet again once we have concluded what lies (and often, there are nothing but deliberate distractions or disinformational lies) beneath them.
     One example would, I think, be the recurrent arguments about the role of ‘mini’nukes’. Perfectly plausible, at least as a source of sufficient energy. Except, where is the radiation that should have been in evidence, but evidently wasn’t?
     And the same with some other explanations (as if the burden is on us to do the explaining!) Advocates of directed energy beams, apart from the problem that they don’t tend to say where the energy to bring down the buildings actually did come from (instead of merely alluding that energy from a passing Atlantic hurricane that day theoretically might have been harnessed in some unexplained way, for instance), don’t tell us what, in that case, nanothermite, of all things, was doing on the premises. And some such advocates say that energy was re-directed to destroy the buildings from space. If so, then, precisely what energy? And, how? And these advocates go so far as a) sliming a lead pioneer proponent of controlled demolition and the generally-convincing nanothermite evidence, rather than dealing with the evidence itself, and b) insisting that nanothermite per se doesn’t actually exist – it’s just comprised of component elements – conveniently overlooking that everything is made out of something. They thus allude that these top-flight physical scientists (Jones, Harrett, et al) don’t really even know what they’re seeing!
     A third line of their counter-argument substitutes the capabilities of ordinary, incendiary Ebay-available thermite, around for at least a century, and exhibiting a low energy yield, for explosive, super militarized nanothermite, with an energy yield sufficient to do a lot of damage to mega structures, and a proven track record of so doing.  Kevin Ryan, another of the prominent pro-controlled demolition scientists, reminded us recently that, indeed, something else may have been employed in the WTC buildings’ destruction in addition to nanothermite. But, directed energy from a hurricane? (They say the weather service didn’t report it, because they didn’t want people to make the connection). Could it have been redirected energy from outer space? If so, show us just how that would work – I mean, how it did work. Put up. Go farther than you’ve ever gone before at actually explaining how it happened your way. Don’t just say it could have, or it must have. Or else, don’t be surprised when you get a cool reception and a non-invite.
     Israelis did 9/11? Did they call off the normal interceptor flights? Did they issue the clearances for obtaining super-restricted access to unique explosives and planting them in the buildings? Did they fly the aircraft (that we know now were decoys), either by live pilot or remote control? Did they nurture, house, advise, and train patsies Mohammed Atta, Hani Hanjour, and company, at their facilities? Did the Israelis run the military exercises that day? Or, were they plausibly co-involved (what we call con-spirators)?
     A consensus is clearly, and justly, building in our community. But, let it be a consensus, finally, reflecting the truth what really happened – In such a way that we can win with it in court.
Jlh / 8/22/11

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid...

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid . . .
By James Hufferd,
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
     I prefer to think that we Conspiracy Types (the best of us, anyway) are motivated by creditable chimera such as the wish that society-wide decisions, actions, and inactions should be driven and shaped by the desires and interests of the ordinary citizenry and that our country’s policies, both domestic and foreign, become crystal clear and worthy of our nation’s wholehearted pride and support. But we CTs are generally told that our main characteristic is paranoia – irrational fear of things we cannot prove.
     And there may be something to that. I’m fairly sure that our leading politicians and what passes for our society’s news stories are, respectively, some agency’s puppets and the equivalent of shadows on the cave wall as reported by Plato. Indeed, in my ignorance of the exact flowchart of “New World Order” operatives and elements that determine all that happens here on earth, I sometimes feel like ancient man conjuring with gods of this and that moving the elements to manipulate rain, volcanoes, thunder, winds, and plagues, and sending down demon emissaries to further confound my life.
     President Obama an ogre? Whether he is or not seems sort of immaterial, given the near-zero latitude he’s given to decide anything. (I feel he could do better by us, though, with that 0.1% or whatever it is he has. But better just might not be in the cards he has.) But, when it comes to 9/11 issues, I admit to struggling with my share of nagging fears, as well.
     An article making the rounds today cites research by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute that establishes that once an unshakable minority opinion reaches the threshold of 10% of the society subscribing to it, it goes viral and becomes part of the conventional wisdom of the society. I fear that we in the 911 Truth movement will never work hard enough to propagate what we know to get to the 10% level. That, in a nutshell, is why I’m working night and day to try to inspire and encourage all of you, my understandably lukewarm fellow, once-motivated Truthers, in that direction. Only Truthers spreading the word – not our super-investigators coming up with a new angle or chunk of evidence, not wishful thinking, not more clever slogans or repackaging, or a new organizational flowchart – will make that happen. If it doesn’t happen, the fault is ours. (And, if and when it happens, we did it!) Only our ingenuity and diligence and persistence in getting out there and spreading the word to the receptive and unreceptive, in every way we can, will do it.  And it will!
     The second thing I fear is that our American (read human) commitment to achieving justice has gone soft. The establishment of the truth about 9/11 as the conventional wisdom in our society must be our first and foremost goal, in order to trigger an unbiased official investigation. But insisting and demanding that prosecutions and appropriate legal sanctions surely follow for the perpetrators, once they’re outed, is just as important, lest our long battle for 9/11 truth AND justice be lost. In such case, our life as a civilization capable of restoring decency will be gravely lessened and cheapened permanently.
     A third fear, I was going to say, was that our worthy movement could be rent asunder by dissention, as well as pettiness, involving all of the disinformation that’s come flying our way, lately involving mini-nukes on one hand, and on the other, the alleged scientific feeblemindedness and sophomoric bumbling of all the top thinkers and researchers in the movement. Indeed, there is more than one way of looking at things, and so what? Simply to know that officialdom and the attendant media told it very wrong, and caused wrong by so doing, is the only essential point, and I think that the vast majority of us get that.
     And so, as we approach ten years, my hopes still trump my fears by a good many miles! Let it be ten years and counting… What are your thoughts?
P.S – Please note the appeal to attend the mass rally to demand a new investigation at Ground Zero on Semtember 11 following this article on our web site, .   
JH / July. 30, 2011

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Financing of 9/11 (video)

Dear supporter of the 911Truth movement,

The 45 minute film "insured Freedom" can now be watched on YouTube. This docu-drama shows step-by-step how the 9/11 attacks, the clearing up of Gound Zero and the construction of the Freedom Tower were financed. The conclusions are summarized from the 41th minute of the film. 

Film festivals taking place around the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, refused to accept this film. I believe with you that the ugly truth must come out. Therefore, I now decided to publish the film on YouTube:

If the film gets blocked, you can also watch it here:


Lou Hamburger.

Lou Hamburger
TransParent World Ltd
Magalhaensplein 11-2
1057 VD Amsterdam

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Truth AND Justice

-Truth AND Justice-
by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
     The outlines of the motivation of the banker-led controlling establishment in sanctioning the 9/11 false-flag op are abundantly clear. In fact, nothing else to date has so contributed to their ever-accelerating forced mega-shift of America’s and the world’s wealth upward toward the already unbelievably beyond-rich miniscule elite and disastrously away from everyone else. According to Mike Hewitt of the respected web site, a credible estimate of the true cost of the two-plus major wars the U.S. has elected to wage in the Middle East, in addition to ramped-up “security” in “retaliation” for 9/11, is in excess of 6 trillion current U.S. dollars, while the world’s total circulating money supply is estimated at a piddling $3.94 trillion and the GNP of the U.S. lags at around $3.3 trillion annually.
     Indeed, with the U.S. economy currently in the shape it’s otherwise in (except for the beneficiary large energy corporations), it would be no exaggeration to say that the wealth transfers occasioned by imperial militarization and its now-perpetual lethal exercise is about all that’s keeping the cantankerous old vessel of state – turned into a highly-efficient robbery and transfer (or, if you will, money-laundering) mechanism in cahoots with the international banking houses and mega investing nucleus (too small, really, to be called a proper crowd) afloat.
     Now, then, what is the “truth” to which I allude in the title of this piece? It’s that 9/11 was totally an inside job, start to finish, and that there’s the irrefutable evidence to abundantly prove it to any conscientious, propaganda-resistant jury – like the one that judged Casey Anthony last week.
     So, does the government and the establishment media latch onto that discovered truth about 9/11, almost as simple as 1-2-3 for any fair-minded, propaganda-resistant citizen to find and comprehend? Well, no, because to have done so at any time up to and including now would, for one thing, have cost the special people who brought you 9/11 all the profits to be gained from sequester and expenditure of three to five of those trillion dollars, easy. And that’s just for starters, awaiting a lengthening line of other designated threats and enemies to our freedom pending their like drawn-out, unbelievably high-cost thrashing by our protectors’ wonder-filled weaponry.
     Meanwhile, we wonder, justly, whether the air-tight cover-up that’s rung down since Day 1 across the whole wide media and public horizon inside the U.S., and less-stringently elsewhere, protecting against any deviation from the absurd official account of 9/11, was due to sheer cowardice or lack of concern for our country. The answer would appear to be no, that’s not mainly it. How dare they redefine truth itself to mean “exactly whatever we say it means”? The main reason for such a preposterous insistence, far and away, would honestly appear to be that the economy of the U.S. now, since they crashed it with their greed and incompetence and disregard for common decency and everyone else, and asked for and got everything they lost back in subsidies from taxpayers, has become mainly a 9/11-based economy. And if they were to blow even that by suddenly embracing truth, justice, and the American way in the midst of their stupendous charade and everyone else’s misery, that just might could plunge the whole freakin’ thang – the world along with its economy – into the abyss, bringing ruin down on the titans themselves!
     But, truth is a brave choice. Justice isn’t for sissies. We’ve, in fact, spent thousands of years working our sensibilities, as a teeming global mass of people, up to the point where the concept of justice, of fairness can be grasped across continents and oceans, where universal entitlement to a just, small share of recognition as a conscious human being makes some sense. But, if there’s enough sustainable bounty available for everyone to enjoy a life-sustaining share, there just as surely isn’t enough if a few dozen individuals from a baker’s dozen special bloodlines must have half, or a third of it, or in excess of a million times what they need.
     9/11 carries their patented, syndicated fingerprint. Should we agree to let the guilty in that specific celebrated case off with some rigged “truth and reconciliation” scheme in lieu of standard justice, as has been intermittently suggested – perhaps with them giving us the sort of “truth” that is affordable by waterboarding, or by playing nice, and we simply reconciling ourselves to that, and nothing more, (leading, no doubt, back to more business as usual)?
     One of our top investigators and spokesmen, Kevin Ryan (see below at warned us today in a message introducing three informative blogs, about all kinds of bogus claims, suggestions, and schemes coming our way in these months leading up to 9/11/11. And this doozy – “truth and reconciliation” – is surely one of such.  The answer we owe to this planted or supremely naïve suggestion, for the sake of the victims of 9/11 – in a very real sense, including everybody, all of us, survivors as well as the mass-murdered and maimed – is a resounding NO! Only justice! If truth – which we are right to demand be honored and not adulterated – is prerequisite for justice, then we must insist on both together: 9/11 truth AND 9/11 justice. And nothing less!
     The only question remaining to be answered is: is our liberty and national self-determination something real to be regained and secured? Or, was that just an illusion all along?
jlh: 7/10/11

Three New Blog Entries for Truth Seekers

Three new blog entries for truth seekers


 Reply |Kevin Ryan
show details 2:29 PM (22 hours ago)
The tenth anniversary of 9/11 is rapidly approaching, and we can expect a lot of bad information to be pushed in attempts to obfuscate the issues.  Here are three blog entires that might help truth seekers to focus on what we know.

1.  Few people seem to know why the official report for World Trade Center building 7 is false and unscientific.  Some might have heard that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (or NIST) has admitted that the building fell in free-fall acceleration for a period of time.  But the fact is that the building could never have begun to fall the way NIST said it did.  Here’s why.

2.  There are many questions to be answered about the events at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Here are two dozen such questions that, if answered, might help to bring about justice.

3.  In the last few years, a series of peer-reviewed scientific articles has been published that establish the presence of thermitic materials at the World Trade Center (WTC).

Although we know that nanothermite has been found in the WTC dust, we do not know what purpose it served in the deceptive demolition of the WTC buildings.  It could be that the nanothermite was used simply to drive fires in the impact zones and elevator areas – fires which would otherwise have gone out too early or not been present at all – and thereby create the deception that jet fuel-induced fires could wreak the havoc seen.  Nanothermite might also have been used to produce the explosions necessary to destroy the structural integrity of the buildings.

Friday, June 24, 2011


Envisioning How We Win
by James Hufferd
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
          Our common objective must be the outing and exposure  to the normal workings of the law of those who were responsible for the crimes of 9/11/01, the object of our concern for a decade and the most egregious concentrated negative acts in America at least since the Civil War. On that much, I believe that we in the 911 Truth movement can readily agree. In my last article/column, I demonstrated that there remains considerable disagreement among 911 Truthers (a proud designation for us in my view) as to just who might be ultimately responsible. But, we do have several key pieces of the puzzle in hand – thanks to a great deal of outstanding forensic work and research by specialized fellow Truthers , to the point that we can say, along with David Ray Griffin, “Give me $40 million (the price tag of the Lewinsky investigation) and subpoena power, and in a month, I can tell you for sure who did 9/11 and how they did it.”
     So, why do the government at all levels and the media not want the truth to emerge, via the standard means? Why the air-tight, endless cover-up and denial of every conceivable explanation, except the fairy tale they sold to us, that it was Osama and the 19 Muslims/Arabs who planned and pulled off the whole, complex thing? Why not admit all the evidence and eye-witnesses who have surfaced since the first day, when their attribution was made  – including those deliberately blocked from exposure and testifying – and let forensic experts, prosecutors, and ordinary juries sort it out, just as would be permitted and encouraged with any run-of-the-mill convenience  store robbery, gangland slaying, or funds embezzlement? Why do the designated minions and tribunes of justice in America so oppose the Constitutionally-guaranteed workings of justice in this one case in particular?  (Of course, it’s not the first time for this sort of pronounced unorthodox funny stuff on the part of officialdom and the power establishment: There was JFK and OKC – both cut and dry in their telling – and  there were all the other classic-pattern assassinations, going all the way back to Garfield, McKinley,  and the quickly hush-hushed FDR attempt of 1932,  each involving a lone conspicuously foreign-born or extremist foreign-sympathizing perpetrator, when the forensics didn’t corroborate the story sold to the public.) And so, the question remains: Why the same iron-clad cover-up and shaky up-front story and denial of evidence – always?
     The cover-up is designed and maintained to protect from legal jeopardy prominent or obscure members of the establishment or officialdom, to be sure – just as we have said all along. But also, to obscure the steadily emerging circumstance that the “news” reported is generally not really news anymore, but a colossal planned, scripted, and managed 24/7/365 reality show filled with innuendos and patent lies, partial-falsehoods, and events recounted in lurid detail that never really happened, reported as such to sway and condition the public to demand or accept what a small super-council “shadow government” wants to have happen or do. And the consequences, as we directly experience daily, are increasingly dire for the public, both domestic and world-wide. If they permitted the truth of 9/11 to emerge now, it is feared (not without reason), public confidence in the reality of information we are fed would end, and social anarchy and public schizophrenia would follow.
     But, would they? Given the irrational things many people believe, without any credible evidence , I would expect a third or more to still cling to the official version of 9/11  for decades – come what may.  But I would expect many of the others to hail the triumph of justice – however belated – and strive to pick up the pieces and insist on reforms. And that’s just what we want!  Another thing to consider is that a growing segment of the public already know, or strongly suspect, that we are being fed a steady diet of falsehoods and lies, so that the truth about 9/11 – already suspected by many who are not letting on at least yet – would not come as a very great surprise.
     A third compelling reason why the whole establishment is working together to suppress 9/11 truth could be to shield Israel, the first or second home of so many in the U.S. government and establishment, from repudiation and reprisal, should the evidence, once vetted, point to a major Israeli role in the defining crimes of our corrupt era. Let us hope that such blaming, if it were to turn out that way, would turn to our own leaders, as those responsible for permitting foreign ops on our soil, first.
     But the fact that we are making progress by keeping our contention that the “official version” is malignant boloney out there is manifest. No one else is pushing that message these days, so its increasing presence and resonance must be our doing. Let’s keep it up until a critical threshold of credibility is reached and the cracks in the wall of stories sold the public become clearly visible to all.  (“What a tangled web we weave . . . “) Truth is, indeed, the most powerful of weapons, and we will win out ultimately.
     So, let’s don’t stop thinking about tomorrow.