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Friday, August 4, 2017

Deplorable Amnesty International Report On Venezuela

Deplorable Amnesty International Report on Venezuela
Written by Stephen Lendman Date: 08-04-2017 Subject: Venezuela
Deplorable Amnesty International Report on Venezuela

by Stephen Lendman ( - Home - Stephen Lendman)

AI tries having things both ways, at times on the right side of vital issues, most often otherwise.

Double standards on human rights issues are unacceptable - how AI and Human Rights Watch operate, bankrolled by monied interests, ordered not to cross red lines they establish.

During US-orchestrated street violence in Venezuela, in cahoots with anti-Bolivarian fascists, wanting tyranny replacing Bolivarian social democracy, AI pointed fingers the wrong way.

In late April, it published a deplorable report titled "Silenced by Force: Politically-Motivated Arbitrary Detentions in Venezuela."

It ignored reality on the ground, irresponsibly blaming state authorities for street violence committed by fascist thugs, wanting democratically elected President Nicolas Maduro forcefully ousted.

. AI: "Venezuelan authorities are using the justice system to illegally increase persecution and punishment of those who think differently."

Fact: Individuals or gangs committing street violence are taking the law into their own hands. Maduro responsibly defends the rights and safety of Venezuelans by cracking down hard on them. So would other leaders elsewhere under similar circumstances, especially in Western societies.

AI: "(I)llegal actions on the part of the Venezuelan authorities (aim) to repress freedom of expression."

Fact: Truth is polar opposite. Speech, media and academic freedom in Venezuela rank with the best anywhere.

AI: "In Venezuela dissent is not allowed. It appears that there is no limit to the authorities' willingness to apply a myriad of legal tactics to punish those who express an opinion which differs from the official government position."

"…Venezuelan authorities must focus on seeking practical and lasting solutions to the acute crisis the country is facing."

Fact: Dissent fostering violent revolution to overthrow democratically elected governance is tolerated nowhere. In America, it's seditious or treasonous behavior, imprisoning convicted offenders longterm.

Fact: Repeated Maduro outreach efforts to opposition forces were rejected, choosing street violence instead.

AI deplorably called coup plotters Leopoldo Lopez and Caracas mayor Antonio Ledezma prisoners of conscience, calling for their release from detention.

It lied claiming "hundreds are being arrested solely for their dissent opinions…part of a sweeping crackdown by Venezuelan authorities," wrongfully adding:

"The government is trying to silence any critical voices that speak out."

Washington is waging political and economic war on Venezuela, along with supporting terrorism on its people, supported by National Assembly fascists, street thugs doing their dirty work, the way all US attempted color revolutions play out.

Maduro is obligated to challenge what's going on in defense of the nation, its people, and Bolivarian social democracy.

The alternative is Venezuela becoming another despotic banana republic, the hemisphere's model democracy eliminated, an unthinkable fate to let happen.

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