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Friday, January 27, 2012


Anger, bewilderment, and focus
by James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
Who are this vanishingly-rare breed, the 911 Truth activists? Is there a profile that most of us would tend to fit? Well, yes. For one thing, we can pride ourselves by now on being among the most stubborn, dead-set people on this blue orb in space. Equivalent, perhaps, to Flat-Earthers, but with one important distinction. While the former retain their conviction contrary to all conflicting evidence, we embrace all credible evidence as sacrosanct and reject every cockamamie conclusion that does not comport with every shred of evidence available.
We steadfastly refuse to go with the flow, when the mighty flow of supposition or belief concerning 9/11 is generated and supported by misinformation and disinformation, no matter the source.
Beyond being shamelessly stubborn and remaining steadfast to widely-lampooned, discredited, and reviled conclusions and beliefs (that happen to fit the known facts), we also tend to be fueled and maintained in our stance by white-hot anger that we don’t allow to die. We are, almost necessarily, large-minded enough to realize that our more-or-less incendiary views concerning what amounts to the largest known government or establishment action mounted detrimentally against the people of this country and our cohorts abroad carries extremely important potential consequences.
And those potential consequences – that the apparent political modus operandi of the American (corporate + government) establishment from one day to the next would have to be substantially modified if the establishment’s sometimes-deadly adversary relationship with the people were thus proven to be actual and operative. The people manifestly wouldn’t put up with a murderous regime or its private sector accessories, nor with its successors if judged guilty of deliberately covering up for it, were a predominate number of people so convinced. There would be hell to pay, or at least, justice to be served, before we could again move forward.
And so, can we, the few, the proud, the evidentially-motivated, prove to our most-reluctant fellows’ satisfaction that our roundly-reviled evidence-produced view is, after all, substantially correct? That is, that we’ve been dealt a monstrous and mass-murderous false-flag operation, and then been baldly and consistently lied to about it, resulting in additional millions needlessly killed and maimed, both physically and psychologically, and the forfeiture of our vaunted civil liberties? Can we make our case first, to our fellows, so that they with us will irresistibly demand due process and justice, albeit delayed?
Can our own heartfelt burning anger and resentment against charlatans and sociopaths who have so cruelly misled and betrayed us actually lead to a breakthrough, surpassing a sufficient fateful milestone of informed awareness among ourselves and our fellow citizens?
While justifiably angry, we are befuddled by the amount of forensic evidence and willing testimony that has been blocked and withheld apparently for the purpose of protecting the guilty. Still, I believe that our preparing the ground, keeping the issue alive with our almost still, small voice of the gigantic evidence that we do have, will in the end triumph, because valuable new insider testimony and new insights are still leaking out, drip by drab, day after day.
To wit: the testimony of Susan Lindauer, long-bridled government insider, in her book Extreme Prejudice, and related speeches and interviews, may contain a lot of conjecture. But, it also contains a few, vital seeds of genuine, previously-unavailable information. Another example is a just-released interview with a former Navy Seal named Bill Wood, who recounts his several-years involvement with a program experimenting with flying remotely-guided Tomahawk missiles, strikingly similar in size and general appearance to a variety of commercial airliners, into buildings. Check beginning at about the 1:17 mark. Hence, his credible conclusion that he in fact unknowingly participated in a series of dress rehearsals for what really happened at the WTC on 9/11/01.
If we do our work of delivering such uncanny evidence and indications from highly-credible witnesses, still continuing to proliferate, to even a reluctant general public, we can turn around the conventional wisdom on this vital issue in the same way our historic predecessors did on vital matters in their day.
And then mark my words, the politicians will rush to serve us – to protect their own credibility and tenure. That is, the truth will become cool.
JH / 1/27/12

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization

Most of the recent big, commonly noticeable and objectionable changes in our controllable circumstances in America – including many downright atrocities – have happened since September 11, 2001. And a goodly number of them have developed as a direct consequence. Although that day still seems, in many ways, very recent, it appears to have marked not only a beginning of our current and accumulating woes, but also the end of a long age of relative bliss, freedom, and a degree of personal opportunity that we haven’t experienced since.
My supposition, which I’ve voiced here before, is that 9/11 wasn’t just an “inside job”, but rather was done at the bequest of an international √©lite firmly in control of our (government + corporate) establishment, as well as those in other countries, the main trunk of the giant controlling octopus being international central banking.
Within a year or two after 9/11/01, at least a small segment of the populace was beginning to note that a credible (and routine) investigation of the background and modus operandi of 9/11 still hadn’t been conducted by the criminal justice system. The lack of initiative in this case seemed puzzling due to nearly all Americans’ faith at the time in the strength and reliability of the constitutional machinery of due process. The ensuing insistence by many that such routine procedures be carried out and criminal accountability be exacted stemmed from a shocked observation that such was not already completed, as one would have supposed, nor even yet underway. And thus, the 911 Truth movement in its present form was conceived to compel or urge that tardy process.
But, to repeat – our long train of abuses by the system – and our awareness thereof has only grown since. And thus, our mission – to foment full and objective official (or officially-recognized) investigation of the original crimes and impose accountability therefor, has only gained in importance and, indeed, urgency over the years. For, a country founded on justice and fairness cannot survive as such under fairness denied and the machinery of justice ordered to stand down.
Especially after last year’s completion of the decade mark since the hallowed and lamented date of the calamity, the discouragement and consequent disengagement of many from our ranks of active protesters, discussants, and message-carriers, has become palpable, almost deafening in the silence it has created. Everything has slowed down. Every month, I still get inquiries from new people intrigued and energized, and wanting to be part of a movement seeking a definable and admirable goal – the employment of evidence for the enforcement of justice in America. But, every month, I receive requests also to remove individuals from the 911 Truth Grassroots Organizers’ mailing list, the unspoken subtext being that it’s a waste of time. I can’t be bothered with this stuff; I have too much to do. And my response has got to be two-fold: 1) Please persevere, because the stakes have never been higher. 2) “The yoke is easy and the burden is light,” because all that is required is to keep informed and spread the word about what is known as opportunities to do so arise.
And, again, we must look back to and honor our heritage. Did the American abolition movement against the gross injustice of slavery, which began in earnest in the early 1830s, stop and give up in the early 1840s? No! It was just getting nicely started and achieved its triumph through fiery trial another two decades later. The U.S. “security” agencies founded al-Qaeda about 33 years ago, and they are still using that deceitful patsy the scapegoat, false-terrorist organization to stir up and perpetuate mayhem and cowardly dependence today. Can our response be to fold our tent and give up after a few short seasons of protest and opposition? I think not.
In an earlier manifestation of the West’s pathological revulsion against Muslims and propensity for covetousness of Muslim-owned goods, the myth of Prester John, a legendary Christian prince and ally, at first lurking somewhere in Asia, was promulgated throughout Christian Europe as an encouragement to venture forth to rapine and plunder. And, centuries later, the myth was still urged and this man of Biblical abilities and longevity was still being assiduously sought, by then in Africa.
The women’s suffrage movement finally triumphed nationally about 80 years after its start, surviving countless heartbreaks and reverses. We all hope for a solid breakthrough on 9/11 tomorrow; but please remember that ten years of toil and struggle to gain traction is nothing in such things!
So, persevere! Be of stout heart! Our issue is still very much alive in this country and well beyond (due to our efforts) and the blood and suffering of millions now calls out for us to continue, to say nothing of our own living hope for redemption, a return to freedom, and betterment. And if you don’t like the pace or the way things are being done, don’t wait – make things happen! Start or revive a 911 Truth group! Write a book or article or letter! Lead a march! Convince your local Occupy group to back our demand for a real investigation! Tell a friend! Make a difference! Make the truth you know matter! Spread the truth and the facts you are perceptive and fortunate enough to possess! DON'T STOP NOW!
JH / 1/11 /12