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Wednesday, August 23, 2017


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


The whole U.S. establishment – including the conspirators we don’t see, who are pulling along by strings the mindless – these including yellow-dog Democrats, including mainstream blacks, radical feminists, “entertainers”, neocons, the media, plus never-Trump Republicans, have largely given up on their probably projected fairy-tale of Trump only prevailing because of Russian collusion of some – any – sort. But they still demand that the results of the last election be set aside and someone of their choosing or meriting their approval be substituted.

And now, it’s owing to the fact that this president’s condemnations of infinitesimal groups that hate them back, which they consequently demonize, whether deserved or not, as Nazi storm troopers, aren’t word-for-word what they require. Regardless that he has emphatically repudiated these same groups on several occasions. They’re “Antifa” = (anti-fascist) and he and they are the “fascists” and that’s that. And, it follows for them that anyone who still supports and favors his administration’s main domestic thrust is to be likewise cast by the blaring bullhorn of the media as fascist as well – pushing us right back into Hillary Clinton’s infamous jab, that Trump’s supporters were/are “a basket of deplorables”.

The truth is, the president’s main domestic thrust, aside from more jobs and a more robust economy, is to keep the U.S. from being absolutely overrun by waves of alien, culturally unfitting, and understandably disgruntled war refugees, which has become the plight of Europe. Hence, he’s cast as deplorably and irredeemably racist. And he seems to lack the inability or will to adequately explain to the whole nation why his stance is not only as it is, but basically necessary if there’s to be any hope of peace and order in the land going forward.

It’s become clear from watching Charlottesille, as well as a whole slew of prior campus and largely urban events and refusals to cooperate with even long-on-the-books federal law, that the “resistance” determined to overthrow the Constitution, its guarantees, and even the semblance of democratic outcomes, is orchestrated, conspired, bought, and paid for by a gaggle of plutocrats and think-tanks outside the daily experience of ordinary Americans.

But just as an army can’t operate without a lot of troops (at least until the all-robot armies of the future are rolled out), these string-pullers can’t do much without overwhelmingly-large gangs of troops on the ground responding to their call, time and again, to “throw rocks & riot”, as a Washington Post editorialist urged them to do last week.

There can’t be a real war without violence, the mainstream media, the wholly-owned voice of the establishment, including the deep ones, is saying now, overtly as well as subtly, over and over: “So, let there be violence, if they won’t step aside! Drive them (him) out by force – to hell with the verdict of the ballot box!”

All of which has suddenly become apt talk and thought especially given Judicial Watch’s relentless research and inquiries that reveal that there were at least 3.5 million more registered “voters” in 2016, mostly in heavily-Democratic counties and half in California alone than eligible adult residents. Hence, the message is, if you don’t prevail according to the long-pre-established rules – even if you’ve massively padded the vote – then, win through force, so to rejoin the one-world, effectively borderless, technocratic government (aka globalist) bandwagon that, apparently, most U.S. voters have by now gotten wise to.

The glaring flaw on the Trump side of the argument, which is to stem the tide of alien refugees, involves the opposite side of the ledger, that is, foreign policy. And that is because the Trumpian foreign policy from the campaign of mostly peace and work out differences with the other great military power, Russia, has been hijacked through some machinations by neocons and the deep state and metamorphosed into an all-war-and-war-more-abundant- policy. And it’s precisely the unabated U.S. aggressiveness ongoing that’s produced the gigantic wave of refugees in the first place that has swamped Europe, and that Trump’s avowed enemies would also like to have swamp the United States, giving them unending support and changing them into an electoral majority. To achieve this goal that most find disturbing (while they smugly infer their side has a monopoly on decency), they foment and urge intolerance and mass violence. Resist that.

JH: 8/20/17

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