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Monday, November 24, 2014

9/11 As An American Issue

by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


9/11 is the greatest woulda-coulda-shoulda been an issue of our current century – with the possible exception of climate change. But it’s become and remained a real, live issue for only a small self-referencing and outcast minority of us who are self-deluded to proclaim it so, simply because we get it, and consequently wish very fervently that so did a multitude of others.

But most people we try to talk to about it either never had the slightest inkling that what happened on 9/11/01 has ever been in dispute at all, or don’t care one bit more than if we were talking about the origins of the War of 1812, Shirley Temple’s Storybook, or Jenkins’s Ear. How can that possibly be? we ask. Why is it that so few get it or understand why understanding it factually is such a big deal for our future or the recovery of our late, lamented civilization yet today?

The almost sole answer, I believe, lies in what I’ll call the Anti-Conspiracy View.

That conspiracies occur and exist is beyond question. While every instance suspected of being the result of a conspiracy actually is, is seriously doubtful, perhaps the largest conspiracy in U.S. history, although not in dispute, is largely forgotten now. The gargantuan Manhattan Project of the 1940s to produce the atomic bomb is said to have been known in concept to some 100,000 insiders (notably not including then-Vice President Truman), none of whom leaked its existence to the general public.

But, more recently, Americans have been conditioned to disbelieve – indeed, not to even consider, as confused-minded and unpatriotic – all talk of conspiracies. Never question. Believe the soap opera daily melodrama that is the seamless, sanitized, and sanctified version of... everything.

This choreographed “theory of everything” that virtually everyone more-or-less buys into predictably concludes always that the Americans are the wise, all-knowing good guys of the world invariably well-meaning and fair-dealing, sensible and always right. And those abroad or at home who dare to question that conclusion or the imperatives of the U.S. continuing government and its close allies, as portrayed benignly, can eat dirt, pick shrapnel, or be food for worms. That’s their stark choice in defiance, because those who deem to doubt the gospel beamed by the controlled media and through the State Department are by definition wrong and usually evil, it is implied or said, and must be brought violently or by bribes or by intimidation into line.

The best current example showing that the Anti-Conspiracy View dominates American “thinking” may be, uncharacteristically, the case of the multiple allegations that comedian Bill Cosby drugged and raped at least thirteen young women he lusted for some years ago. The first question I thought of when I heard of these allegations is whether it’s even remotely possible that thirteen separate alleged victims could all be lying about such a thing. I presumed that to be distinctly unlikely – unless someone was paying them all a substantial amount of money, or introducing some other equally-powerful incentive for them all to lie.

But then, how likely could it be that thirteen otherwise random women, apparently without a single exception to blow the whistle on the conspiracy, would all accuse Bill Cosby of the same thing if it were not true? And my answer, in general, was that it would almost have to be true, because certainly, under ordinary circumstances, their inevitably dissimilar dispositions and degrees of ethical grounding could not be predicted well enough to insure that they all could be safely bought by the perpetrators of a conspiracy.

But then, I posed a key question familiar to questioners of 9/11: cui bono – who would seek to benefit from destroying this particular man’s sterling reputation? Does he, in fact, have enemies?

And here my suspicions were aroused. Because, I thought, while the allegations might well be true, it appears perhaps just as likely that the whole thing could be the result of a conspiracy to bring down an innocent man.

Let me explain. Mr. Cosby’s fame and reputation are largely based on his portrayal of one fictional Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable on his weekly network TV sit-com back in the 1980s, thoroughly familiarizing the nation with an amicable well-educated upper middle-class black family. The prototype thus portrayed is probably not the mean, but probably not all that unusual, either, and far from the then-contemporary stereotype of blacks as low-life degenerates dependent on welfare.

Meanwhile, the continuance of the dire feckless and low gangster-like stereotype was the very bread and butter of the right-wing’s message to America, then and again (or still) now, that minorities are something less than real, equal Americans and, as such are “the other”, undeserving of understanding and full citizenship. And the leaders of the civil rights movement, then and now, because of the regional and to an extent national subordination of minorities, often come across as whiny, feisty, over-intellectual, and rather tiresome radicals.

So then, here comes Bill Cosby and the Huxtables, with their showcase all-American universally-lovable black family, providing a new, attractive model of apolitical leadership by emulation that largely – not completely – blows the prevalent “welfare chiseler” and “welfare queen” image so carefully constructed over decades of right-wing angst out of the water. All well and good.

But now, here comes Obama, elected and then re-elected by minorities and liberals, without a white mandate or even plurality. President Obama has frankly stated that, without Bill Cosby, there would have been no President Obama (because no way José to break into the white boys’ club). And, if you think white conservatives are complacent about this, just look around and behold their apoplexy and panic. They are, in fact, desperate to re-install going forward the old, bad stereotypes of blacks and Hispanics, featuring both fear and loathing.

Remember, they tried to bring down Bill Clinton in similar fashion and failed. But I don’t think even that reviled Bill was as influential a figure or posed as big a threat to them as this one, who messed with America’s mind.

Possible suspect #2 – What about those hackneyed revolutionary-style black leaders themselves with their now-muted once-hot rhetoric, whose power is largely wielded through their message of victimology? Well, now there comes along the older, soberer Cosby of recent years with a message to young blacks to quit blaming others for their woes as downtrodden ne’er-do-wells, but instead, clean up their acts, exert gainful effort, and shine. The old leaders have tried to put Bill Cosby on notice, and these, too, have become his foes and rivals for supremacy of influence among blacks through the seeming incompatibility of their vital appeals, the old leaders taking the worst of it from the interloping clown.

But, why so much ado about what an aging idol did or didn’t do a quarter of a century ago, unresolvable now?

Because, his incredible, abiding influence on the American psyche, if you think about it, places him in the top ten most influential figures in our whole history as a nation.

Indeed, alarmed no-nonsense operatives in either the white supremacist or black movement camps may have found a motive for bribing some thirteen women known to have befriended this rock in their respective oysters to come forward and falsely accuse him – if that is what happened. But, my money would be on a distinct subgroup of the first suspect category. Do you suppose the FBI still harbors a few J. Edgar Hoover-like pieces of work among its ranks? And they would have the advantage or moxie, too, of being able to accurately profile the women, to determine which ones they could successfully employ to lie publicly and not rat them out.

Again, my point isn’t that I think that’s what happened, but that it makes sense to suspect that it may have, especially recalling the record of the hallowed Bureau as the perpetrator of so many exposed psy-ops.

And the larger point I have yet to mention is that, so far at least, even the black media has not come forward to give voice to this distinct more than possibility. Due to their mindless assumption of the Anti-Conspiratorial View, even they haven’t seriously thought of it, at least yet.

Again, in my humble opinion, before we in 9/11 Truth can begin to successfully convince America that 9/11 is today ripe for a real, thorough, and systematic investigation, we first have to convince the nation of the falsity of its induced ACV – to teach America as a whole to reasonably question everything. Because, nearly everything we’re presented with is subject to serious doubt – a lesson that “citizens” of the Soviet Union learned very well. Your view?

JH: 11/24/14

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

What's It All About?

by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


‘Tis the Psyop season! And it has been for years. Psyops (psychological operations, to usefully excite or incite the bumbo and lesser operatives to impel or condition them to abet or forward the perpetrators’ larger purpose) happen constantly all around us.

So, who are these perpetrators of, by, and for whom all the cumulative multitude of psyops are designed and sprung on a mostly somnambulant world? As I’ve stated before, my humble more-than-a-guess is that we’re talking essentially of a miniscule cadre of faceless leaders through the decades of global central banking, perhaps the very board of trustees of the supreme Bank of International Settlements, the bank of the world’s central banks located in the monolithic “Tower of Basel” in Basel, Switzerland

They, or a closely related shadow-body, I have come to believe, are the inside directive-framing authority that calls for and specifically orders, licenses, and signs off on all of the coordinated psycho jobs designed in detail and sprung by their levels of underlings, acolytes or puppets, of whom the preferred and usual operatives are a few countries’ so-called “security agencies” and trained special forces. Why do I believe this is so? Because, since they could advantageously perform this role (rather than relying on and influencing chance), I am convinced they would. And evidence bears it out.

Prominent among contemporary or recent shock events that are proven or widely suspected of being New World Order psyops, for each one of which there is significant or compelling evidence, are the following (a woefully partial list):

9/11 (certainly, the lynchpin event to date), 7/7, Oklahoma City, Bali bombing, Mumbai attacks, Tucson-Fort Hood-Aurora-Sandy Hook, Hurricane Sandy, BP oil disaster, Malaysian Airlines “lost” plane, Alleged Osama bin Laden killing, Fukushima disaster, 2008 - ? Great Recession and selective recovery, Global climate manipulation via HAARP-related actions, California drought, ISIS or ISIL establishment and secret backing, Recent “terrorism” in Canada

And Ebola, though maybe not intended to spawn a global pandemic, is allegedly itself a result of U.S. bioterrorism experiments conducted in West Africa gone astray.

It is my contention – and not mine alone these days – that all of these events and countless more (as well as notable earlier instances) have been coordinated and emitted from a single organizational source, rather than, for instance, by a series of varying U.S. presidential administrations with markedly different personalities, emphases, and styles. By comparison, the mythic narrative of events is seamless.

And what ties all of these many instances of psyops together is that they all become baked like raisins into a single, seamless and self-referencing, self-serving myth-laden narrative that sternly discounts every other version of the events. This magical narrative, wildly unbeholden to discernible facts, is rolled out day by day without end ever by the whole coordinated establishment and its in-harness media, as perfectly aligned in interpreting as iron filings moved by a magnet. The genius is in the uniform virtual seamlessness of their common fabric of lies.

And so, the truth of each segment or event becomes misjudged by the whole non-thinking public due to being instantaneously misjudged in reference to the uniformly endorsed but factually flawed or false narrative of all the other events, making the mythology self-affirming to the unreflective and thus largely invulnerable to stigmatized fact-based revisionists like us.

In my estimation, our best hope is to strategize to blow the cover of the top cadre and command operation of the secretly-ruling NWO once and for all time, in order to get people to stop buying the whole ever-growing series of chapters of the controlling (almost scriptural) narrative of events.

The overarching operation is wholly anathema, because it’s all about the rough, murderous turning of our rightful world into their utopia, of which the non-topmost masses of the earth cannot be anything within a million miles of citizens.

Has the world been commandeered by a self-appointed psychopathic criminal gang that has catastrophically cancelled the pro-resident Enlightenment by applying undreamed-of advanced technology, a uniting centuries-long dark determination, and precision psychology? Consider their most-infamous crimes and lesser assaults on freedom and justice daily, and judge for yourself.

Pass the word so we can all rise or cripplingly obstruct in mass revulsion, not against the horrendous symptoms, but the worse-than-nightmare life-blighting disease itself.

JH: 11/11/14