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Thursday, June 29, 2017

Field McConnell: Boeing's Plan For Autonomous Flight - OMG! Do They Not Learn Anything?!

To Whomever it concerns:

• Boeing had the MB-47 pilot-less 6 engine swept wing jet in 1953. My father had a relationship to it.

• Boeing had the QB-47 pilot-less 6 engine swept wing jet in 1961. My father had a relationship to it.

• Boeing had 6 droned jets on 9/11; myself and Kristine Marcy had a relationship to it.

• MH370 was droned on 8 March 2014 and Malaysia and MAS called me to Malaysia to explain. I went.

• MH17 was also a droned B777 registration 9M-MR0

When Boeing says they are ‘testing’ a pilot-less transport category aircraft….they are not truthful (READ BELOW).

Perhaps those truly interested should review Civil Case 1:08-1600 (RMC) which exposed the pilot-less Boeings used on 9/11.

I am certain that Suzanne Kalfus and James Johnson of ALPA could testify as could FAA Huerta, Babbitt and ( redacted ). The last 4 presidents of ALPA were aware and suppressed also: Randy Babbitt, Duane Woerth,

Jon Prater and Lee Moak. Misprision of Felony wrongful death anyone?

Both Team Trump and Russian Defense Attache have received this communique earlier.

Field McConnell
Farnborough UK

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