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Thursday, May 23, 2013


Why I Will Remain a 911 Truther to the End by James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization * The reason I am a 911 Truther – someone who perceives the fact that the truth as to how the destruction and death episodically dealt on 9/11/01 was caused, and by and for whom, has been withheld and blocked from the public – can be distilled into two words. It has nothing to do with vengeance, nationality or political affiliation. The words are due process with the objective of serving justice for the ultimate consequential crime. Not social justice, which figures into the equation because, from the evidence I’ve seen, the several-part operation, or crime spree, appears likely to have been deliberately perpetrated by people belonging to or obedient to the beck and call of one narrow ilk of humanity. The victims and targets of the violence wreaked have turned out ultimately to be virtually all the rest of us on earth outside that limited-size clique. And the patsies and immediate targets were members of a different but infinitely-vaster human ilk who had little, and probably nothing at all, to do with the actual criminal conspiracy, but have been irresponsibly and diabolically hounded and murdered, their lives and homelands ravaged mercilessly as a result – in the name of self-defense! So, what is it that impedes the Constitutionally-guaranteed processes systematically leading to justice, the hallmark and lynchpin of the beguiling but false image America sells to the world, in this instance? It is undoubtedly the self-justifying assumption by the controlling √©lite that they are rightfully shielded from the class self-criminalization that would result if the damning evidence serious inquirers know exists proving what happened and what could not have happened were ever released into appropriate green-lighted legal proceedings. They, as a class, are able to block those proceedings and the accompanying admission of that evidence, so they do. In consequence, it is the infinitely-recited and replayed cover story, and pieces thereof, that many of those unwilling to question grab and hold onto. They hold tenaciously, despite the story’s apparent absurdity, even though it has been poked full of holes by assaults of hard evidence, revealed to anyone who will but look to be riddled with contradictions and impossibilities, in effect, sunk. But still, it is never publically permitted to be questioned. That being the case, why isn’t the public at large buying the unavoidable conclusion, following from the evidence that’s there for anyone to see? That being that the government and its mouthpiece media have lied from Day One and are shielding what can best be described as homicidal psychopathic criminals placed in key positions, for doing and daily covering up such a deed through a ruse intended to blame uninvolved and oblivious others? It’s precisely because the feckless public is largely comprised of idiots, in the original Greek sense. The root word for idiot in ancient Athens, with its effective form of democracy, designated venomously a “non-participant” in the direct government by citizens that materially affected everyone’s life. “Idiots” were people who, eligible to meaningfully participate, opted out because they thought it wouldn’t matter. The message? Definitely, don’t be one of those! But, weren’t there uninterested people like that around when the United States Constitution was enacted and put into effect? Yes, there were. But there were demonstrably fewer of them proportionately than now. So, has the intelligence level of the population changed? Apparently, it has. A study just released by researchers at the University of Amsterdam reveals that, with women of lesser testable intelligence steadily giving birth to by far the most offspring each generation since Victorian times, the average IQ of western populations has declined by about 14%. This would largely explain our catastrophic loss as an international population of the capacity and tendency to act and respond effectively. And, by that count, it’s small wonder our nations won’t wake up and resist the plundering of available funds and faux news generated daily via minutely choreographed business plan into an endless series of farcical charades diverting the public and spawning and shielding patent charlatans and traitors. The real reason practically none of the above will listen anymore to anyone without a dance cape and cane, even as HAARP manipulation crumbles, shakes, and bakes the earth to ooch us around, is because we’re living in an Age of Idiots! And it was no wonder, either, that the veritable utopia of Athens succumbed to chaos within a generation, if many didn’t bother to show up! But our good thing going, while down, has a little life yet. JH: 5/23/13

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