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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Marginalization: A Different Explanation

Marginalization: A Different Explanation by James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization _____ Much has been made in our circles of the obvious, upon examination and reflection, encoded wordings and repetition of scripted images and messages beyond straightforward reporting in observations apparently from all sides, via TV and followed up in print, on 9/11/01 and all the 4,000-plus days since, showing no signs of letting up. The best analogy might be of a spider (in this case, a decidedly poison one) spinning out from its own venomous innards a pre-ordained web, not from facts and reality, but from baseless, self-serving lies that would nevertheless be strong enough to add to the world’s centuries-long fabric of carefully-crafted shared civic illusion. The illusion had been, just prior, of the liberty and national self-direction of a free and equal effective common citizenship on one side of a wall or curtain, and the failure and duplicity of ubiquitous lower-class aspirations on the other, with foul genocide and base ignorance in stubbornly sub-human parts all around. Only decent, suitably-rich, properly religious, fair-skinned westerners, preferably Aryans, were fit to run the world and their own lives, with the financial collectivism of wealth exalted, while human and social collectivization, even defensively, of power and influence were demonized – never even to be competed with, but smashed as vermin in all instances. And then, suddenly, the essential enemy, at home and more tellingly overseas, imploded and stood down, and the much-abused plutocrat side was denied its whole organizing rationale. But then, in the stupendous false-flag op of 9/11, its purveyors, once back however shakily in power in America, created a whole new rationale in a single day, though with no (or minimal) real history behind it. The only way to have that new made-up myth of the unspeakably dangerous monster Muslim terrorist arch-enemy take hold and infuse sufficiently the American (and secondarily, the world) mind was to make it fact– to make the myth the news. It, in fact, became The Word, and The Word was God and The Word was With God and swept creatively over the face of the deep. And if you weren’t With It, then YOU were The Enemy! (And people wonder where such tripe comes from!) To even (and especially) the most highly-paid, manifestly smartest, reputedly most-rational spokespersons hired to reinforce The Word by the owners/powers-that-be, the new myth stood completely unaided on its own (and continues to) when necessary. Facts need not be complex or cloudy or difficult to understand at all, in order to be never mentioned on-air and forgotten or ignored entirely when they might contradict The Word, the substance of the newly-forged fabric of national myth. The likes of Rachel Maddow, herself “progressive”(even lesbian), to take in even the influential minority of a certain ilk, and paid perhaps a million or more a year to represent intelligence married with virtue, make perfect messengers to the most dangerous potential defectors. She and her on-air colleagues seem the kind of people we are apt to suppose we could sit down with to commiserate about 9/11 on the side of reason, the ascertainable facts, and the contradictions we recognize. Not so! In fact, the likes of her regularly slip in nuggets such as the offended condemnation recently of a Pennsylvania politician who’s been effectively blocking a national historic site near Shanksville to honor courageous patriots who fought the evil Muslim hijackers (supposedly) on the plane that supposedly crashed there. Even though the ONLY evidence that there were “Middle Eastern hijackers” on any planes that day AT ALL comes from on-board phone calls from Barbara Olson to Ted that even the FBI has officially confirmed never happened. How convenient to forget that in order to keep at least the useful, if baseless, myth of that, the theme of movies and a flurry of fervent speeches, for crying out loud, airborne! Pay her a bonus! And anyone who dares say otherwise, marginalize them to the Lake of Fire forever! And for sure, be sure to never smile at or give an opening to a crocodile (iconoclast) like that! Blacks and Hispanics have been marginalized in America forever, more than for any other reason, because they know the unacceptable-at-all-costs painful and condemning truth about U.S. history and identity first-hand. So do we. Same result. Demographics are changing. JH: 3/31/13

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Coming Out: A Neglected Front in Our Struggle

Coming Out - Attacking a Neglected Front in Our Struggle by James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization The Fourth Estate in the U.S., the scribblers and the press - vanguard of the opinion-making professional class - is tantalizingly threading the needle in virtual lockstep on the tenth anniversary of the start of the Iraq War. Their lyric, or spoon-fed script, of the day royally bashes the now publicly-scorned Bush, Jr. administration for swaying the legions of lackeys that committed the country with no less than blatant lies about WMD and wildly misrepresented motives and bogus evidence, producing a rising demand that led to an embarrassingly inept and unproductive major cockpit war in the Middle East. That war effort was mistaken and wrong-headed, to be sure. But far less for the handful of reasons that are being cited than for other, more weighty reasons. For one, the primary, revenge factor was far worse than simply mistaken. It wasn't just that those particular Muslims had not attacked us; in truth, none had. It wasn't that the war was bungled; it was evil and shameful to launch it in the first place, ignoring the fact that there was no real provocation. There wasn't any live WMD to be found - a fact known by the war's perpetrators and well-attested by experts, and ignored before the war was joined. Killing itself is wildly wrong; willful killing of foreign innocents and slaughter of patriots standing up to defend their country and families from invading butchers and intentionally-crazed fiends even worse. Much worse. The war faction got away with that for years only because latent U.S. racism and the brownness of Iraqis kept a sizable otherwise preoccupied plurality from retching and revolting in shame. While it's true that Iraq turned out to be an immediate financial disaster and millstone for the ordinary U.S. citizenry and took government attention away for a decade from important things that needed to get done in this country, the perpetrators and their crossbred friends in the contracting world made out - fittingly - like bandits. And, for them, the only effective constituency, the important things to get done were securing the bulk of the public treasury, both here and abroad, plus the dividends of this country's full borrowing capacity and daylight, violent robbery of control over Iraqi oilfields, all expenses paid. Only something like the most benign ten percent of the whole plethora of lies involved is, not surprisingly, being enunciated now by the public-conditioning sound machine that masquerades as news and commentary for the gullible and lackadaisical public - who already, by the way, know that all of it was one hundred percent rotten. Everybody knows that much now. And, after all, the media's never going to shame the perps and pervs with the vast, clarifying background other ninety percent of the lying, morally weighted. Which is that the sponsors got their all-out mock-revengeful war effort and its funding on a platter and on the tab by staging and carrying out themselves and deceitfully mis-ascribing 9/11, their own personal "New Pearl Harbor", moving heaven and earth and a manure wagon of threats and bribes ever since to keep that hideous deviltry conceiled. But, unlike others, I've never been persuaded that our traitorous Fourth Estate wouldn't do that someday all at once - let fly the investigated truth to land where it may - triggering a sudden majority change of tune (as on gay marriage) by a growing army of elected representatives and public figures, when it no longer takes special courage to come out. Remember Lincoln? I believe I've mentioned him before. He most certainly wasn't going to adopt the abolitionist position and free the slaves as long as it was both a) reversible and b) useless political suicide to do so. But, when public sentiment changed enough to permit it, by george, he did it! The abolitionists themselves had long since given up on him and switched to bitter lampooning and bad-mouthing - sound familiar? Do I feel confident that this scenario will play out again in our time, as it did to bring about other improbable victories, like the publicly-forced ending of the Vietnam War? No. But, here's why it might: First off, the guilty-as-sin elite class is not monolithic. In fact, they're fractured nine ways from Wednesday. We're seeing one yawning chasm of difference splitting them openly with Petraeus' removal, the barking and growling at Chuck Hagel, and the reported purging of the neocons from the defense establishment that he's now overseeing (although the latter may be what they call window-dressing). But, the red ants aren't going to go out of their way forever to protect the black ants - justbecause they're all ants! The second reason it could happen is something we can and should work to bring about. I have long observed that many public thinkers and celebrities - as well as far more of the general public than one might expect - are in full agreement with us in a general consensus as to the cause of and responsibility for 9/11. They just don't bring it up much. The upper-class shadow Truthers don't in order to protect themselves and their sources, the elite funders. But, at least many of them know. And the regular-folks proto-Truthers don't because, who would listen, anyway, and why upset people close to them? But, I would roughly guess that up to six out of ten Americans pretty well know by now. Plenty don't, and we need to keep up our efforts to inform them. But, we also need to work on all of the others who really know what the problem is, both the ordinaries and the wonks. Because, if we could prime and organize all who know to speak up more or less as with one voice - which is basically what happened in each of the historical examples cited, the noise made by that grand chord in unison would register more loudly than any atomic bomb. It might be the loudest sound ever heard. And you can bet the political drones would all hear it. And, if it continued, respond. They'd have to. JH: 3/19/13

Monday, March 11, 2013

Replacing Reality

Replacing Reality by James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization I have a disclosure to make. I am, in general, a very calm and confident individual, stubbornly optimistic that things will eventually work out and that good sense and kindly and peaceful intentions will prevail. But when I am moved to write one of these missives, it's because a number of troubling or challenging observations have coalesced somewhere in the recesses of my mind to suck me from my private isle of serene repose and fling me into the roaring, raging sea of some startlingly frightening realization. It is then I reach out, calling for help in somehow responding to my all-but-certain worst-case scenario conclusion by sharing it with as many like-minded colleagues who are likely to understand my distress and actually respond as possible -- namely, you. Because, 9/11, our shared preoccupation, is the hinge (or, to put it more precisely, the unhinge) of our nation's and living world's shared experience. To clarify and bring about justice for 9/11, therefore, would provide a resolution and re-set for our negatively-charged global circumstances by removing the poisoning element. Tell that to anyone who questions the continued relevance of still seeking the prosecution of 9/11 today. In my humble opinion (or IMHO, if I were on Twitter), two casualties of 9/11 may have been even more important than the 3,000 deaths caused that day, or the 50,000 to follow from criminally authorized and forced noxious exposure, or even the 1.5 million mortal casualties in the wars it brought about. One was due process and the other the twisted and thoroughly corrupted national narrative -- involving the replacement of true awareness with a lifelike manufactured script. Both have necessarily followed the great crime spree itself to protect the hides of the narcissistic elite and elite-rewarded masters of guinea pigs behind it.. The loss of due process means that we no longer have the assurance that in the event of a crime, proper investigation and prosecution of the most likely suspects will follow. We see the same drill of oblivious non-response -- damn the Constitution and the public good -- repeated regarding the fiscal crimes of the great banking houses culminating in '08 and beyond. We can't count on the law to protect and restore our perfectly straightforward loss any more. We see it in the April Gallop case. We see it in the Elaine Moriani case. And we are rebuffed and chastised for daring to try to impose our fact-based narrative into theirs. Regarding The Narrative: it's made up. The Rothschild family, the world's now almost certainly unitary executive, due to controlling between 1/3 and over half of all wealth outright (while Africa and even the softer margins of Europe, and to a slightly lesser extent, we, crumble for want) verifiably purchased and own controlling interests in both of the wire services feeding us our "news". Look at Afghanistan! What's happening and what's been happening there? We can only guess. Its elected oil company-sponsored leader, Karzai, embittered by serial betrayals, dares state the almost certain truth -- that the U.S. and the Taliban collaborate, and Chris Matthews, over here on the other side of the globe, yells, "Why is he saying that?" Not because it's false, but because saying such a thing is a violation of The Narrative. They're saying he (Karzai) is paranoid, schizophrenic, and worse. No matter: he may very soon end up with a case of cancer, or shot mysteriously and dumped in an Afghan ditch. Or plugged in the forehead: worse than Wikileaks. And likewise, what we as individual citizens figure out from seeing and adding two and two together for ourselves, and from a plethora of now-available precise evidence about 9/11, is "wrong" -- because it runs contrary to the script, The Narrative that is, after all, paid for and wired into our brains by the creme de la elite. Know ye that the current only sweeps one way, and we must swim like hell upstream like salmon and learn to dam it like beavers. And figure out how to engineer the earthquake that can redirect it. Or, all we love in this world will be swept to oblivion, if it's not blown away first. Reasonable gun control is almost certainly the prescription in a reasonable world; but armed to the gills to suit the world to come. And note that all rational explanation of what happened on 9/11/01 and how is simply left out now from all narratives but ours, as if it never even happened, replaced by the one-liner of the chosen myth: which no one else but us dares touch. For fear of being lumped in with internally-exiled, isolated and reviled us. Sorry to break the news! JH: 3/11/13