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Sunday, November 24, 2013

Go a Step Beyond Deniability

Go a Step Beyond Deniability by James Hufferd, PhD Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization ______ As I have emphasized before, we serious 9/11 Truthers are properly embattled in the midst of a sacred mission, and we need to take that status far more seriously. Currently, we find our measure of steady success (at least from Starting Point Zero, as demonstrated by infrequent polls and our own viscera), challenged perhaps as never before by a new, forceful surge of disinformation and ad homonyms launched of late by a government/corporate establishment alarmed from all appearances by the lowest persistent, well-deserved ebb of constituent trust maybe ever in history. People might not tend to believe the government as much about matters such as the assassination of JFK and responsibility for 9/11, so in response, they bring on merchants of seeming deep research and seemingly unimpeachable expertise, writers of thick tomes like Vincent Bugliosi (Charles Manson’s prosecutor), and formidable mavens dripping scorn like a mother hen such as Rachel Maddow and Chris Matthews to claim based on no evidence in particular, or very thin, that all of us disputants of their “reality” are just idiots. And, following the script, millions in the chorus (political center), wanting to be rid of the tiresome Cassandras and longing to recover the legendary country of yore, integrity and respect, agree. Of predecessors of note confronted officially and almost monopolistically by a solid wall of authoritative lies, Germans under Naziism were mostly too overwhelmed to push back. Soviet citizens, though, mostly knew the state was behind even the worst, but were brutally pinned down. But, at least, the people harbored few illusions, and long opted to accept on balance, having no choice. Now, they are appalled at us, believably claiming they would not have been fooled by internal political strokes that have duped so many Americans – or so the Americans profess. But we 9/11 Truthers, as principled disputants, although few and prone to squabbling pointlessly among ourselves, stand as the only really credible opposition, the “peace party” having grown flabby and sated with being ignored. And then, there’s the truth itself. The hard evidence of Dallas – the “magic bullet” and grassy knoll – and, for us Truthers, free-fall (admitted, no less!), laterally-launched hundred-weight steel beams, hundreds of thousands of ton moving clouds of concrete dust, scads and scads of nano-thermite, put options, a paucity of smoking-gun plane parts conspicuous in four if not five locations, and so on and on. “Nobody could have placed tons of explosives in the WTC,” as they tell us, gainsaid by nano-thermite being there – tons and tons of it. “They couldn’t have kept it quiet with so many involved.” Damn right! The evidence gives it away! “I saw the planes hit those buildings on TV.” But the aircraft only poked holes in the mammoth grillwork, and the subsequent fires neither could melt steel nor (especially) instantly pulverize the thousands upon thousands of tons of concrete. “Those who deny the official story are bat-crap crazy.” Don’t call me names! “Now, they wouldn’t kill 3,000 of their own folks.” Well, what about the up to 50,000 they consigned to malingering, miserable slow deaths a couple of days later by pronouncing authoritatively the dust at Ground Zero safe to breathe? What I’m saying is that, beyond ourselves and the small percentage we few have so far talked to and reached personally, scant few Americans even yet know or know of the evidence that would refute and effectively shield the collective inhabitants of our land from all of the lies spewed on and all around them like unending nonstop toxic clouds of dust – the still-descending residue of the greatest crime. The people (up to 99%, I’m thinking) don’t even know that. It remains up to us to provide them that shield – nothing but the facts. Because, until you’ve done all that you can, you haven’t done all that you can. JH: 11/24/13

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Unity: Our Other Sacred Task

Unity: Our Other Sacred Task by James Hufferd, Ph.D. Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization * We 9/11 Truthers are not a faith-based community; we are evidence-based, and that is our strength. And what is a 9/11 Truther if not someone who, because of evidence duly considered, has come to disbelieve the official conspiracy theory (OCT) that Osama bin Laden (OBL) controlling the 19 profligate and unskilled flying minions who happened to be Muslim pulverized three mighty high-rises by flying into two of them, flew into a remote section of the supremely-defended Pentagon at ground-level going 500 mph, and also by the way flew an airliner straight into the earth, which swallowed it up entirely, while leaving pieces of itself scattered over 6 or 8 miles elsewhere? In fact, whatever evidence has convinced you to gravely doubt the basic accuracy of the OCT is what makes you a 9/11 Truther – because that’s what one is. So, let’s imagine someone who, from whatever sort of evidence, has concluded that the OCT is inaccurate and must have been deliberately devised to deceive, yet concludes from some or other bit or combination of evidence that an aircraft of whatever kind did, or at least may have, struck the Pentagon, while I myself seriously doubt that. I would be way off base, IMHO, to accuse that person on any sort of moral grounds of being an agent or tool of COINTELPRO or whatever Cass Sunstein’s successor program might be called. Or even of being a moron. In fact, if I were to accuse someone of being a fake Truther, an infil-traitor, or a mental defective or an egg-sucking dog, simply because after considering 9/11 from an evidentiary perspective, they didn’t agree with my conclusion on any single point or any number of specific points, yet still agreed on other grounds that the OCT is deceptive rubbish, then I think I would be the problem, not them. And if you slam others for not agreeing with your conclusions on different specific points of evidence – whatever they are – then it’s generally you who are the problem, and you who could well be a dangerous planted agent of division and chaos. Because, the number of us who not only believe on rational grounds that the OCT is erroneous and felonious, but are activists as well working to spread that conclusion at present is miniscule, and certainly inadequate to the task. And, consequently in large part, we have not, up to now, really gotten much of anywhere with our persistent attempts at changing the national dialogue to 9/11 rationality and responsibility. We simply can’t afford to dismiss or alienate anyone who sincerely agrees with our all-important general conclusion. If our goal of returning a good measure of justice, responsibility, and official integrity to our governance and society is as ultra-important as we say it is, then unity and embracing other Truthers we may disagree with on whatever specific points is our sacred duty to what’s right. That said, let’s keep our eye on the main point (and continue to research and discuss, but not sweat too much anything else). JH: 11/5/13