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Friday, June 27, 2014


Nagging Questions

by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


Live questions swirl and fly around like sparks these days filling the air in the matter of 9/11 and its slowly-focusing proper New World Order context, which many of us are concluding the former was used to launch virtually fully-formed out of the nest in initially wobbly but precociously brave functioning Orwellian mode.

Question 1 - “New World Order” is generally taken now to mean global government by its handful of mostly-silent sociopathic fomenters. So, the question arises naturally: “What’s wrong per se with global government?” Wouldn’t it be better to have the world all consistently run on some positive practicable principle, like sheer efficiency, instead of having it chopped up into hundreds or thousands of quarreling, half-educated (if we’re that lucky) polliwog sovereignties with varying hodgepodges of notions of everything? I.e., a sleek, handsome and healthy beast in place of a pail full of sqirmy sand-crabs and worms and a couple of flopping fish?

The antidote to such dangerously seductive thinking, as highlighted most famously by now almost-centenarian David Rockefeller in his Memoirs, as well as others, is that humankind doesn’t function well in bondage. So, the same telling critique the plutocrats apply to explain the impracticality of communism works even better as a damning critique of their own NWO utopia.

In fact, I see the NWO, with its inescapable unnamed (as far as we know) board of trustees firmly and immovably ensconced at the very top as definitely a throwback to centuries earlier, and not in any way an advancement. It’s a systemic throwback to the closed society of the crowned heads of Europe, who at the end, extended their coordinated domination imperialistically to span virtually the entire globe.

And their downfall as a ruling handful was finally concluded by a collection of victories at arms, but even more by reason and science (collectively called “The Enlightenment”) that recognized all of Man as naturally sovereign, free and equal, irrespective of bloodline, and finally of property and wealth. With inalienable rights, the enjoyment of which can be guaranteed only by self-government, casting the crowned gods of the ancient firmament aside – something the family-girt godlike class very much active today with the advanced wealth to buy and manage the world themselves manipulating the shells of nations couldn’t abide. And so, through scheming and buying their way, they retook control, and here we are.

And, big surprise! Governments at the national level today are acting troupes, the plots they portray narrated and written on consignment by ad men backed by psychologists and purveyed by criers, with cheer squads and choruses cajoling between them and a vast audience still half-deluded into thinking the show is interactive.

So, what is wrong with world government as already practiced now? It makes mere devalued and expendable props and water-carriers of the human race and, increasingly as proof, when we fail to make way for them and theirs, we’re unceremoniously squashed. We can scarce control our own affairs at a global level.

Nagging Question 2 – “Was it nukes?” People like Donald Fox of Veterans Today say unequivocally that it was. Only nuclear bombs planted in the WTC would have had the power to pulverize masses of concrete and hurl massive steel beams massive distances, they say. And, though without naming sources that should know one way or the other, claim a pandemic of cancers in New York since on causes “consistent with” 9/11 nuclear exposure.

So, what do such nuke theorists say about nanothermite being found in abundance in the Ground Zero dust? Interestingly, Don Fox says, verbatim, “Nanothermite doesn’t exist” and, in effect, no form or amount of thermite of any kind packs the explosive power to collapse a doghouse. Don Fox admits to being no scientist; he mentions the work of an alleged physicist in Russia. Meanwhile, when questioned, he has the spleen to contend, as it were, Neils Harrit, Steve Jones, and the other respected and seasoned scientists who researched and authored the now well-known peer-reviewed paper that described and positively identified nanothermite in the dust and, accordingly, positively implicated it in the crimes (begging the question, what else could it have been there for?) were, plain and simple, all wet.

It’s as if police weapons experts find a gun and matching bullet-holes in the victim at a crime scene and conclude that the victim was shot, and Mr. Fox comes along and says a machete was used and there was no gun, and the gun found and pictured couldn’t have killed anybody and didn’t exist. Implying that the weapons experts are daft.

Fox is quick to add that he “strongly suspects” the Israelis did the crime because they were on the scene. And his surmise may well turn out right at least to one extent or another. But, if it’s a game of numbers, what about there being incomparably more Americans on the scene? Wouldn’t that make it just as likely that a lot of Americans must have been causally involved?

But assuming for a moment that he is right and it was an Israeli operation committed on American soil via nukes planted in the basements of the buildings, would the American administration knowingly allow the Israelis to plant and detonate nuclear bombs in Manhattan? (Turning it around, would an Israeli government knowingly allow American special forces to plant live nukes in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv?) What if it had turned, either immediately or eventually, into another Hiroshima? I believe there’s something wrong with this picture, especially as urged by a non-scientist completely rejecting the professionally- undisputed definitive findings of a team of highly-reputable scientists. Though reserving final judgment, I think I’ll keep my money on Harrit, Jones, and company.

And finally (for now), Question 3 – I’m nagged by the mystery of how the consistent, seldom deviating tactics of deception employed by the NWO operatives (CIA and NATO in particular, with a nod to the FBI, which now operate worldwide as well) seem to more-or-less work over and over again with the public, and especially with other parts of the establishment. As with al-Qaeda, a reputedly rogue demonic gang of infinite proportions and capacities, to say nothing of budget, long-employed in fact as patsies, clandestinely clothed and fed and deployed variously from Washington and maybe London, now there’s ISIS (or is it ISIL?) same idea, fresh persona, now with a-Q turning up as a quiet ally in some places, a foe in others, the I group’s m.o., now given away to alternative news readers as well by confirmable eye-witness reports of their U.S. special ops training in Jordan in 2013. Nothing new, folks! When will they ever learn, indeed? And now they’re being employed in Iraq apparently to fulfill Israel’s long-held dream of permanently dividing that poor, misbegotten realm into quarreling segments, and in Syria possibly to give the U.S. a pretext to intervene or invade after all.

Not so very far away, meanwhile, the CIA has quietly gone into Ukraine and fairly transparently bankrolled and engineered the overthrow of its way-too-friendly-to-cousin-Russia government on Russia’s doorstep, and well within its centuries-long recognized sphere of influence, to proceed with a western central bank cooperating encirclement of the eastern nuclear giant. The CIA op in Ukraine looked just like the other so-called “color revolutions” engineered in neighboring ex-member countries of the old Soviet Union in recent years. No differences in formula. And all with the same sleight of hand that continues to work with and even beyond the ra-ra! crowd.

As I’ve suggested before, there’s a 9/11-size hole in recent U.S. history (maybe a pre-planned “memory hole”?) into which 9/11 per se and serious attempts to narrate and explain it in any detail rationally have fallen beyond sight in the works of standard U.S. historians “covering” the era of which it remains the defining event. There’s the before and the after, but generally no serious accounting in any comparable depth of what took place on 9/11/01 or its context.

And why not? Because most Americans – and apparently most historians – prefer to leave that interval in our national life murky, to sustain the myth of the U.S. as the always-good GI with the heart of gold (or, alternatively, to spare another favored NWO primary puppet, Israel, from the feared existential wrath of the world). And because there’s simply no rational way to detail the myth we are told about 9/11. And most who doubt it are still too heartbreakingly shy to say so.

Just remember: Only the worthy can receive the truth.

JH: 6/27/14

Wednesday, June 4, 2014



by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


On June 4, 1989 – a quarter of a century ago today – a Chinese military unit pushed into Tiananmen Square in Beijing, filled with untold numbers of dissidents rallying against an oppressive regime long in power, after some days of hand-wringing by the authorities, and summarily gunned down untold hundreds of the protesters, typically students, to restore the peace and order of the gun.

And, as chillingly told and documented in a new book, The People’s Republic of Amnesia, by western journalist Louisa Lim, even among the young intellectuals in today’s China she interviewed, there exists hardly a glimmer of recognition that any such thing ever occurred. No one censored or tried to block Ms. Lim’s openly-conducted interviews; now, the authorities could care less. But, for years, anyone caught mentioning the uprising or the exceedingly-brutal crackdown was made to pay dearly. On-the-scene news access was basically non-existent in China in 1989, though there were spin-off demonstrations elsewhere. Result? Today, a few hundred thousand older Chinese are probably left wondering if it was but a dream.

The Tiananmen Square Massacre is probably not an event that could be or have been imaginatively spun to state advantage, as was done in the cover-up and exploitation of 9/11. So, the whole affair was simply effectively repressed, blotted from the country’s memory. A generation later, it didn’t exist, never happened.

In the case of 9/11, by contrast, large majorities in virtually every other country know full well that rogue Muslems and OBL weren’t the culprits, and that the U.S. establishment was culpable. But, in the U.S., you’re an insane bleeding, out-of-your gourd un-American irresponsible rebel if you know that and try to make something of it. And even (maybe especially) the country’s pathetic excuses for “leftist” intellectuals will call you the same thing, with added vehemence.

And meanwhile, the increasingly transparent official and media lies about frequent and recurrent staged events since that, apparently, only we with the special glasses necessary to see unaided can see, keep proliferating – with our predictable response pointed to to further make the case that we’re just bonkers.

Rule Number X – Nothing will be what you may see. Evidence means nothing.

Soon, with big $$ on the line – “No, Titanium Jones didn’t drop the ball before crossing the goal line. It was just an unfortunately misleading live camera angle. The instant replay camera failed, so there’s no evidence for you to review. The call on the field stands. Nads win, as all experts predicted. Crazy Whiners, you lose!”

And anything and everything can and will go essentially that same way, until you’re earning Chinese-level wages and dumbed, if necessary tazed , into futility.

They can’t say 9/11 didn’t happen – in fact, it’s still a feeble and false excuse for every successive atrocity and farce they (the NWO consortium/puppet U.S. establishment via redundant alphabetical agencies whose very mandate is STUNTS) do. Even though your odds of choking to death on a pretzel are astronomically higher than you ever seeing an actual foreign terrorist not on a U.S. government pay list.

The truth is that they (the NWO consortium/puppet U.S. establishment via agencies whose mandate is STUNTS doesn’t even need an Event to spin – which is nothing new. The “Tonkin Gulf Incident”, for instance, was no incident at all. The “provocative events” in Syria and Ukraine were recycled varieties of “false-flags” – a term people are actually starting to use and productively wonder about.

In the rare instances when we have as much credible and incontrovertible evidence of What Really Happened, or Couldn’t Conceivably Have Happened As Told, Given Nature’s Laws, as we do with 9/11, the increasingly-desperate world (read U.S. citizenry) starving for some oxygen (truth) as to what’s really going on, badly needs us to persist and push what we demonstrably know to the breaking point – the False News Providers’/NWO paid liars’ breaking-point – the point at which NOTHING they ever say is ever going to be believed. That’s OUR mandate – to prevent amnesia setting in for good here, too.

JH: 6/04/14