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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Who Are We? And Who Are They?

Who Are We? And Who Are They? By James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization * The persistent, seemingly universal resistance to our message of Follow and Apply the Evidence (a resistance that never mentions the evidence it resists) has nothing to do with the truth, even with disputing it. It’s all about protecting the order, ultimately, of the cosmos as these people see it. For them, it’s about protecting the integrity of the whole, universal fabric of things, of a functioning economy of course benefitting them, of civilization, of culture, their put options and martinis (or lemonade if they are a little lower) in the afternoon, from all being ripped apart, the whole thing unraveling. We believe that people should promulgate and adjust their own conditions of life, on their own and through their representatives in government. They believe that everyone should fall into line behind the dictates of the few or even the One in command of the most vital money, regardless that few (or One) be self-indulgent, heartless jackasses – setting the tone for their followers. Ultimately, we in 911 Truth are challenging the oppression that has thus been foisted in obedience, iron-clad, over the earth, people and planet. This is an oppression that has blocked and muted our meaningful direct participation and intervention by voice in opposition to their psychologically-brilliant selling of all or most elements of their program of fact-replacement, coercion, plunder and murder as something desirable and necessary “to protect us”. They are the drivers of the New World Order, beginning in earnest with 9/11 and moving forward, shocking and impoverishing everybody else, based on that. They the spiders have anesthetized we the beetles, a precious few of whom, resistant, have woken up to recover a different vision. They have taken full, if bumpy, control of the world as we slept. They’re the real hijackers, deniers, shape-shifters. We represent their hated past and dogged present. They mustn’t give the facts a platform! But we probably won’t all be exterminated like the Cathars (although we could be swept up if too successful; that’s not our present problem). Evil probably can’t remain hidden forever; too many inquiring minds will suspect. And what we, 9/11’s “Truthers”, resisters of lies, will turn out, if noted at all, to be – guides or bywords - is up to us. JH: 5/14/13

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