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Saturday, June 17, 2017


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


“You support our troops, don’t you?” I’m asked – and you’re asked if you ever voice even a smidgin of opposition to super-military forces, using any means imaginable, concoctable, or otherwise conceivable applying top-secret black budget funding garnered from myriad covert and illegal sources in addition to trillions accumulated from your undirected, and therefore completely fungible, tax payments, very often unctuous and repugnant to the thinking of the unconditioned, means designed to hack, flay, poison, bribe, and otherwise thoroughly pulverize the Middle East and other stubbornly resistant parts of the earth into nonexistent or otherwise decaying hellholes like previously-rich and flourishing Libya, whose main operating businesses now are terrorist sanctuary and slave marketing.

Most of the news divulging that reality is withheld officially and by controlled media lest heart failure or extreme sudden diminishing of whatever trust remains in US and allied motives overseas sweep America and its coerced allies, rendering continued execution of mission difficult if not uncertain. But some reliable information is still obtainable by piecing together varyingly trustworthy “independent” investigative onsite reports, pending further establishment restrictions on private communication.

The word in the above universal “stopper” question that most troubles me is decidedly: “our”. Since “we” didn’t decide at any point upon such a radically extreme policy of sheer annihilation of anybody for someone else’s convenience and as a step to fulfill their wishes and not “ours” – in what sense are coercive forces whose fundamental mission is that “our troops”?

True “we” ultimately pay for them, the troops and their deployment and provisions (if not in an immediate sense, because, while the direct payments have been indefinitely deferred, as some are pointlessly fond of reminding, certainly we do pay the even more onerous cost of mounting compound interest on loans that perpetuate the not-so-wise regular deferrals).

Plus, only a minority of the actual troops employed by the US in hot war zones today may actually be drawn from our American population, youth mostly who, in many cases, have submitted out of boredom or desire for an adventure or viable income or skills-training, conditioned perhaps by too much subtly-programmed TV and other media, to be utterly transformed from normal human beings frequently into steel-forged, obedience-conditioned hair-trigger monsters who can never re-adjust positively to civilian society.

These, America’s golden youth, once in, hardly ever serve on the ground as combatants in front-page, publicly-known battle-zones anymore. Since the American public has successfully insisted (take note!) on “no more American boots on the ground”, that role is being filled very largely by contracted surrogates (who turn out primarily to be the very Al-Qaeda and ISIS fighters who are portrayed as “our” enemy). Those are the grunts on “our” side now, fighting against the local administrations, or so-called “regimes” we are conditioned by often entirely-false propaganda to hate – in the case of Syria, the “regime” of Assad, whose allies are the Russians and the Iranians. And they together threaten to run “our” increasingly desperate and ruthless forces, who reject their cease-fire proposals, clean out of the country, along with the Saudis and the mostly-token but strategically-significant Israelis salivating to segment and lobotomize Syria.

At least, that’s the picture – almost certainly oversimplified – my reading of sources I’ve found reliable paints. Belligerents from the US itself, meanwhile, function mainly as trainers, supply personnel, and “the Islamic State’s air force”, as it’s been called. We (meaning, most prominently, the American troops and those commanded by US generals schooled by militaristic “think tanks”, lob the bombs, deploy the killer drones from afar, and purport to direct the overall action from “our” side.

A glance at Afghanistan, meanwhile, reveals that the secret to “our” side’s success (note, I didn’t say anything about victory) lies in “our” will to perpetuate the action to keep the enormous money-flow to the elite owners of the enormous separate economic sector devoted to that gargantuan, year-in and year-out, decade after decade, still-murky, but lucrative, tussle. High-tech, communications, leading financial institutions, and other large, corporate industries have been all but totally subsumed into the effort both there and elsewhere – which is all about money, with non-paying human concerns banished.

Now, I ask you: do you support “our troops”, those we pay for and, in ever-decreasing proportions, those who come from the real “us” and too often come home changelings if at all, along with our paid mercenaries, the ISIS “monsters” and their ilk, and all the ghastly equivalent of giant Raid or Black Flag dispensers and of colossal grinding machines we in effect put the targeted ancient-rooted proud and variously-successful countries of “our” choice through, starting a new one or two or three through the most cruel and eventually terminal process every year or so, it seems? Do you support “our” troops, “our” continual, steadily encroaching wars now so seriously bugging “our” old chosen bitter (but still, miraculously, with a conscience) big rival standing ultimately in “our” way, Russia – to the brink of full preemptive nuclear blunder or reaction to “our” psychotic compulsion? Do you want “us” to keep on indulging our gross little habit of seemingly pan-human genocide that, as is well-known everywhere else on the planet, is spoiling life and the future for everybody? You’re not so sure you do? Then, for God’s sake and your neighbors’, if not your own, don’t just sit there!

That is, if you want to disown the whole (expletive) habit, not support or claim it in any sense as “yours”, resolve to stop its endless killing and blood-money and crime-ridden beyond-grand larceny. If not, then continue letting it slide, and your existence and name be thus dishonored before the increasingly-hateful and alienated world. Keep your damn pride in country; for the rest of us, we’d like to restore ours. And, though the greed/blood sickness of it is not who we are, if we don’t stop it, Russian nukes will. We are stronger than the US war machine. We broke the back of their endless, bloody Vietnam/Laos/Cambodia War; we can stand and stop this.

JH: 6/14/17

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