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Friday, August 18, 2017

How "Both Sides" Forge US Supremacy

US Forces To Occupy Syria For Decades To Come

Locked And Loaded: War With Korea Cannot Be Contained, But Must Be Prevented

A Tribute To Courage Needed More Than Ever: A Personal Note From Ernst Zundel's Wife

Syrian War Report: Syrian Army Delivers Devastating Blow To ISIS In Homs Province

When Will US Transcend White Supremacy?

Look Out! Anti-Fascist And Far-Right Groups Plan Simultaneous Barcelona Protests

A Charlottesville Conspiracy Theory - Something Strange Going On

8/17/17: Barcelona False Flag?

New Scrutiny Of Clinton-Lynch Tarmac Meet

North Korea Predicts "Catastrophe" As US Wargames Begin

Marco Rubio Says It's OK To Beat People For Their Thoughts

Ron Paul: The Truth About Yemen (Video)

Divide And Conquer Chaos Agenda EXPOSED

Charlottesville Narrative Collapse

Russia Bashing By Longtime CIA Asset David Ignatius

Federal Appeals Court Rules Military Judge Should Have Recused Himself In 9/11 Case

Gold Spikes Above $1,300, Overtakes Dow Year-To-Date

Comeuppance? The War On Whites Goes Global

Oregon To No Longer Treat Drug Possession As A Felony

Living Beings Can Be Turned Into Programmable Computers Through "RNA Circuits"

Social Security Requires A Bailout 60 x Greater Than 2008 Bank Bailout

Calexit III? New Ballot Measure, Another Route

Antifa Flag Comes Directly From The German Communist Party In 1932

Have Harvard Professors Given Up Scholarship For Fake News?

Fool's Errand: Time To End The War In Afghanistan

Protecting Internet Users Against Surveillance

The Importance Of Being Vulnerable In A Hardening World

Do Customers Even Know Health Risks Are Associated With Electromagnetic Fields?

Repercussions Of Trump's "Military Options" On the Table For Venezuela

Government And Military's Faithfulness To Constitutional Oaths

LA Metro Begins Pilot Program For Full-Body Scanners Funded By Bill Gates

Russia Turns To Cryptocurrencies To Counter US Sanctions

Korean War Part II?

Mysterious USAF X-37B Space Plane Prepping For September Launch

"Crowd Hire" Company Recruiting $25 An Hour Political Activists

Study Finds Downside Of Higher Minimum Wage

Media Host Cries Over Trump Blaming "Both Sides"

How To Get Safely Home Following An EMP

Why Is The Market Behaving So Strangely?

The Rise Of The "Antifa"

Freedom For Speech We Hate

Virginia State Police Didn't Find Caches Of Weapons In Charlottesville

Report: Something Major Is About To Break On Three Different Fronts

Clinton Conspiracy, Soros To Take Over California (Video)

The Past, Present, And Future Of The Federal Reserve

Yale Doctor: Secret Anti-Trump Governmnet Forces Recruited Me

Parents Catch FBI In Plot To Force Mentally-Ill Son To Be A Right-Wing Terrorist

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Fake News On Russia And Other Official Enemies

Why Does North Korea Hate Us? (And Lots Of Other Countries For Their Own Special Reasons, Too)

Americans Are Rapidly Descending Into Madness

PCR: A House Divided Against Itself Cannot Stand

The Story Of Charlottesville Was Written In Blood In The Ukraine

PCR: "The Camp Of The Saints" - Some Tough Reading

Is This Guy Loony? Says Trump To Resign

Grim Tidings: When Destruction Trumped Construction

Syria's Foreign Minister: "History Will Show It Was The US" That Introduced Chemical Weapons To Syrian War

Syrian War Report: Iran Builds Long-Range Missile Factory In Syria

Abel Danger: Kelly 62

Abel Danger: Kelly 63

Top Iranian General Meets Turkish President

Trump Adviser Suggested Meeting With Russians During Campaign, But Was Shot Down By Sessions

Rep. Rohrabacher Says Assange Could Be Pardoned For Info About DNC Leak Source

8 Now Charged In Toppling Of NC Statue

Current Aquaculture Tech Could Provide 100 Times Current Seafood Consumption

Did You Know About The Great Hyperinflation Of The 17th Century? - A True Precedent

Now, Genderless Babies

Robert E. Lee On Confederate Statues And Symbols

Why Iceland Trades With China But The EU Doesn't

James Corbett Interview About Federal Reserve History

Interview 1293 – James Corbett on The Gary Null Show

Mainstream Media Weeps For Dead White Helmets, Terrorists, Cries For Nusra

Report: Van Crashes Into Crowds In Barcelona

Therapists Report Massive Spike In Patients Suffering From "President Trump Derangement Disorder"

Out Of The Shadows, Hillary Clinton Openly Subverts President Trump With $800 K Donation To "Resistance" Movement

ISIS Hit Squads Using Refugee Program To Infiltrate Western Nations

The US Military Will Be Conducting A "Major Military Exercise" On Korean Peninsula During The Solar Eclipse

A Single Donald Trump Tweet Just Lost Amazon $6 Billion In Value

FBI Reopens Case Into Lynch-Clinton Tarmac Meeting

20 Declassified Files That Prove Governmental Crime, Conspiracy - Part 1

In Their Own Words: The Radical Political Goals Of "Anti-Fascists"

Steven Pieczenik: Controlled Opposition Behind Charlottesville Rally

The Wisdom Fund: Pentagon Transcripts, Official Records Refute 9/11 Commission Report

Natural News: Alt-Left And Alt-Right Are Being Run By The Same People

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Real Goals Of The Intolerant Left & Extermination Of Conservative White Culture And Elimination Of 1st Amendment

Interview With Paul Craig Roberts About Deep State And US-Russia Explosive Relations

Julian Assange Meets Brave US Congressman, Vows To Prove Russia Did Not Leak Him Documents

In Blackwater Case, Court Rejects A Murder Conviction And Voids Three Sentences

Radical Leadership: Turning The Tables On Soft Slavery

Questions To US Citizens

Racial Supremacy And The Zionist Exception

Who Has Fanned The Flames Of Fascism? Our Politicians And Newspapers

Smashing Statues, Seeding Strife

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America's Policy Of Nuclear Annihilation Is The Problem

Judicial Watch Report Shows That Trump Was Right About Voter Fraud

Syrian War Report: Army Repels Fierce ISIS Attacks Neal Euphrates River

PRC: Charlottesville2 - Dire And Then Some

Jordanian Daily: Damascus To Seize Control Of Entire Syria Soon

Taliban: Open Letter To Trump Urges US To Leave Afghanistan

Damascus: US, UK Supply Toxic Agents To Terrorists In Syria

Catalonia: George Orwell And Mohammed Atta Were Here

Abel Danger: Kelly 61

John Lennon On Violence

Charlottesville Violence Blame Game

Atomic Scientists: North Korea's Nuclear Missile Claims Are A Hoax

What Some Are Thinking About Next Monday's Total Eclipse

10 Shocking New Facts About The Opioid Crisis In America

DOJ Demands Personal Data On 1.3 Million Who Visited Anti-Trump Web Site

Iran's Substantial Threats If US Continues Sanctions

Americans To Be Hit Hard By This Scheme To Confiscate Your Savings

Establishment Hell-Bent To Pin Charlottesville On Trump, Regardless

UN Geospatial Organization To Force Sustainable Development

Germany experimenting With "love Drugs" to Make People More Accepting Of Migrants

Question: How Will America End?

World's First Multi-Use Holographic Table Is Here, For Sale Next Year

Insanity: Denmark Gives Homes, Jobs To Former ISIS Thugs

A Real Left Wing In US Would Be Something To Behold - Why It's Squeezed Out

North Korean Health Care: What If Their System Is Superior?

Will Bernie Sanders's "Medicare For All" Fix Health Care?

New US Oil Discovery Seen As Key

Google Made The Rampant NSA. Why?

Foreigners Bought $18.7 B Worth Of Homes In Texas In 12 Months, More In Florida

Multiple High Officials Warn Of Plot To Assassinate - Trying To Rattle Him, Or Leaks?

Hyping North Korea To Relaunch Reagan's Star Wars?

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

When All The World's A War...

Plastic Patch Bigger Than Mexico Just Discovered In The Pacific

Benjamin Fulford: Geopolitical Update - August 14, 2017

Media Thinks Trumps Even-Handedness, Even With Condemnations, Give Supremacists A Boost

Military Control Of The Civilian

Police: Charlottesville Was "Inside Job" To Ignite Race War

US Failure, Blame China

America Convulsing The World: Master List Of Overthrow Ops Since End Of WW II

An Enigma? 600,000 Syrians Voluntarily Returned Home This Year

PRC: In America, Propaganda Has Vanquished Truth And The Paths Thereto

Ominous Broadcast Anomalies Interpreted

State Of The Art Russian Torpedo That Changed The Rules Of Maritime Warfare

Three Disputants On The Future Of Russia

The Monster Is Already Inside America

Trump Stands By His Statement: "Blame On Both Sides" In Charlottesville

North Korea Backs Off Guam Missile Attack Threat

Massive Money Printing To Restart The Economy After Financial Crisis Has Caused And Even Bigger Bubble

Cognitive Dissonance And The Statue Of Robert E. Lee

Cognitive Dissonance and the Statue of Robert E. Lee

by Menckens Ghost

When the news broke about white supremacists inciting violence over the removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville, Virginia, I was reading one of the most thought-provoking books on human nature that I've ever read—namely, the New York Times bestseller, Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind, by Yuval Noah Harari.

One can't have a fragile ego to read the book, for it doesn't speak highly of Homo sapiens. But it does explain why modern humans have such violent disagreements over statues and other totems and the ideas they represent.

It wasn't always this way.

Throughout most of human history, the natural limit on the size of social organizations was about 150 people. Tribes and clans didn't exceed this size because the social glue that kept people together was their familiarity with each other. After all, it's difficult to know and trust everyone when a grouping is larger than 150.

This limit held until the recent development (recent in evolutionary time) of language and abstract thinking. This development enabled humans to greatly exceed the natural limit and to form villages, city states, kingdoms, nations, and empires. The glue of personal relations was replaced by the abstract glues of religion, mythology, laws, manifestos, constitutions, economic theories, and flags and other totems. Strangers could come together under such symbols and beliefs to work cooperatively toward common goals and mutual defense.

Of course they also could come together to subjugate and kill those with different symbols and beliefs. In fact, humans began attacking each other over ideas with as much fervor as they once did over food, territory, and plunder.

A sampling: Thousands of years ago, the new idea of monotheism in the Old Testament, coupled with the idea that the Israelites were the chosen people, resulted in bloodshed by the Israelites and against the Israelites. Christ was later crucified for departing from the established idea and saying he was the savior. Polytheist Romans fed Christians to the lions before Constantine declared Christianity as the religion of the Roman Empire. Christians burned heretics at the stake over ideas they didn't like. The idea of a master race led National Socialists to come up with the Final Solution. Bolsheviks fought White Russians and starved their own people over ideas about class and economics. Communists and capitalists continued the fight through direct conflict, proxy wars and the Cold War. Sunnis and Shia continue to kill to each other over their respective ideas about Mohammed.

And so it goes, ad nausea, with humans continuing to attack each other over political ideology and religion—that is, over different ideas and dogmas.

Which takes us back to the statue of Robert E. Lee. The statue is a tangible object, but it also stands for abstract ideas.

For some, it stands for valor, honor, and states' rights. For others, it stands for enslavement, white privilege, and rebellion. Still others see it as a racial marker; that is, as a rallying cry for white supremacists or a rallying cry for those who still feel victimized by racism but have racist attitudes about whites. Historians see it simply as an historical artifact, one that tells a complicated story about the nation's history.

I'm with the historians. Let the statue stand, but with interpretative signage that explains the competing ideas that led to a half-million Americans being slaughtered by their fellow Americans. One of the ideas from the Confederate side was that someone could be a good Christian and still own other human beings—an obvious intellectual contradiction.

But, admittedly, printing that contradiction on an interpretative sign for all to see would trigger even more outrage, albeit from a different group: those who can't tolerate any criticism of their religion.

As the book Sapiens makes clear, most of the cherished beliefs and ideas and myths and totems that hold together a social grouping are full of inherent contradictions, whether the grouping is a nation, a religion, a political ideology, a political party, or a large organization like Google. This holds true for the dialectic of communism, the market philosophy of Adam Smith, the Declaration of Independence and Constitution, the political beliefs of contemporary conservatives and liberals, the policies of Republicans and Democrats, the echo chambers of talk radio and NPR, the worship of racial and gender diversity at Google, and, especially, my libertarian beliefs. Each has flaws in logic, each doesn't tell the whole story, each ignores countervailing facts, and each requires some degree of faith and suspension of reality.

Take my boyhood religion of Catholicism, which teaches that the pope is infallible, a teaching that has been proven wrong repeatedly throughout history. Cognitive dissonance is necessary for someone to ignore this contradiction, just as mental gymnastics are required to ignore other contradictions inherent in not only Catholicism but also in other religions, political ideologies, and economic theories.

To summarize: Ideas are the glue that holds together societies, nations, religions, and other large social groupings. And cognitive dissonance protects the glue. Without the protection of cognitive dissonance, the glue melts under the heat lamp of facts and reality, and social adhesion begins to come apart.

We're watching this happen to the USA.

Analyst Says The Banks Are Preparing To Steal All Of Your Money And More

Firefox Browsers Will Soon Block "Fake News" Flagged By George Soros

The Pervasiveness Of Toxic Petrochemicals In Household Products And How To Avoid Them

The FCC Is Asleep At The Switch Regarding Radio Frequency Safety Standards And Protecting The Public

Pre-Planned, Choreographed Chaos

Who Were The 9/11 Mystery Passengers? Switched Planes? Cell Phones Still Transmitting After Crash?

Charlottesville Declared A Globalists' "Capital Of The Resistance"

Damning Investigation Shows Big Pharma Bribed 68,000 Doctors To Push Deadly Opioids

North Korea's ICBM Capability Discounted

US: Has It Really Come To This?

Putin's More Likely Alternative Explanation Of North Korea Crisis

Do Our Elections Even Matter? Study Finds 3.5 Million More Registered Than Eligible Voters

Monday, August 14, 2017

Abel Danger: Kelly 60

3 Signs You Might Be A Pawn Of The New World Order

Ron Paul: Myth-Busters - Debt Ceiling For Deadbeats

Police Stand By As Mob Attacks Jason Kessler During Charlottesville Press Conference

A Flying Car From DeLorean Really Won't Need Roads

Ron Paul: Attack Venezuela? Trump Can't Be Sevious

Deep Probe: Google Said Conceived, Funded, And Directed By The CIA

PCR: Disturbing Lessons From Charlottesville - Now It's To Be Voiceless White Males

Turkey Ending Support For Syrian Rebels Goodwill Gesture Toward Damascus

Turkey Ending Support for Syrian Rebels Goodwill Gesture Towards Damascus

Beijing Seconds Moscow's Call To Adopt Russia-China Plan For Korean Crisis

PCR: Hellstorm Update

Trump: Racism "Repugnant" To American Values

North Korea Recalls Key Ambassadors To Pyongyang As Tensions Escalate

A Deeper Look At Charlottesville: Psy-Op

President Trump Says Nuclear Weapons Are World's Greatest Threat

PCR: Hellstorm, The Ducumentary - Monstrous Evil Lived On

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Continuity Of Agenda: Trump's Fire And Fury Brewed Under Bush, Obama

YouTube Is Now Purging Evidence Of War Crimes - Labeling It "Extremist" Content

5 Stories You're Missing While The Media Hypes A Nuclear War With North Korea

Venezuelan Lawmaker May Have Put A Hit On Senator Rubio

The Logic Of War

New GM Crops Use RNA Interference Technology For Mass Sterilization

Getting A Grip On Artificial Intelligence

Jailed Hacker "Guccifer" Says US Government Fabricated "Guccifer 2.0" As An Inside Job

Donald Trump Wants To Invade The World, Presumably For Israel/Saudi Arabia

You Will Not Replace Us!

Source: TVOI News

By Vicky Davison • August 13, 2017

The most unsurprising thing about the events surrounding the rally to protest the removal of the statue of General Robert E. Lee which included a torch-lit march to the statue Friday evening followed by a rally at a park the next day, is that the media labeled all those who were protesting as white supremacists.

Antifa, the communists who are well known for their violence and radicalism were given a pass even though they were the antagonists opposing the protesters and they were the source of the violence at the rally. It remains to be seen which side of the issue the driver, James Alex Fields who plowed into a crowd of antifa marchers – killing one and injuring 19 others was antifa or a protester because the radical left is well known for committing heinous acts while pretending to be on the right.

When President Trump made a statement about the events in Charlottesville, VA, he said "we're going to study it". My suggestion would be that they start with what the people were chanting during the torch-lit march to the statue…. YOU WILL NOT REPLACE US! That statement speaks volumes about the alienation of our young people from the country in which they were born.

It was easy for the simple-minded mainstream media to use the location and the statue of Robert E. Lee to paint the protesters as racists because no matter what the people on the right protest, they are called racists. Even the people involved in the occupation of Malheur and the Bundy ranch standoff were labeled as racists enough though the issues were land use, abuse of government regulatory power and the use of military force against civilians in a civil dispute. (Note to government: nobody was fooled by the Park Ranger patches on the soldiers).

With even a modicum of familiarity with history, these are the actions of a government that is becoming communist. Excessive use of force, erasing history, replacement of the existing culture (social order) by outsiders who are hostile to everything the country was before the conversion. In other words, communists destabilize countries as they take over – putting their comrades into positions of power while at the same time – rewriting history.

What got me started with Internet research and writing was the replacement of American IT professionals with Indian imports who – according to media propaganda were better analysts and programmers despite the fact that they were coming from a third world country where the people would simply stop, drop their pants and crap on the side of the road. Outhouses were an “innovation” that seems to have eluded them but they were great IT people. And the same thing was happening at the same time to American blue collar workers. The mainstream media propaganda was that the massive invasion of mostly Mexicans was to do the jobs that Americans wouldn’t do. American construction workers were jobless – replaced by Mexicans who came from a country where raw sewage runs in the streets in their capital city and most people live in shanties. The ultimate joke was when workers were imported from Thailand to pick the apples in Yakima because those were jobs that the Mexicans no longer would do.

The replacement of American workers in our job market was the ultimate betrayal of Americans by our own government. Where is the benefit to economically destroying your own people? It almost made me laugh when Donald Trump said in his little speech about Charlottesville that we have to love each other, trust and believe in each other again. Really? And this comes after he announced that he was going to fix the immigration system to be merit based allowing foreign students (who are attending AMERICAN schools with AMERICAN students) to stay in the country and work – no doubt taking those jobs that our American students won’t do. If I don’t sound angry and bitter, it's due to my failings as a writer and not because the emotions aren't there – because they are and they are strong.

When I heard the chant of the marchers in Charlottesville…. YOU WILL NOT REPLACE US! That's the rallying cry for Americans and I stand 100% with them. They are young. They should have all the youthful optimism of a future in a country that presents itself as standing for freedom and liberty but that country is betraying them by trying to change our history while diminishing their prospects for the future by replacing them in the job market in their own country while erasing their history, heritage, culture and identity.

Since I started my internet activism, my self-assigned mission was to reconstruct the history that led to such an incredible betrayal of our people by our own elected officials and government. Just like the Quislings of France who aligned themselves with foreigners – the German Nazis, the American government has aligned itself with the globalist ideas of Open borders, Open economy – Open society with the devolution of power ultimately towards disintegration of the national government. In effect, they've been committing national suicide while throwing our people to the wolves and then they wonder why our young people are protesting in the streets?

Please go to TVOI News to read the entire article.

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House Judiciary Committee Asks For Second Special Prosecutor To Investigate Clinton-Comey-Lynch

Historian David Irving's Statement On His Horrendous Imprisonment In Austria... (SCROLL DOWN, DOWN, DOWN...)

A Bug In US Explanation: While Collapsing In Syria, ISIS Spreads Globally

NEW 9/11 Findings: Cell Phone Calls, Mystery Passengers

Saturday, August 12, 2017


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization

Dear Reader, note that none of what follows would be true if the defenses in the Constitution and the Declaration were in force in spirit and letter. Should you find some part untrue, please say so, and celebrate that!

Dispassionate vs Engaged

To those who demand a more dispassionate account of such resonant human affairs, I say this: If I were reporting the parts per million of sulfur in water, or the order of finish in the third race at Belmont, then maybe. If I’m talking about the effects of the months-long horrific battle of Mosul on inhabitants of the city, then it’s not my style – unless you want a dry list of the number of limbs, organs, dreams, lives, and homes permanently stolen, including no interviews or on-the-ground impressions, the truth rendering even histrionics part of the objective story. The account I’m about to render, while still slower in its progression, carries all the same implications as that, on a worldwide scale, without exception.

The Nature of the Governance

First, it must be acknowledged that the U.S. government doesn’t normally attempt to ascertain and doesn’t respond rationally to verifiable facts, whatever those may be, in any instance. Matters with which it concerns itself are, in general, those it sees as vehicles to enhance itself or forward one of its multiple entwined agendas or those of a concerned agency, in some cases, a single official. A narrative is established and sold to the public or cognizant parties embodying the benefit perceived to said government itself, an agency, or involved official, at best only loosely representing verifiable facts, and word is passed down the ranks as necessary that that’s the line to adhere to, all claims to the contrary to be ignored or dismissed – never seriously entertained or rebutted. The same can be witnessed regarding the arbitrary U.S. “justice” system.

The U.S. government perceives or invents grievances against any leaders or countries it sees standing it the way of its global enhancement. Hence, it’s not an eagle, rather a “roaring lion looking for whom to devour”. It demonizes its prey to mobilize public support for its aggression, assigning or inventing principled motives for notorious violent attacks, normally against weaker “foes”, taunting and badgering fellow larger rivals at the scene. It abandons its treaties and solemn promises shamelessly, invariably charging opposites with having broken the pledge. This unvarying pattern of unmixed self-favoring dates to numerous cases practically from the beginning of our country, as cited by historian Helen Hunt Jackson in her 1881 treatise on the string of broken signed agreements of the U.S. government with native Americans well titled A Century of Dishonor.

A more recent accounting of the duplicitous, frequently fatal and tragic misdeeds of the U.S. government and sheltered business henchman in dealings with foreign entities beyond public scrutiny, is that of consultant and agent John Perkins‘s controversial, but redundantly confirmed in principle, 2004 book, Confessions Of An Economic Hitman, updated and expanded in 2016.

As the completely unhinged and malevolent (or not), demonized leader of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un, can attest, relying on Washington’s word will get you dead. Attest: Saddam Hussein, once America’s man, Muammar Qaddafi, who caved to Washington’s terms, and Bashar al-Assad, who just might survive, thanks to Russia and Iran. Better to have nukes than a promise - just ask the NRA!

Who Is Being Represented?

Whose personal character does the notorious murderousness for gain, disregard for all others, fraudulent duplicity and larceny, and faithlessness of the U.S. government (all loudly self-proclaimed the opposite, but painfully recognized round the world) accurately reflect? Are the American people, by and large, like that? In the ancient Mediterranean world, it was widely told that “all Cretans are liars”. Can much the same thing be justly said of the run-of-the-mill citizenry of the U.S.? Hardly. Such astute foreign observers as Dr. Mujahid Kamran clearly draw a distinction, proclaiming most Americans good, honorable, decent people – while justly slamming the U.S. government for its true criminality.

This gaping distinction is, in fact, just one more indication that the American people really have no national government that represents them. The U.S. government, so designated, in truth represents as its constituency the big bankers, literally death-dealing military industrialists, numbing, pacifying, poisoning, and more than likely human trafficking – but now few productive – industries – reaching out to enslave the world, along with Zionists of whatever nationality, and multi-billionaire investors, regardless of nation. The affairs, concerns, and daily needs of ordinary mortals do not rise near the level of its or their notice, except regarding revenue and cannon fodder, and the source of human labor domestically, of dwindling note.

I’ve written of the motives of our hijackers, the controllers of the government, elsewhere. To the extent that we commoners still do matter at least a little, for the purposes listed, we are managed psychologically employing tailored input and psy-ops, sometimes spectacular like 9/11, sometimes as simple as an ad.

How Do The Internal Controls Work?

To try to maintain the illusion of “government by and for the people”, to prevent stoppage or rebellion, the two endowed political parties play somewhat separate roles these days. The Democrats, now the opposition, are there to block anything the surpassed constitutional “government” might conceivably do for the public – and to hound the insurgent (though now largely house-broke) rebel president. The Republicans perform a sort of stunned pantomime, with no one involved at the federal level sure what to do. (For instance, though these mostly sour-faced clowns have been clamoring for a chance to govern for 8 long years, and are billed as “legislators”, Senator Cornyn, one of their supposed leaders, complained a few days ago that “we’re supposed to come up with a tax plan by next week”. So it goes with the idle rich – and they are normally out of session!

Where Does Trump Fit In?

Although clearly elected to defy the controlling bribe masters and deliver control of both domestic and foreign policy to the actual broad citizenry, the controllers – most visibly, the war-profit-mad and literally blood-thirsty Neocons installed without public election in the alphabet agencies and commanding NGOs – have President Trump hogtied and stymied by means that remain murky.

There’s one definite major advantage Trump has managed to hand to those of us who favor an accountable, Constitutional re-takeover of government, though. In the throes of his struggles, he has forced the reality, identity, and odious nature of the all-too-real “deep state” into the open. And now that it’s become visible, perhaps this possessing demon can be dealt with and exorcised by millions of citizens in concert.

Now that we know, the final step is up to us.

JH: 8/11/17

Video: Determined Outcomes - Straight Out Of George Orwell's 1984

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US Realizes It Has Lost Syria And All Of The Middle East

Ernst Zundel And Jim Marrs

Syria Faces New Threat

Abel Danger: Kelly 59

Field McConnell, USMC 0116513
Abel Danger Global Private Intel
P O Box 39
Plum City WI 54761

The Honorable John F. Kelly
White House Chief of Staff
Washington, D.C. 20528

Open letter from the Cloud Centric Crime Scene Investigators of Abel Danger

August 12, 2017

Dear General Kelly:

Please accept Brief 59 from Field McConnell – United States Marine and Global Operations Director of Abel Danger (AD) – on Serco‘s apparent use of Demon face recognition software to procure images of Mendenhall rapes for the entertainment, intimidation and/or blackmail of Serco clients in a government-outsourcing program allegedly sponsored by McConnell’s sister Kristine “Con Air” Marcy, the founder of the U.S. Senior Executive Service (SES) in 1979.

McConnell believes that Serco‘s Digital Fires Instructors at Marine Corps Base Camp Pendleton are using Websense filters embedded in the Navy/Marine Corps Intranet to decoy na├»ve government leaders into believing the biggest threat to world peace is a nuclear missile attack on Guam by Swiss-educated Kim Jong-un, supreme leader of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK), commonly referred to as North Korea.

McConnell believes Serco uses false-flag decoys to conceal links between the federal bridge certification authority and the Marine Corps Intranet to ‘Mendenhall‘ suites in elite hotels including the Trump Turnberry hotel, where, at the 1998 Bilderberg, a former CIA director John Deutch and a former N. M. Rothschild & Sons Chairman Evelyn de Rothschild may have been blackmailed into a conspiracy to spot fix the date and times of the East Africa embassy bombs.

You are quoted as telling White House staff that you expect them to “put country first, the president second, and their own needs and priorities last” and that you have warned them “even if it may seem innocuous to pass along some bit of classified information to someone without a clearance it’s a crime.”

McConnell believes that he and his Marine Corps colleagues including yourself and Robert Mueller will need witness protection if they are to reveal classified information showing how his sister’s Senior Executive Service associates and Serco shareholders, including the UK government, have used Mendenhall rapes, Demon software, Websense filters and the Navy/Marine Corps Intranet to execute false-flag attacks starting no later than the nearly simultaneous detonations of truck bombs at the United States embassies in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, and Nairobi, Kenya, on August 7, 1998 which killed over 200 people. ...

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