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Monday, August 26, 2013


Pig-Headed Divisions in 9/11 Truth Ranks by James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization // Is it possible to be an ardent pacifist and a rabid sports fan? Yes! As Descartes might say, I know because I am. But, a selective sports fan and doctrinaire, militant pacifist. There’s no danger of my rabid fandom taking over my life, because I’m overwhelmingly a fan of one single college program or team, football and basketball, that’s posted at best a mediocre record year after year, decade upon decade in a powerful evolving conference since my youth and has yielded cherished moments of ultimately meaningless delight and more- frequent moments of agonizing near-depression annually since I was 10 years old, my only respite being when I lived far away. I don’t go to the games, except maybe one every several years, and they aren’t even always televised. But, even when they are, I turn down the sound and turn up my radio loud to hear the comfortingly familiar play-by-play, just as I did scores of years earlier. And let out a whoop no doubt audible down the block when my bedraggled, mostly discounted and despised team achieves something truly amazing, even at times rating headline-grabbing, in a momentous, twilight struggle against one of the several behemoths that years dot our tantamount-to-kamikaze schedule. It’s a little like cheering for Latvia must have been when they went up against Mother Russia in the old days, or maybe Vanderbilt vs. Alabama just about every fall. And, like my co-fans, barely predominant even within perhaps a 100 by 100-mile stretch around here, I’m always hopeful that this year, we’ll suddenly and startlingly rise up from obscurity and somehow overcome the whole murders’ row one-by-one-by-one and get into a major BCS bowl game (or its by-then equivalent) even without the big, splashy, competitive athletic budget, as one of our more lowly fellow conference schools seems to know how to do with some regularity. My die-hard co-fans pretty regularly fill our average-size stadium and I see our paraphernalia around a lot, sweatshirts, caps, and the like, and then we flash a smile at each other in anonymity, knowing. And, come to think of it, none of us ever says of another – even at a home game, “Sure, he claims to be a fan (or is a team-member). But, he’s also a Republican, or pro-gun, or anti-gun, or a Mason or a creepy Presbyterian or suspected Rosicrucian flak, pass-happy or anti-defense, or whatever.” No! No one cares or thinks about anything else but fandom (or player-dom). We’re just bonded and more than pleased to be bonded by our shared fanaticism, pulling and cheering with one accord and great voice for our mutually-beloved team and its however modest sometime success. We don’t much care if the wins come (when they do) via running or passing or penalties or defense or kicking skills. We just want our team to succeed against the odds, and don’t question, at least beyond the polite discussion stage, one another’s theories as to how it happened or should or maybe could have happened and why it didn’t materialize as hoped. Our goal is to score and win, if possible electrifyingly, shut the other teams down, and see our relatively low-budgeted team advance in triumph and fame nonetheless. Doesn’t that sound just a bit like 9/11 Truth and our far-more-salient goal of bringing about its general acceptance and triumph and new dawn of reason and accordant justice based on it, in opposition to what sometimes seems like dearly-bought injustice and hundred million-to-one odds? (Realizing that we, feeble and futile as we sometimes seem, possess that most powerful of weapons – the truth!) And so, then, do we, in seeking to advance the truth, cheerfully overlook our differences on relatively minor analysis and conclusions, even details, as to what really did happen and precisely who was ultimately responsible? Actually, no. But what makes us all “9/11 Truthers” is our shared conclusion that the story of the 9/11 crimes we have all been told is a lie, and the truth is demonstrably and necessarily something quite different. That much is firmly established by what we all know, whether the buildings involved (including the Pentagon) were destroyed or substantially damaged by nanothermite charges, mini-nukes, a combination, or something else again, matters far less. Or what hit or didn’t hit the Pentagon as long as it was provably insider-controlled. Those things matter far less, and certain pieces of the puzzle remain inconclusive because they are still unavailable to us. So, those differences (which obviously don’t matter as much) should not set us to shouting, denouncing, or not speaking to each other. If we could put away our turf battles and petty bigotries and not let trolls exaggerate our differences to divide us, and thus unify, I believe that that would instantaneously multiply our strength and attract like-minded others to our very noble cause. The contributions to our understanding provided by our extraordinarily able frontline researchers vary, and sometimes don’t quite mesh. And yet, all of their findings and presentations are learning opportunities, and not to be railed at. We simply cannot at all afford to be split and preoccupied by sub-basic disagreement – which we will inevitably continue to manifest – on relative details and unresolved aspects. And certainly, disagreements we will no doubt continue to have over unrelated or tangentially related issues, such as the Boston bombing, gun issues, and the like must not be permitted to divide and weaken our common firmly evidence-based stance and mutual support and common appreciation when it comes to 9/11, the mother of all issues going forward. Any tendencies toward division and internal rancor must be put aside, superseded by our main message and demand for the truth. May it ring clear and uncompromised and our mutual encouragement as co-battlers for the truth that makes us free emerge unquestioned. And may the successes of one be thoroughly enough probed and explicated, but nevertheless heralded and celebrated as the triumphs and benefits of all! JH: 8/26/13

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

What Being a Real 9/11 Truther Would Mean

What Being a Real 9/11 Truther Would Mean By James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization # I notice that several hundred people a week, mostly Americans, but worldwide, visit and, presumably, read the postings on this blog online. I fairly frequently hear from readers who to varying extents agree with the sentiments expounded or offer a suggestion, and sometimes from readers voicing a quibble with something or on occasion castigating my slipshod, hurried grammar or outrageous attempts at syntax. Fine. I try to answer all and mend my waywardness when it’s called out. Why there are seldom comments left on the web site or debates engaged in over the at times contentious points I raise is beyond me. I’m certain that, among the fair number of those who frequent must be quite a number who are not convinced 9/11 Truthers, but are either keeping an open mind and looking for new facts and thoughts to ponder, as well as a few regularly monitoring a variety of sites for one purpose or another, and at least one or two just curious as to what outrageousness path that confirmed crackpot is moseying down now. And then, there are (I imagine) the timid, who perhaps intellectually accept the powerful evidence that proves that the official version of what happened on 9/11, assumed correct almost everywhere else, is false and a libelous and calamitous lie that has led to a gigantic global lurch backward into once-unimaginable tyranny in our land, selfish cruelty, manipulation, and murder at home and abroad on a sca1e that could potentially reach hundreds of millions – worldwide slavery, decimation, and planetary shambles. This mentally-assenting segment of my not over-large readership knows all of that, but perhaps still chooses to remain silent. The immediate fear or job-related timidity are too strong to overcome at any particular point. And so, there are millions of closet “Truthers” scattered around everywhere, who know but, as silent witnesses, are isolated and practically worthless – that is, until they snap like popcorn! My word to them is: you have a right to remain silent, because you should know that anything you say will sooner or later be held against you. Guaranteed. I lost teaching posts on three campuses because I chose not to keep my mouth shut about 9/11. I could have, but I didn’t. Members of my own family are barely civil toward me, and not one of them dares consider 9/11 evidence (or, come to think of it, confront any other really challenging question unless literally forced to). Life can become scary at a certain point, of course, even if you opt not to face it head-on. Yet, avoidance is the most common strategy. For most, tough questions are like sleeping dogs. On the other hand, if you KNOW about 9/11’s damning evidence, you have no moral right to do nothing. Because, since we’re inescapably a communitarian, or collective-level species, drawing practically every fragment of our offensive and defensive wherewithal against intrinsically stronger forces of nature surrounding and inundating us to inventions, devices, and institutions provided to us by others, if you like to live, you have no right not to care enough to battle the wills and schemes of the psychopaths of our species who have wrested control. If you realize that 9/11, their hallmark single-day horrendous symphonic masterpiece to date, was a bald-faced false-flag contrived lie to trigger a planned Armageddon of mayhem and a concentric wave shackling of humanity, and nothing remotely resembling what they trumpeted it as being, then you have a moral obligation to, in effect, sell all that you have and join 9/11 Truth somehow with every fiber of passion you possess! Non-violently, to be sure, because who can hope to prevail against accumulated mountains of WMD? – but with your minds and your hearts, your mouths and pens, whatever you have to bring. If you think I’m wrong or way out of proportion in saying that the circumstances call for us all to exert ourselves to the fullest in response, set me straight. If, to the contrary, you’re with me in caring, get involved and let’s make sure truth and reason, hence justice, ultimately prevail to quell and right the earth. Am I a 9/11 fanatic? Given what’s at stake for all of us, sure! The question is: aren’t you? Let’s leave apathy to those we are so fond of accusing of it, and get going! JH: 8/13/13

Monday, August 5, 2013


9/11: Symbol & sign By James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization // If 9/11 were flashed across intergalactic space for a cacophony of alien colonies, terras, and mother ships to discover, with the whole tangle encrypted of depictions and references thereto since the events of Day Zero, what significances would be there for the variegated gaggle of alien intelligences to glean from that abundantly pregnant pulse? First, at the purely symbolic level, these recipients would doubtless be asking the question everyone asks at first blush. That is: does it have something to do with 9-1-1, the well-known universal call of distress on obsolescent by the time of discovery talkie apparatuses and mobile follow-ons? Everyone somehow suspects that it does. So, was it, after all, just a coincidence that the mythical terrorist pantomime punctuated by countless raucous explosions and lateral long-hurling of very weighty projectiles occurred on the calendar date so similarly designated? Or was the Mayan, or more likely Julian calendar (remaining in vogue in some remote, die-hard quarters even today) surreptitiously invoked by the plotters, insuring that the date of the operation would bear no actual significance in the least? Proceeding into (hopefully) more fertile terrain: if the various alien civilizations didn’t uncover much of relevance from delving into the symbolic level, aside from that date being laden (one way to put it) with associations from many past years’ operations pulled off by various actors, analyzing the designation (9/11) as a sign, or signpost, could reveal far more relevance, particularly going forward. That is: what have the events or crimes promulgated on the 9/11 front and center in this discussion, and not the various other years’ occurrences on that date brought up at times as diversions from the paramount matters of fact and meaning, meant and what do they continue to mean for all of us, the civilization that’s the collective source of the cosmic rendering flashed to the heavens? At this, the signpost level, the encrypted all-inclusive record would speak volumes. The intended and actual meaning of 9/11 as a signpost demarcating our collective continuing life as individuals and as a civilization is recognizable as quite definite and pronounced. Before 9/11, we had impactful elections, with some disparaged slippage over time away from that, but with our general direction set or affected by popular participation and understanding. Afterward, the same over all policy direction persists, regardless. Before, we benefitted from the presumption by everyone of an imperfect but real, tangible guarantee of due process to redress crimes and render justice. In the wake of 9/11, all of that is out the window. The expectation of safety and community, although it sadly didn’t pertain everywhere, was shattered and orchestrated public mob demands and trial on the airwaves conducted by unsworn “experts” and news commentators have become widely honored instead. Before 9/11, there was at least a na├»ve expectation of peaceful and public-spirited intent characterizing public policy. Afterward, there’s a growing acquiescence to brutality and outrageously demeaning and violent treatment of weaker , mostly darker-skinned nations abroad – a proclivity characteristic all along, but never so thinly-veiled or generally recognizable. Before, the economy, our protective security apparatus, internal and external, and the nation’s financial and physical infrastructure were presumed to operate at least generally in the best interest of the nation. Now, it is increasingly accepted that these controlling agencies cannibalize us and other nations routinely to forward their own nefarious purposes, with the approval and protection of government. And of late, even our weather is joining the list of increasingly controlled contexts manipulated to control and cow us. So, why should we concentrate on making 9/11 clear and exposed to everyone in the full light of day, rather than defensively attacking all manipulated manifestations of our intensifying national domestic violence dysfunction piecemeal and simultaneously? Because 9/11 is the explosive event used deliberately to break the dam largely restraining our abusers. And because virtually all of the controlling designers of our comparative misery and futility ever since as a nation manifested conveniently in that one infamous day’s coordinated criminal onslaught. As a friend put it to me once, “9/11 is the head of the octopus,” as opposed to its tentacles that slither everywhere. To expose it is not just to expose the tie that binds all the tentacles and offshoots, but the brains that coordinate and unite them. And that is what our dispassionate interpreters in the deep-space galactic abroad would uncover in analyzing the complete package of encrypted 9/11 and 9/11-referenced recordings. Any objective observers studying it would. JH: 8/5/13