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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Observations and Recommendations from William F. Pepper

WILLIAM PEPPER is an eminent attorney. He has represented Sirhan Sirhan and other high-profile political accusees and proved their innocence and, resultingly, the conspiracy to frame them. He was (is) the lead attorney for NYC-CAN. He authored this statement, providing a focus and recommendation for the 911 Truth movement, on request. Your comments will be most welcome and helpful as we search for a meaningful direction. -jh A SIDELINES VIEW OF THE STATUS OF THE 911 TRUTH MOVEMENT As one who has supported and followed the 911 Truth Movement, largely from the sidelines I have been asked to submit some observations about the current status and potential future direction of the effort. As a result of my detachment from the ongoing activities, thus being unaware of events in various areas of the country, I am not at all clear that my views may be as relevant as those of others who have been more closely involved. At the outset, allow me to express my respect and admiration for the many individuals –architects, engineers, lawyers, theologians, educators, researchers, documentarians and other professionals, along with victims’ family members, former military officials and ordinary citizens who have kept the search for the truth alive for over a decade. Their tenacious commitment is precisely what is required of citizens of a Republic when it faces governmental obstruction manifested in the blatant refusal to provide answers to questions and issues ignored by the official investigation. One of the difficulties that this, and any other such Movement faces is the fact that its member/activists have often greatly differing degrees of political awareness. This is bound to affect policy and practice. The process of radicalization of committed activists is a gradual one and results in some individuals seeing the events of 911 as a single issue rather than being a part of an ongoing multi faceted effort to exercise control over the lives of the citizens and the fruits of the earth’s natural resources earmarked for the profitable use by the few. In this respect, an alliance with the Occupy Movement is long overdue. I know that sections of that Movement (which itself is suffering from fragmentation and loss of direction, as well as infiltration and subversion – the latter may also be considered by the 911 Movement) have had an ongoing interest in the events of 911. My sense also is that the Movement could benefit from a more unified approach and that the many activities which are going on need a coordinated public relations presence. Mainstream media will continue to ignore these efforts and fragmentation aids and abets public ignorance. When one becomes aware that the left/liberal or more progressive media also has been co-opted and that some of the more illustrious commentators have become gatekeepers, the problem is clearly compounded. This reality needs to be addressed by some in the Movement who have media experience. At the end of the day, I believe that the forces of power are simply waiting out the 911 Truth Movement, and that all of the books, articles and documentaries will become part of the dust heap of history. That would be a tragic end of this significant effort. I have long believed that the memorialization of all of the good work and factual revelations would only be historically perpetuated and possibly result in justice for the families of victims through the commencement of a well planned legal action brought in a viable Federal District Court Jurisdiction. The cost would be enormous; the results, probably worth every penny. With respect to all those who have previously tried to go this route, the efforts have been flawed, in one way or another. The experience is a valuable teacher. I believe that critical witnesses are still available and that the evidence has continued to be developed. I hope that these thoughts, or some of them, may be of use to the Movement and the very special individuals who have kept it alive. I am humbled by their struggle. W.F. Pepper

Friday, July 20, 2012

Why Has 9/11 Never Been Properly Investigated?

Why Has 9/11 Never Been Properly Investigated? by James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization _____ The reason why 9/11 has never been properly investigated is that the authority that originated the directive resulting in what happened that day run the whole shooting match. They not only call all the really-consequential shots (except perhaps those overriding them, such as solar flares and probably still most hurricanes). They also produce the narrative of whatever comes down. And nobody butts in to spoil it. Because, it’s all their show, start to finish. People who so wisely see around the tacky psy-op narrative and say that 9/11 was “an inside job” in my opinion still don’t have it – by somewhere close to a million miles. They’re primarily blaming government officials and their friends who were probably in fact ground-level puppets, at worst (and it’s still pretty bad) complicit; while the operation was much more likely what might instead be called “an upside job”, orchestrated and performed on orders. With Cheney hired to pull levers, etc. In my view, most humanly-caused shockwave events are probably like that. The lesser “terrorists” apprehended since 9/11 – the “underwear bomber, the “shoe bomber”, the Texas military base shooter, Congresswoman Gifford’s would-be assassin, were all, according to the drift of the evidence I’ve seen, proven or likely MK-Ultra subjects. The financial collapse was almost certainly engineered deliberately by international central banking to increase its wealth and control and our dependency. (The world is the new Third World.) The footage of the last reported massacre in Syria suspiciously includes recognized landmarks in Iraq. The list continues. And, my gut and my brain tell me, the movie-theatre shooter in Colorado more than likely also was such, fitting the usual suspect’s profile of no previous arrest record to speak of and no apparent sufficient motive. So, why on earth would he be programmed to do that? My guess – and it’s no more than that – is that the horrible multiple murder was staged to try to push our President into advocating or suggesting some degree of gun-control, fulfilling the right-wing narrative. And, my guess is that he will oblige or not, as ordered. In so far as the reporting goes (i.e., the dissemination of disinformation daily), the other half of the total control equation, how about this? A single European-based family involved in banking has now amassed between one-third and over half of the world’s accessible wealth, depending on your information source. And that very family just happens to be majority owner of both of the only two wire services that vet and control all of our so-called national and international news. The modern-day, and real equivalent of the gods of the ancient Greeks and Romans not only cause, but they, through their all-too-eager henchmen in the press and government, order collective understanding. So, are they going to let an impartially-reported impartial investigation overturn their preeminent specially-designed self-serving narrative of their specially-designed mega-event (9/11), carried out by their tightly-controlled agents (U.S. and Israeli security)? Really? So then, what are we (that is, the 99.99999%) to do to halt and break up their machinery? Our weapon must be refusal and defiance of their global order and its irrational signals and loopy directions to us. And, according to the thought-provoking new film “I Am Fishead” , there is a second reason, beyond just spreading the truth regarding the evidence, for us to conspicuously reject blind adherence to the droll, absurd 9/11 official narrative. Which is this: our example as role-models for questioning and thinking and countering nonsense will ripple through society like concentric waves in a pond, to eventually reach even the farthest edges. And, when many or most are in accord (as they will be if we but persist, as did our predecessors regarding the Vietnam War and slavery before that, we will overwhelm, disrupt, become ungovernable, and catch the reins as they fall. And, being victors, we’ll get to assemble and proclaim the real and true narrative. JH: 7/20/12

Wednesday, July 4, 2012



by James Hufferd, Ph.D.                                                                                 Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


     One-by-one, month- by-month, the 911 Truth movement is losing heft (that is, losing its fat, IMHO) as ambulance-chasers and romantic excitement seekers find the endless, unrequited waiting to celebrate uncertain victory too much for them and break off to switch attention to more-promising, self-fulfilling objects of interest.  Meanwhile, the muscle, gristle, and bone of the cunning, if sometimes perplexed, beast that is you and I cubed remain. And many have observed – as if nobody ever thought of it before – that we need to get our collective head straight.

      If our purpose is to stand for and unalterably insist upon the truth – i.e., the scientifically-verifiable truth for which there is compelling neutral evidence, and not “received truth” from self-serving authority (unsubstantiated, incongruous, and mythic in character), then we have to sort out what that is. What evidence do we have to substantiate our inextricably-linked claims of criminal conspiracy and criminal obstruction of justice?

     Lately, there have been two main opposing tendencies within our movement. One, perhaps best represented by the Toronto Hearings of September 2011, is to showcase and cultivate a consensus of our most agreed-upon, least-provocative evidence, mainly concerning, by process of elimination, the Lower Manhattan sites, leaving the Pentagon and Shanksville largely aside, along with explanations other than controlled demolition. This tendency is, in my opinion, a little too tame, seeking to simply shunt aside, at least for now, as unnecessary or inconvenient all that its “expert” partisans find they can’t definitely explain. Going only as far as this self-selected camp is willing to go in presenting a position – presumably, to represent the whole movement – seems intended to offer a basis for an agreement, based on something like a suggested limited stake-out position for the powers-that-be,  who would then, presumably, apologize and promise to desist and clean up their act (my foot).

     Now, let me be original at this point and remind everyone that “for every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction”. And that that’s not dialectics, but science.  Voila! The Vancouver Hearings of last month! Let a hundred flowers bloom, the opposite tendency cried, because out of those exotic blossoms just may come the next great thing! Directed Energy? Explain what the source was and how it impacted. No planes / photo trickery? Well, seismographs did register something., and if it were so, it would still be establishment-done and massively covered-up. And Dean T. Hartwell’s explanations seem to cover everything, including epiphenomena most of us hadn’t heard of, better. I myself would go with unmanned aircraft in the diversion phase and pre-planted bombs in the demolition.

     And even though James Millette claims to have negated the results of Jones, Harritt, and company’s peer-reviewed analysis of the dust, it’s one unknown quantity at this point, at least, against nine more-eminent scientists in agreement and convincingly so to peer reviewers (who are in trouble now and suspended, I understand, because they dared betray the establishment).

     Dwaine Deets seems to show us that simply looking and thinking harder and more systematically about the Shanksville anomaly can lead somewhere.

     Amidst the unseemly scrum over the exact nature of 9/11 phenomena at the Pentagon, still being played out, there awaits an accurate explanation. Just because we haven’t yet heard out all of the disputants there doesn’t mean we can shunt that theatre of action aside by any means. Nor should we conclude we yet know all of its truths.

     Meanwhile, the increasing amount of disinformation coming in almost daily tells us that the powers-that-be – U.S “security”, the Mossad, whomever, mere vassals all, led by puppets controlled in every move by invisible far higher-ups in the NWO – are paying attention. And they know that a ripple, unstopped, will turn into a tide. And a tide with enough droplets becomes a tsunami. Bye-bye, NWO.

JH : 7/4/12