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Sunday, August 13, 2017

You Will Not Replace Us!

Source: TVOI News

By Vicky Davison • August 13, 2017

The most unsurprising thing about the events surrounding the rally to protest the removal of the statue of General Robert E. Lee which included a torch-lit march to the statue Friday evening followed by a rally at a park the next day, is that the media labeled all those who were protesting as white supremacists.

Antifa, the communists who are well known for their violence and radicalism were given a pass even though they were the antagonists opposing the protesters and they were the source of the violence at the rally. It remains to be seen which side of the issue the driver, James Alex Fields who plowed into a crowd of antifa marchers – killing one and injuring 19 others was antifa or a protester because the radical left is well known for committing heinous acts while pretending to be on the right.

When President Trump made a statement about the events in Charlottesville, VA, he said "we're going to study it". My suggestion would be that they start with what the people were chanting during the torch-lit march to the statue…. YOU WILL NOT REPLACE US! That statement speaks volumes about the alienation of our young people from the country in which they were born.

It was easy for the simple-minded mainstream media to use the location and the statue of Robert E. Lee to paint the protesters as racists because no matter what the people on the right protest, they are called racists. Even the people involved in the occupation of Malheur and the Bundy ranch standoff were labeled as racists enough though the issues were land use, abuse of government regulatory power and the use of military force against civilians in a civil dispute. (Note to government: nobody was fooled by the Park Ranger patches on the soldiers).

With even a modicum of familiarity with history, these are the actions of a government that is becoming communist. Excessive use of force, erasing history, replacement of the existing culture (social order) by outsiders who are hostile to everything the country was before the conversion. In other words, communists destabilize countries as they take over – putting their comrades into positions of power while at the same time – rewriting history.

What got me started with Internet research and writing was the replacement of American IT professionals with Indian imports who – according to media propaganda were better analysts and programmers despite the fact that they were coming from a third world country where the people would simply stop, drop their pants and crap on the side of the road. Outhouses were an “innovation” that seems to have eluded them but they were great IT people. And the same thing was happening at the same time to American blue collar workers. The mainstream media propaganda was that the massive invasion of mostly Mexicans was to do the jobs that Americans wouldn’t do. American construction workers were jobless – replaced by Mexicans who came from a country where raw sewage runs in the streets in their capital city and most people live in shanties. The ultimate joke was when workers were imported from Thailand to pick the apples in Yakima because those were jobs that the Mexicans no longer would do.

The replacement of American workers in our job market was the ultimate betrayal of Americans by our own government. Where is the benefit to economically destroying your own people? It almost made me laugh when Donald Trump said in his little speech about Charlottesville that we have to love each other, trust and believe in each other again. Really? And this comes after he announced that he was going to fix the immigration system to be merit based allowing foreign students (who are attending AMERICAN schools with AMERICAN students) to stay in the country and work – no doubt taking those jobs that our American students won’t do. If I don’t sound angry and bitter, it's due to my failings as a writer and not because the emotions aren't there – because they are and they are strong.

When I heard the chant of the marchers in Charlottesville…. YOU WILL NOT REPLACE US! That's the rallying cry for Americans and I stand 100% with them. They are young. They should have all the youthful optimism of a future in a country that presents itself as standing for freedom and liberty but that country is betraying them by trying to change our history while diminishing their prospects for the future by replacing them in the job market in their own country while erasing their history, heritage, culture and identity.

Since I started my internet activism, my self-assigned mission was to reconstruct the history that led to such an incredible betrayal of our people by our own elected officials and government. Just like the Quislings of France who aligned themselves with foreigners – the German Nazis, the American government has aligned itself with the globalist ideas of Open borders, Open economy – Open society with the devolution of power ultimately towards disintegration of the national government. In effect, they've been committing national suicide while throwing our people to the wolves and then they wonder why our young people are protesting in the streets?

Please go to TVOI News to read the entire article.

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