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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Our Agenda and the Missing Molecule

OUR AGENDA AND THE MISSING MOLECULE by James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization * Why do we demand that the truth about 9/11 be divulged and proclaimed to all, in place of medicinal lies deftly woven into myths? Is it just that we’re perverse and have to be right? Or are we crackpots craving undeserved validation? No! Let us never, ever forget that we have enormous grievances – enormities that cry out to be redressed – as much now as ever! There is a recognized (even hallowed) right we have to seek “redress of grievances”. So, again, what are these grievances for which we are so rightfully and persistently seeking redress? We are seeking nothing less than 1) redress for the denial of justice for all Americans and others affected, and 2)for the thereby enabled diversion of our civilization’s mandated attention and wealth – our society’s very sources of sustenance and allotted public operating capital, both financial and mental, for now over a decade – from serving the public’s ongoing needs, individually and at large. That stock of funds and source of well-being, amounting to trillions, and hundreds of millions of anxious days, has been diverted since 9/11/01 to fund the murky and violent agenda of a miniscule anti-social élite that is misleading society into worldwide imperial wars and aggressions spearheaded by secret-budget super-technologies. The grim purpose of the heist of our money and resolve, successfully sold to all the avatars (media and leaders) and servants down the line, is to enforce central control for perhaps a few hundred truly mega-capitalists over all world profits and materials, quashing all challenges. Toward this second end, our political and command class is indoctrinated into deflecting and smothering fundamental questioning of the radical agenda and, thus, maintaining ignorance and controllability of the potentially uppity serf underclass. I was reminded of this élite mandate to maintain public ignorance and deception recently by my failed attempts since early in July to opine in a guest piece in our local/regional newspaper of record, The Des Moines Register, citing a particular set of nonpartisan facts that seem to amount to a taboo. I stated calmly and with civility that virtually any reader could verify with a little checking online that a – perhaps the reason for our calamitously cumulative economic shortfall is that a) our “money” supply is spun by the internationally conglomerated central banking cartel (the Federal Reserve in our case) out of thin air with no actual reserve backing, and that all federal taxes collected go to repay unnecessary interest accruing to the private Fed for unconstitutionally providing our money for the past 99 years, necessitating massive borrowing and resultant debt to make good all of the federal government’s massive expenditures. I pointed out that citizens needed to know these verifiable facts in order to decide whether to continue to deal with the Fed to provide our money going forward or to opt for independence, as many of our earlier, uncontrolled presidents, obeying the Constitution, opted to do. Nope. The Opinion Pages Editor wouldn’t give me an answer regarding printing that. It turns out he was swamped and, after five weeks, still hadn’t gotten to it. The Editor-in-Chief, when I alerted him, praised my efforts and “passion” and promised to get back to me that week – three weeks ago. Even though I pointed out that me assertions were the suppositions of many, but, for all that, certainly open to a better-informed, illuminating rebuttal, perhaps from experts, it ain’t going to happen! So, 9/11 isn’t the only cause célèbre for maintaining public ignorance to protect the élite agenda. On the continuing overseas front – in that other 96% of the world that is our controlling élite’s designated imperial shatter zone, or playground, the puzzling faux narrative of the recent dangerous protests over the odious film once again involves what has become a constant element pervading the ceaseless Middle Eastern unrest – al-Qaeda. Al-Qaeda operatives reportedly led and dominated the Arab Spring manifestations – which the U.S. and NATO managed to hijack. Al-Qaeda in Syria reportedly dressed in Syrian military uniforms and conducted the notorious massacres as false-flag operations. (See Webster Tarpley: The Houla Massacre... - YouTube) If I made a film, however odious, and stuck it up on the internet, believe me, no one would pay any attention. Al-Qaeda fanned the flames in twenty countries (the skunks), making sure everyone knew about the film which, in turn, led to untold ugliness and scariness, complete with lots and lots of fire and explosions, on film for Western audiences watching TV. But, who, exactly, is al-Qaeda? Why, it’s none other than al-CIAda. You know its pedigree. Spread that word – which is a “missing molecule” needed to explain so much of the endless Middle East turmoil and license for continued U.S. intervention and militarism. Study up and transmit this essential bit of “game-changing” truth to everyone you know! Americans would not go along so patiently nor pay so docilely if many more knew such facts. How can we, as Truthers, ever hope to actually achieve a redress of the enormous 9/11-related grievances of the world citizenry that we seek? We have to gain the upper hand in the information war. We must spread the truth every day, as the ceaseless protesters of the Vietnam War did until they won, and once again, make the controlling élite own up! Don’t ever let up on them! Because, they’ve long been dedicated to not let up on us! JH: 9/23/12

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

from 911 Blogger: Harritt, Jones,et al Study Upheld

Millette study fails to refute crucial findings by Harrit et al Accelerant is on the chips, not in them by Poseidon Abstract The study by Dr. Jim Millette has confirmed that the red/gray chips found in the dust associated with the destruction of the World Trade Center (WTC) are paint chips. The WTC steel featured several different primer paints, with Tnemec used for the perimeter columns, and Laclede - which contains no zinc - for the floor trusses. However, this does not mean that the paper by Harrit et al is useless. On the contrary, the Harrit study did find physical evidence of accelerants. The paint chips are certainly not thermitic; they contain no elemental aluminum. But they were contaminated by a small amount of accelerants, with elemental Al part of the composition. The most likely source is fireproofing that was directly adjacent to the primer and was "upgraded" between 1996 and 1998. For WTC1, there is an exact match between the five floors of the impact zone (94-98) and the five contiguous floors with upgraded SFRM of a high density compared to SFRM on other upgraded floors. When Harrit's chips were heated to 700 °C, the primary exotherm seen in differential scanning calorimeter (DSC) traces denotes combustion of the paint's organic material, which is probably Laclede primer's epoxy binder. The yield from thermite - or from aluminum reacting with iron oxide in the paint - was up to five orders of magnitude lower than the yield from organic material. This would explain the absence of a secondary peak from thermite, although the Intermont curve has an interesting trough at 640 °C and then gradually goes into positive territory at 700 °C. The MacKinlay samples' 395 °C peaks are consistent with polyisobutylene (BR), used as a binding agent in plastic explosives. Millette found no elemental Al after an MEK soak, and no evidence of thermite. Harrit et al not only found elemental Al after an MEK soak, but also iron-rich spheres in the residue after chips were subjected to heating in a DSC - evidence that a thermite reaction had occurred. The conflicting results may be due to the fact that Millette's chips were "washed in clean water" prior to analysis, whereas Harrit's "samples were left unwashed and uncoated unless otherwise specified". Elemental aluminum and oxidizer(s) from the accelerant weren't in the chips; they were on the outer surface of the red layer, which corresponds to the left-hand side of Harrit's Figures (12) (b) and (15) (c). Information contained within this page not only proves beyond all doubt that OBL and KSM did not orchestrate 9/11, but identifies the principal perpetrators. Introduction What the thermite deniers got right - and why they have ultimately lost the debate How the accelerants were applied Why 9/11 researchers know the official story is false Which accelerants were used? The window of opportunity Were the accelerants sufficient to bring about collapse? The mysterious multiple gray layers Why Millette's results differed from Harrit's Shouldn't "suspicious" chips bearing evidence of accelerants be a tiny proportion of all the red/gray chips? The evidence of elemental aluminum The iron spheres The evidence for Laclede primer paint Who are the "racists"? Analysis of the "High Fivers" Conclusion Future studies Appendices An eye-opening compilation of news reports

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Those Who Dodge the Central Question Sell Us Out

THOSE WHO DODGE THE CENTRAL QUESTION SELL US OUT by JamesHufferd,Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization It’s long been evident (for instance, see my “9/11 & History” article posted on Oct. 30, 2011) how fashionable it’s become among book and article authors chronicling the shock events following from and related to 9/11 to simply leave the actual events of that horrific day or the verifiable facts of their commission aside. Such has become a general tendency even when discussing the shock nature of recent U.S. history and the post-9/11 darkening of our daily lives. For a great many, the blame factor for the horrific events – let’s call them what they are, horrific crimes – has shifted from “who performed these ghastly deeds?” to, in fact, “who dares to speak the unmentionable truth about them?” No one, it seems, wants to be blamed for that breach of decorum and common sense! For 9/11 itself has become taboo (unmentionable) to the vast army of commentators who’ve sprung up largely as a result of it. Lately, Michel Chossudovsky (see, who I believe established his bona fides as a genuine Truther long ago, along with Peter Dale Scott, are two of the very few “big picture” analysts who do assign responsibility as indicated by the available evidence. They do dare draw scientific conclusions and advance clear and compelling hypotheses. Even lauded giants like Noam Chomsky and Chris Hedges do not. By definition, our very proud name is accurate and exclusive – we 911 Truthers are truth-tellers. And all others, who shrink from processing the evidence and drawing a reasonable conclusion, plainly are not. By definition, we don’t dodge or evade the central question. Indeed, while our numbers among the public seem to be growing daily, our numbers among the literati seem to be dwindling, as more and more authors and activists find they can escape being tarred with us as “delusional” or “desperate” or “disloyal” by simply skipping over the events themselves and concentrating attention instead on those who used 9/11 as a pretext for invasion, for targeting and condemning Muslims, and /or for militarizing the U.S. and brutalizing the world. Indeed, many so-called peace activists and left gatekeepers thus claim to deal with the core of 9/11 without ever actually braving the fallout (for them) of doing so. And the resulting trend toward absence of scrutiny in what passes for analysis of the central, original day of death-dealing shock and awe conducted to fool and control the U.S. public goes over just fine with the sponsoring establishment, which would like nothing better than to denature out of existence the movement and meaning of 911 Truth. The point I’m trying to make is that the primary crime(s) of 9/11 are still and must remain the destructive and deadly acts of those who planned and carried out, and attributed to others, the acts themselves on that day. The cover-up and exploitation of those events later were secondary crimes – not trivial, but secondary. And the horror and special guilt attaching to those secondary crimes, still unfolding, devolves of necessity from the nature and guilt for the primary, 9/11/01 crimes themselves. And the more pedestrian responsibility and guilt for the secondary acts must not be allowed to substitute for or divert attention from the primary, 9/11/01 crimes themselves. By way of analogy: it might be painful and even damaging to look at the sun. But, the very existence, as well as the nature, of the effects that the sun has on an almost unimaginably-wide area of its celestial surroundings, including our world, depend entirely on the primary object itself – the sun. In either case – that of the crimes of 9/11 and that of the sun – abandoning ones focus on the nature and action of the primary object may relieve the observer’s pain and vulnerability to damages resulting. But shifting the focus onto the secondary, dependent crimes and objects (the effects, as it were) will lead us away from understanding into the realm of denial, myth, and, in the case of 9/11, de facto collaboration by evading the uncovering of the truth and, thereby, disarming justice. Meanwhile, the answer to our possibly-fatal current national malady remains, precisely, justice for all. Viva 911 Truth – undiluted and not diverted, its goal remaining justice via the truth. Truth leading to justice. To quote an old song, “Ya can’t have one without the other!” (And peace will result, too, if the people get their will). JH : 9/4/12

Saturday, September 1, 2012


9/11: Writing a New Narrative by James Hufferd,Ph.D. Coordinator,911 Truth Grassroots Organization I believe we can state with some confidence the following: that George W. Bush was the operative figurehead of a regime that facilitated and substantively abetted the 9/11 false flag criminal project and spectacle. The complex acts involved were intended and served to provide the catalyst for that misbegotten administration’s assigned mission of offensive war, mayhem, and reconfiguration of the hijacked American state it was illegitimately installed to launch and superintend. (So, who dispatched this assignment? See my August 13 article for my best supposition, or hunch regarding that). On September 11, 2001, eleven years ago, we were too close to the horrific violent action of the day and so, for a few minutes up to a few years, deceived by the pre-written storyline that was trotted out, ready-made. The script of the melodrama that was introduced to us full-blown almost immediately, without setting forth any but ludicrous manufactured evidence, blamed the series of catastrophes in and near the country’s East Coast nerve-center on the orchestration of a shadowy, utterly alien and arch-evil bogeyman clad in robes, maneuvering from a an unreachable location ten-thousand miles away. A bit of checking quickly revealed that this odd designated evildoer was known to have been trained and shown around the U.S. by military and security escort in preparation for this and other roles. He and his small band of participating on-the-ground henchmen all, curiously enough, hailed from, of all places, the very Muslim Middle East the militaristic sponsors of the perversely-installed new regime had been for years whining, stomping, and chomping at the bit to bust into and subjugate. And so it was that all them A-rabs and other assorted questionables over there were going to have to pay indiscriminately and taught not to mess with what our leaders had in mind. Another factor contributing to the slowness of most to see through the deliberate ruse was that many, if not most of us, still had our heads reeling from the recent mangled election a few months earlier and unprecedented sort of rough installation of the new laughable while tragic regime. Due to the sheer overload, it just never occurred to very many of us until very much later to connect those two widely different types of deliberately orchestrated shock events emanating from a single, desperate source, in fact calculated to serve a single-minded assigned intent. We were, never let us forget, the exceptional nation. That fact had been drilled into us since pampers. Consequently, the vanishingly few serious readers of history among us may have realized that such coordinated, in retrospect schmaltzy shock events were once promulgated by the Nazis in Germany as spectacles to manufacture, coopt, and harness pre-existing racial and national myths to intended effect. But here, we were assured, we had the rule of law, free press, and a benevolent social contract rendering such a thing on such a scale utterly preposterous. And so, what informs us that what took place on 9/11/01 could not have been the schmaltzy plot of our government’s version of the ingrained Mongol horde or the Hun, and must have been instead their version of the “Polish” false attack at Gleiwitz that started WW II? Evidence! The available evidence from 9/11 itself tests the false “hypothesis” pushed by our official sources and finds it not only badly-wanting, but pathetically bogus, contrived – a monstrous LIE! And what was it that the illegitimate regime in power feared above all else in the wake of that horrible orchestrated set of deeds on that day that will not die? “Outrageous conspiracy theories”. We were sternly warned not to harken after any of those – and if we promulgated any, we were “with the enemy!” George W. Bush was not the perpetrator himself. (That really would be preposterous). Instead, as the figurehead of a collaborator puppet regime, he undoubtedly knew little, except to fear that a conspiracy theory so well-founded from available evidence (evidence he and other henchmen of the real higher-up perps had not been able to confiscate or destroy) would convincingly resemble the actual truth of what was done. If such an inspired conspiracy theory were to get around well enough to enable people in huge numbers to see through the compounding lies, everything could crumble around him, and his outlaw regime could fall faster than that which had inspired its psychotic massive-scale magic. Sometimes, we are advised by the more scientifically-minded among us to stick to simple facts, the simplest evidence in our presentations to people, not to try to construct images and scenarios (even though the Scientific Method has to do with constructing and testing theories, not with simply hoarding facts). Fact is, whereas the evidence our primary investigators have gathered might well convince an unbiased court, the judicial system is deliberately so stacked against us that there are no courts open to admitting that convincing evidence. And that in itself is a solid piece of evidentiary fact. And it happens to be one of the key facts discovered by the 911 Truth Movement. In addition, applying just a smidgen of common sense, we also know that in a nation whose power structure depends on maintaining that 2 + 2 = 5, any judge who came up with the “delusionary” notion that it really equaled 4 would instantly go either into denial or, as an example, re-education. We have, in fact, recently seen litigants whose convincing truth threatened the official 9/11 dogma be outrageously fined and enjoined as a lesson to us all. So, judicial avenues to establishing 9/11 truth and justice through due process are not likely to be thrown open or amenable to us. Nor are political means likely. Politicians eligible for accolades as statesmen for beginning to pursue 9/11 truth were sidelined swiftly, in some cases brutally, a fact known well to all of their flock. But still, achievement of 9/11 justice through political means is not impossible. We must remember that, at least in general, “politicians do not lead, they follow”. And they tend to follow whoever commands the narrative. Any attempted short-cut, such as a ballot initiative without sufficiently extensive public education as groundwork, is likely to be easily batted aside by those controlling the media, Instead, we have our work cut out for us to make justice for 9/11 make widespread sense politically by coopting the narrative through persistence and clear, fact-based explanation. Remember that abolitionists were in despair during the Civil War, finding the administration firmly in control in Washington disinterested in ever actually freeing the slaves – until it became politically feasible to do so. As I have sought to remind numerous times before, plenty of our predecessor movements, in the past of the United States alone, have ultimately triumphed by making their view the nation’s prevailing view. I refer not only to the Abolition Movement, but also the Women’s Suffrage Movement, the Anti-Vietnam War Movement, the JFK Assassination Conspiracy Movement (for all the good it did; it woke a lot of people up), the Civil Rights Movement, apparently even Gay Liberation. And we must fight as hard. Never stop talking and learning. Always tell the truth. Spread the conspiracy theories, firmly bolstered by facts that the Bush regime (and now their successors) so fear, forswear, and smear. Spread the best DVDs, the most perceptive and eye-opening videos, new and undeniable revelations. Band together to share the load and multi-task. Stay defiantly strong. Don’t fade, escalate. Win! Challenging and changing received wisdom and spreading information everywhere is probably the only way we will win and people will embrace the new paradigm and its full implications. And while you’re at it, watch this video and support in intent its project: . JH / Sept. 1, 2012