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Monday, August 29, 2016


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


Complain! Complain! Complain! It is so doggoned easy to sit here and lob potshots at just about everything under the sun these days. Nothing, it seems, is at all as it should be. Everything is corrupted, or so it more than seems. And there is no shortage whatsoever of evidence to back up such an assertion, and on a thousand different accounts. The U.S. and other known governments are arguably once well-meant enterprises long since taken over lock, stock, and barrel by the super-rich and powerful that currently demonstrate little if any interest in either relinquishing one bit of control or power back to the whole people, their citizens, for whose benefit they were allegedly established, or in making life any more livable or beneficial for their legions of alleged constituents.

To the contrary! All evidence points clearly to them selling out, to permit and help the already-powerful to more easily and effectively fleece and exploit the people at large. Through labyrinthine contracts, permitted exploitative fine print, permission to more effectively own and control the electoral process itself, by looking the other way when expedient, and through absolutely insane and madly irresponsible war-mongering, with far more than tolerable risks – dead-serious threats, intended and taken very seriously – of nuclear annihilation and universal genocide, increasingly on offer, and the lives of millions of foreign innocents and economically squeezed, still wet behind the ears (“patriotic” sic!) co-citizens treated as fodder to prime horrific publicly-funded Armageddon war machines.

And so, our common lot is steadily made no better, but has been ever and palpably worsened by our governments that reliably ignore our wishes and elaborately trick and even outright murder us to get what they – meaning essentially that little uncaring cadre of their unelected élite controllers, the central bankers, the major industrialists, multi-billionaires who hide behind their paltry tinhorn philanthropies, or in their protective bunkers – want.

So then, in contradistinction, what do people like me (and maybe you), activists who grimly wage persistent battles of information and perceived or verified truth – not little quibbles with others essentially of our persuasion already who we essentially agree with, over virtually meaningless details of details, and not simply to blame someone pre-selected to blame for every malady – what is it that we, that is, who are driven by principle and an unyielding desire for justice, want to see happen? What, in positive terms, do we (I mean, of course, I) try to oooch stubborn reality toward finally embracing?

First, we (I) know the battle is all uphill, perhaps even nigh on impossible. That is a given. Still, quoting Paulo Coelho, the heralded Brazilian philosopher and visionary, “There is suffering in life, and there are defeats. No one can avoid them. But it’s better to lose some of the battles in the struggles for your dreams than to be defeated without ever knowing what you’re fighting for.” Paul Craig Roberts, whom I almost always agree with, I believe misses the point a bit in a recent article he wrote, proclaiming his and my nation, the U.S., “a dead nation walking”, because, as he has it, the U.S. is trying vainly to lead and continue to dominate a prevailing coalition of allies and, ultimately, essential candidates for overthrow, for which it lacks the incentives needed for the task. I think he has forgotten that the nation – the crucial element within the multivariate “nationalism” he claims to tout against the globalist cause championed as imperative by the U.S. government and its militarized foreign policy, is not the government itself, but the nation is the people. The idea originally embodied by what we call “democracy” (which is rule by the demos = the people) is that the wishes and desires of the people at large, if anyone’s wishes, are those that must prevail generally. And that’s what I want.

The United States Constitution is designed – not altogether clearly, but at least permissively – to enable a truly popular government, wherein the public at large, and not just some élite, however constituted or defined, routinely gets its way, with everyone’s rights protected. Any other formulation of government at all, my friend, any other basis for exercising power on the local or national scale, is some form or other of elitism.

Above all else, in my country and Dr. Roberts’s, I want to see the money power permanently back under the effective control of the demos, as it was fleetingly, to the limited extent that it then excluded women and blacks and other minorities, under President Andrew Jackson – a popular leader we see actively reviled, not coincidentally, by the controlling élite even in our time, remote from his (while Hamilton, the hero of the early money power, is now lauded to the skies). And none of this, my greatest wish, is possible without the truth prevailing and being at least very widely embraced. And second, I want to have it that some measure of popular control is permitted, truly assisted – and not exploited or counterfeited cynically by the U.S. and its western allies – in every other country on earth as well.

Can my vision, the short, ambitious wish-list for the realization of which I am doing my best to add my modest heft, ever possibly succeed? Well, the monumental worldwide battle – as I outlined in my most recent article posted here – is on, though not yet fully-engaged, at this very moment between the global imperialists and the nationalists, who favor power continuing to be exercised at the national (popular) level. So, yes, there are mighty forces waging the good fight, even some in this country – and may we prevail to preserve freedom!

Sic semper tyrannis! Who among you is with me?

JH: 8/29/16

Friday, August 26, 2016


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


How to stop a hijacked freight train that, although dangerously rattle-y, is picking up speed, seemingly set – deceptively – on automatic, its unthinkable down-track destination growing every second more horrifyingly obvious, knocking down or whizzing past every barrier and overthrowing every last-resort safety feature, impervious to the suppressed cries of the by now perhaps billions of disbelieving onlookers as it speeds toward universal oblivion? The countless onlookers, meanwhile, continue trying to carry on with their routine – what else can they do? – playing cards, drinking vodka or water or sake, paper-shuffling, harvesting gardens without looking up, shooting each other in the street over trifles as always, voting as the voices over the loudspeakers direct, watching NFL, NBA, laughing – anything to distract and defray for the moment all the nukes and toxic clouds, endless sirens coming (and hopefully not), unending lines for bread and people shouting, kicking locked bank doors, shocks and rumblings away far off and near, everywhere suffocating smoke followed by silence, screams dying out.

Didn’t someone – maybe not representative – ask, “What the hell is going on?”

It’s the universal war already set into motion, waged determinedly by the determined globalists (or globalizers), tyrannizers, truly terrorists, to intimidate, vanquish, maybe liquidate the nationalist opposition to their long set-in-stone plan to reshape, recreate, fully control the world – their world, they make it clear.

Britain breaking away from their tightening grasp? The hell with that noise! Hear how their media still gripes about it. Just give our minions in the power slots two years to de facto erase it. The challenge to their asserted selection of an imperial viceroy they’re setting over the U.S. and its imposed global machinery? Control the message and the mechanism, rationalizing even up to more-than-likely murder and election theft. Deploy and momentarily strategically halt false flags and quiet, too-convenient hits, guilt concealed, of even up to thousands at once – why not millions? – to streak toward their objective of unstoppable control.

The big challenges ahead: Russia, and beyond that, China (whose populations simply want to be able to manage and benefit from their own affairs), and the more insecure BRICS countries, just like independently-organizing Libya, only bigger and representing more follower regimes. How? Scare the living ____ out of them that you’re really as mad as you really are and will attack them full-on with nukes. And if they don’t back down and accede, then what?

Well, then, you’ve got to just crawl into your deep bunkers and pull the levers and stay until the world falls quiet after a few minutes and abscond responsibility. And go on. Driving what’s left.

The sun will (should) still come up – for you.

JH: 8/26/16

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Paul Craig Roberts - Trump vs. Hillary: Will America Decline Murder-Suicide?

Trump vs. Hillary: A Summation

By Paul Craig Roberts

August 24, 2016 "Information Clearing House" - The US presidential election this November will tell whether a majority of the US population is irredeemably stupid. If voters elect Hillary, we will know that Americans are stupid beyond redemption.

We don’t know much about Trump, and anti-Trump propaganda rules in the place of facts.

But we know many facts about Hillary. We know about her violation of classification laws and the refusal of the Democratic administration to do anything about it. The Democrats prefer to control the White House than to enforce the law, another nail into the coffin in which the rule of law in the US lies.

We know from their words and deeds and material success that the Clintons are agents for Wall Street, the Big Banks, the military/security complex, Israel, agribusiness, and the extractive industries. Their large personal fortune, approximately $120 million, and the $1,600 million in their foundation, much of which came from abroad in exchange for political favors, attests to the unchallengable fact that the Clintons are agents for the oligarchy that rules America, indeed, that rules the American Empire from Australia and Japan, through North America and Western and Eastern Europe to the Russian border.

We know that Hillary, like Bill, is a liar.

We know that Hillary is a warmonger.

We know that Hillary made the most irresponsible statement ever uttered by a presidential candidate when she declared the President of Russia to be the “new Hitler,” thereby raising tensions between the US and Russia to a higher level than existed during the Cold War.

We know that Hillary is allied with the neoconservatives and that her belief in the neocons’ ideology of US world hegemony is likely to result in war with Russia and China.

All we know about Trump is that the oligarchs, who sent America’s jobs overseas, who flooded the country with difficult-to-assimilate immigrants, who destroyed public education, who bailed out Wall Street and the “banks too big to fail,” who sacrificed American homeowners and retirees living on a fixed income, who intend to privatize both Social Security and Medicare, who have given the public killer cops, relentless violations of privacy, the largest prison poplulation in the world, and destroyed the US Constitution in order to increase executive power over the American people, are violently opposed to Trump. This opposition should tell us that Trump is the person we want in the Oval Office.

Some claim that it is all a charade and that Trump is playing a role in order to elect Hillary. American politics are so corrupt that anything is possible. However the ruling elites and their puppets seem to be genuinely concerned about Trump’s challenge to their control, and they have united against Trump. They have used their money to buy up “progressive” websites paid to bring the print and TV anti-Trump propaganda onto the Internet, thus joining the Internet presstitutes with the print, TV, and NPR whores who are working overtime to demonize Trump and to elect Hillary.

The entire power structure of our country is behind Hillary. Both political parties, Democratic and Republican, and both ideologies, neoliberals and neoconservatives, are united behind Hillary.

How much more evidence do Americans need in order to know that a vote for Hillary is a vote for their own emasculation? Apparently, Americans remain captives of their insouciance. According to news reports, a majority of voters still haven’t a clue about the consequences of voting for Hillary. Polls report that Hillary is well in the lead. Are these real polls or just another presstitute lie to discourage Trump supporters? Why vote when they have already lost?

The propaganda assault against Trump, vicious as it was, did not succeed during the Republican primary. Despite the media condemnation of Trump, he swept the other Republican candidates aside effortlessly.

The current media demonization of Trump might fail as well. Indeed, it is so transparent that it could elect him. All that is required is for enough Americans to awake from their insousiance to recognize that it is the enemies of their own lives, their own living standards, and their own liberty who are violently opposed to Trump.

If Americans cannot reach this realization, they have no future, and neither does the planet Earth.

The ruling oligarchy hates Trump because he disavows war with Russia, questions the purpose of NATO, opposes the offshoring of Americans’ jobs, and opposes the uncontrolled immigration that is transforming the United States into a multi-cultural entity devoid of unity. The oligarchs are replacing the United States with a Tower of Babel. Oligarchic power grows exponentially among the confusion of diversity.

In other words, Trump is for America and for Americans.

This is why the oligarchs and their whores hate Trump.

The imbecillic Americans who vote for Hillary are voting for war and their own immiseration.

Possibly, a vote for Trump is the same. However, in the case of Trump we do not know that. In the case of Hillary we most certainly do know it.

Of course, it could matter not how Americans vote. Those who program the electronic voting machines will determine the vote, and as the establishments of both political parties totally oppose Trump, the programmed machines can elect Hillary. We know this from our electoral history. The US has already experienced elections in which exit polls show a winning candidate different from the candidate selected by the electronic machines that have no paper trail and no way of affirming the vote.

If Hillary gets into the Oval Office, I predict nuclear war before her first term is over. A vote for Hillary is a vote for nuclear war.

If you look at the forthcoming election realistically, you have no alternative but to conclude that the entirety of the presstitute media and American Establishment prefers the risk of nuclear war to the risk of losing control of the government to the voters.

That Americans permitted the rise of unaccountable power tells us all we need to know about the dereliction of duty of which United States citizens are guilty. The American people failed democracy, which requires accountable government. The American government has proven that it is not accountable to the US Constitution, to US statutory law, to international law, or to voters.

If the result of Americans’ dereliction of duty is nuclear war, the American people will be responsible for the death of planet Earth. One would hope that with responsibility this great on their shoulders, the American people will reject the unequivocal war candidate and take their chances on holding Trump accountable to his words.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts' latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West, How America Was Lost, and The Neoconservative Threat to World Order.

Monday, August 22, 2016

Colorado Public TV New Documentary - Demolition of Truth

Paul Craig Roberts - Can Russia Survive Washington's Challenge?

Can Russia Survive Washington’s Challenge?

By Paul Craig Roberts

August 22, 2013 "Information Clearing House" - News services abroad ask me if President Erdogan of Turkey will, as a result of the coup attempt, realign Turkey with Russia. At this time, there is not enough information for me to answer. Speculation in advance of information is not my forte.

Moreover, I do not know if it is true that Moscow warned the President of Turkey of the coup, and I do not know if Washington was behind the coup. Therefore, I do not know how to weigh the scales. As I see it, whether Turkey stays with Washington or realigns with Moscow depends first of all on whether or not Moscow warned Turkey and whether or not Washington was behind the coup. If this is what Erdogan believes, whether true or false, Erdogan is likely to align with Russia. However, other factors will also influence Erdogan’s decision. For example, Erdogan’s belief about how resolute Putin is to standing up to Washington.

Erdogan will not want to align with Russia if he thinks Russia is not up to Washington’s challenge. Erdogan sees Putin endlessly asking for Washington’s cooperation, and Erdogan understands that Washington sees this as a sign of Russian weakness. Washington slaps Putin in the face, and Putin replies by asking for cooperation against ISIS. I understand why Putin responds this way. He wants to avoid a war between US/NATO and Russia that neither side can win. Putin is a man of peace and accepts affronts in order to save life. This is admirable. But that might not be the way Erdogan sees it. Erdogan might see it like Washington sees it: weakness.

The second consideration is whether Washington or Moscow offers Erdogan the best deal. Washington most certainly does not want the breakup of NATO and will strive to keep Turkey in NATO at all costs. Washington, for example, might deliver Gulen to Erdogan, and Washington might put one billion dollars in a bank account for Erdogan. This is easy for Washington to do, as Washington can print all of the world’s reserve currency it wishes to print. It is impossible for Moscow to deliver Gulen, and because Yeltsin accepted US advice conveyed through the IMF, the Russian ruble is not a substitute for the US dollar.

The world is accustomed to seeing Washington prevail, because Washington relies on force. Except for Putin’s response to the Georgian attack on South Ossetia, the world is accustomed to seeing Putin rely on diplomacy. As Mao said, power comes out of the barrel of a gun, and so the world believes. Putin seemed to be decisive when he accepted the Crimean vote and reunited the Crimea with Russia, But Putin turned down the requests of the breakaway republics of Donetsk and Luhansk to rejoin Russia, and this made Russia look weak. It also prolonged the conflict and the death and destruction continues.

In my opinion this strategic failure by Putin is the result of advice from the Russian “Atlanticist Integrationists”—the people who think that Russia does not count unless it is part of the West. In every sense, these pro-Western members of the Russian government are de facto members of the Treason Party. Yet they serve as a constraint on Russian decisiveness. The absence of Russian decisiveness provokes more pressure from Washington. It is a losing game for the Russian government to invite pressure from the West.

Washington sees that Putin is unable to break away from the influence of the Atlanticist Integrationists, which includes the Russian economic establishment led by the independent central bank. Therefore, Washington continues to make Washington’s cooperation with Russia in Syria dependent on Putin’s agreement that “Assad must go.” Putin wants to get rid of ISIS, because ISIS can infect Muslim areas of the Russian Federation. But if he agrees to get rid of Assad, chaos will prevail in Syria just as chaos prevails in Iraq and Libya, and Russia will have accepted Washington’s overlordship. Russia will become another vassal country added to Washington’s collection.

The real danger for Russia lies in Russia’s desire for Western acceptance. As long as Russians have this desire, they are a doomed people.

Dr. Paul Craig Roberts was Assistant Secretary of the Treasury for Economic Policy and associate editor of the Wall Street Journal. He was columnist for Business Week, Scripps Howard News Service, and Creators Syndicate. He has had many university appointments. His internet columns have attracted a worldwide following. Roberts' latest books are The Failure of Laissez Faire Capitalism and Economic Dissolution of the West, How America Was Lost, and The Neoconservative Threat to World Order.

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Trump was right - proof they DID found ISIS

How We Know ISIS Was Made In The USA
By Roger Stone

August 20, 2013 "Information Clearing House" - "Lew Rockwell" - Judicial Watch proved it. Under a Freedom of Information Act request, Judicial Watch was able to obtain a (heavily redacted) copy of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) directive that initiated the creation of ISIS in 2012. the DIA report states,


Not even Judicial Watch seems to have appreciated the significance of this document, where its press release focused on the Benghazi attack. Recent releases of Hillary’s emails, moreover, confirm that taking out Assad has nothing to do with his alleged abuse of the Syrian people but because it will help Israel.

Just in case it has slipped anyone’s mind, Hillary was Secretary of State from 2009 to 2013. Barack was inaugurated in 2008 and steps down in 2016. It happened on their watch. It could not have happened without their approval. They really did create ISIS!

The chemical attacks on Syrian citizens on 21 August 2013 was meant to justify lobbing cruise missiles into Syria. Obama was ready, but Americans were not. And when the ploy was debunked by a 50-page dossier the Russians provided to the UN, they resorted to “Plan B”, which was the creation of ISIS by the DIA.

The chemical weapons are widely believed to have been provided to the “rebels” by Prince Bandar of Saudi Arabia, to whom the Bush family refers as “Bandar Bush”. But recent releases of Hillary’s emails suggest that she was directing the transfer of weapons from Libya to Syria and chemical weapons may have been among them.

The Benghazi attack appears to have been initiated because Ambassador Christ Stevens was concerned that some of the weapons being sent to Syria could be used against the civilian population. The Obama administration has stonewalled inquiries as to whether Benghazi had anything to do with transferring weapons to the rebels. That means “Yes!”

The signs have been there right along the way, but the media has not been reporting them. Here are some of the facts reported in a recent study about ISIS:

* On 23 February 2015, *FARS* reported that the (much maligned) Iraqi Army had downed 2 UK cargo planes carrying weapons for ISIS, which was among the first signs that things were not as the world was being told by Western—and especially US—news sources.

* On 1 March 2015, *FARS* reported that Iraqi popular forces are known as “Al-Hashad Al-Shabi” shot down a US helicopter carrying weapons for ISIL in Al-Anbar province of which they had photographs.

* On 10 April 2015, *Press TV* reported that, in response to a request by Syrian that ISIL be named a terrorist organization, the US, Britain, France, and Jordan refused, which was rather baffling on its face.

* Photographs were appearing contemporaneously showing ISIS members sporting “US Army” tattoos, which the American media has yet to acknowledge. Confirm this for yourself by searching for “ISIS members sporting US Army tattoos” online.

* On 19 May 2015, Brad Hoof of, “2012 Defense intelligence Agency document: West will facilitate rise of Islamic State ‘in order to isolate the Syrian regime”, based upon the release of a selection of formerly classified documents obtained by Judicial Watch from the US Department of Defense and Department of State.

* On 22 June 2015, ex-CIA contractor, Steven Kelley, explained the US “created ISIL for sake of Israel” and to have a “never-ending war” in the Middle East, which would make the countries there “unable to stand up to Israel” and to provide “the constant flow of orders for weapons from the military-industrial complex at home, which is feeding a lot of money to the senators pushing for these wars”.

There’s more–a lot more, including photographs of Sen. John McCain with Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi. You can find dozens of them on the internet. In Washington, ISIS is widely known as “John McCain’s army”. So what’s wrong with a candidate for president making the point that his opponent and her most prominent support actually created ISIS? Trump is right.

Reference: ent/Documents/How-We-Know-ISIS -Was-MADE-IN-THE-USA-.htm

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

NYC 9/11 Event


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


The Cold War ended when the Soviet Union replaced its 64-year-old regime with a restructured one, suddenly dropping its remaining lip-service to Marxist-Leninist principles, in 1991, and dividing itself into 15 sovereign states, the largest of which are Ukraine and Russia (still a colossus spanning continents).

But increasingly, over the past several years, the neocon forces largely having taken command of, consequently, now uber-militarized U.S. foreign policy and “defense” strategy, have audaciously sought to goad and surround the Russian state likewise rife, mainly due to inheritance, with a doomsday nuclear arsenal and active advanced weapon development capabilities. Leading a fairly ambivalent bevy of NATO allies, the U.S. has, for reasons of its own, systematically dragged the two sides back to the brink of existential nuclear war – fomenting what amounts to a dangerous new Cold War on steroids.

To the best of my non-specialist, observant layman’s understanding, here’s 1) how they’ve done it, and 2) how they’ve said (and still say) they’ve done it.

Beginning around the time they (the neocon internal hijackers of U.S./western policy) sprung 9/11 on an unwary world, they began, through the captive CIA, working with internal malcontents and turncoats-for-hire inside a sizable number of smaller new states and old surrounding gargantuan Russia, to bring about what are referred to as a series of “color revolutions”. The object of which was the overthrow of Russia’s bordering allies, and their replacement with regimes willing to host western nuclear bases in exchange for western lucre.

Several of these somewhat tooth-like edifices were actually loosened with blinding speed to the extent that they forsook their less-profitable close political and economic alliances with Russia and joined the EU and NATO, all in an attempt to neutralize truculent giant Russia herself by binding her hand and foot.

Of course, Russia did not take this treaty-and promise-breaking sequential development/provocation well. Thus, the rise of Putin, a former knight of the KBG, as the strong leader the Russian people trusted, who commanded the risen Red Army to avenge and correct emboldened resentment against large ethnic Russian minorities in former satellite countries like the Republic of Georgia – despite howls of protest in the western (mainly U.S.) halls of power and media.

Then, a couple of years ago, or a bit more, the goading actions of the west were escalated when the pro-Russian (but independent) duly elected government of a much larger bordering state, Ukraine, to the south, was dislodged by U.S.-encouraged para-military gangs choreographed by Victoria Nuland of the U.S. State Department and led by members of a local neo-Nazi party, marching en masse on Kiev, the country’s ancient capital. These sponsored thugs, recognized as somehow legitimate and in ascendance, meanwhile, fearing reaction by the very large Russian nationality almost-majority concentrated in the eastern half of the country, engaged the local militia forces in pitched battle.

It is important to note that throughout this period of civil strife in eastern Ukraine – according to a statement freely issued by the number 2 man in the unelected Kiev pro-western regime – although actual Russian troops amassed along the Ukraine border, none were known ever to cross into Ukrainian territory.

Meanwhile, to the south of traditional Ukraine, jutting into the Black Sea as a relatively minor peninsular appendage, lay the Crimea, traditionally a small but vital part of Russia. (Its significance lay mostly in the fact that it provided the Russians a unique accessible warm-water port). Historically, the Crimea was tendered as an internal gift of friendship from the Russian Soviet Republic to the Ukrainian Soviet Republic in the early 1950s. About 95% of Crimea’s population was, and is, ethnically Russian.

So, when the entire Russian population of Crimea began to fear drastic treatment at the hands of the neo-Nazil-led Ukrainian forces then running amok in eastern Ukraine, they naturally sent a plea to Russia for protection. And someone got the bright idea of Crimea trying to re-join Russia outright, and so the vehicle of a plebiscite was born to demonstrate that intent – which, of course, was virtually unanimous. And the rest is history.

Except in the U.S. and its strategic European satellites, where the version broadcast goes like this:

Russia, under Putin, it is stated, has shown her aggressive, re-expansionist nature most menacingly, by first attacking poor little Georgia and then invading eastern Ukraine – and then by “grabbing” Crimea! And the pro-Russian government in Ukraine under its pro-Russian former president, Yevtoshenko (actually, democratically-elected) was dictatorially trying to prevent Ukraine from joining the EU and NATO, as its population clamored for, and accordingly, was overthrown by patriotic Ukrainian citizens (who just happened to be wearing brown shirts, or something like that). And the bad Russians shot down the wayward Malaysian airliner over Ukrainian airspace under Putin’s orders – despite all expert findings and testimony to the contrary (see previous postings). Etc.

And now, they (the U.S. media) is screaming that the campaign manager for the benighted candidate opposing their Queen Dowager used to advise as a client the bad old president of Ukraine, Yevtoshenko. And now (supposedly), he, the putrid opposition nominee, and Putin are all in cahoots, surely to no good end.

And the beat goes on. . . while that awful Putin has thrown sand in the gears of the west’s already-sputtering overthrow machinery in Syria, by most-effectively shooting up those very gangs of terrorists who were sponsored, provisioned, and protected by the west, while avoiding harm to those protecting the oddly rather popular object of the west’s wrath, the beleaguered Assad, trying and for the moment succeeding in holding his country together.

Now, if all that doesn’t cry out for thermo-nuclear annihilation of all parties, what on earth does? quoth the QD and the Victoria Nulands. And all of the minions keep reading this very script, more or less, on-air.

P.S. – So, is the U.S. establishment dependent on lies for its maintenance? No; it’s more fittingly called narrative, and even Hollywood’s tightly-enforced narrative is scripted by the nightly news, embroidering new exotic piece-by-piece as required. And as I’ve opined – that is the “top-secret memo”. No need to be leaked.

JH: 8/16/16

Monday, August 15, 2016

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.,
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


Who sits at the top of the New World Order pyramid and is, thus, in command of the power ultimately behind all of the unrelenting turmoil and disorder that everyone, everywhere is now abundantly aware keeps happening and happening at an ever-accelerating clip, in a most unnatural and un-spontaneous way, since 2001, and by now in virtually every corner of the world? (And wouldn’t “the New World Disorder” be a much more fitting designation for what’s going on?

I had a conversation recently with a colleague about who was behind bringing about all of this awful stuff in a by now obviously coordinated fashion with earmark characteristics shared by various of its different growing number of events and manifestations. He said he thought it wasn’t exactly one overall guru puppet master, or even a few, but most likely a few hundred overlapping members in the topmost élite organizations with at least a generally-known public face, obvious examples being the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), Trilateral Commission, the Bilderberg . . .

I told him I thought all of those were prominently involved, close to the top of the pyramid, but shared that the Bilderberg group, with fluid membership based on annual invitation to its conclave, was, according to sparse reports from inside it, expressly instructed to discuss, but not to hotly debate or contest any measures brought forth in its meetings if they hoped to ever get invited back. The implication being that initiatives would come down already decided from entities or bodies above.

And since there appears to be a remarkable cohesion and consistency (should I say carefully-measured relentlessness?) in the apparent agenda being foisted, albeit piecemeal, on the world, I told him I suspected that the overall direction, at least, and probably the directives themselves, were being sent down from the summit for lower-echelon organs and uber-powerful operatives, to get carried out wherever and whenever and however might be indicated. And I suggested that the overall bold decisiveness and consistency of what’s kept happening, through by now numerous decades of policy and command, most certainly overlapping various and sundry U.S. presidencies, would indicate that there was, in fact, a world-scale “unitary executive” of some sort involved (to borrow possibly in-the-know prominent élite member Richard Cheney’s not coincidentally most apt term), quite securely occupying the very top, prime source position.

And that admittedly hypothetical “unitary executive” (or politburo), I conjectured, must consist of a tight group of select intimate individuals, few enough in number to relax around an ordinary conference table – a sort of board of trustees, with, presumably, one clear, likely hereditary leader. I say “likely hereditary” because the staged, multi-sectoral policy of its global program seems so coherent and consistent over multiple decades (though not always highly-successful or well-calibrated result-wise), with no evidence I know of of disruptive internal kerfuffles or reversals at the top of the order.

Surely, there must be a Nazi-Zionist caste and plot to all of this? you object. Well, the main shared attribute of the top of the pyramid is commonly known to be money. And who has and wields more than the lion’s share of the world’s wealth? The leading central bankers, who tend to be, by origin, N___-Z______s. My nomination for the likely identity of the chairman (unitary executive) of the world? The most apt and commanding member currently of the old-line Rothschild clan. (They are real people, after all, and true super-titans via endless re-compounding interest and acumen early on, so it’s logical, though not definite. It’s hard to guess who else would be so uncontested in such a position).

A more vexing question may be, how do they pull it off – their more-than-substantial global-scale control? Loans and interest rates, firm ensconce-ment as the longtime virtually lone source of fluid mega-capital to all of the now bankrupt sell-out governments (the “strongest” of which, note, plop resounding for Israel). And they wield similar control increasingly, through subsidiaries, of firms and individuals at all levels. Legions of compliant competitors for prime seats on the lifeboats of the obviously badly-misguided Titanic that is the world socioeconomic structure are given to know at all times which way the current is running and that they best not try to buck it, even in the slightest. And the way it runs they learn, above all, from the reliably compliant western media’s completely-servile reportage.

By comparison, very feeble and disorganized are the forces and individuals who would dare try to stem the prevailing tide on grounds of truth and public good, opposing the all-permeating, overpowering juggernaut.

One telling example to illustrate:
This year’s U.S. presidential contest seems extremely perverse and strange. My read is that “the powers-that-be” determined that Hillary Clinton, their ultimate “insider” member, her own value chamber emptied and refilled with their objectives, means, and scenarios – and, for good measure, totally owned by them in easy exchange for corruptly provided wealth, élite identity, and loud vocal, many-sided élite backing, is their designee (not candidate, designee). And for obvious reasons: she would, in fact, be them in the U.S. presidency. If (when) they want a war, speed-dial one up! If they want to subdue you and me through imposition of marshal law, due to the intransigence of some of us who resist their reasonable persuasion? Done! Legal “justification” will be found, or some rigamarole thrown together. Scuttle all progressive programs and bothersome pending legislation? They’re gone! All hands on deck = all seize-able funds to go toward warmongering, war buildup, war funding and materiel, planning, deployment, and testing new weapons, buying mercenaries and allies, planting more bases, systematically disappearing gigantic caches of money, more things like that! Did I mention stepped-up policing? All accomplished as favors owed.

Trump? He’s the consummate self-promoting blow-hard showman and contrarian, conveniently with a following already. He was flattered with all the unlimited and unrestricted free airtime he could conceivably fill on all the networks, month after month after month, to obliterate into obscurity by comparison all the other (dull) candidates, inevitably galling in the process all the still sane among us with his buffoonery and depravity. Why? Because he was the only conceivable opposing nominee even the daily-more-loathed arch-criminal HRC would likely look better than to people in most states, and so could be elected over.

But, reliably self-defeating though Donald Trump may indeed be, there still remains that faint hope among HRC’s gaggle of still certifiably-sane detractors that she might yet come off as even worse than Trump. If you can call that sort of forlorn pining “hope”. For, what would Trumpian domination of the U.S. government possibly look, sound, smell like? One thing we can know for sure: the NWO would not stand by idly for four or, O Lord, eight years.

So, what are Hillary’s more-recent and current crimes to which I refer? Well, they’re not crimes against the NWO code of conduct, that’s for sure, but against us. A top current one, in reality possibly the most serious, is election fraud. Apparent voting-machine hacking and tampering to reverse the tally in about a dozen key states in order to steal the Democratic nomination. Commendable (because it worked) in the eyes of the NWO – which disdains democracy in any form. A second, how about murder for hire? Multiple murder for hire? The mainstream media never once dares mention the lawsuit competently mounted, with convincing, hard evidence, against Clinton and the DNC for the felony of election fraud. When Trump parrots some of the progressive Democrats raising and supporting the lawsuit, including other serious election infringements as well as voting machine tampering, largely revealed objectively, among multiple other things, by recent Wikileaks dumps of not-previously-disclosed emails, no less than the President is trotted out to roundly and jeeringly ridicule Trump’s very reasonable deduction that the November election might likewise be “rigged” as some sort of new wild, baseless “conspiracy theory” (completely overlooking stark, election-reversing examples in point from 2000, 2004, and 2016).

So, then, what about the five recent murders (or phenomenally timely, unlikely “suicides”) of fit individuals about to testify against HRC or connected closely with the Clinton Foundation, the DNC, and/or the Clinton campaign? Are those dire new allegations of “just too handy and suspicious” deaths to-be-routine really so frivolous, I wondered, that neither would the FBI take note, the media report a word of their suspicious circumstances, or responsible parties ever even bother to get involved? That is, until today. Today, obviously wondering similarly, Julian Assange, the renowned founder of Wikileaks, and purveyor of all the leaked Clinton and DNC “deleted” emails, has also offered a reward of $20,000 to anyone who can materially solve the latest of the murders, that of 27-year-old DNC programming operative, Seth Rich, who was reportedly to testify later in the week in which he was shot in the back in a “botched robbery” at 4 a.m. in DC.

And so, the question now arises as more than a hypothetical: would the public still support an indicted murder-arranger or willing accomplice over the brash and crude Mr. Trump? (Or alternatively, for some, can obviously-hacked voting machines stop a rebelling and revolting U.S. public?)

JH: 8/10/16

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Pepe Escobar - Queen of War: Road Map Ahead

Hillary, Queen of War: The Road Map Ahead
By Pepe Escobar

August 07, 2016 "Information Clearing House" - "Sputnik" - It all starts with a Wahhabi-Zionist lovefest.

The Saudi Foreign Ministry was forced to go on a non-denial denial overdrive about a visit to Israel on July 22 by a delegation led by retired Gen. Anwar Eshki.
Eshki happens to be close to Saudi intel superstar and onetime close Osama bin Laden pal Prince Turki bin Faisal, who recently met in the open with former Israel Defense Forces (IDF) generals Yaakov Amidror and Amos Yadlin.

While in Israel, Eshki met with Foreign Ministry Director-General Dore Gold, and Maj. Gen. Yoav Mordechai, the top IDF honcho in the West Bank.

There’s absolutely no way the House of Saud would not have given a green light for such a visit – and such high-level meetings. By the way, the Interior Ministry in Saudi Arabia bans all travel to Israel – as well as Iran and Iraq.

So what’s the big deal? The Israelis spun it as the Saudis – fronting for the Arab League — offering a normalization of ties with the Arab world without Israel abdicating from anything on the Palestinian front. The only thing Tel Aviv would have to do, much later, is to adopt the 2002, Saudi-proposed Arab peace initiative.

That’s nonsense. For starters, the ultra right-wing Zionists in power in Tel Aviv will never accept reverting to the pre-1967 borders and recognizing the state of Palestine. What was “discussed” was a non-deal, even as Tel Aviv gloats, “important Arab states are willing to openly embrace us even though we have not given up one inch of the West Bank and even as we continue to control Al-Aqsa Mosque.”

If the Arab League would ever embark in such a blatant non-deal, forever throwing the Palestinians under myriad bulldozers, chances are oligarchies/petromonarchies all across the spectrum should start booking that one-way ticket to London.

That Moscow-Tehran-Ankara alliance
So what did they actually talk about? Predictably, the imminent prospect of the Full Spectrum Dominatrix finally taking over the White House.

Both Bibi Netanyahu in Tel Aviv and de facto House of Saud ruler and Prince of War Mohammad bin Salman in Riyadh have been reduced, under the Obama administration, to the status of proverbial, euphemistic “estranged allies”. Between them, they are de facto allies – even as they cannot admit it to the Arab street. Both are dead sure, under the Queen of War, there will be – what else – war. The question is against whom.

Informed speculation points towards the Saudi/Israeli common enemy, Iran. That’s complicated. The joint Saudi/Israeli strategy across the Middle East is indeed in tatters. Tehran has not been trapped in a quagmire neither in Syria nor in Iraq. ISIS/ISIL/Daesh and assorted “moderate rebels” – covertly supported by the Saudi/Israeli axis — are on the run, even if they insist they are not “al-Qaeda” anymore. Prince of War bin Salman is entrapped himself in an unwinnable war on Yemen.

And then there’s the spectacular post-coup pivot by Sultan Erdogan in Turkey – for all practical purposes abandoning those elaborate no-fly-zone dreams of annexing a post-Assad Syria to his neo-Ottoman set up.

The House of Saud is livid as Turkish diplomats have started to spread this blockbuster news: Erdogan has proposed to Iran’s Rouhani an all-embracing alliance with President Putin to finally solve the Middle East riddle.

Whatever erratic Erdogan’s agenda may be, a possible ice-breaking new deal between Moscow and Ankara will be discussed de facto in the upcoming Putin-Erdogan face-to-face meeting. All geopolitical signs at this stage point – albeit tentatively – towards a revived Russia/Iran/Turkey alliance, even as a horrified House of Saud is going no holds barred to gain Moscow’s trust by offering “untold wealth” and privileged access to the GCC market.

As confirmed by a top Western intel source, “the Saudis are definitely keeping all contacts open with the Kremlin. The Saudi King is in Tangiers now and has met Russian envoys there. They mean what they say. But Putin will not abandon Assad. There has to be a compromise. Both need it.”

President Putin is in a privileged spot. Even without accepting the Saudi offer – which is just a promise, with no ironclad guarantees – Russia holds the best cards, as in a quite problematic but ultimately feasible Moscow-Tehran-Ankara alliance that is all about Eurasian integration (and a future seat for Turkey, alongside Iran, in the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, SCO.)

A Saudi-Moscow alliance for its part would inevitably lead a Queen of War administration towards – what else — regime change in Riyadh disguised as R2P; “responsibility to protect” the Saudi populace. One should expect Hillary crony Samantha Power to vehemently defend it at the UN.

It’s all about The Three Harpies
Yet considering the Queen of War’s instincts, all signs do point towards Iran. The manual/blueprint/road map for Hillary’s wars is arguably here, in this very dangerous intersection between US neocons and neoliberalcons. The CNAS think tank is led by one-third (Michele Flournoy) of what I have dubbed The Three Harpies; Hillary Clinton, Flournoy and – the most terrifying words in the English language – Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, the possible lethal trio in charge of foreign policy under a Clinton Three administration.

This is in fact PNAC (the Project for a New American Century) on steroids, with echoes of the warlike 1992 US Defense Planning Guidance disguised under the soothing rhetoric of benevolent hegemony and “rules-based international order”. If the Trump campaign managed to restrain his motormouth and/or motortweet instincts and focus on what this warmongering opus means for the US and the world at large they would strike a chord with millions of undecided US voters.

For all her bluster, and that will be elevated to unheard-of hysterical levels, the Full Spectrum Dominatrix won’t be foolish enough to launch a war – which will inevitably be nuclear – against either Russia (Baltics as a pretext) or China (South China Sea as a pretext), the Pentagon’s top two “existential threats”.

In Syria, on the other hand, by January 2017 al-Qaeda/not al-Qaeda goons formerly known as “moderate rebels” will be mostly six feet under.

Erdogan may be making NATO’s life in Turkey unbearable. As the Queen of War is in AIPAC’s pocket, and considering the Clinton Foundation’s by now legendary cozy ties with the House of Saud, the war target would have to be the Saudi/Israeli preferred target, on top of it pro-Damascus and in close touch with both Ankara and Moscow: Iran.

But how to pull it off? One avenue, already being explored, is to bomb by all means — and not figuratively — the Iran nuclear deal. A concerted campaign in US mainstream media is already burying the deal; and even Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei – as reported in the US – is on the record saying Washington cannot be trusted; ‘‘They tell us ‘Let’s talk about regional issues, too.’ But the experience of the nuclear deal suggests this is deadly poison and in no way can the Americans be trusted.’’

So expect from Team Clinton the proverbial media barrage of dodgy spin, baseless accusations and the occasional, perfectly positioned false flag to lure Tehran intro a trap, like, for instance, in neoliberalcon wishful thinking, Iran reviving its nuclear program. Of course this won’t happen, but a Hellfire barrage of disinformation will be used by the powerful anti-Iran lobby in the US Congress to sort of make it happen, even as an illusion.

And all this while Iran, among other development matters, is busy planning a new transportation corridor from the Persian Gulf to the Black Sea, connecting to Armenia, Georgia and Bulgaria, and positioning the nation as a key trade hub connecting the Arab world in the south and west; Central Asia in the north; and Afghanistan and Pakistan in the east, all the way to Europe. Once again, Eurasian integration on the move.

Tehran has myriad reasons to be on red alert if the Full Spectrum Dominatrix gets her hands on the nuclear codes (how’s that not scarier than Trump?) She will act as a surefire faithful servant of the Saudi/Israeli alliance. The road map is ready. And neocons and neoliberalcons alike can hardly contain their excitement at seeing in action “a force that can flex across several different mission sets and prevail.”

For you who think "chemtrails" are fairy-tales

Monday, August 1, 2016


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


Brave New World is unfolding daily before our jaded ears and eyes. The history of a country and an entire world is being expressly miswritten and deceitfully mis-chronicled indelibly on the convoluted surfaces of our half-Teflon common mind, persistently, day-by-day. And the recording process has been underway around the clock for at very least seven decades now. Events are painted vivid and brightly, little resembling anything that did or conceivably might have actually happened when examined close-up. If A is what so-and-so said yesterday, by today, everybody is talking, heatedly, straight-face about B having been said, but without the slightest trace of A remaining. And you think the mistake is with you, your understanding or recall. And the reviled original speaker gets pounded on the head for saying what was never even as much as inferred, while you’re told that it’s proper to renounce him or them for saying such a thing as they didn’t say. And notice how the speaker being blasted never answers back, definitively pointing that out? Because, what’s the use when the damage is already done? Why string it out? Because the official story is being unstoppably rewritten not faithfully and forced on us into the record of our dictated shared memory by everyone who is fed the cue.

And if and when favored person C has been caught in serious serial compounding lies or crimes via leaked information, ditch that and turn around and vilify the hackers who retrieved it and handed it on – ideally, blame the Russians on hearsay or no evidence as the likely source and pivot off the totally likely crimes of the favored one into obfuscating unproven international election tampering, confusing and combining related or unrelated stories.

And then, when Donald Trump declares that Russia didn’t invade Ukraine (which, for what it’s worth they didn’t; the second-ranking official in Ukraine admitted as much a year ago), no less personage than Richard Haas, president of the Council on Foreign Relations, the august unelected decisive fomenter and sponsor of all of our wars, appeared today on TV to duly rebuke and scold the Donald, apparently for quarreling with the official narrative that they (meaning Putin, Donald’s supposed ally) had done so, and grabbed the Crimea as well (which actually, being filled with Russian nationals, voted 95% of its own accord, to rejoin their ancestral homeland, without any intervention whatsoever by Russian troops). Because, the narrative that Russia invades (after all, who else would do that?) is established and must be asserted and reinforced for purposes overriding and rendering the truth dispensable. The truth is, in effect, redefined as “what we say it is”, and not to be tampered with.

Briefly for now, it’s reasonable to expect that the frequent brushfire terrorist atrocities and “high-profile” police shootings and counter-shootings that have bedeviled us for some years, the basis of Trump’s campaign angst that they must be dealt with and stopped, may abate for a little while and slide off into the background, to let our little pea-brains rest. Or at least, not be reported as shrilly for days afterward, 24/7. And then, a way down the road, used again to not only terrify us of Muslims, but once more divide us into violent verbal and gunfire punctuated camps along racial voting bloc lines. That’s my flat prediction: halt and then go at it again.

Because the designs of these perpetual hate and control bombings and bolstered military-style confrontations to blast the narrative along, are every bit as precisely plotted and directed, choreographed, as they are ineptly and implausibly carried out, with their frequently bumbling crisis actors, strained-to-impossible rationales and scenarios, and incredible, maddening success because or in spite of giving us (and the French, the Belgians and the Germans and the Turks, Bangladeshis, Brits, and… ) the unrelenting jitters.

So, let’s all fool them and learn to shrug it off; or better, learn to denounce and threaten to an inch of their lives the actual, bureaucratic State “Security” perps. Abandon to the rats and wind the criminals pushed forth to run and rule us. And throw in for molesting and manipulating, the perpetual, overtime, shameless, conniving, inane, purposeful in-house professional terror planners with the lot. No more official, enforceable permanent or even ad hoc campaigns of lies. They don’t deserve to be treated as a major threat to the planet. Basta, permanently!

JH: 8/1/16