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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Are We Revolutionaries?

by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization

We are all revolutionaries, I believe, in the sense of wanting and striving to free societies worldwide from the enslaving dictatorship of corporate mandates and corporate control over our lives, institutions, and societies.
In the sense of wanting to overturn and rid themselves of the enshackling constitutional command system – illegitimate because it tramples the mere inhabitants and treats them as subjects and not true citizens of their country, the Egyptian street demonstrators are revolutionaries. Since we in the United States are endowed with a constitution most of us admire and accept, if its operation were but under our collective control, as we believe was intended, we are not revolutionaries in the same sense.
Our bitter quarrel – with the controlling corporate elite that had the temerity to terrorize us with the violent psy-op, or SCAD, that was 9/11, and then force a lying narrative about it on the nation – is instead that the Constitutional guarantees we already have as a legacy from our own revolution are blocked and avoided, ignored (even repealed) in order to enable the corporate demigods who have treasonously usurped control.
Our grievance is that the corporate overlords permit us no say in governing the conduct and operation of our own country. They install our elected officials and opinion-makers and keep them beholden and obedient and faithful to their lies in a thousand sinister and murderous ways. And they are right now – after a shocked initial deference to a powerful populace – foisting their own remedies, benefitting first and foremost them, on the brave revolutionaries in their imperial vassal, Egypt, as well.
In this context, I repeat my message to you, who have voluntarily stepped forward to lead the 911 Truth Movement across this country and world: We must, each of us, find within ourselves the courage and resolve shown by those brave Egyptians, and more! We must work relentlessly, tirelessly – like berserk, unhinged fools, even – until everyone around us, everywhere knows what we know about 9/11 and the deep treason of the ruling corporatocracy, with its governing values so unlike ours, and are duly enraged and desperate to hit the streets and highways en masse, unstoppably, to bring about justice and revolutionary change. Because, we in our sham democracies must be just as outrageous and relentless as they were in lulling us into this intolerable position!