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Wednesday, January 26, 2011


Our America Is Theirs
James Hufferd
High finance – the secret shadow government – is putting the screws – doubling, tripling, quadrupling, x-times-a-thousanding, down on us now. Tomorrow has finally arrived, and all the stops are out, courtesy of your government and its (not ours!) Supreme Court. Nine-eleven released these doom people, the few, the heartless, in a clandestine, flagrantly illegal (but unprosecutable because maddeningly anonymous) sense. Now, the legal blockages and protections are removed, and the faceless few have moved in to claim the last vestiges. Banks at the top conspired (that word!) to new-legally dispossess the owners of 70 million homes a couple of years ago, and only their blundering incompetence checked them from going that far toward owning and fully bleeding the herd, with no more recourse left.
Last Tuesday, January 18, one of their gleaming tower faceless fiduciary components, Comcast, owner of the cable-TV sucking mechanism in 39 states, gained approval for acquisition, in addition, of a majority of media behemoth NBC. By the waning hours of the third day, the top revenue machine for MSNBC, Keith Olbermann, the man who came closest by far to telling us the truth, was out. “A loose cannon,” they said. The truth part of the spectrum of free speech and free press was intolerable to pure money, pure greed. Hence, the effect of unleashed finance on soft-tissue mortal people, just like the effect of unleashed U.S. military-style violence on them here at home on 9/11, was media taboo, not to be spoken of. Because that’s what “loose cannons” do – tell the truth.
The values that truly unite Americans overwhelmingly – a penchant for democracy, freedom, equality, justice, and independence – are irrelevant to the Ownership.

Monday, January 10, 2011


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization

We live in an age in which stimuli proliferate. There is indeed more than plenty to think about and react to in our world. Indeed, every one of us with a computer will probably get urgent solicitations from a dozen directions concerning a dozen separate worthy issues and causes today. Many of these will be, for certain, simply a function of close to 7 billion people now running amok in at least a million creative and inimitable ways, or of a plethora of bizarre and extreme weather conditions covering the earth in a given year. Plus, there are tectonic and pyrotechnic phenomena occurring at or about the usual rate. And, in addition, there are staged events on all scales perpetrated by a long list of activist perpetrators of one sort or another.

Among these latter, from a purely circumstantial evaluation, I would say we can safely include the CIA, NSA, and other “security” agencies. How so? Anyone googling “hypnosis” and “CIA” will find that the good “Company” has, for a very long time, admitted to an active interest in thusly preparing subjects to go forth. And my rule, gleaned from the mind of another member of my local group, is: “If it can be done, and would strategically advantage their cause, you can bet they’re doing it.” (Unless, that is, there’s a better method). And they also admit, if you read carefully, that they do have operations inside the U.S.

So, do I believe they are sending out zombies, individually programmed to carry bombs onto airplanes in their underwear and on shoes? to spray bullets around rooms on Air Force bases and in colleges? to shoot members of Congress at supermarket appearances? to shoot people with long-range rifles at gas stations? to set off supposedly-deactivated bombs they have been provided with? Maybe that’s not what happened in this particular incidence the other day, but, horrifically, it’s a precedented and documented more than possibility. And so, in this instance, too, I’d say, it’s more than likely.

But, for what possible motives would they do such things? Just as with 9/11 itself: A) to scare us; B) to misinform us as to who’s out to get us (in this case, ourselves), in order to de-sensitize us when they attack and murder, or decimate, that group; C) to anger us for the same purpose; D) to gain our consent to cancel more of our rights; E) to steer and skew our politics; F) to divert our attention in a hundred different directions and simply overwhelm us with stimuli. So that we won’t focus, for example, on 9/11, the king of all focuses! Operation Gladio, anyone? Did they really forget how to do that in the interim? I assume not! To cite what’s come before is not paranoid; it’s prudent and prescient.

And, while we can -- and should – have our informed opinions (I just gave you mine!), WE NEED TO MAINTAIN OUR FOCUS FOR ACTIVIST PURPOSES ON 9/11!

Why? Because: A) 9/11 is the biggest of all the special operations; B) it involved the entire operational command structure of the shadow government (at least, some large insider entity had to choreograph and pull off such an exceedingly large op); C) we can’t as effectively address a dozen different focuses and causes as we can just one, which is certainly big enough; and D) regarding 9/11, we have proof, whereas with all or most of the others, we just have arguments.

So, with that in mind, let’s coalesce, forget and suppress our petty and even large rivalries and differences, actively communicate and exchange knowledge, sources, methods, and ideas, and work like mad to involve and inform as many world citizens as we can! And let’s not stop! Please patronize and respond on our web site,, and let’s prevail!