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Friday, October 18, 2013


Bucking Received Wisdom By James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization ^^^ Received wisdom is both inherited and renewed or increased from radically different sources for different individuals and groups. Muslims believe what Muslims believe because it’s the “truth” they received and continue to receive from their forebears and the culture surrounding them. Some question and dissent (or think, filling in the yawning blanks in their all-pervasive worldviews in that case on their own, and daring to share their deductions only circumspectly if at all). Hindus, observing Jews, Mormons, etc. – within their communities, perform much the same. And to cause significant change in the outlook or fundamental belief of any of those communities is nigh impossible – normally a lost cause from the start. Because what is deeply believed and fiercely defended in a community by its consenting majority is the paradigm by which it operates, coheres, and which lends the community members, to their minds, a handle on what they perceive uniformly as reality. As late as the 1950s, American culture was largely a fundamentalist construct from end to end, and to believe or think otherwise from the vast majority was to be marginalized and open to widely-sanctioned denigration. In most towns in America in the 1950s, to question or deny anything plainly in the Bible would mark the doubter, at least. Looking or dressing markedly different normally courted exclusion and, more often than not, anger and retribution. And authority figures – office holders, peace officers, school and church officials, media personalities – were carefully vetted by their financial backers to assure they could be trusted to safeguard the myths by which the community operated. And today, the fa├žade is still shakily but determinedly maintained, and the dissenters, more numerous than before, are denied all access to the vetted media that still condition the community’s processing of what passes uneasily for information, now centrally provided. Thus, as we 9/11 Truthers all too well know, inconvenient, non-conforming facts are hurled away from the main structure as energetically as lengths of super-hefty steel beams were hurled outward from the Twin Towers on 9/11. And obtrusive, “inconvenient” non-conforming notions and claims voiced by dissenters are severely dealt with when, due to their virility, they can’t be simply ignored. We all heard today of a stenographer who interrupted the voting or deliberation in one of the houses of Congress on restarting the government with a loud lament about the evil unifying pacts of Freemasons being carried out. The result was that she was taken straight to a mental hospital for evaluation – just as was the common practice with dissenters in the good old U.S.S.R. – though her theory to explain the bizarre proceedings was probably as good as any. But we dissenters are not free from the delirious effects of received wisdom, either. If you gain a notion that pleases you in some way, and then reinforce it by reading or tuning exclusively into sources that reinforce it, and that notion, or a small, closed set of such, comes to condition your response to and expectations about most everything, you have in effect created your own small received wisdom cul-de-sac universe. And you have thereby rendered yourself unreliable for unbiased thinking by closing off your mind. KYBO = Keep Your Brain Open. Don’t sell yourself easily. Demand court-worthy proof for certitude. All crows are black? There are contrary cases, regardless of what you have read or heard or prefer to believe. Three of the very small handful of best sources I’ve ever encountered of 9/11 Truth evidence and information are Elias Davidsson’s remarkable new book, Hijacking America’s Mind on 9/11, Counterfeiting Evidence, (New York: Algore Publishing, 2013), together with his more-recent You-tube interview with Hesham Tillawi, and Marine veteran Alan Sabrosky’s 2011 Press TV interview also on You-tube, “9/11 – An Israeli Mossad Job”. Judge for yourself. JH: 10/18/13