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Wednesday, April 24, 2013


ASYMMETRICAL IDEOLOGICAL WAR By James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization *** There is a force that is very seriously considered by the kingpins of the New World Order’s transnational (though strongly tilted toward U.S.) high offices of Propaganda & Obfuscation and Persuasion & Obliteration as a realistic threat to their massive but thin as optic-fiber gossamer control over the earth and its downward-spiraling destiny. It’s not the almost pre-horse and buggy pop-guns of citizens who might otherwise be stamp-collecting, or the sulfur, steam, and ball-bearing pressure bombs (a form of IED) allegedly common to Arab and Afghan Muslims and tougher-to-villainize pro-freedom Caucasian fighters. No! It’s the people who have dared tip-toe past all the “Warning! National Security!” signs to peek through the curtain, and who applied the laws of nature and physics to what they saw. It is WE who keep shouting silently, deprived of a mic, in the face of the NWO Empire’s fast-forwarding daily spin-meister liars in open, if not widespread, response to their shoddy narrative, with the message that they surely invent and enormously lie about the “War on Terror” as the sparks fly upward. We shout defiantly, but are seldom heard, being denied a platform: “No! No, it’s not so! The War on Terror is a lie!” But, we declare it, because we among humankind are not afraid of our own tiny shadow nor of their enormity, or of finding no one walking along beside us even if only to bear witness. But we are harbingers, not fools. We walk with faith in the eventuality that truth, even if beyond our current Dark Ages, will shine forth, stand out in relief. Because the shape and substance of the truth is often right there in front of us if we pay attention. Others think fuzzy and lazy, to conform what’s there into what they’re told to see. But we, alone in a frenzied crowd, don’t need to make things up about conspiracies or self-serving delusions that others must have in order to report something different from reality. No, we just report what they would if they were truthful and not held in line like iron filings lined up by a magnet of un-freedom, theoretically individual, but as anyone can observe if willing, controlled. And we relate all that we see of the magnet and its pathological control by illusion, fear instilled by almost-daily shock events and their shallow and sham reportage, all the way back to 9/11, the hinge between the former world and now, the mother and key to all false-flag activity since. Here’s a tip: Google “FBI set up terrorists” and see all of what you find. You may have already known this – it’s clearly in the public domain, and from some clearly “mainstream” sources. Read it well. This is a bit of knowledge, of awareness, that we need to keep repeating in conversations with friends, in letters to the editor, in emails and correspondence, and in Facebook, Twitter, and wherever else we can, ad nauseum: that people should, at minimum, never discount the distinct possibility that, whatever the horrific event, whether it be “natural” or foisted by human agency, the Feds or their rewarded servants, in liege to the NWO itself, actually did it. Depending, they could have done it by HAARP, hypnotism, betrayal, double-speak, bait-and-switch, reliance on the public forgetting, or whatever. And the deed is done accordingly to punish, control the general mind, or gain impunity to carry out unspeakable, inhuman attacks. But if we can just get that word out and about, we can turn a sufficient share of the public’s perception, here and abroad. At first, no one will believe us. They will call us something vile and put our contention completely out of mind as something way too wacky and sinister. But if we don’t stop saying it – everywhere, at every opportunity – and if we take care not to refer categorically to any one act as a false-flag unless we have virtual proof that it is, people will start to wonder if “terrorist” acts in general and even really horrific weather or seismic events might not actually be set-ups. That will be an alarming fad for the controllers – who will inevitably protest too much, as evidence of it spreads! And, once enough people, being tipped-off about the insiders’ M.O., begin to notice the contradictions and absurdities in the false, self-serving narrative being offered up daily, showing most that the easily-provable as false official story of 9/11 is bogus should become a piece of cake. I bet the Russians under the U.S.S.R. – who knew their news was cooked – wouldn’t have bought it if it had happened there! And then, enough of the U.S. public, becoming newly-aware, would be irate enough at their country being economically pillaged, trashed, and played for fools, duped into being supporters of gangs of truly unjustified murderers and destroyers on a grand scale overseas to make it an issue – to demand justifying evidence supporting the fairy-tale of a 9/11 foreign terrorist attack. Which doesn’t exist! That’s how Vietnam ended. The public demanded justification. There was none. So the charade, and the war, ended. That’s how the FED was driven into retrenchment – except for its fascist coup attempt – in the 1930s. For this tried and true technique to work with the current ratocracy and the cover-up, we have to spread the word about the common origin of the related rash of “terrorism” and shock. JH: 4/24/13

Thursday, April 18, 2013

What a Difference

What a Difference by James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization _____ According to Mark Twain, “If voting made any difference, they wouldn’t let us do it.” And in accordance with that reasoning, I conclude that only one party shows it thinks it makes any difference by trying to prevent it. And the real reason it doesn’t make any difference, presuming it doesn’t, is because, at any level above dog-catcher, it’s all a show, to absorb our likes and hates and raging preferences for this and whatever other outcome, while the real decisions and directions are dictated from elsewhere. I don’t think the mounting evidence for this conclusion would even amount to news for Mark Twain. On 9/11, they said, 19 Middle Eastern (meaning “Muslim”) hijackers – a certain 19, with faces, breaths, addresses and biographies, allocated precisely amongst 4 purported airliners, - plowed these respective self-same planes at 500+ mph into 3 buildings registering varying damages as a result (a fourth building merely following suit on its own a few hours later). With the soft ground completely swallowing up and sealing over the wayward fourth plane, even while various parts of it were left strewn out for miles above ground not far away. Now, there, friends, is a riddle! Besides the utter absurdity of all of that manifestly fictional ridiculously-choreographed narrative, the second biggest problem with it is that there was no reasonable evidence that would satisfy a juror of any Muslims at all having boarded or been on board any such planes, or even that any of said airliners (a specific eminently-identifiable type of aircraft, let alone the particular individual identifiable members of that set specified) ran into or anywhere near any of the fortunately solid and securely-labeled specified buildings. When I tried to Google the simple question, “Are boarding gate cameras at all airports?”, nine of the ten specific links to the “most relevant” articles on the first response page curiously referred to locations in the Far East – China and Japan – and the tenth had something to do with Morocco. So much for that, I thought. But needless to say to a gang of staunch Truthers, no boarding camera footage, if there was any recorded that day, of the airline flights specified were ever offered or even referred to – even if fake – to clearly show whether or not any of the despicable Muslims (or any of variously-listed regular passengers, for that matter) had boarded. The only conceivably germane evidence brought forth was the suitcase allegedly left, for some unknowable reason, in a rental car at Logan (Boston) airport, along with Mrs. Olson’s admittedly bogus cell phone (or was it seat phone?) call from somewhere on high over Pennsylvania. All of which led David Ray Griffin, our stalwart mastermind of 9/11 information, to conclude that there was “no credible evidence of any Middle Eastern hijackers”. Add in the footage from all the dozens of surveillance cameras that we know panned the section of the Pentagon allegedly struck from every angle, all of them confiscated – for keeps. At least some of them, we can assume, would in all likelihood have revealed the truth or falsity of the government’s contention as to what happened there. Prima facie conclusive evidence withheld! Justice denied! And the big piles of massive steel beams from the WTC, practically all removed by orders from the top before investigators could get to them! Damn the Constitution – full speed ahead! Compare all that fantastic dearth of evidence – very much of it willful, the rest simply not – with the local government of Boston’s plea for videos or still photos from everyone in the vicinity of the bombing incident there. The release of blow-ups (if dare I use that term) of the faces of two likely operatives in the deed completes the daunting, breathtaking contrast. Evidence of the prima facie critical or conclusive sort was hidden and kept a secret in the case of the magic-trick distractions concealing the 9/11 bombings, leading to our inescapable presumption, judged as radical, or at least delusionary, by some, that the whole narrative was cooked up or conjured. Meanwhile, evidence of nearly the same sort was today set before the whole world in Boston, with the heartfelt plea, “Who are these mugs?” Now, the latter presiding organ today was not, apparently, the U.S. government, but an agency of an American city. Not proving for a minute that agents within the federal government don’t already know the precise identity of whoever is implicated by those pictures. Just one strange “coincidence” stands out for me concerning this fresh, new, not unlikely false-flag incident and its recent siblings at this point in time: Doesn’t it strike you as passing strange that all, or nearly all, of the most-recent assorted shock events currently convulsing this troubled nation and, more pointedly, its electorate should take place within the radius of a couple of hundred miles of coastline (Hurricane Sandy, Sandy Hook, previously a virtually unimaginable East Coast earthquake, and now this)? In precisely the little corner of the country that, along with California, has been the most resistant to militarization and the emerging U.S. police state? I think the term would be “piling on”. Watch for identities of the young men fingered by the photos – as likely as not, judging from recent history, a case of planting the explosive charges by hypnosis – to find out, very likely, who, in terms of countries or regions, the “free world” is fixing to hit with a violent and cathartic big-brother strangle-hold next. The TV networks’ counsel of fear seems dead-on in this case, mole-hill though it may be. (Or new, magic Himalaya). JH: 4/18/13

Friday, April 12, 2013


Objectivity By James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization # Absolutely nothing is more essential to discovering and spreading truth than objectivity. Objectivity means that whatever is fully proven to me logically, by all evidence available, I will accept as true, whether I like it or not, whether it’s what I expected or not. For the sake of objectivity (the truth seeker’s Holy Grail), I choose not to retain any core beliefs that are impermeable to objective proof or lead-pipe logic applied to irrefutable evidence. Are you with me? If you want to be credible and accepted as reliable, rather than just a “conspiracy theorist” – a mad dog known to mindlessly chase and try to roll any and every car passing by – you must so choose, too. And to help persuade others of the value of your farther-reaching deduction involving 9/11 in particular, you should, all the more so, not go barking after every car or wagon, or even those wobbling on loose wheels, without objective proof in hand. While it’s fine (and no doubt unavoidable) to have a somewhat evidence-based opinion short of final proof in lots of cases, for the sake of everybody, not least yourself, please state it’s your considered opinion. Absolute objectivity is often said to be impossible. If that is true as an objective fact, the intent and effort to attain objectivity is not impossible. Rather it is essential. Unless you want to be regarded, sooner or later, as just one more yahoo, with which the world is already overflowing, and widely avoided by most. That being so, you can do none of us, your fellow humans, any real benefit despite your intentions. So, what factors and habits of mind are the leading deterrents of objectivity? Assumptions, regardless of their source, are one. I, for example, often assume that the Pentagon and Special Forces black budgets are as limitless as their deviousness and dark imaginations, operating under orders of the unitary executive of the NWO. Hence, when an exceptionally bad storm, leaving a weird storm track, or mayhem of whatever kind breaks loose somewhere, they, the usual, all-purpose suspects, must have plotted and done it, I just assume. And my brain – and possibly yours - goes to work inventing motives. Even though I know killer storms, earthquakes, and massive massacres have happened naturally or apart from the NWO for thousands of years and possibly still do. I’ve come close to being burned by this assumption. So, when I’m lacking beyond-reasonable-doubt proof of something, I’ve learned to say: “don’t discount that they might have done it, and here’s why.” And then I look for further evidence, one way or the other. To convincingly state that a report of something, no matter how official or widely accepted, does not add up logically, if it doesn’t, so that something else must have happened instead, is often much easier to substantiate than an alternative scenario. Air-tight proof that the official story of 9/11, for example, is at best a gross fabrication is of course ample and redundant; while positive details of what did happen remain arguable. By shrieking contrast, to pass along a rumor or some yahoo’s fanciful story as if substantiated fact without convincing real evidence to cite is tantamount to spreading disinformation, which it may be. For instance, what happened to the story that both Lanza’s father and that of the Aurora shooter were prime Libor witnesses set to testify? There is nothing the least bit “delusional” or compromising about truth-telling. You don’t have to stretch or invent stuff. It’s for discerning minds only. A second major enemy of objectivity, as a category, is myth. Myths are comfy pillows, backstops, permitting drowsy indulgers to rest and dream their lollypop dreams. Untroubled in their assurance, for instance, that “we are always the good guys, so we know our government would never do such a thing, and that it’s too stupid to think of it anyway.” Or, “the peddlers of outrageous conspiracy theories (those who deviate from the approved script) are just delusional, unpatriotic, uneducated, warped and bitter, enemies of decency, dupes, and fools. End of story: it’s just some bothersome nonsense anyway.” And when one of our former presidents famously lauded, over and over, “people who play by the rules,” I believe he meant our masses who stand in line and wait for orders from headquarters. Not people who question! Myths operate in America (though some seem to be falling away in Europe) as a shielding soap-bubble substitute for courage – the everyday courage to confront objectively. Given the choice, as we have been for a century now, people prefer to take their horror stories sitting down, on screen. But now, even the movie theatres aren’t safe anymore, and we might not have enough time to hide under the seats. Oh, ----! The real problem is not the inability, but the unwillingness to think. It’s no accident that a country that has resorted to rewarding not thinking is down in science and math! So, let’s clean up our act and show America and the world what objectivity really portends as a magic tool for moving beyond this darkest of dark ages! JH: 4/12/13

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

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