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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Why Our Only Remedy is Justice, Not Reconciliation

Why Our Only Remedy is Justice, Not Reconciliation
by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
     For most 911 Truth advocates and activists, I believe there is a goal even beyond the public disclosure in timely fashion of the truth regarding who was responsible for the horrific death, destruction, cover-up, and hijacking of our civil government and agenda.  And that further goal is justice. Had I been in on the founding of the 911 Truth movement in the immediate aftermath of the tragedy – as I should have been, instead of dithering though convinced for several years, I could have suggested that it become known as the 911 Justice movement (although its subsequent name is certainly fine, and its founding sentiment is one to proudly rally around.)
     But, paradoxically, it seems, the final mile we almost certainly must push when the time is ripe to go beyond 9/11 truth in order to aspire to reach the ultimate goal of 9/11 justice, promises to be as or more difficult to successfully complete than the nine hundred ninety-nine or so we will have crossed to make the truth of 9/11 finally the accepted coin of the realm. And I believe that it will be so for three powerful reasons.
     The most elemental reason is the plain fact that, while equality before the law is firmly a part of the creed we proudly spout as Americans, or as fair-minded individuals wherever we live, legal equality is in reality, not practiced, and never has been, in our country, any more than has equality of opportunity. Your standing before the law depends largely on your socioeconomic position. As Jesse Jackson declared once while speaking in Connecticut, “The rich go to Yale, and, overwhelmingly, the poor go to jail.” How many current celebrities can you name in five minutes, or in a day, who have been convicted of something and effectively sentenced? What happens when Lindsey Lohan is sentenced to 30 days? Right – she almost certainly will be out in 30 hours, and it could be 30 minutes. How many Wall Street agents of fraud and chaos, costing untold hundreds of billions and shattering countless lives, have been prosecuted and put away? How many legion penny-ante local drug dealers and petty shop-lifters? I could go on.
     The insider planners, conscious collaborators, and masters of national and global mayhem on 9/11 – government and agency high and possibly middle-rank officials, quite likely (according to our information) prominent financial and business members of secret and semi-secret exclusive auxiliary organizations like CFR and Trilateral, and minions of AIPAC – are normally immune. Such connected individuals almost always elude indictment. Unless they conspire to rob other elitists of billions, who then turn on them. Among the vanishingly few examples would be people like Madoff and, earlier, Ivan Boesky. People of the  social caliber of the real 9/11 perps are generally as safe as Bush speaking (attempting to speak) in Canada.
     Which brings us to the second great difficulty we will discover in pushing to render our Constitutionally-guaranteed due process of law applicable to the unspeakably heinous psychopathic/sociopathic criminals who planned and ordered 9/11 for their own little elite purposes. And it is that we have never really been a constitutional republic, when push came to shove. But instead, we are and always were more of a tribal sort of system, in which birds of a feather always flock together, and practically never in life rat each other out or suffer their own cohorts to go down. Even their non-guilty cohorts will protect them to the death if given half a chance. Consider the football staff at Penn State. Consider the ranks of police that quickly and irreversibly close time after time around rogues and criminals within those ranks. Or doctors who won’t testify against doctors. Consider the holier-than-thou Catholic priests and bishops who also wouldn't testify or effectively sanction fellow priests.
     Certainly, being honest and good provides no excuse for ratting among the military special forces – who better than even money says were involved in some way in carrying out highly-arcane inside operations on 9/11. Getting cooperation to finger the killers and elite tribal criminoso, even if consciences be bothered, is going to prove a nigh-on-impossible task. “The system is to blame,” we will hear over and over and over and over and over. Get used to it.
     For the third great impediment we will face in our (hopefully) implacable and uncompromising demand, that 9/11 truth lead straightaway to 9/11 justice for all, we need to turn and look hard at ourselves and to examine the motives and preferences of those within our ranks.
     To wit: Some of us have noticed increasing inward-turned rancor within the ranks of the 911 Truth community itself in recent months, and increasing incivility and intolerance for the slightest deviation among some of its leaders. Such is occurring at present even as the public seems to have warmed perceptibly (and perceptively) to our message and some cracks seem to have started in the once-solid fa├žade of the mainstream media’s opposition or impudence of non-recognition toward us and our constant insistence that the official story is a deception that must be challenged. Some chalk it up to cognitive infiltration.
     Yet, some among us are motivated and informed not solely or mainly by the familiar philosophy and provisions of the constitutional state, but even more so by the often discordant modes of resolution traditional within Christian thought and practice almost literally from Day One – as in 2 Corinthians 5:19 of the New Testament, “Christ reconciling the world unto himself.”
     And the problem of applying this almost-romantic notion of somehow taming miscreants to repent of their errant ways and rejoin the sainted community of well-meaning-for-and-toward-all, is that it doesn’t at all fit in this case. Because, we aren’t dealing with simply errant would-be do-gooders (if they were only shown the proper path) here. We are dealing instead with a determined-unto-death sub-community (read malevolent cult) of elite psychopaths who care basically nothing about the general run of human beings, except as their minions and supportive workers, whom all accounts say that they would like to, and plan to, be surrounded by a whole lot fewer of.
     These are the same generationally-expanded clique of people who have murdered our sincerest leaders and covered it up, started our wars for their own private purposes, impoverished us and tanked our economy and sent us into the streets and bread lines on various occasions throughout our history, and now seem to be increasingly able to harness and redirect no less than the forces of nature to suit their nefarious ends.
     Some associate Gandhi – perhaps accurately – with the alternative general tradition of benign forgiveness or amnesty of the enemy of the people. But, the practical truth is, he embraced peaceful resistance in large part because his masses possessed no prevailing firepower. Likewise, whatever pop-guns we might possess, leading some to rely on the Second Amendment as insurance, probably wouldn’t achieve much, either, in a standoff with the massive WMD controlled by the establishment.
     On the other hand, the sheer numbers of the working, or would-be working, class and run-of-the-mill citizenry are already proving to be daunting to the banksters and power-brokers who ultimately depend on us. And, I would contend, if we can manage to make the truth of 911 Truth anything like the conventional wisdom about 9/11 in our land (as the JFK conspiracy community ultimately did with that), we can, at such point, perhaps reconfigure politics to actually not disfavor the acceptance of a new, fair investigation, if our elected officials should determine that their jobs depend on it. I, for one, think that may be our best hope. And its success depends on nothing less than our success at distributing what we know.
     And so, let us at that point of establishing truth, embrace not the precedent of post-Apartheid South Africa (where there were two popularly-perceived legitimate sides in a lengthy twilight struggle), but that of the Nuremberg trials, to indict, convict, and punish those engaged in clearly unprovoked criminal conduct – a high crime against humanity on a mass scale, compounded by deliberate cover-up.
     Thus, let’s rule out reconciliation (which is already urged by some) as a wholly-inappropriate remedy that will solve nothing, and do nothing to restore the security of our Constitutional rule of law, that was criminally stolen from us following 9/11. Let us not adopt mores foreign to our own national experience, which would, in effect, coddle our worst criminals and in no wise even guarantee the emergence of the actual truth.
     Instead, let us embrace, insist upon, demand as with a single, sane, steady and persuasive voice, and hear to absolutely nothing whatsoever but full justice. Let us insist on ultimate justice as the fittest final, glorious act of closure for the crying-out-loud, never-ending, bloody nightmare that has abided with us as 9/11/01.
     Justice it is! We’ve worked too long. Accept no substitutes.
Jlh: 11/12/11