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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Models of Control and 9/11

by James Hufferd, Ph.D., Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


Who ordered the 9/11 crimes or attack? Who if anyone is in charge and responsible for committing mayhem regularly, mostly behind carefully-constructed cover of anonymity since and including that singular day? There are, obviously to anyone who’s been paying attention, a number of theoretical answers to this obviously most-important question. And we are, I conclude, just beating our collective heads against the wall if we are blaming and unloading our vitriol and our muttered oaths on the wrong suspects.

First, there is the theory of the establishment and regular media, which blames virtually everything on Muslim terror groups and associated foreign bad actors. Emphatically in the case of 9/11 and separately, in that of a growing number of other fairly obviously false-flag incidents at least, this attribution of events has been disproven or rendered unmaintainable by direct evidence over and over.

Many, on the other hand, point to the U.S. government itself, commandeered by Bush and Cheney and more recently by Obama, an entity attuned these days to appear and in many respects to be severely dysfunctional. Yet, in the global arena as well as hereabouts in what they call the “Homeland”, these say, this rogue superpower has been and is supposedly masterful at generating chaos and mounting animosity through by now countless shock events for strategic, military, and profit-generating purposes. Ipso facto, we should blame it on whatever administration happens or happened to be in power.

An ostensibly more sophisticated version of this theory says it was (and is) a national security “deep state” apparatus within the U.S. government, largely run by dual-citizen neocons, perhaps in association with the Israeli Zionist state, British intel, Pakistani intel, and/or Saudi Arabia that deserves the blame. In one sub-version, the Israelis themselves just flat out up and did it and do it themselves – which would make of whatever it is, a Middle Eastern terrorist attack after all. (And it would make it as if your favorite neighbor or friend snuck in one day and set off bombs in your house for their own purposes, and you were to say, “That’s ok, he’s a good guy.” Really? Not likely, unless you two were in cahoots to share a really big insurance settlement or something like that.

So, let us conclude that all the above are, on the face of them, either disproven outright or in no way true to anyone’s life experience, or at very least would require a lot of explanation, caveats, and the like – because, none of them seem particularly plausible.

Then, we come to my theory of who’s running the show, in accord with what I’ve been saying consistently. My theory is that all of the above-named parties, the U.S. and the various layers of its doll-within-doll-within-doll-like operational structure, and Israel, the UK, Middle Eastern terrorist groups, etc., etc. possibly even Russia, are all of them puppets, all acting in concert, though sometimes with enough apparent discord for the show, at the will of someone(s) above pulling the strings. And, in this regard, I’ve begun to notice more and more fingers being directed lately at the immensely rich and powerful world central banks, mutually answering to a structure headquartered for many purposes in Basel, Switzerland, fronting at least as the Bank for International Settlements, emitter-designate and controller of the reported coming global currency.

I’m not saying that the trustees of this ultimate mega-bank of banks, located in an office tower shaped like a boot, exactly ordered and planned 9/11. But an operation that big and disruptive would certainly have to be at least in line with their expressed wishes, as communicated or mandated in one of three ways. It would have to come about as a response to 1) an express directive (unlikely, but possible in concept), 2) announced internally and in clear accordance with their known ground rules and main objectives, or 3) in accord with expressed or known wishes of that unitary executive situated at the invisible, above the clouds apex of the pyramid, beyond the top of the visible flowchart of piecemeal world governance.

The analogy is that this operational control structure is like that of a wind chime with the individual chimes separately suspended from a bar itself attached to a cord. Unlike the wind chime, though, where the action is undirected or subject to passing breezes, in this case, all the action is controlled. It happens this way because the implicated controllers are capable of doing it, and because, in their collective mind, they can’t afford to leave things to chance or to forego daily opportunities to enhance their imperative of realizing their twin goals: exclusivity and maximization.

So, at least, my thinking goes – the spoken-of New World Order is neither imaginary nor a throw-away line. Nor is it any kind of hodge-podge; its command system is very tightly organized, and it leaves virtually nothing to chance. 9/11 is in line with the things it’s been doing with growing audacity and effectiveness for over sixty years. Expect more of the same until its top leadership is exposed, known, and universally repulsed.

JH/ 1/25/15

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Press TV: Was the CIA behind the Paris attack?

Was The CIA Behind Paris Attack? The new information has almost confirmed that Paris attack was a false flag operation carried out by the CIA, says Soraya Sepahpour Ulrich, an independent researcher and writer based in Irvine, California. By Soraya Sepahpour Ulrich and Press TV January 14, 2015 "ICH" - "Press TV" - According to The Associated Press, one of the men responsible for last week's terrorist attack that killed 12 people in the French capital claimed to have lived with the Nigerian man behind the failed al-Qaeda “underwear bomb” plot five years ago, Yemeni Journalist and researcher Mohammed al-Kibsi who met Said Kouachi, the alleged Paris attacker, said on Monday. In a phone interview with Press TV on Tuesday, Ulrich said, “The whole Paris incident has been a puzzle for many... and one has to find connections to find what really is going on.” “We have been told by the mainstream media, the Western media, that a Yemeni reporter has claimed that he had interviewed Kouachi who was responsible for the Paris attack, or one of those who were responsible,” she said. “And he had ties with ‘the underwear bomber’, ‘the underwear bomber’ who was held responsible for wanting to blow up an airliner at Christmas in 2009,” Ulrich added. Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab was convicted of attempting to detonate plastic explosives hidden in his underwear while on board Northwest Airlines Flight 253, en route from Amsterdam to Detroit, Michigan. “Well, it so happens that the mainstream media here is so busy turning up this information that they turned to forget the very information they gave us in the first place. For example, in 2012, we were told that ‘the underwear bomber’ was in fact working with the CIA intelligence and with the Saudis,” she pointed out. US and Yemeni officials told The Associated Press in May 2012 that the so-called underwear bomber was in fact working under cover for Saudi intelligence and the CIA when he was given a new non-metallic type bomb aimed at getting past airport security. Ulrich said it is important to mention that the so-called underwear bomber slipped past the security “when Israeli intelligence was in charge of the Amsterdam airport -- [its] security.” She added that intelligence officials failed to scrutinize the bomb and helped the bomber get on the plane, which “indicates to me that they all were aware of this individual’s job.” “Six or seven months ago, the UK airport security supposedly received a warning from the US intelligence… that al-Qaeda terrorists were going to attack airports and airliners using a new generation of non-metallic bombs developed by them in Syria and Yemen,” Ulrich said. “What is really very alarming for me is all this information, or misinformation we are getting,” she stated. “We have to understand who gain from” all this. A spate of violent incidents, including the attack at the Paris office of controversial magazine Charlie Hebdo, left at least 17 people dead last week in the French capital. Two days after the Charlie Hebdo attack, Said and Cherif Kouachi, suspects, were killed after being cornered at a printing workshop in the French town of Dammartin-en-Goele. “So at the end of the day, we have to understand who is gaining by all these alleged attacks,” Ulrich emphasized. People are not being told the truth; they are “told a bunch of lies that are supposedly not connected and somehow when they do get connected we trace it back to the intelligence services, like the CIA.” “So we have to be very alert, and do not forget what we read yesterday in order to absorb what we are reading today and connect the dots ourselves,” she warned. “I mean many have had doubts about the veracity of the incident in Paris. Many had thought it to be a false flag operation. And now with this new information they are feeding us and tying [it] to the underwear bomber who worked for the CIA, it has virtually established the fact that it was indeed a false flag operation,” Ulrich concluded. © Copyright 2015 Press TV. All rights reserved.

Friday, January 9, 2015

Global Research - ISIL asset exposed, Charlie wag the dog

Just As The Islamic State (ISIL) Gets Exposed As A Fake US Enemy, A “Wag the Dog” Terrorist Attack in Paris? By Joachim Hagopian Global Research, January 08, 2015 Url of this article: With information just breaking that the United States has been air dropping arms, food and medical supplies to Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL) forces in Iraq, supposedly the world’s latest terrorist enemy on steroids, what has been suspected all along is now being confirmed. To add fuel to the fire, this news comes just as warmonger Senator McCain got busted for secretly and illegally entering Syria to meet with ISIL to coordinate strategy on that warfront. Clearly the ISIL is an ally to the US government in both Iraq and Syria. The command headquarters operating out of the US Embassy in Baghdad has been overseeing the US military airdrops of war supplies to our purported latest enemy in various provinces throughout Iraq. Back in October the US lied about an accidental dropping of supplies that went to the Islamic State jihadists instead of to the Kurds. The strategy in Iraq is to prolong the “war” against ISIL in order to ensure that permanent US military bases there get established, something recently deposed Iraqi President Maliki refused. It wasn’t so much Maliki’s poor leadership that spearheaded persecution and killing of so many Sunnis during his reign of terror that caused Washington to finally pull the plug on him. It was his kicking Americans out of his country entirely at the end of 2011 that brought his US orchestrated removal from power several months ago. Just as the US Empire created al Qaeda and Osama bin Laden back in the 80’s to finish off the Russians in Afghanistan, then backed al Qaeda’s ethnic cleansing of Serbs in Kosovo and Bosnia, paving the way for bin Laden to play the heavy in collusion by Saudi-Israeli assistance to pull off the coup d’etat of the century on 9/11, it all became false pretext to wage permanent war on terror. Now that the US government has torn the Middle East asunder into multiple war ravaged failed states, with these latest revelations coming out of Iraq, the US cover has been completely blown – ISIL turns out to be just another axis-of-evil Empire creation by the US-Israeli-Saudi governments. Based on these latest on the ground accounts filtering in through Iranian and Iraqi intelligence sources, those previous reports from months ago on how the United States was covertly financing and training this “new and improved” brand of Islamic State terrorism again created by the US turns out to be absolutely true. Like al Qaeda in the 1990’s Balkans, ISIL is the latest US mercenary terror on the ground fighting the US proxy war in Syria against Bashir al Assad’s forces and then seven months ago when ISIL invaded Iraq, it created the perfect excuse to deploy once again US troops on the ground in Iraq, remove former US puppet Melawi, set the stage for balkanizing Iraq into three separate entities (Kurds, Shiites and Sunnis) and fight a fake war against ISIL long enough to regain a military foothold in the country while following through with the overall longtime agenda to thoroughly destabilize the entire region. And then with the menace of ISIL committing ethnic cleansing of Christians and moderate Moslems in both Iraq and Syria, the US once again masterminded another thinly veiled excuse for air strikes on Syrian soil, something Obama was not allowed to do the year before with the chemical weapons false flag. Of course instead of taking out ISIL, in recent months both Israeli and US military air strikes have been destroying Syria’s infrastructure, taking out oil refineries and food storage silos that hurt the Syrian people, not the supposed enemy ISIL. In reaction to last September’s international spectacle of the ISIL beheadings of American and British journalists, which have been speculated to be fake, President Obama was grandstanding with his usual self-righteous acting job, pretending to be enraged and shocked by the latest US made Frankenstein monster, vowing to chase the latest declared enemy down,root them out and destroy them, wherever they may be, in both Iraq and Syria. Now we all know it was more theater, the imperial wizard behind the Empire curtain mimicking his rehearsed lines on the international stage, indignantly placating the world as a wannabe good guy. Seems that everything our commander-in-chief utters is fake, disingenuous and for show only. If in fact the US truly wanted to defeat ISIL, with technological capacity and precision as the world’s most powerful killing machine, within a month the US could easily locate and destroy ISIL forces. Long ago even prior to 9/11 the neocon game plan still being acted out today was to wreak havoc in the Middle East and North Africa, taking down one regime after the next, plundering oil rich lands for Exxon, Shell and BP, carving up and devising chessboard pipelines to Europe while isolating and cutting off Russia and Iran oil and gas routes, waging the blood for oil conquest for global hegemony at the murderous expense of the darker skinned human population that happens to be Moslem. Using terrorist mercenaries comes in handy to fight US Empire’s proxy wars where bulk deployment of more American troop invasions from a war-weary nation would not be tolerated. So 1400 US military “advisors” to coordinate the fake war against ISIL in Iraq also becomes the flimsy excuse to go after Syria after all. Taking down Assad in Syria is still the flimsy excuse to then go after Iran, the final Middle East conquest. Of course taking down Iran remains the ever so worn out excuse to also go after cold war enemy Russia [again]. This deceptive strategy and bottom line agenda masquerades as the actual US presence throughout the Middle East. Only by now the world is onto US Empire aggression. The humanitarian rhetoric of lies will no longer work as that game hand’s been played too many times before. No one will be fooled any more, not even the Americans. Notice how every time the US government is about to be fully exposed in another boldface lie, this one being that ISIL is our sworn enemy, another wag the dog “terrorist” incident suddenly comes along to divert world attention. This time it was three heavily armed and trained gunmen in Paris attacking the office of the French satire magazine Charlie Hebdo, tragically killing twelve people. Of course like the US, France is notorious for arming and funding al Qaeda terrorists. The French foreign minister just accompanied McCain to Syria in their meeting with the ISIL “enemy” there. Questions of speculation over the government’s potential involvement in another false flag are being raised. Not only does the attack temporarily take the heat off another sinister US foible being unraveled, it also gives strength to the war on terror, pumping up the rationale for creating yet more anti-terror laws, more totalitarian oppression in the name of national security and more anti-Moslem hatred around the globe. Though today’s attackers were French citizens, the anti-immigration and anti-Islam sentiment raging throughout the Western nations seems ready to boil over. All this of course conflict and violence is just what the oligarchs have ordered, using their age old winning formula of divide and conquer, always to blind people into hating and blaming other groups as scapegoats. The latest current events sweeping the headlines are part of the banking cabal’s design to create war, destabilize and destroy nations and economies and impoverish, kill and reduce the global population. Copyright © 2015 Global Research

Monday, January 5, 2015

A 9/11 Paradigm Shift: The Santa Option

by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization

^ * ^

It’s not too surprising that the subterfuge formula of American nativism = patriotism, long a rhetorical-only refuge of the right, has born little but rotten and stunted fruit in recent times.

Because, first, there were the raft-loads of German Nazi operatives, many expressly spared from the gallows or whatever device Nuremberg used to follow-up and given positions of power deep within the inner workings of the U.S. government and its agencies, ostensibly to insure that the Russians wouldn’t get them. What followed were all of their trademark nefarious deeds, but now directed toward benefitting their fawning new masters. And these were soon followed by platoons of unique arrangement Israeli-American dual citizens, their allegiances treacherously (and predictably) pledged disastrously elsewhere, again welcomed into positions of overriding influence and power.

Just a whiff of the incredible wrongheadedness of this second incredible misappropriation of trust is discernible in a recent exchange between (Canadian born) Alec Trebek and adept sharp-tongued satirist Stephen Colbert on the latter’s show. Trebek (a bit defensively): “Actually, I am an American. I’ve had dual citizenship since 1998.” Colbert: “But, that’s not the same” – which should be obvious to anyone on its face, at least when push comes to shove, as it always does. But instead, as the anonymous author of a current marketing video sagely reminds us all elsewhere, “The power of willful ignorance cannot be overstated”. When you’re not paying attention, you’re likely to miss most of what’s going on, and apparently, to lose interest. And there are those that are counting on just that.

So, at this point, what is our recourse? Revolution? Not, at least, according to Colbert: “A revolution means 360 degrees back to where we started,” he again perceptively opines. Which, when you think about it, proves true in nearly all cases. Because, when the dog finally catches the car, does he or she get in and drive it? No! People who step forward claiming to “represent” her or him do.

In our case, at least, the very means of misgovernment by indirection has come to depend for its sustenance and continuance on our willful amnesia. A man touted as a “national security expert” on mainstream TV commented the other day, referring to the anonymous hack of Sony being quickly blamed on North Korea that “to make an attribution of the source of an [attack] almost immediately is practically unheard of.” How ironic that he has already forgotten the instant attribution on 9/11/01. And in the case of the Syrian gas attack. And the Ukrainian airliner shoot-down. Etc.

In preferring the myth to the evidence, this “expert” seems not to get it that the hasty attribution, in each case, has nothing whatsoever to do with actual evidence, but with an unfolding fictional narrative being offered up raw. And he’d just better not notice that, either, at least openly, or he’ll be out of a job plus get barked at.

But, if he for one fails to notice the obvious bankruptcy of “our” leadership indicated by all of this, rest assured that millions of others do notice. And so, the erosion of public credulity deepens and quickens by the day.

And so, we must continue, each and every one of us, to sew doubts and inject pearls of reality day by day into the public’s consciousness apace – not to sabotage anything, but to awaken and enlighten in order to prepare our countrymen and fellow world citizens to take up and exercise both the burden and renewed freedom of what can blossom into universal self-government.

Consider for a minute the analogy of eroding belief in Santa Claus that finally collapses for most kids before age 10. The wholesale change in the juveniles’ thinking doesn’t come about because some totally-trusted figure, say a Walter Cronkite or John Stewart, goes on TV and declares the old elf nonexistent. Nor is a vote ever taken on the question, and nor does a tribunal settle it and pronounce. It happens, rather, by accretion, accumulation of mounting awareness of evidence, until the implausibility of the myth becomes apparent, the authorities finally have to admit it, and the page is turned once and forever.

And just so, it’s coming, and it’s almost broken through now – you better not pout!

JH: 1/5/15