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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


HUMAN NATURE, RATIONALITY, AND 9/11 ^^^ by James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization *** To the extent that societies aren’t holding together, they’re falling apart. And if the so-called centripetal forces that bind societies, countries, and civilizations into a cohesive, manageable unit become weaker and less-binding, the centrifugal forces that simultaneously operate to force internal splits, ruptures, divisions, and ultimately fragmentation or disintegration will win the eternal tug-of-war – as happens eventually in all empires, including fairly recently in Yugoslavia and the U.S.S.R., which continually threatens India, and on at least one occasion cast into doubt the permanent cohesion of Canada and of the United States. In our current age of collective managerial consciousness, great care is taken to impose and define the basis of unity within materially-advanced societies. Social psychologist Steven Pinker’s book The Blank Slate notes that state- and privately-subsidized North American social research academia over many decades has ruthlessly enforced the mental paradigm of the completely programmable mind, in effect giving the master manipulators a green light to design from scratch for whole populations the sort of uniformly content-filled universal mind that will submissively favor and forward controlling objectives and agendas, and thus produce broad communities of outlook sufficient to hold their societies together and direct them as the permanent control establishment demands. We, on the other hand, who perversely think, and thus inevitably dispute the wisdom or benefit of their chosen direction, are viewed as deviants, or as a bit of removable static irritatingly complicating implementation. (The Soviets regarded their deviants as mentally disoriented or disturbed and isolated them for re-education. Likewise, perhaps, are intented the persistently-reported FEMA camps.) The mantra of the “blank slate” proponents, in effect, is “blank equals equal”. Meaning, we are all equals in important respects, because we all start out naked and equally empty-headed. By contrast, I suspect that what Thomas Jefferson had in mind when he penned his famous assertion that “all” are “created equal” may have been that, by nature, there existed no divisions of humanity according to bloodline, as was an artificially maintained condition enormously affecting conditions in Britain and across Europe. And the “no-brainers” haven’t forgotten. We all recognize that other species, though displaying some differences between the behavior tendencies of individual members, display predictable species-wide regularities or traits – such as with rabbits tending to be timid and non-confrontational, horses susceptible to being spooked, and lions carnivorous and predictively aggressive. And because we’re calibrated in a certain way by our equally-distinctive DNA, physical make-up, and constraints, we humans tend to display our own broadly-shared, in-born nature, too – though also subject to individual differences. Our characteristic lack of big, sharp teeth and claws, our furless and upright vulnerability to the elements and animal (and plant) neighbors tend to make us characteristically a little more timid and cautious and a lot more cunning in order to compensate. And the fact that our existences demand daily a lot of mental activity to meet our needs by exploiting and out-competing neighbors who are often elusive or stronger or faster or better-armed by nature places stresses on us that are best resolved by borrowing devices and strategies long-since ingeniously devised by others. How many gun-owners would there be, for example, if each one had to invent and manufacture his or her own weapon? Off-the-shelf standard models and techniques serve us a lot better as a species, because we aren’t motivated or clever enough as individuals to continually improvise well enough to meet our enormous need to compensate for our physical shortcomings to compete and insure our survival. The same thing holds true of what we make of and how we respond to our cosmic and social environment(s). Precious few of us are truly free-thinkers, for example, when it comes to religious notions or politics. Here, too, it’s mostly off-the-shelf options that we adopt, to avoid having to even try to make sense of things for ourselves. It’s rather a question of what outfit’s or what set of ready-made ideas, concepts, or stories do we assent to and substitute for actually thinking and formulating for ourselves? For we are, of dire necessity, a severely collective species. (That’s why Bill Gates doesn’t drive a Gates. Yet, we 9/11 Truthers tend to blame others for not applying tried and true scientific principles to what we are accustomed to set apart and recognize as evidence, in order to test and see through the government/corporate-circulated myth designed to explain the origins and nature of the 9/11 crimes, something it never occurred to them to try to solve on their own. We usually don’t stop to reflect that most people don’t automatically stop to “think” about things we may recognize as important, but simply, unreflectively, adopt the standard, going version of what happened and what it portends – just as we all do concerning lots of other matters – if not religion and politics, then medicine and mechanics and a hundred other things we’ll never think about closely for ourselves. The only way we dedicated 9/11 Truthers can gain ground with a public that’s not accustomed to actually doing any active thinking about any public matters whatsoever, even concerning something we uniquely know needs to be correctly comprehended by our society as a whole in order to survive meaningfully and in freedom, is by continuing to poke big (expletive) holes in the demonstrably-preposterous myths spun expressly to serve as the society’s general understanding of 9/11. We’ve got to work hard and smart to convince enough people across the civilization that the conventional wisdom at least in this case is a real crock and a horrendous crime in itself. No one is going to do it for us! And I know that such can be done because it’s been done regarding other matters before (like the Warren Commission, whose findings are, pathetically, still touted obliviously today by gaggles of TV talking heads). We don’t necessarily have to convince the bulk of the population to think, especially scientifically, concerning the vital issue of what really happened on 9/11. We simply have to convince them that our general explanation is both far superior and (like it or not) true because, unlike the Official Conspiracy Theory, it fits the facts, plain and simple. The strategy of some of our own elites in the Movement of trying in particular to convince intelligent elites of the evidence of 9/11 inside crime and cover-up can only work in so far as those elites – often noted as our society’s thinkers and walking and talking repositories of knowledge – are then presumably recruited to stand as models to be emulated in their new conviction by millions of others who are not elites. It’s worth a try! But the rather conspicuous pitfall in such an otherwise-reasonable top-down strategy is that, while the luminaries being targeted might arguably be smart enough to find their way out of a paper bag, they are the most heavily and effectively incentivized people in the world not to acknowledge, and actually to ridicule, the rather easily-apprehended truth. And, so far, they have steadfastly refused to profess to seeing the light. So, to imagine for even a nanosecond that they, of all people, need to be apprised of the reality of sinister inside forces responsible is plain silly in 90%+ of cases! And presenting these targeted elites a chrome-plated, deluxe version of the plain evidence and physical facts isn’t likely to help very much. Instead, the targeted recalcitrants need to know that the public is no longer with them in their egoistic Know-nothing-ist stance. And, that, my friends, is our solemn duty to all we love and hold dear to bring about! JH / 7/03/13

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