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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid...

Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid . . .
By James Hufferd,
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
     I prefer to think that we Conspiracy Types (the best of us, anyway) are motivated by creditable chimera such as the wish that society-wide decisions, actions, and inactions should be driven and shaped by the desires and interests of the ordinary citizenry and that our country’s policies, both domestic and foreign, become crystal clear and worthy of our nation’s wholehearted pride and support. But we CTs are generally told that our main characteristic is paranoia – irrational fear of things we cannot prove.
     And there may be something to that. I’m fairly sure that our leading politicians and what passes for our society’s news stories are, respectively, some agency’s puppets and the equivalent of shadows on the cave wall as reported by Plato. Indeed, in my ignorance of the exact flowchart of “New World Order” operatives and elements that determine all that happens here on earth, I sometimes feel like ancient man conjuring with gods of this and that moving the elements to manipulate rain, volcanoes, thunder, winds, and plagues, and sending down demon emissaries to further confound my life.
     President Obama an ogre? Whether he is or not seems sort of immaterial, given the near-zero latitude he’s given to decide anything. (I feel he could do better by us, though, with that 0.1% or whatever it is he has. But better just might not be in the cards he has.) But, when it comes to 9/11 issues, I admit to struggling with my share of nagging fears, as well.
     An article making the rounds today cites research by Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute that establishes that once an unshakable minority opinion reaches the threshold of 10% of the society subscribing to it, it goes viral and becomes part of the conventional wisdom of the society. I fear that we in the 911 Truth movement will never work hard enough to propagate what we know to get to the 10% level. That, in a nutshell, is why I’m working night and day to try to inspire and encourage all of you, my understandably lukewarm fellow, once-motivated Truthers, in that direction. Only Truthers spreading the word – not our super-investigators coming up with a new angle or chunk of evidence, not wishful thinking, not more clever slogans or repackaging, or a new organizational flowchart – will make that happen. If it doesn’t happen, the fault is ours. (And, if and when it happens, we did it!) Only our ingenuity and diligence and persistence in getting out there and spreading the word to the receptive and unreceptive, in every way we can, will do it.  And it will!
     The second thing I fear is that our American (read human) commitment to achieving justice has gone soft. The establishment of the truth about 9/11 as the conventional wisdom in our society must be our first and foremost goal, in order to trigger an unbiased official investigation. But insisting and demanding that prosecutions and appropriate legal sanctions surely follow for the perpetrators, once they’re outed, is just as important, lest our long battle for 9/11 truth AND justice be lost. In such case, our life as a civilization capable of restoring decency will be gravely lessened and cheapened permanently.
     A third fear, I was going to say, was that our worthy movement could be rent asunder by dissention, as well as pettiness, involving all of the disinformation that’s come flying our way, lately involving mini-nukes on one hand, and on the other, the alleged scientific feeblemindedness and sophomoric bumbling of all the top thinkers and researchers in the movement. Indeed, there is more than one way of looking at things, and so what? Simply to know that officialdom and the attendant media told it very wrong, and caused wrong by so doing, is the only essential point, and I think that the vast majority of us get that.
     And so, as we approach ten years, my hopes still trump my fears by a good many miles! Let it be ten years and counting… What are your thoughts?
P.S – Please note the appeal to attend the mass rally to demand a new investigation at Ground Zero on Semtember 11 following this article on our web site, .   
JH / July. 30, 2011

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Financing of 9/11 (video)

Dear supporter of the 911Truth movement,

The 45 minute film "insured Freedom" can now be watched on YouTube. This docu-drama shows step-by-step how the 9/11 attacks, the clearing up of Gound Zero and the construction of the Freedom Tower were financed. The conclusions are summarized from the 41th minute of the film. 

Film festivals taking place around the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, refused to accept this film. I believe with you that the ugly truth must come out. Therefore, I now decided to publish the film on YouTube:

If the film gets blocked, you can also watch it here:


Lou Hamburger.

Lou Hamburger
TransParent World Ltd
Magalhaensplein 11-2
1057 VD Amsterdam

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Truth AND Justice

-Truth AND Justice-
by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
     The outlines of the motivation of the banker-led controlling establishment in sanctioning the 9/11 false-flag op are abundantly clear. In fact, nothing else to date has so contributed to their ever-accelerating forced mega-shift of America’s and the world’s wealth upward toward the already unbelievably beyond-rich miniscule elite and disastrously away from everyone else. According to Mike Hewitt of the respected web site, a credible estimate of the true cost of the two-plus major wars the U.S. has elected to wage in the Middle East, in addition to ramped-up “security” in “retaliation” for 9/11, is in excess of 6 trillion current U.S. dollars, while the world’s total circulating money supply is estimated at a piddling $3.94 trillion and the GNP of the U.S. lags at around $3.3 trillion annually.
     Indeed, with the U.S. economy currently in the shape it’s otherwise in (except for the beneficiary large energy corporations), it would be no exaggeration to say that the wealth transfers occasioned by imperial militarization and its now-perpetual lethal exercise is about all that’s keeping the cantankerous old vessel of state – turned into a highly-efficient robbery and transfer (or, if you will, money-laundering) mechanism in cahoots with the international banking houses and mega investing nucleus (too small, really, to be called a proper crowd) afloat.
     Now, then, what is the “truth” to which I allude in the title of this piece? It’s that 9/11 was totally an inside job, start to finish, and that there’s the irrefutable evidence to abundantly prove it to any conscientious, propaganda-resistant jury – like the one that judged Casey Anthony last week.
     So, does the government and the establishment media latch onto that discovered truth about 9/11, almost as simple as 1-2-3 for any fair-minded, propaganda-resistant citizen to find and comprehend? Well, no, because to have done so at any time up to and including now would, for one thing, have cost the special people who brought you 9/11 all the profits to be gained from sequester and expenditure of three to five of those trillion dollars, easy. And that’s just for starters, awaiting a lengthening line of other designated threats and enemies to our freedom pending their like drawn-out, unbelievably high-cost thrashing by our protectors’ wonder-filled weaponry.
     Meanwhile, we wonder, justly, whether the air-tight cover-up that’s rung down since Day 1 across the whole wide media and public horizon inside the U.S., and less-stringently elsewhere, protecting against any deviation from the absurd official account of 9/11, was due to sheer cowardice or lack of concern for our country. The answer would appear to be no, that’s not mainly it. How dare they redefine truth itself to mean “exactly whatever we say it means”? The main reason for such a preposterous insistence, far and away, would honestly appear to be that the economy of the U.S. now, since they crashed it with their greed and incompetence and disregard for common decency and everyone else, and asked for and got everything they lost back in subsidies from taxpayers, has become mainly a 9/11-based economy. And if they were to blow even that by suddenly embracing truth, justice, and the American way in the midst of their stupendous charade and everyone else’s misery, that just might could plunge the whole freakin’ thang – the world along with its economy – into the abyss, bringing ruin down on the titans themselves!
     But, truth is a brave choice. Justice isn’t for sissies. We’ve, in fact, spent thousands of years working our sensibilities, as a teeming global mass of people, up to the point where the concept of justice, of fairness can be grasped across continents and oceans, where universal entitlement to a just, small share of recognition as a conscious human being makes some sense. But, if there’s enough sustainable bounty available for everyone to enjoy a life-sustaining share, there just as surely isn’t enough if a few dozen individuals from a baker’s dozen special bloodlines must have half, or a third of it, or in excess of a million times what they need.
     9/11 carries their patented, syndicated fingerprint. Should we agree to let the guilty in that specific celebrated case off with some rigged “truth and reconciliation” scheme in lieu of standard justice, as has been intermittently suggested – perhaps with them giving us the sort of “truth” that is affordable by waterboarding, or by playing nice, and we simply reconciling ourselves to that, and nothing more, (leading, no doubt, back to more business as usual)?
     One of our top investigators and spokesmen, Kevin Ryan (see below at warned us today in a message introducing three informative blogs, about all kinds of bogus claims, suggestions, and schemes coming our way in these months leading up to 9/11/11. And this doozy – “truth and reconciliation” – is surely one of such.  The answer we owe to this planted or supremely na├»ve suggestion, for the sake of the victims of 9/11 – in a very real sense, including everybody, all of us, survivors as well as the mass-murdered and maimed – is a resounding NO! Only justice! If truth – which we are right to demand be honored and not adulterated – is prerequisite for justice, then we must insist on both together: 9/11 truth AND 9/11 justice. And nothing less!
     The only question remaining to be answered is: is our liberty and national self-determination something real to be regained and secured? Or, was that just an illusion all along?
jlh: 7/10/11

Three New Blog Entries for Truth Seekers

Three new blog entries for truth seekers


 Reply |Kevin Ryan
show details 2:29 PM (22 hours ago)
The tenth anniversary of 9/11 is rapidly approaching, and we can expect a lot of bad information to be pushed in attempts to obfuscate the issues.  Here are three blog entires that might help truth seekers to focus on what we know.

1.  Few people seem to know why the official report for World Trade Center building 7 is false and unscientific.  Some might have heard that the National Institute of Standards and Technology (or NIST) has admitted that the building fell in free-fall acceleration for a period of time.  But the fact is that the building could never have begun to fall the way NIST said it did.  Here’s why.

2.  There are many questions to be answered about the events at the Pentagon on September 11, 2001. Here are two dozen such questions that, if answered, might help to bring about justice.

3.  In the last few years, a series of peer-reviewed scientific articles has been published that establish the presence of thermitic materials at the World Trade Center (WTC).

Although we know that nanothermite has been found in the WTC dust, we do not know what purpose it served in the deceptive demolition of the WTC buildings.  It could be that the nanothermite was used simply to drive fires in the impact zones and elevator areas – fires which would otherwise have gone out too early or not been present at all – and thereby create the deception that jet fuel-induced fires could wreak the havoc seen.  Nanothermite might also have been used to produce the explosions necessary to destroy the structural integrity of the buildings.