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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Barriers & Obstacles: Overcoming Adverse Psychology

Barriers & Obstacles: Overcoming Adverse Psychology By James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization This writing will be utilitarian. It’s focus: what adversities do we, the movement for 9/11 truth and justice, need to overcome, and how can we effectively triumph by countering them? The mode of presentation will be essentially an outline, or inventory, with only a modicum of discussion. Please feel free to add your own elements to mine, and please share! The psychological and corresponding behavioral barriers and obstacles I see can be divided into two operative types, Type A – Disincentives and Barriers for Individuals, and Type B – Institutional and Establishment Defenses Against Evidentiary Truth-Seeking. Obstacles and barriers to individual acceptance (the A List): 1. That people insisting on 9/11 truth are considered a radical, loony fringe, unhinged from known reality. This is the message that has been successfully sold. 2. 9/11/01 was long ago; there are now more relevant issues – a demonstrably false and misleading evasion. 3. Unawareness that there is evidence disputing the official story - Conventional news has never reported any such resistance. 4. Futility: so what? - There is a pervasive feeling of powerless, regardless of the truth. 5. Structural disincentives – the totally-rational fear of being shunned, ridiculed, and fired if you deviate. 6. Avoidance of civic engagement – Many citizens operate only as family people, pals, and consumers, and couldn’t easily imagine principled civic involvement. My Type B list, of Establishment and Institutional Defenses and Disincentives, is as follows: 1. Political or Occupational Suicide – The real threat of rejection and ostracism for deviance applies to elected and other civic officials and functionaries as well. 2. Loss of Sources and Funding – Publications, journalists, and ideological organizations and their representatives are effectively kept in line by invaluable incentives and disincentives. 3. Fear of National Trauma and Institutional Unraveling – Belief in the de facto political and economic system is at an all-time low, and definitive failure of the myth of national benevolence and evidence of pervasive moral treachery could leave the nation shattered, bereft and adrift. 4. Fraternal Self-Justification – We function as a tribal nation, and security operatives won’t rat out fellow operatives, doctors won’t testify against other doctors, police won’t betray other police, clergy protect other clergy, etc. 5. Cooperative Support for Medicinal Storyline – Functionaries supporting the official story don’t accept responsibility for its ultimate truth, but just for its “positive” purpose of unifying. 6. No Credible Opposition – If a famous, powerful, or knowledgeable person were to seriously question the official narrative, there is no realistic or credible counter-organization in view to join forces with. Hence, untold numbers no doubt keep their thinking or suspicions private regarding 9/11. Finally, Part C – My answers to the above, in outline, are as follows: 1. Continue to Inject the Truth (Evidence) into the National Conversation, Prepare the Ground – We have kept awareness of this vital national issue alive (if barely) up to now, and must continue to bravely spread what we know. 2. We Must Continue Our Stand visibly Despite the Strong Head-Wind – If we give way to discouragement, we’ve lost; so, we must persevere. 3. Create and Spread a Compelling Counter-Narrative – We must imaginatively produce and successfully pedal a more-compelling counter-narrative, raising and credibly accounting for all the known facts relative to 9/11 and persuading the nation that the official narrative doesn’t do that. In my judgment, the new film Operation Terror, written, produced, and financed by Art Olivier, is capable of going a long ways in that direction, if we can get it into enough theatres, represented in the national media, and imbued in the national consciousness. I say, we must try! Get the film if you haven’t. JH: 11/25/12

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mind Control and the New World Order

Mind Control and the New World Order by James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization It is, it seems to me, something to ponder that, in dealing with us who stubbornly stick up for and demand 9/11 truth and justice, the powers-that-be never, or almost never, dispute any of the actual evidence we cite specifically. Instead, through their media schlocks and in blogs, they call us the equivalent of idiots and blockheads, of worse than questionable character, for not going along with the preposterous official story like everybody else. President Obama has berated us on more than one occasion for disputing the “established fact” that our nation was attacked by Arab terrorists on September 11, ’01, without pointing to any evidence (evidently non-existent) of any such fact. So, on what basis does he (do they all on that side) berate our evidence-supported claim that the official allegation could literally not have been the case? Purely on the basis, when you get down to it, that an unquestioning faith (albeit unfounded) in the official version must be maintained. It must be because it is indispensable to at least seem to justify the unjustifiable deadly decade ongoing of illegal assaults on innumerable innocents in the Middle East and potentially elsewhere, the theft of their commercial birthright (minerals and also sovereignty), and a huge chunk of our liberties as well. If unquenchable revenge and prevention are not seen as in order, the only remaining conclusion to be drawn is that our leaders are heartless bullies and murderers, worthy of only the support of looters and profiteers on a grand scale. And they can’t have that as a viable conclusion: hence the ludicrous web of myths and false news surrounding us, still being woven. But women’s suffragists faced that sort of reception. It was widely declared “absurd” that women should be voters or office-holders. Because, you didn’t see any such, did you? And, if black men were freed, it would destroy the nation. The South would separate or face economic catastrophe, and the North couldn’t live without a prosperous South. Besides, if you put it up to a vote in the South, with the propertied white Christian men directly affected voting, democracy would keep the institution in place. We are democratic, aren’t we? People who wanted to do away with slavery were, thus, enemies of the public, of public order. Like John Brown, whose what goes marching on, according to his supporters? Truth! Something that you can’t have, that won’t be tolerated, that this world (by which they mean its perennial “leaders” and their die-hard lackeys) can’t handle! And that is why its proponents end up getting shot and strung up and declared outlaws throughout history! Thus, the law must be a lie (to a certain degree) to serve the interests of the powers that really control society. And all else, including the laws of physics when inconvenient and pretty fictions like equality before the law and due process, must be cast aside when push comes to shove. And that sort of genuine truth, friends, defines our desperate and necessary cause – that the truth must be whatever is scientifically and reasonably discoverable, and not “what we say it is”. And our only hope is pitting knowledge against ignorance, by spreading the word. And not simply getting the presently misinformed public to vote on the issue. That cannot work. An unprecedented tool for spreading the word, in my opinion, is the newly-released feature film, directed by Paul Cross and just out on DVD, OPERATION TERROR., the most stunning portrayal of 9/11 ever made. I believe you should google its home page, order and watch it, and endeavor to show it everywhere. I must add that it’s so graphic and real that regular theatres have banned it. So then, what about retaining Barack Obama in the presidency for four more years? Is that a grievous error or abomination? Not if you care about Social Security and Medicare surviving, possible talks with Iran instead of suicide, and the environment. As for continued violence on a slightly smaller, more gradual scale, I’m with David Icke. Any leader with a gun held to his head would go along with that. The true originators – what I call the “board of trustees” – are much higher. As Charles Fort wrote decades ago, “I think we are farmed.” JH: 11/11/12