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Tuesday, December 25, 2012


WHO IS HAMMERED FOR MASS-MURDER & WHO IS HAILED AND FUNDED UP THE WAZOO? By James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization * Murderers in our midst we collar with gusto. We yell obscenities, scream, foam at the mouth to get at them! We salivate to annihilate and eviscerate the scum (even if robotized, which is always a likelihood in big cases) with maximal pain and suffering! We want to murder them back! Dungeoning such dingus forever is really never going to be enough punishment for them (us). No! We want to flay them! Shoot their eyes out, splatter their brains! If the victims are too young, or the perpetrators happen to have a funny-sounding name, or let on they don’t really care that much for us, or wear a turban on their noggin, especially atop non-European faces or skin-tones, why then, conviction in court isn’t even at all necessary. We know, because they’re circumstantially guilty and walking on egg shells with us to begin with. Our culture wants to skin them and violate them in some way from the word go anyway. “Blow them _____________s to smithereens!” (Just fill in the blank according to what year it is: Injuns, nigras, spics, waps, huns, rag-heads… etc., etc., etc.). The kinds of government programs Americans, by and large, tend to strongly support and pay up for without a whimper are not the sort that aim at helping people cope in our exhausted economy or fix our bridges or clean up after disasters or directly invest in our future. No! But who has ever suggested we should put “Black Budget” programs on the chopping block, or defund us some military drones or “smart”-bombs, or put our continued base presence around the world up to an up or down vote of the locals? Or dump our growing exorbitantly-priced and brutal civilian contract military? Blitzing those programs significantly might, in fact, balance more than just our budget! But the programs that wreak violence and swing a big, bad stick to keep the other 95% of the world in obeisance in our name are rarely considered for cuts – Americans who say they want a tiny government applaud and insist on those particular big government programs and the bloated military with nary a qualm as necessary to “protect us” from a few dozen patsy terrorist cells somewhere our trillions and doomsday weapons seem to be never completely effective against (although the Afghan Northern Alliance, to our embarrassment, originally pacified the Taliban in a week!) In the never-to-end process, we wipe out scads who don’t like us there or just get in the way. And now, our forces might be compelled to do more policing (probably more than they can handle), in Syria, maybe Egypt, almost certainly Iran. The real trouble with our overlords ultimately in charge of everything is that they are us writ large, times a hundred. They are infused with our awful kill culture, but far worse than we are. But, since they’re supposed to be our protectors, we largely ignore the daily news (abundantly available daily online from International Clearing House, etc., for anyone interested) of them taking out whole tribes and villages in Iraq or Pakistan, or anywhere else they please over there, of allying with the worst local murderous bastards, of killing innocents, sometimes by “mistake”, adding to many times the whole populations of Aurora or Newtown or Oak Creek with door-to-door trained thugs (who virtually everyone now claims to agree shouldn’t be there in the first place, and who, if they’re still sane, don’t want to be there, for the fifth or the eighth time, either). And it’s done also by remote from Kansas or Georgia using even more-cowardly detonator buttons. And, again, those true monsters in secret, black-budget “security” agencies and arms-dealing “defense” contractors who expend half our tax dollars in killing devices to deploy or sell – those, too, are our mega mass-murderers (MMMs), rewarded by us far better than anybody you personally know. And add to them the way-higher-ups who advise (i.e., inform the president what he must do to keep from running suicidally afoul of the NWO / “higher Mafia” kingpins to avoid his own violent debacle). Included are those, in particular, who brought the WTC buildings down, and bombed the Pentagon, killing thousands in a couple of hour spree, plus scores of thousands of First Responders slowly over a number of years, for “strategic reasons” – to get the unthinking, not-much-uncaring public to give a green light to murder a million-plus more, and to regiment, terrify, de-constitutionalize, and flat-out rob us to continue the homicidal game, while effectively disengaging the government from legitimately governing for ten-plus years and counting. Those, our MMM (mega mass murdering) killers are applauded, in stark contrast to the piddling, one-off killing-spree assassins of a mere twenty-eight or fourteen or five unfortunates, not to be minimized. But, the former, our mega variety of mass assassins, are permitted in contrast to effectively write their own checks at the public till, wiping out along with the legions of humans, quickly as opposed to slowly, our national budgets, year after year after year, which we relinquish to them in an orgy of gratitude. It’s the price our nation gladly pays, without mentioning it during the Congressional balancing wars, for not having to acknowledge the, by magnitudes, truest and largest crimes and criminals operating among us and “for us” – including the criminals responsible for 9/11, which virtually no one is or ever was seriously interested in bringing to justice. They are also busily at work wrecking the balking, recalcitrant world (which would like to put a check on our incredible, stupendous excesses and mess at everyone else’s expense), and at feeding by heinous example our national sickness / addiction to and taste for murderous violence, even as our “entertainment”. We won’t confront or indict them because they, as a group, are the ones counted upon to protect us from the cinematic made-up bad guys in a world that is dangerous mainly because they make and keep it so (because it super-nourishes them). The peace of mind of the nation won’t allow us to know who really did 9/11, so we can fix the problem. Is that crazy, or what? Carl Jung said it best: “The cause of insanity is avoidance of tolerable pain.” As a distinctive class apart, along with the major CEOs and banksters, our true, professional mass-murderers walk astride the world like giants. And we all pay the price in full many times over. So then, if not this, what kind of a world do we really want? How about one safe for six year olds, certainly, and puppies, and other overwhelmingly nice people? And, by the way, when did anyone ever really ask us? For heaven’s sake, tell the world what 9/11 is and what it means, so we can get serious (not stay crazy) and arrest the killing and let people live and no longer eat, breathe, sleep, and dream death at the beck of psychos! Basta! JH: 12/25/12

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Hot Rock of Zion: Did Israel Do It?

The Hot Rock of Zion: Did Israel Do It? by James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization _____ O.K. Let’s take the bulls by the horns. (The bulls = 1) the hyper-tense Israeli-American Establishment, just waiting to sound the alarm and demonize on the most-egregious or slightest excuse, and 2) those within the greater 911 Truth Movement who are equally hyper-sensitive, and equally eager to eviscerate anyone who is perceived to cut Israel, or probably any Jew on earth, any slack.) So, tossing caution to the bulls, and mindful of what bulls always do, I shall proceed. To brush up for this formidable task, I went back and re-digested what I consider the least-venomous and most-reasoned current source for the fast growing certitude among a lot of 911 Truthers that “Israel did it”/”the Jews did it”/”Zionists did it”. That would be Christopher Bollyn, in his recent book, Solving 9-11 (2012). Not having read the book in depth before, I had the impression that Chris Bollyn was maintaining and more-or-less credibly documenting that Jews or Israel were involved in the operation. Not so! What a closer reading showed was that he was maintaining that Israelis (including lots and lots of Israeli-American dual citizens) planned and carried off virtually unaided, the whole job, lock, stock, and barrel. Indeed, the roll recited in the book of I-A dual citizens and Israeli-owned companies allegedly involved that were operating in America is in itself rather staggering. Indeed, with such key people and companies omnipresent and lurking on 9/11, how could it have possibly been otherwise than an Israeli (Mossad-Israeli establishment) operation, start to finish? Bollyn makes an excellent case, in a powerful book full of vital facts, citing credibly as precedents the Liberty and Lavon affairs and a plethora of Mossad and Israeli false-flag ops going back to before Israeli statehood. Crucial differences exist between Bollyn’s theory of 9/11 and the memorized-by-heart litany recited by most aware and informed 911 Truthers. These include the following: 1) Bollyn states his belief, surprisingly in light of his usual thorough documentation, backed more by points of ideology and their previous terrorist practices, and no discernible hard evidence, that a series of Israel’s present and past prime ministers and leading cabinet members were among the actual perpetrators. They could have done it. Their past deeds in particular so indicate. But, so equally could Dick Cheney, “Poppy” Bush, the signatories of PNAC, and/or the CIA, also with false-flags on their collective resumes. 2) Instead of a stand-down order preventing intercepts issued by Cheney, or otherwise built into the drills that day, Bollyn tells us there was an Israeli-owned electronics firm that had perfected a device to cancel systemic communications between the aircraft and the responders. 3) He describes an Israeli-owned private company operating in the U.S. that manufactured nanothermite on its own, outside U.S. military supervision. He also cites another Israeli private firm that he suspects obtained authorization from specially-placed fellow-Zionist Larry Silverstein to implant explosives and wire the WTC for demo. 4) Neither airliners nor U.S. military drones or missiles were involved, Bollyn posits, but instead remotely-controlled aircraft specially-built in the U.S. by an Israeli-owned private manufacturer. The logistics of switching from flights that took off, or didn’t take off, is not theorized. 5) Verifying the existence of all of these shadowy, specialized firms, a veritable exotic Israeli-owned subversive, discrete infrastructure (exostructure?) within the U.S., would be a must for me. Were they all established just to produce that one day? Additionally, a major point of omission that would have to be dealt with to convince me that Mr. Bollyn’s tantamount to “completely Israeli” theory is true is how the Muslim Middle Eastern patsies (the 19), trained and coddled on U.S. military bases with CIA shepherding, were really Israeli patsies. Jewish-background lockdown ownership and control of the U.S. media is manifest. But, as I’ve stated, Bollyn’s attribution of operation and planning of 9/11 to Israelis (including Israeli-Americans) strikes me, on the face of it, as at best equally as plausible, notwithstanding all of its requirements, as the usual attributions (i.e., to U.S. government agencies and allies and implanted agents) that 911 Truthers customarily cite. But no more than equally. Conversely, I tend strongly to doubt the Israel-only attribution strongly favored in Solving 9-11 because I believe that Israel’s future existence would have been placed in very grave danger if an Israeli-alone operation somehow were to go awry, were thwarted or sabotaged by any one of a fair number of potentially incensed U.S. operatives or personnel, or if the U.S. public somehow got wind of it. It would almost certainly have been perceived by Israel’s overlords as just too much of a risk to take. Furthermore, the particular grave risks of operating alone, even if such were permitted at the top, could have easily been avoided and the operation pulled off much more easily with U.S. establishment cooperation. Furthermore, too, the sponsors of PNAC and U.S. moneyed interests, in the last analysis, were still the bigger gainers from 9/11, counting profits, convenient destruction of documents (and, in some cases, personnel), and access to untold Middle Eastern lucre, clout, and positioning. Israel gained sympathy. My own preferred theory goes back to an observation – attested in black and white and interviews by at least some of its likely members. It is that there likely exists a sort of “board of trustees” advising and sharpening and carrying out the general will of at least the heads of the single family that, through ruthless fractional interest banking, today controls between a third and more than half of the wealth on earth itself. That still-powerful entity (“the board of trustees”), in my view, is not predicated, even tangentially, on any sort of religious sentiment. And it’s certainly not headquartered in Tel-Aviv. Try Basel, if anywhere. And membership is instead based on the power of concentrated super-wealth. Many of its likely members are from families of Jewish origin, to be sure. Because Jews were originally advantaged as bankers in the Middle Ages, because they, uniquely, lived under no prohibition of usury, and so could hoard. But, such prominent likely members as the Rockefellers (Baptist) and the J.P. Morgan clan (Episcopalian) – Rothschild agents, but powerful in their own right – are anything but Jewish. And they – the cabal – are at the bottom, un-secretly, at least in general, of all of our great shock events and trends of at least the last century. Of everything short of cosmic collisions. And both the U.S. and Israel are their living vassals. And the Mossad, CIA, NSA, MI-6, ISI, etc., etc., are their united tool, along with the U.S. military and NATO. See Henry Makow, Ph.D., Illuminati, The Cult That Hijacked the World, (Winnipeg, 2008). Merry Christmas!! JH: 12/11/12