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Saturday, May 27, 2017


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


Adulation would embarrass him. But he’s my dad, off in some far realm now: the best man I ever knew. A high school grad and a farm kid, highly-gifted in all things mechanical (the opposite of me), he showed up toward the end of the Depression at the Iowa State University Department of Physics, home of the world’s first modern digital computer, asking to work not for pay, but for experience. Before long, he was hired permanently and not long after, became a certified Master Machinist.

But after 10 years or so there, he left to take over his widowed then-middle aged mother’s 80-acre farm, which he bought on contract, also farming another 100 acres she owned several miles to the south. Everybody said he was crazy; he told me quite a few years afterward that he made the move to get away from having a boss. I was born, the third son, less than a month later.

The ability to repair and custom-make much of his own equipment and parts gave him a big advantage expense-wise. And a man of few words, he could soon walk into the local, small town bank, be approached at the entrance by the bank president, and be simply asked how much he would like to borrow. For all my impetuousness and a little bit of the craziness as a kid that has never left me, he never laid a hand on me to discipline; when necessary, that was left to mom. He only needed to quietly, but always effectively, disapprove. Which is precisely why I never, ever smoked again after I was caught at 12.

Independent, straight-arrow, unassuming, everyone liked and respected my dad. And back in earlier generations, people much like him, who predominated in this country, just went about their business: THEIR business; giant conglomerates’ business with them the serfs, not so much. By the millions, essentially self-guided and -motivated, they predominated in every US state and territory, their strength commensurate with their numbers, hoodwinked periodically into mobilization and war usually against their own better judgment then as now. But not so much or quite so ludicrously.

Other parts of the world are replete with such magnificent independent providers as my father, too – much more so today than ours. Now it has become our lead industry, our bulwark bonanza for the super-affluent, and should be our national shame, reeking and deeply-deplored: the ugly, fearsome, addictive business of profiting from harvesting the deaths of just such and their broods and equally-goodly women, targeted for regimentation in and/or support of the stout defense forces of targeted countries, targeted for death or displacement in horror by the hundreds, thousands, tens and hundreds of thousands, millions through the weeks turning into endless, succeeding years for terror purposes and toppling of uniting regimes ruling over lands devastated and poisoned one after another after another and ripped to shreds as brutal punishment for adopting policies benefiting them and not us, by thuggish mercenaries “our” side makes a big noise about annihilating to protect us, but in secret itself creates, employs, and supplies to indiscriminately kill at ground level because we don’t want “troops on the ground”, while our bombers more safely shred living, breathing flesh, sometimes blaming our declared “enemies” for it, from the air or by swarms of drones from afar.

It doesn’t matter who does the killing for our military industry to profit beyond fabulously. Musket-, bullet-, wagon-, cannon-, and occasional bayonet-makers and horse-drovers used to reap the rewards of American wars; now, it’s $10-million-times ten-thousand-unit super-armored-tank makers, multiple MOAB and ultimately nuclear bomb-makers, $25 -million-times-hundreds-or-thousands-of-units-of-jet-fighter-makers, Gen-X Super-Tiger-Laser Weapons-makers, multiple $100-trillion training, logistical, and supply contractors. The list goes on and on and on. Invading and death-dealing in small countries pays big-time if you can brutalize enough of them and keep the “wars” going and going and going pointlessly long enough; engaging big-time countries, Iran, China, Russia will yield more, much more, and then (hopefully, but unlikely) the myriad contracts for re-building and rejuvenation following obliteration of them (not so much us) by a few choice nukes. Money! Run those countries to replace, control, command EVERYTHING following up on the centuries’ worth of devastation so wrought! Lord bless our democracy! American values up the Ob and the Yangtze! Yea! Glory! Glory! We’re the story!

Madness! Read Paul Craig Roberts on what our top, beautiful cult-riven governing crème-de-la-crème plan unstoppably to do and soon through their monster industry of death – the very death’s head of Skull and Bones brought to life through their mushrooming billions upon billions– applying massive and growing chunks of our own madly-pilfered limited earnings and our resigned, tacit permission as seed.

Do Americans, by and large, know the real game, that it has less than zero to do with “keeping us safe”? Unlike others, I kind of think they do. Does the abused wife, “in denial” to neighbors and outside family, know she’s being knocked around and her dignity obliterated, by her eventual death-dealer? But she stays, imagining good things and better days ahead – like it used to be. The house is a horror. The bills are stacked through the roof, the mortgage crumbling.

Wake up, baby!

JH: 5/25/17

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