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Sunday, July 23, 2017

Head Well! Neocon CIA Director Pompeio's Salacious, Lying Venom

The End Is Near: The Syrian Army Strengthens Its Grip Of Steel On Daesh

Donald Trump And The Coming Fall Of The American Empire

Syria Summary: Consolidating The West, Marching East

Russia's Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov: Full Interview

The Al-Aqsa Metal Detectors Aren't A Security Measure

CIA-Backed Fighters Killed Or Wounded 100,000 Syrian Soldiers

Special Envoy: China Strongly Opposed To Disintegration Of Syria

Republicans In Full Control Of Government, But Losing Control Of Their Party

We're One Bad Day Away From Russians Asking. 'Why Are You Still In Syria?'": US Top Commander

Syria And Organized Crime: Gordon Duff Interview

Trump, Obamacare, And Why Health Care Should Be A Right Rather Than A Privilege

Rabbi Shimuel Eliyahu: "Leave No Palestinian Or Arab Alive"

Kelly Ann Conway: Trump "Doesn't Think He's Lying" In Controversial Statements, He Has Reason To Believe

Strategy Behind China Joining Russia "On NATO Doorsteps" In Baltic Sea

Kevin Barrett And Tony Hall Battle Against 9/11 And Anti-Muslim Fake News

Treblinka: A Clash Of Narratives

Anomaly Of Malaysia Flight 17 Crash & YouTube's Attempt To Cover Up

Scarramucci, New Communications Director, Promises Dramatic Action On Media Leaks

GOP Rock Star Could Pull Off A Triumph

Senate Dems Refuse To Allow Trump To Fully Constitute His Administration

House Dems Shoot The Moon For Fantasy Impeachment

How Many People Actually Believe The Media's Trump-Russia Collusion Narrative?

Assange: CIA Not Only Armed Anti-Assad "Rebels", It Paid Their Salaries

Co-Founder Of Firm Behind Trump-Russia Dossier To Plead The Fifth

Trump's Adversaries All In A Dither That He Might Exercise His Constitutionally-Granted Power To Pardon

Is Your Cell Phone Absolutely Indespensible? What If The Cost Goes WAY, WAY Up?

Why Is Canada Now "Can Do" And US "Cannot"?,2266.0.html

Either Way - New Hampshire Law Now Allows Local Common Core Opt Out

What Parents (Or Anyone) Should Know About EMFs And Wi-Fi

Agreed: Criminal Psychopaths Run Government. Let's Give Them More Power,

President Trump Orders DOJ To Take Down Dark Net Markets

White House Reapproaches Communications

Worst On Record Cholera Epidemic In Yemen

Another Addition To Trump's Full Hand Of Wall Street Billionaires And Hawkish Commanders

Earthquake Swarm In Yellowstone Continues

NYT Harps On Non-Existent Second Trump-Putin Meeting At G20 Summit

Cold Blooded Murder By Israel In Palestine

US Said Continues Supporting Terrorists In Syria

Stephen Lendman: Washington's Deplorable Handiwork

US, Europiol, Netherlands Announce Shutdowns Of Two Massive Dark Web Markets

Hundreds Of US Troops Dying, Poisoned By A Dick Cheney Company Told They Can't Sue

Saturday, July 22, 2017

GOP Wrestles With Soaring Deductibles In Healthcare Bill

First Paralyzed Human Treated With Stem Cells Has Now Regained His Upper-Body Movement

Study: Meditation And Yoga Change Your DNA To Reverse The Effects Of Stress

This One Mistake Can Cost Millennials Millions

Brexit Is Happening

The Outside And The Inside

This Genetic Syndrome Causes Unconditional Love And May Explain Why Dogs Are So Happy

Canadian Study Gives More Evidence Cancer Is A Lifestyle Disease, Largely Caused By Food

The Balfour Declaration: Time To Say Sorry, Time To Make Amends

Report: McMaster Isolated And Estranged From Matis And Tillerson

Wayne Madsen: House Of Saud And House Of David Control UK And US Foreign Policy

Murder Of Green Berets In Jordan Exposed Secretive CIA Syria Program Details

UN "Deplores" Israeli Killings Of Palestinian Protesters

Moscow, Baghdad Sign Huge Arms Deal

While US Drops Bombs, China Invests $2 Billion In Rebuilding Syria

Syria Demands Reparation From US, Allies For Destroying Syria Infrastructure

Moscow Warns Of Military And Political Consequences Of US "Manipulation" of "Militants" In Syria

US Contributed To ISIS's Creation, Now Tries To Claim Victory Over It: Iraqi VP Talks Tough

US-Led Coalition Refusing To Hit Nusra Terrorists: Russia

Syrian Army Announces Halt In Fighting In Eastern Ghouta Region Outside Damascus

Video: Hezbollah Gives Al-Qaeda No Quarter With Qalamoun Offensive In Full Throttle

How The Opioid And Heroin Epidemic Was Created By Big Pharma

Hundreds Died In Rohingya Camps On Thai-Malaysian Border

Ron Paul: Debunking Fake News With Scott Ritter

Saudi Arabia Is "The Kingdom Whose Name We Dare Not Speak At All"

Ill Wind: 45 Senators And 237 Congress Members Support Bill That Makes Boycotting Israel A Crime

Tough Talk: Here's What Would Happen If N Korea Exported Nuclear Weapons To The US's Enemies

John McCain And The Cancer Of Conflict

Trump: End The War In Syria Now

Be Suspicious Of Fake News That US Is Withdrawing From Syria And Ceasing To Arm "Rebels"

European Bank Failures: When Do They Go Globallyn Systemic And Who Decides
Equality Dos Not Equal Equal Quality

Rice Meets Privately With Senate Intel On Rsia Probe

Is Iran In Our Gun-Sight Now? Unsettling Answer

Scientists Discover "Angel Particle" That Is Its Own Antiparticle

Kalishnikov's New Autonomous Weapons And The Terminator Conundrum

Is Trump Bad News For Putin?

Trump Defends Donald Trump, Jr. While Attacking Hillary Clinton

"Smart" Toothbrushes Are Equipped With Interactive Wireless Displays - Radio Transmitters

US Lawmakers Reach Agreement On Sanctions Bill For Russia, Iran, And North Korea

White House Closing Down War Crimes Office After Being Accused Of War Crimes

Abel Danger - Listen To Field McConnell With The Watchmen

Tech-Pocalypse - China To Become Artificial Intel World Leader By 2030

"Everything Will Collapse," German Judge Warns As Refugees Flood Court With Appeals

Arguments For Free Trade And For Freedom

Is This The Answer? Steve Bannon In Self-Imposed Exile After Disputes With Inner Circle

Physicists Try To Revive A Super-Safe, Decades-Old Cancer Treatment

THIS Is What We Get With A President Who Doesn't Alway Obey The Self-Appointed Powers-That-Be

Putin: I Will Not Change Constitution To Stay In Power

John Semmens: Semi-News - A Satire Of Recent News

Watch Live: Qatar Emir Delivers First Public Address Since Crisis

US Student Loan Bubble Set To Burst

Now Susan Rice Won't Testify About Unmasking Trump Supporters

"I've Done A Bad Thing," 5-yo Girl Bursts Into Tears As Cops Fine Her For Lemonade Stand

FBI Turns Over 7,000 More Hot Documents From Anthony Weiner Laptop

Govt Think Tanks Admit US Empire Is Collapsing - Their Solution: More War And Tyranny

David Stockman: It's Time To Lock Up Brennan, Rice, And Power For Their Frame-Up Of The President Of The United States.

Friday, July 21, 2017

Did Elon Musk Just Confirm That The Moon Landings Were Faked?

Botched US Drone Strike Kills 15 Afghan Police

Bank Assets Are Ephemeral - Here Today, Gone Tomorrow

As california's Labor Shortage Grows, Farmers Race To Replace Workers With Robots

"Instantly Rechargeable" Batteries Almost Ready For Production

Trump Ends Syrian Regime-Change Campaign

A Rival Politician Urges McCain To Resign

The Disease Of Subjectiivism: Have We Ever Got It!

Veterans Turn To Marijuana To Ditch "Cocktail Of Drugs" From The VA

Leaked Obama Plan To Deal With Election Day Meddling Included "Martial Law"

Al Gore - The Next Control Freak To Sound The Alarm That The End Is Nigh

Washington, DC Is Essentially Just A Gigantic Money Machine

Veterans Start To Lose Choice Healthcare Options As VA Funds Run Dry

Anticipating Ken Burns's And Lynn Novick's PBS Documentary, "The Vietnam War"

Gordon Duff On Press TV: US Air Strikes And The Oil War

Syrian War Report: Fierce Clashes Between Syrian Army And ISIS

Grenville Tower Investigation Hires Experts Who Proved 1,131 9/1 Victims Were Vaporized

"Muslim Rape Army Of Murmansk" - Fake News Or Just BS?

First Evidence Of Legendary Great Flood In China May Rewrite History

Stephen Lendman: NYT Anti-Trump Rage

Ron Paul: 40,000 Civilian Dead In Mosul?

Getting Trump Elected Was Not Enough - We Need A Thousand Liberty Candidates

Mystery Signal From Space Is Solved: It's Not Aliens

Bill Buppert: Why I Fight For A World Without The State

Food Stamp Use Falls To Lowest Level In 7 Years

Chemotherapy Obsolete? Ceromide Nanoliposome Uses Liposomal Therapy To Target Cancer Cells...

A Japanese Trailer Released For Charlie Sheen's New 9/11 Movie

Watch A Homemade Robot Crack A Safe In 15 Minutes

Many Newly-Released Abedin Emails Reveal More Instance Of CF Donors Receiving Special Treatment

The Big Crash Is Coming

Dubai's Self-Flying Taxis Are Here This Year!

More Than 20 Million People In 4 Countries Are At Risk Of Starving To Death

250 Families Still Besieged In Mosul's Old City - Army Officer

Thierry Meyssan: Billions Of Dollars Worth Of Arms Against Syria

Russia Approves Deal To Deploy Forces To Syria For Up To 49 Years

Terrorists Battle Terrorists For Control Of A Key Syria Province

When We No Longer Dare Tell The Truth - The Hell, You Say!

The Privately-Owned Money System, Used To Ever More-Effectively Herd Our/Their Tiny Bits Of Wealth

Palace Politics, Lots Of Hearsay

We Are Surrounded By Armies Of Cyber Troops Manipulating Public Opinion

PCR: The Reign Of Propaganda

Palestinians Have A Legal Right (And Moral Obligation) To Mount An Armed Struggle

What Turned Into An Empire Of Destruction

Corporate Media Very Largely Silent On US Killing Of 3,700 Residents In Mosul

White House Admits Defeat Of US Criminal Enterprise In Syria

Entire US Town "Trapped", Homes Unsalable, Because Military Poisoned Their Water Supply

A List Of 20 Ex-Agents Who Have Exposed US Military-Intelligence Complex - Parts 1 & 2

Deeper And More Apropos Questions There Are None: What Is Really Going On, Plus What Do We Know?

With End Of CIA Program Of Funding Terrorists In Syria, Will Things Actually Change?

Cell Phones Are About To Become More Powerful Than You Could Imagine

Sean Spicer Resigns After Dispute With Trump Over New Hire

US Military Continues To Design War Matrix With Muiti-Sourced "Internet Of Battlefield Things"

Don't Know If It's True - But It Is Interesting

President Trump Ends Obama Administration's "Insane" Policy Of Arming Syrian Jihadists

Brightbart Editor: The Goal Is "The Full Destruction And Elimination" Of The Lying Mainstream Media

Oregon Takes Kids Because Parents' IQ Is Too Low

Why Universal Basic Income Is Gaining Support, Critics

Washington State Law Now Makes It Illegal To Text, Smoke, Or Eat While Driving

Cyborg Dragonflies Can Spy Where Other Drones Can't

Hawaii Starts Campaign To Help People Plan For North Korea Attack

If Aliens Were To Send A Message, How Would Scientists Respond?

The Partisan Politics Should McCain Leave The Senate

Elon Musk Says He Has Govt Green Light To Build NY-Philly-Baltimore-DC Hyperloop

North Korea Snubs South Korea, Refuses To Engage In Military Discussion

Bill Nye Says Old People Need To Die For Climate Science To Progress

PCR: House Of Cards

What Really Happened To Those 2 Ill-Fated Malaysian Airliners?

Trump Team Seeks Ways To Blunt Unwarranted Hostile Intrusion By Mueller

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Prison Roasting In Unrelieved Heat

Hidden History The Secret Origins Of The First World War

Macron's Extraordinary Error In Joining The Israel Lobby

CNN:" Russia Is An Adversary, Ukraine Is Not"

Canada's Involvement In Supporting Terrorism And Aggressive Warfare

Scientists Accelerate Backward Time Travel Under Laboratory Conditions For First Time

8 Natural Remedies That Would End Most Preventable Diseases In America

Criminalizing Support For BDS - May It Backfire BIG!

Woman Found Guilty In Murder Witnessed By A Parrot

US Sanctions Iran For Complying With Nuclear Deal

Michigan Man Told "Give Up Some Of Your Constitutional Rights" In Exchange For Adopting

Are We Programmable?

Down The Rabbit Hole - Obama Unmasking...

Big Food Starts Anti-Coconut Oil Campaign, Despite Studies Showing It's Great For Your Health

Hiding Vaccine-Related Deaths With Semantic Sleight-Of-Hand

South Africa On The Brink Of A Race War

Whither Federal Marijuana Policy?

Russian Lighthouse Satellite Enters Orbit

Who Owns Congress? Israel Uber Alles

Trump Remarks That Macron "Loves Holding My Hand"

FBI's Own Report: Clinton Investigation Was Rigged

Republican Senators Call Out Circus, Chaos Of Healthcare Effort

Paul Ryan Unilaterally Strips Out Amendment To End Endless War Authorization

Might OJ Just Be Innocent, After All?

The Beginning Of The End For John McCain?

Mueller Expands Probe To Include Trump's Business Activities

Body Cam Catches Baltimore Cop Planting Drugs During Arrest

Why Smallpox Will Make A Comeback: Canadian Researchers Spend Only $110K To Reconstitute Extinct Virus

Guaranteed, The Funniest Cartoon You'll See This Week

Chechnyan Chief Vulgarly Describes Russia's Retaliatory "Device"

Tale Of Two Nations: Russia VS USA Economic Prospects

Dig Deep - Said Real Reason Trump, Jr. Met With Russian Lawyer

This Could Bring A Sea Change! Is Trump About To Dump Israel On Syria?

The Real Problems Behind The Charlie Gard Story

Ol' Bernie Sanders Won't Rule Out 2020 Presidential Campaign

Iraq Buys Russian T-90 Tanks

Syrian War Report: Government Forces Regain Oilfields In Raqqah Countryside

Abel Danger: Field McConnell - Serco Sunrise 23 - Listen Up!

Half Of American Jobs Are At Risk From Automation, New Study Suggests

Clinton Foundation Ties Ever More Troublesome

Creepy New "Smart Toys" Allow Pedophiles To Track And Talk Directly To Kids

High-Tech Surveillance With 5G Wi-Fi

Scientists Turn Docile Mice Into Super-Aggressive Alphas With Brain Stimulation

Republicans Rally Around Sessions After Trump Criticism

Turkish News Reveals Locations Of 10 US Bases, Troop Numbers In Syria

Abel Danger: Kelly 39 - Hillary Clinton, Serco Patent Fraud, Rothschild, MH Flights 370, 17

Kelly 39 – Rothschild Serco Patent Fraud, Freescale Demon MH Murder, Clinton Bridge Of Stealth
by Site Admin
Field McConnell, USMC 0116513
Abel Danger Global Private Intel
P O Box 39
Plum City WI 54761

via fax to 202-612-1976 fax to John Kelly's secretary

The Honorable John F. Kelly
Secretary of Homeland Security
Washington, D.C. 20528

From the Cloud Centric Crime Scene Investigators of Abel Danger July 20, 2017

Dear Secretary Kelly:

We ask you to accept Brief 39 from Field McConnell – United States Marine and Global Operations Director of Abel Danger (AD) – on patent frauds apparently staged by Jacob Rothschild, a member of the International Advisory Board of The Blackstone Group, and various Serco shareholders who allegedly used patented Freescale image-processing devices (CN101523481A) with Demon face recognition software to blackmail witnesses to murders on MH Flights 370 and 17 and provide image-based alibis to Hillary Clinton and her aides for ongoing stealth attacks over the U.K./U.S. federal bridge certification authority network.

McConnell believes that former patent lawyer Hillary Clinton arranged for the processing of patent applications by the US Patent and Trademark Office to be outsourced to Serco in 2006, the same year Rothschild and his Blackstone colleagues bought Freescale Semiconductor, and he further believes that Clinton’s aides arranged for the ‘stealth’ murder of 20 Freescale employees (12 from Malaysia, 8 from China) on MH 370 to silence potential whistle-blowers to the ongoing Rothschild-Serco patent frauds and mentored stealth attacks on the federal bridge.

Anti-assad Propagandists Use 7-Year-Old Girl As Propaganda Tool, Narrative Proven False

Court Rules That Employees Can't Be Fired For Marijuana

Paul Craig Roberts: The Reign Of Propaganda

Does Wall Street Bully Or Bribe Prosecutors? Revolving Doors At DOJ

Trump's Bombing Campaign In Middle East Has Already Killed At Least 2,000 Civilians

Sessions To Stay At DOJ

Saudi Prince Arrested Over Bloody Assault

Billions Of Lives Are At Stake As China Threatens India With War

The Imperial City's Fiscal Waterloo

Elon Musk Calls For Moon Base

Bill And Hillary Take $13M, Pinchuk Admits To Giving Millions Less, Russia Probe Heats Up

Pushback Against Macron Begins

Russia's Strategy: Built On Illusion?

"The Russians Are Coming" As US Army's Best Case For Modernization

America Literally Can't Afford More Military Adventurism

High Noon In The Himalayas: Behind The China-Indian Standoff

Top US General Warns Against Rogue Killer Robots

Canada Follows China With Social Scoring App For "Behavior Modification"

Russia, US Duel At UN Over Whether North Korea Fired Long-Range Missile

Deutsche Bank Under Scrutiny In Russia Investigation

Dems See Huge Field Emerging To Take On Trump

Gore To Dems: Stop Trump Treason Talk, Let Mueller Probe Proceed

Trump's Warning To Mueller

Abel Danger: Remote-Control Aircraft - Key To 9/11