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Friday, April 25, 2014

Changing Thoughts

Changing Thoughts

By James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


Don’t blame yourself if you’re confused relative to what to believe about this and that odd and potentially or generically suspicious happening or suspected conspiracy happening rapid-fire these days. It’s genuinely impossible to know for sure whether some events in question just occurred on their own or as a put-up by the dark side of the government/corporate establishment. And in the realm of personal views as well as in law, conviction can still properly only be linked to conclusive evidence, no matter what one’s ideological views or thought tendencies.

Personally, I try not to be swept away or won over too easily. I believe in absolute equality before the law. I favor a government essentially transparent, as equally as possible representing in balance the interests of every citizen, rich or poor, and strong and adept enough to meaningfully forward, and never impede, those widespread interests. Does adherence to such tenets make me a liberal? According to my understanding, yes, it does. Not “right wing” or “extremist”. Are my precepts realistic? Today, not so much; tomorrow, hopefully. I have none to replace them with in the meantime.

As a confirmed proponent of 9/11 Truth, I aspire to rely always and only on what I regard as convincing evidence of whatever, not on an outlook that tells me, in effect, “they always do it, and so they (U.S. government or establishment, NWO, select ethnicities or foreigners) must have done this, too.” No! Without the evidence to convince me, forget it. Show me the court-worthy evidence.

And I emphatically don’t want to be lumped in with those whose convictions involve bigotry, what I’ll call “cc’s” (compulsive conspiratorialists), anarchists (believers in little or no rightful government), violent revolutionaries, weak-minded deranged or disturbed persons, or dysfunctional or on purpose-disabled non-thinkers. Do you? And all along, the establishment media has been busy attaching those of our persuasion on the matter of 9/11 in the popular mind to precisely those unlovely and ultimately self-centered and loathed pariah communities lurking in today’s America.

But as toxic and bitter-tasting as the rest of the foregoing might well be, the most dangerous and challenging and doubtless by multiples the largest are the latter – the non-thinkers (or, more precisely, the never-thinkers).

It isn’t that they can’t think; it’s that they’re deliberately programmed so they don’t have to. Everyone is programmed. Our minds function as computers and any purposeful activity our minds incline or compel us to or toward is determined by their content, no matter the identity of the programmers or sources thereof – whether friendly media figures, religious authorities, government, books or movies, politicians of preference, family members, or etc., etc. If you exercise reasonable discernment or defensible rationality, or even direct the input that constitutes your mind’s content conscientiously for yourself, you are more self-programmed than are most people.

And, if that is so, you can buck the strong currents of “information” that endeavor to control the mass patterns of thought across the culture. As such, you are uniquely equipped to do habitually in your daily life what jurors are ideally instructed to do – impartially regard and process clear evidence in order to reach a definite and defensible conclusion. What we need to realize as spokespersons for the evidence of the truth of 9/11 is that, though many will tend to or say they agree with our evidence and arguments, few will be free enough in reality from control by extraneous sources of influence to reach and hold and act upon a conviction opposed to the general strong current of purposely fabricated imposed thought programmed in.

We need to realize as well that most people don’t habitually think about most things at all – including, rather obviously, events they haven’t really thought about in years. And most people who actually do think relatively freely on a bigger scale already agree with us.

Simultaneously (and seemingly paradoxically), even highly-educated and normally persuasive people – and perhaps especially they – are programmed (or trained) to believe on faith, reflexively, and probably irrevocably in most cases, precisely whatever they are told. To reverse the incentivized programmed-in counter-thinking of at least some of such persons whose aptitude would equip them to logically convince and turn the tide with countless others, we need to develop an effective strategy that will penetrate or reverse critical aspects of their programming.

For this, we need the psychologists in our ranks who have explained to us why people in general resist our message and simple common reasoning and evidence to consciously try to develop such an effective strategy to reach and turn around the thinking – using evidence, logic, and whatever else – of people both on a one-by-one basis and en masse. Anyone who’s seen the epic AE911Truth film knows we have such psychologists in our community. Look at it this way: if the people of the world have been placed in the perilous fatefully beholden position we find ourselves in largely through the operation of ill-intentioned minds, it stands to reason that beneficially-intentioned minds could reverse the processes employed against us. Now, let our psychologists stand up and shoulder the tasks of producing a psychologically effective concise or nuanced strategy and training the rest of us to effectuate it. Because, everyone is programmed, and we need to counter the absurd message implanted on and since 9/11/01 across enough of the culture to start a wave.

We win with our brainpower, not our flapping jaws – we tried that.

JH: 4/25/14

Wednesday, April 9, 2014


What is at issue? An inventory – Part 2

by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


Continuing my non-comprehensive inventory of major still-unresolved questions regarding the crimes of 9/11/01, picking up where I left off, I will again offer a brief summation of what can be confidently stated at this point in answer to each. Again, please feel free to comment.

6. What is likely to have happened relative to the Pentagon on 9/11?

A. Here, there’s an extreme bifurcation of evidence, like oil and water. On one hand, there are witnesses who claim to have seen at the time an airliner crashing at ground level, at great speed, into an outer wall of the Pentagon, although there is no definitive photographic evidence at least publicly available showing this. On the other hand, what is generally taken to have been an entry hole punched in to the Pentagon outer wall is not anywhere close to large enough to have admitted a full entry of a massive aircraft, and there is no credible wreckage from a jumbo jet fuselage, seats, rotor, or human remains in available visible evidence, either inside or outside the punctured section of wall. In addition, the apparent direction of thrust ascertainable at the edges of the hole was from inside the building outward, indicating an explosion on the inside the more likely cause. There is also said to have been evidence of a relatively much lesser impact on the outer wall in a location nearby. In conclusion, to claim that an airliner flew into, and presumably penetrated through, a broad building wall when there is no corresponding puncture hole or breakage is like maintaining that someone was shot without a corresponding bullet hole in the victim.

7. What were the likely roles of other countries’ intelligence establishments?

A. Among countries whose intelligence establishments have been credibly implicated in 9/11 by independent investigations are Pakistan (alleged payments to “hijacker” decoys), Israel (general involvement, recording of events), and Saudi Arabia (financing). Attributing a certain degree of accuracy to these findings, one can at least posit a modicum of international collaboration in the overall operation. Common prudence to avoid information leakage would seem to suggest that the circle would have been kept limited.

8. What took place in the vicinity of Shanksville, PA on 9/11?

A. The “crash site” crater publicized, and quickly placed off-limits, about twice the size of the sun room of my house (about 20’ X 10’) is questionably small to have swallowed up a whole jetliner, as publicly announced, and no attributable parts of an airliner – let alone that airliner – or crew, seats, or passenger parts have been convincingly retrieved there. Airplane debris has been recovered not far away, though, scattered across the ground for several miles. Such findings would indicate an aircraft disintegrated in mid-air, rather than that one flew whole straight into the ground as alleged, pointing to either an aerial shoot-down or an explosion inside the aircraft. What aircraft it may have actually been has not been credibly established.

9. This is my particular question: What could the perpetrators of 9/11 have reasonably expected to be the results of their actions?

A. With regard to the Twin Towers – If I were to orchestrate a light-constructed aluminum airliner or similar size and weight craft to impact such a vertically-looming edifice as either at approximately 500 mph, I would expect, at maximum, to break off the structure and perhaps topple or detach its upper stories, or possibly to simply smash against it with little effect. To impute to the actual planners an expectation that such an impact would ignite an inferno capable, of all things, of pulverizing in turn the vast majority of each of the two gargantuan structures’ bulk, would be, in my judgment, to grossly insult their intelligence. When you think about it, there is just no way such a result would ever be expected from even a head-on crash, sans really extensive spot-on controlled demolition. On another tack, the introduction of psychologically-profound targeted “eyewitness” testimony to sculpt the viewing world’s perceptions as to what was happening and had just happened on 9/11 was perhaps the most brilliantly successful and awful part of the entire operation.

10. What evidence is in dispute or vociferously doubted, and why?

A. The ample microscopic presence of un-ignited nanothermitic residue in the dust samples from four different locations at Ground Zero is disputed on various grounds by those who want to scuttle the persuasive counter-perception that controlled demolition – not within the province, especially using this source-specific explosive agent, or plausible in this locale, of other than permitted expert implanters – was used to destroy the buildings. Instead, the defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory double down on aviation fuel (kerosene) fires as somehow the cause, and office fires inside Building 7, even though neither can pulverize concrete or release anywhere near sufficient heat to melt or weaken the steel infrastructure. Certified replication of results leading to the conclusions of the paper by Harritt, Jones, et al, no matter how many times repeated and impeccably published, identifying as they do nanothermite residue, the “smoking gun” of 9/11 proving its inside-job status, is never likely to be found convincing or accepted by the defenders of the OCT.

Likewise, in my judgment, those who posit holograms instead of actual aircraft of some kind striking the Towers carry a heavy burden. It is true the images shown on TV and elsewhere may well have been doctored, resulting in telltale imperfections such as those noted. However, the most unlikely, unique capture of relatively clear footage of the first aircraft hitting the North Tower, by the Naudet brothers (U.S. residents since 1989, according to Wikipedia) early on 9/11, although presumably pre-arranged or “staged”, probably are genuine and show a real event, since no mass media were, fairly obviously, involved in instant editing, and little time elapsed before these images’ release to the public.

None of the various alleged artifacts from the planes or passengers (rotors, passports, and the like) appear plausible.

11. What have been the results, positive and negative to date, of the infamous crimes committed on 9/11?

A. Positive – At least, millions more people are now onto the manifold-evidenced reality that our governance and our history are not on the up-and-up and that we are and have been for a very long time subject to inducement and compliance by trickery and wholesale deception. Unfortunately, this ever-growing realization has not yet resulted in effecting reaction or redress.

Negative – Our individual lives have been profoundly unsettled and denigrated and our collective and civil lives and perspectives far more blatantly militarized and forced. Our expectation of justice and effective due process is destroyed, replaced by apprehensions of being crushed in the aggregate and controlled by faceless forces or powers behind the familiar spokespersons we now can only trust, in most cases, to collude against our liberty and well-being as their lesser.

12. Why is nobody admitting nuthin?

A. For three reasons: 1) Most of the operatives in the 9/11 operation had no idea and probably have never dreamed since that what they did even in a tiny way contributed to the death and destruction wrought – eventually world-wide – by a horrendous 9/11. 2) All of those minimally few who were of necessity to be aware of the nature of the operation were extremely carefully chosen and vetted never to leak the modicum they knew, or else programmed under hypnosis or the like to disremember, killed after the fact, or otherwise rendered incapable of disclosure. 3) The remaining surviving small handful of insiders who know details first-hand, or otherwise, are confirmed true-believers without a qualm. If there is someone who knows from inside knowledge and has empathy and a soul, it would be a miracle.

However, the situation is not entirely bleak, because, for one thing, knowledge can serve as a powerful weapon for those in one internal faction to wield against another, wittingly or not disclosing or providing a clear, un-closable window into the whole blasted thing.

JH: 4/9/14

Monday, April 7, 2014

Paul Craig Roberts: "The Official Story on the Murder of Osama Bin Laden"

“Muslims behind the 9/11 Attacks.” The Official Story on the Murder of Osama Bin Laden "Judicial Watch" Played Into The Government’s Hands. Americans Are Blinded By Agendas By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts Global Research, April 03, 2014 Disinformation succeeds because so many people and interest groups across the political spectrum find that it serves their agendas as well as the agenda of the government. Consider for example the explanation of 9/11 that blamed Muslim terrorists for the attack. This served the interests of the neoconservatives, the private armaments companies, the US military, the private security companies, government security agencies such as the CIA, the left-wing, the right-wing, the Israel Lobby, and the print and TV media. The official explanation gave the neoconservatives the “new Pearl Harbor” that they needed for their program of invasions of Middle Eastern countries. The private armaments companies could look forward to decades of high profits. Wars always bring the military rapid promotions and higher retirement benefits. Private manufacturers of security equipment and spyware enjoy a rising demand for their products and have grown fat from the products sold to the TSA and NSA. Homeland Security has vastly expanded the federal workforce and administrative positions. The left-wing has proof of “blowback” caused by US interference in the internal affairs of other countries. The right-wing has proof that America has enemies against whom defense at all costs is necessary. The Israel Lobby has the US to overthrow the regimes in the way of Israel’s territorial expansion. The media has the story of the century with which to boost ratings and curry the favor of government. These are formidable interests arrayed against the mere obvious truth, obvious, that is, to any educated person. The 2,100 Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth have no vested interest in any explanation of 9/11. Indeed, they are harmed by disproving, as they have done, the government’s explanation. None of them will ever again get a government contract, and many of their former clients have turned their backs on “those damn anti-Americans who don’t believe their own government!” Cass Sunstein, a Chicago and Harvard law professor who sold out his integrity, if any, to the Obama regime by accepting an appointment and arguing that the federal government should infiltrate the 9/11 truth movement with agents and set-up truth-tellers so that they could be discredited, possibly even prodding them into actions for which they could be arrested. In other words, the government’s story cannot stand the light cast by the facts and independent experts, and the government’s false story must be protected by shutting down the truth-telling experts. The government, Sunstein argued, needs to either gain control over these experts or to shut them down. Just as many different collections of interest groups and people have stakes in the Obama regime’s story of the killing of Osama bin Laden by US Navy SEALS in Abbottabad, Pakistan. This story and its selling by an enthusiastic media guaranteed Obama’s reelection. It served the emotions of super patriots desperate for revenge who wear their gullibility on their sleeves. It served the myth of CIA and NSA prowess. It served the reputation of the killing power of US Special Forces teams. It proved that America won even though it lost the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. All the trillions of dollars spent were worth it. We got revenge on the guy who did 9/11. No one remembered that the US government, unable to find bin Laden for 10 years, had settled on a different “9/11 mastermind,” Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and had him water-boarded 183 times until he confessed to being responsible for 9/11. If Khalid Sheikh Mohammed “was responsible for the 9/11 operation from A to Z,” why were SEALS sent, illegally, into Pakistan to murder bin Laden? As the FBI says, there is no evidence that bin Laden is responsible for 9/11. That is why bin Laden was not wanted on that charge by the FBI, as the FBI publicly stated. How was bin Laden, who was known in 2001 to be suffering from terminal illnesses, including renal failure, and whose death was widely reported in 2001 still alive ten years later to be murdered by SEALs? What sense does it make that the greatest terrorist leader of our time only had two unarmed women to protect him. What sense does it make that the US would murder the terrorist mastermind with all the plots in his head instead of capturing and questioning him? How can anyone be so gullible as to believe such a nonsense tale as told to them by Obama and the presstitute media? Is America really a nation of utter fools? Like the 9/11 story, the story of bin Laden’s murder is losing credibility with the US population. Pakistani National TV shot Obama’s story down with an eyewitness interview that reported that not one single person, dead body, or any piece of evidence left Abbottadad, because the only helicopter that landed blew up when it attempted to leave and there were no survivors. No other helicopters landed. So there was no dead bin Laden to be buried at sea (there are no known witnesses to the alleged burial) and no photographs of a dead bin Laden. Yet the nonexistent photos of a dead bin Laden have now emerged in controversy. Allegedly, the US government had photos of bin Laden’s corpse after he was blown away by trigger-happy SEALs who didn’t have enough sense to keep the “mastermind” alive for questioning. The tough macho SEALs were so threatened by two unarmed women that they just opened fire. Judicial Watch has been trying to pry the (nonexistent) photos of a dead bin Laden from the government’s hands. For “national security reasons” the US government does not want anyone to see evidence that supports its far-fetched tale of bin Laden’s murder. The photographic evidence of a successful raid are off limits. They are like the alleged videos of the airliner hitting the Pentagon that we are not permitted to see for “national security reasons.” In other words, the photos and videos do not exist and never did. No government, not even the American one, would be so totally stupid as to withhold the evidence for its claims. The government, seeing its unbelievable stories lose believability at home and abroad used Judicial Watch’s lawsuit to boost the credibility of its story. Judicial Watch filed a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit for the photos that the Obama regime alleged to have of the murdered bin Laden but refused to release. Obviously, the government has no such photos and never had any such photos. But the government does not need evidence when it can rely on the gullibility of the American people. As the government had no photos to release, the US government decided to use the opportunity presented by Judicial Watch to bolster its story that photos of bin Laden murdered and dead were once in its possession. The government released to Judicial Watch a document under the Freedom of Information Act that is an order from Special Operations Commander Admiral William McRaven to “destroy immediately” the photos of the dead bin Laden. Judicial Watch took the bait. Instead of realizing that there was no reason whatsoever for the government to destroy the only evidence that might support its claim to have murdered bin Laden, Judicial Watch focused on the illegality of destroying the evidence. Judicial Watch says that “Federal law contains broad prohibitions against the ‘concealment, removal, or mutilation generally’ of government records.” Judicial Watch played into the government’s hands. Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton was maneuvered by the government into defining the scandal as the destruction of evidence, “revealing both contempt for the rule of law and the American people’s right to know.” To the contrary, the real scandal is the massive lie that bin Laden was killed by a SEAL raid and the acceptance of this lie by the American people and Judicial Watch. By damning the government for destroying evidence, Judicial Watch has given credibility to the government’s claim that SEALs murdered Osama bin Laden. The SEAL team credited with bin Laden’s murder was quickly eliminated when the team was loaded onto a 1960s vintage helicopter in Afghanistan. Apparently the team members were asking one another, “Were you on that mission that killed bin Laden?” Of course, no one was, and this information was too dangerous for the Obama regime.