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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


by James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
In order to win – to bring about a serious, satisfyingly probing reevaluation of 9/11 on behalf of a demanding public that insists upon knowing and acting on its revelations to achieve justice – we must, fairly obviously, change or move the culture.
In other words, we must alter the common understanding, the conventional wisdom, before we can succeed at what we’re really longing for and trying to do. Short of that, our best efforts will most assuredly be swept away by the masters of mass manipulation and propaganda over us all, who invent the narrative of every succeeding day to advance their own purposes.
The bad news is that we’re not nearly there yet, despite the wishes of all of us, and despite our raising a tempest in our own tea pot. The good news is that successive polls, bolstered by our sustained efforts and the erosion of public confidence in our prowess and probity as a nation-state, show that we’re getting closer to the threshold of our very own views and remedy fermenting the host culture as a whole.
So, what would it take, in terms of a change in the public mood for our desire to win out? Well, the Vietnam War was finally halted when the anti-war movement jumped from being a containable nuisance mainly on some college campuses, and eventually in shocking speeches by a couple of rogues branded as crazies in Congress, to becoming a general contagion, a consuming nationwide wildfire of conviction whipped by a sudden wind of rage to engulf and disable the war machine literally in its tracks. What we will need to succeed is to foment not merely a general sentiment that, “Well, why not? Another look at it won’t hurt,” but a driven and driving conviction like that in the end over Vietnam, a dug-in conviction that will not settle for anything short of the bona fide real thing – the whole truth and (though delayed) real justice. We must produce, by being and staying resolute, by doubling down on our efforts at mass information regarding the overwhelming evidence and the focused question itself THAT sort of a profound change in the prevailing American and international culture.
So, is there anything else we can do to ramp up the time table, besides talking to more people and distributing more DVDs and pamphlets, writing more letters, etc.? Actually, maybe there are ways we can play smarter. Perhaps, we need to ask ourselves, for instance, what is it that convinces me that we are right? How do we know that 9/11 was an inside job, an enormously covered-up false-flag operation perpetrated by agents representing the terminally self-centered corporate + government establishment?
I would guess that we’d all find that our particular conviction, still so obnoxious to so many others and the powers-that-be, is fueled by just a handful of all-but-still images permanently seared into our brains. 1. Building 7, sparkling with explosives, slumping straight down in one movement into its own footprint. 2. The 16’ (or 18’) round initial hole in the Pentagon wall, compared to an at least 125’-wide 757 aircraft and no real airplane wreckage present. 3. The shallow crater near Shanksville, only a bit larger than the dimensions of my cozy little sunroom, completely devoid of wreckage. 4. The dancing Israelis, or whatever. 5. Name your favorite. Any of those iconic images alone could be enough to convince someone, or disturb them enough to compel them to check further. If they were exposed.
I receive daily and have for some time (and, probably, you do, too) a mysterious email entitled Le son de satellite (espace), which I never subscribed to. I’ve seen complaints about it on the Internet, because there seems to be nothing anyone can do about it. (And I don’t even read French). But, obviously, it can’t be too terribly expensive to flood the Internet with such. And, a couple of years ago, it was a pet pedicure device being ubiquitously marketed.
So, what I’m thinking is that some larger segment of the hydra-headed entity that is 911 Truth, having superior technical means available, could probably flood the Internet likewise, sending little 8 or 10-second videos of Building 7 going down, or sometimes stills of other iconic 9/11 images, with just a line or two of incisive commentary and perhaps a web site link or two or three, to untold millions of ordinary operating systems subscribers. And, thus, we could implant easily-deletable but never forgettable convincing images in the minds of millions more random earth residents, thereby moving the needle of knowledge significantly and perhaps provoking discussion. And, conceivably, those images would be forwarded on, at our suggestion, to inspire untold millions of others, many of whom we would never otherwise reach. And, if the emailings were repeated daily, even the hard core resisters would eventually be tempted to at least take a look.
Consider this a subtle suggestion, AE911truth. It’s worth your consideration, for all of us!
And what about political help sometime for at least bringing about a public vote to authorize a winning true investigation? Is that notion really as dead as it’s usually portrayed? Not if we’re really and sufficiently changing the culture it’s not! Because, politicians are fungible, meaning that they tend to support whoever and whatever is providing their job security. (Once, it was slavery). And, in the meantime, few politicians will commit political suicide, regardless of what they know. Would you? Now, it’s clearly the support system of the official narrative (active also in other contexts, of course) that is funding and keeping them in there. But, when we sufficiently change the culture and stir up an uncontainable counter-demand for truth and justice, the controlling, winning, and sustaining narrative will be ours – just like 1974!
JH / 2/28/12

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Toward a Truth Spring

Toward a Truth Spring
by James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization
However legitimate it may have been at the beginning (uncertain), the Arab Spring was fairly quickly hijacked by the western powers and diverted to serve their interests – this time without having necessarily to resort to western invasion, which the people at home have temporarily soured on.
A tip-off is that western invasions to topple and control don’t happen, regardless of real suffering, unless there is either oil (Iraq, Libya, possibly Iran) or an overwhelming strategic objective – which there often is. If the disturbances occur within Israel or Saudi Arabia, they are not even deemed newsworthy. But, Russia would be a good candidate. And Syria either has a homicidal mad dog who is suicidal for a ruler, or the stories of butchery of innocents are either essentially made up or limitlessly exaggerated. Logically, the latter is more likely.
And, my rule regarding the U.S. and western mainstream press, which seems to hold up well, is that every word is a lie. It’s all tailor-made in the two both (literally!) Rothschild-owned wire-service news works to serve the programs of the greater world empire’s rulers. There’s nothing revolutionary about it. And, if there ever is, it won’t make TV.
All that the world needs to snap back into recognizable non-nightmarish shape is the whole truth and nothing but. That’s adherence to evidence, unflinching honesty, respect for our intelligence.
I’m convinced that most people are neither homicidal monsters nor security freaks demanding abandonment of human decency by gangs of trained killers and sycophantic thugs ripping countries and lives apart on their behalf. And, let it be known, more Americans and Western Europeans probably die slipping on banana peels than from radical terrorists in any given year. (Which isn’t construed as an excuse for invading and destroying banana-growing countries) .
And, likewise, most Americans don’t value cunning, rapaciousness, and deceit (the values increasingly rewarded by our economy) above trustworthiness, honor, and generosity (values increasingly scorned and trashed thereby). And most Americans, in my estimation, are not stupid, as often said. Instead, they are cunningly mass-brainwashed and duped. It isn’t that our oppressors generally force us. It’s more that many of us are, in effect, hypnotized into simply letting then walk over us, in effect using us, without our opposition.
But – and I say this again – in good part due to our own efforts to spread the truth and kindle doubt about 9/11, the great and key con job of our age, the tide is slowly turning our way. Because, who else is insisting on the evidence, on the radical truth narrative that we are insisting upon? Indeed, who else, if not us, has, while being systematically reviled for it, pointed to facts and consistently dispelled myths that were (and still are) keeping people from seeing what was real, while pressing firmly to change the outcome? Don’t look down now, but we are winning. Changing poll results show it. (For instance, see -
And, when politicians begin to sound too stupid to too many in parroting the official line, they’ll adopt our line, uncontrollably. And the wall of ice will thaw and spring will come.
Simply continue to circulate the (evidentiary) truth, as non-dramatic as that may sound, and just you wait and see. Nothing is more revolutionary and destructive of deceit!
JH / 2/11/12