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Friday, November 24, 2017

Jared Kushner Probed Over Israel Contacts

America's Designated "Enemies": Who Made The List?

Corbett: Data Is The New Oil

Putin: "I'm Buiding An Alliance To Defend Ourselves Against The New World Order"

Could Graphene Ripples Be Tapped Into As A Clean, Limitless Energy Source?

Brazil: Man Goes Into Hiding Out Of Fear For His Life After Finding Massive Emerald

Explosion Rocks Mosque In Egypt's Northern Sinai, Killing Hundreds

Does Good Ol' American Pedophilia Extend to China?

Is Parasite From Vietnam Killing Vets?


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


Complacent? Obviously, Americans seem to be red-hot passionate over lots of things right now. But not over what we, the greater Truth Movement small minority habitually claim to be. We can argue – and do – that our issues are the important ones and acknowledging them as such is needed to start irresistible stampedes to right all the wrongs besetting us. But the random visible sparks we from time to time emit are easily contained and – let’s admit it – just do not spark wildfires among the citizenry (whereas the larger media are able to do that, at least for a limited time, on a whim).

I’m talking about 9/11 (and, of course, all its progeny and aftershocks of rampant militarism, the long, shameful string of smaller but still deceitful, deadly false-flag operations that have followed, and the media’s role of burying by never mentioning or suggesting government agency participation in any of that. We urge people to hit the streets in droves endlessly to demand answers to and total cessation of that style of managing the populace, and the people never hear us. In many cases, they don’t even know we exist.

I’m talking about endless, ongoing, directionless and murky foreign wars – perpetual-motion machines if ever such there were – instigated, all of them, by super-rich and venal war-hogs in unelected cabals to get us to upload our earnings and savings (if any) to them and sanction their agony- and death-dealing state monopoly on willful violence, carried out in defiance of all international laws. All that, they lie, is to protect us. And the people just stand by and pay (or, don’t pay), and sometimes wring their hands. Meanwhile, there’s not enough counter-action in even protesting to make the slightest ripple.

I’m talking about slow-walked or eternally boggled justice, when it comes to certain individuals or even crime networks. A lot of noise from predictable quarters, generally no, or token, action or movement.

I’m talking about Central Bank tyranny that has the billions-strong commoners of the world in ever-deepening, hopeless and perpetual hock to trillionaires, mainly over non-negotiable, one-way contracts and the perverse peculiarities of compound interest mathematics. People gripe, wring their hands as the CBs and their long train of minion tribute-collectors wring our earnings, and continue paying with (mostly electronic) checks and flesh, monthly and daily. With only more fleecing in sight. (Someone suggested a Biblically-inspired Jubilee recently to erase debt and clean the slate. Now, there’s an idea to explore).

I’m talking about a totally-controlled media, with delivering daily disinformation the sum and substance of its mission. The people, not being utter fools, can eventually catch on and turn the traditional media off – as they are doing increasingly, in droves. But they have not yet glommed onto the decidedly mixed-bag of alternative media, either, while the battle of “Whose is fake news?” continues to rage, so far generating more smoke than clear air.

They (the people and the specifically-concerned “Truthers”) may – and do – wring their hands and complain over a debt-based style of economy that is slowly (or rapidly) strangling us. They may – and do – opt decisively in polls for no more wars, endless, murderous rumbles abroad, occasionally claiming one or two of our own trespassers over there (mostly in accidents or one-by-one in retaliation), which somehow trumps the thousands, cumulatively scores of millions, of foreigners killed and their homes smashed to rubble. And, as with 9/11 (where lots of people are vaguely or clearly aware the narrative, as told at story time, doesn’t compute, but do nothing), just knowing it’s bogus and infinitely evil, and even going so far as actual hand-wringing, does nothing but raise blood pressure and ruin carefree lives.

Which is why so many are probably wise to tune it all out. What else can they do, with no realistic point of pressure to rally to? No real leaders. No Martin Luther King. No Gandhi. The great hope of many millions, Obama, just another cheerleader for the situation. Nobel Prize for Peace? How about for Deception?) Trump remains an enigma. And now, in protest of no means of improving anything, they are so disenchanted as to not even watch the NFL anymore. Go figure! Tribal hate and planned discord has become the neurotic resort of some. And, with all that dysfunction going on (or not going on), the reason(s) the country may be falling apart are not even addressed, as much as we, the Truthers, quietly compete intramurally to tell each other about them).

Then, what to do? Quit hand-wringing and come up with, or at least join, a plan. I believe that Craig McKee’s plan to get the overwhelming majority of 9/11 Truthers who are convinced that no airliner struck the Pentagon on 9/11 to form a single, unifying list is a step in the right direction. It’s called “getting our ducks in a row”. We (i.e., most of us in 9/11 Truth) have been trying for years to bring about a paradigm shift in the U.S. and worldwide on that key, central issue. Unfortunately, even a court case can’t be anywhere near enough to accomplish that, because the pre-established context will not accommodate wholesale change based on a single endorsed factoid or statement. But unity of message, achieved step-by-step, can help enormously.

Approaching from a different direction – Americans demanding total restoration of the Constitutionally-mandated mode of Defense-Only American Military (“to provide for the common defense”) – no longer extra-constitutionally missioned with foreign intervention and adventuring – in place of handwringing about rampant militarization, which has never gotten us anywhere, could work. That concept would provide an otherwise-missing simple, practical rallying-point for the majority of all of us who are like-minded on the syndrome of rampant perpetual militarization but have nowhere to go.

I say that because I personally don’t know of any other basic idea to halt the militarization and willful terrorization on a now-global scale that’s destroying us economically, spiritually, and, most importantly, survival-wise.

To overthrow the frightening forces arrayed against us all, we must get smarter than the psychopaths. If my idea won’t cut it, we will still need one. And we must never stop using our minds. “Use it or lose it” was never more appropriate.

JH: 11/24/17

Winning The Peace In Syria: The Nation's Greatest Challenge

How To Keep From Being Hacked: Two-Factor Authentication

Is Washington Rehearsing For War On North Korea?

Sex-Abuser Congressmen Are Open To Massive Blackmail

That False Flag Ops Are Used To Deceive, Start Wars Admitted By US Media

Congressman Trey Gowdy Is Now The King Of The Hill

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Petition: Add Your Name If You Believe No 757 Hit The Pentagon

Add your name if you believe no 757 hit the Pentagon

Wed, Nov 22, 2017 9:45 pm

Hello everyone,

I am compiling a list of those who are willing to stand behind the statement that no 757 hit the Pentagon on 9/11. (I have also created a Facebook group under that name.) The list includes those who are already public about their position – among them David Ray Griffin, James Corbett, Massimo Mazzucco, Craig Ranke, Barrie Zwicker, Paul Zarembka, Kevin Barrett, Christopher Bollyn, Barbara Honegger, and Elias Davidsson – as well as others who have submitted their names. The list now contains more than 300 people after just five days. It will be published soon on Truth and Shadows, and it will be regularly updated.

The goal is to create common ground through agreement with this fundamental position, which is incompatible with the official story. It is a positive alternative to fighting over various theories of what happened (missile, drone, military plane, flyover). The list is also an answer to the very small minority who continue to push the notion that the official story is correct about an impact. This small minority has convinced some in the movement that we should abandon the Pentagon because it’s too “divisive” and also to supposedly protect the movement’s “credibility.” But we simply cannot afford to abandon this aspect of 9/11 because the Pentagon is the one place where a faked plane crash could not take place without the government’s complicity.

I hope I can count on my fellow teleconference members to add their names to this list and to spread the word through the 9/11 groups they are members of. If we can take a positive position in opposition to the official story, we can carry the message to a wider audience will less internal division.

You can let me know here or by email if you are willing to be included. You can also send people to the Facebook group to join and add their names to the list.

Thank you all.

Craig McKee -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posted by:

"They Never Send Their Children To Fight For Their Country"

Besieged Syrians Eating Trash, Fainting From Hunger

Light Pollution Rises On A Global Scale

The End Of Merkel Is Nigh

Abel Danger: Kelly 146

Mueller Probe Grinds On, With No End In Sight

Average American Household Is Over $137,000 In Debt, And 38.4% Of Millennials Live With Parents

US State Department Asserts Itself To Systematically Misinform Hungarians, Too

Now, Whose Forces Need To Be Routed?

US Forces to Stay in Syria After ISIS Defeated
by Stephen Lendman (

On Wednesday, the Washington Post said US forces intend staying in Syria indefinitely.

"(E)xpanding its goals (is planned)…beyond routing the Islamic State to include a political settlement of the country's civil war, a daunting and potentially open-ended commitment that could draw the United States into conflict with both Syria and Iran."

Conflict in Syria is Obama's war, escalated by Trump. There's nothing civil about it, discussed in previous articles, along with explaining America came to Syria to stay.

It wants control over as much of its territory as possible, its presence flagrantly illegal, aiming to replace Assad with a pro-Western puppet, why Obama launched war in the first place.

Last summer, CENTCOM commander General Joseph Votel said US forces will remain in Syria after the battle for Raqqa is over - on the phony pretext of combating ISIS Washington supports and stabilizing the region when it's defeated.

Operation Inherent Resolve commander General Rupert Jones said Washington won't let Syrian forces move north of the Euphrates River - in their own country, the area illegally occupied by US forces and their proxies.

CIA-connected WaPo likely has accurate information on Syria, gotten directly from the source of much mischief in the country.

"US officials say they are hoping to use the ongoing presence of American troops in northern Syria, in support of the Kurdish-dominated Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), to pressure Assad to make concessions at United Nations-brokered peace talks in Geneva," said WaPo.

They're set to resume after years of failure because Washington wants war and regime change, not peace.

Syrian and allied forces, greatly aided by Russian airpower, foiled US hegemonic regional objectives, defeating them in Syria, failing to isolate Iran.

Moscow, Damascus and Tehran have leverage in Astana and Geneva peace talks, having liberated most Syrian territory from US-supported terrorists - not about to make concessions to Washington, harming their vital interests.

America's presence in Syria has nothing to do with combating ISIS America created and supports. It's about transforming Syria into a US vassal state.

Asked days earlier how long US forces intend staying in Syria, Defense Secretary Mattis said "(w)e're not just going to walk away…We're going to make sure we set the conditions for a diplomatic solution."

They include replacing Assad with a US-controlled puppet - what Syria, Russia and Iran won't tolerate.

Expect conflict to continue long after ISIS is smashed. Washington rejects peace and stability.

Endless wars serve its hegemonic agenda. The same goes for NATO, Israel, the Saudis and their rogue allies.

Resolving conflicts in Syria, Iraq and elsewhere regionally remain unattainable as long as Washington wants war, not peace.

VISIT MY NEW WEB SITE: (Home - Stephen Lendman). Contact at

Justin Trudeau: Don't Throttle Web Sites, Defend Net Neutrality

Pentagon: "The Death Of ISIS, To US, Is Like One Of Our Children Dying"

Who Elects These Gems?

The Middle East And The Decline Of American Might

Yikes! Alternative Currency Bitcoin Is Now Controlled By Bilderberg Group

Is This The Devil's Army?

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Patrick J Buchanan: Unserious Nation

Turnabout Fair Play? Iran Sends Warships To Gulf Of Mexico

Abel Danger: Kelly 145

Iranian Officials: ISIS And Israel Fail Miserably

Syrian Army Launches New Military Operation In Eurphrates Valley

Hezbollah Forces Are On High Combat Readiness To Counter Israeli Threats

China Sold 66,000 Electric Cars In October Over Quadruple The US Level

Internet Has Become "World's Largest Surveillance Network"

Opioids Are Terminal Mind-Control Drugs And An Unbelievably Huge Worldwide Economic Scam

Terrifying! Ominous Video Shows Swarm Of Alternative Intelligence Drones Carry Out Mass Murder Without Human Orders

Google's "Head" Says Americans Too Dumb To Detect '"Fake News"

There Is A Decided Push Underway To Promote And Legalize Incest

Are Sandy Hook Dominoes Beginning To Fall? Civil Suit Against Investigator Wolfgang Halbig Dropped

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

ICC Prosecutor Requests Investigation Of US Military, CIA For Alleged War Crimes In Afghanistan

The Greatest Dangers In The Middle East Today Are Jared Kushner And Mohamed Bin Salman

Putin/Assad Meeting

BULLETIN!?: Coup And Counter Coup Happening - The Marines Have Landed At Langley

The Zoroastrian Texts Of Ancient Persia And What They Reveal About Advanced Civilizations

African-Americans Shoplifting In China: Greater Crisis Exposed

Fire Captain Concludes Recent California Fires Caused By "Directed Energy Weapon"

There Is Something Very Strange About This Man Kushner

BOOM! Mystery Blasts Rattling The Globe

Mugabe, The Man Who Would Not Go

Privacy Chaos: Web Sites Can Watch Your Every Keystroke And Cursor Movement

Privacy Chaos: Web Sites Can Watch Your Every Keystroke And Cursor Movement

Written By: Dan Goodin November 20, 2017

The Internet is in jeopardy of complete meltdown because of privacy invading scripts used by vast numbers of corporate and government web sites, usually without your knowledge or permission. Harvested data is extremely valuable to marketers and intelligence agencies alike. Harvesting every bit of data possible is a key tenet of Technocracy.

If you have the uncomfortable sense someone is looking over your shoulder as you surf the Web, you’re not being paranoid. A new study finds hundreds of sites—including,, and—employ scripts that record visitors’ keystrokes, mouse movements, and scrolling behavior in real time, even before the input is submitted or is later deleted.

Session replay scripts are provided by third-party analytics services that are designed to help site operators better understand how visitors interact with their Web properties and identify specific pages that are confusing or broken. As their name implies, the scripts allow the operators to re-enact individual browsing sessions. Each click, input, and scroll can be recorded and later played back.

A study published last week reported that 482 of the 50,000 most trafficked websites employ such scripts, usually with no clear disclosure. It’s not always easy to detect sites that employ such scripts. The actual number is almost certainly much higher, particularly among sites outside the top 50,000 that were studied.

“Collection of page content by third-party replay scripts may cause sensitive information, such as medical conditions, credit card details, and other personal information displayed on a page, to leak to the third-party as part of the recording,” Steven Englehardt, a PhD candidate at Princeton University, wrote. “This may expose users to identity theft, online scams, and other unwanted behavior. The same is true for the collection of user inputs during checkout and registration processes.”

Englehardt installed replay scripts from six of the most widely used services and found they all exposed visitors’ private moments to varying degrees. During the process of creating an account, for instance, the scripts logged at least partial input typed into various fields. Scripts from FullStory, Hotjar, Yandex, and Smartlook were the most intrusive because, by default, they recorded all input typed into fields for names, e-mail addresses, phone numbers, addresses, Social Security numbers, and dates of birth.

Even when services took steps to mask some of the data, they often did so in ways that continued to jeopardize visitor privacy. Smartlook and UserReplay, for instance, collected the number of characters typed into password fields. UserReplay also logged the last four digits of visitors’ credit card numbers.

International Criminal Court To Investigate CIA Black Sites In Afghkanistan

1986: This Day In History - Oliver North Feeds Iran-Contra Documents Into Shredding Machine

Trump As Merchant Of Death - Muck-Coated Co-Anchor Of Wayward US Economy

Can't Let Concerns About Child Military Conscription Get In The Way Of Money-Making!t=12598245

Addiction To Opiods, BIG Cash - Why The Afghanistan "War" Continues Forever

The Spoils of War: Afghanistan’s Multibillion Dollar Heroin Trade

Declassified File Reveals Government Plot To Carry Out Soviet False Flag Attack In US To Start War

Disturbing New Video Shows Real Life Slave Trade

Russian Church Says "End Of History" Is Near

Monday, November 20, 2017

Benjamin Fulford's Post - November 20, 2017

Abel Danger: Kelly 142

Is Germany Headed For Another Election?

Yemen's Humanitarian Appeal To President Putin To Intervene

Kevin Barrett VS Frederick Peterson: Debate On Rising Racism And Islamophobia

Israel And Saudi Arabia's New Middle Eastern Tartget: Lebanon

You Don't Say - Justice Department, FBI Unable To Verify Russia-Trump "Dossier"

Congressional Committee Passes Act Allowing Warrantless Searches, Media Silent

Concept: Observable Universe Is Finite, Expanding, A Piece

Nebraska's Decision On Keystone XL Pipeline Expected Today

FBI Informant Has The Goods In Uranium One

Clinton's Lolita Flights

The American "Left's" Inescapable Hate Problem

Sunday, November 19, 2017

The Matrix Of Time And How To Transcend It

Man Remembers Where He Parked His Car 20 Years Later - Pay Attention!

Is A Military Coup Being Fomented Against Donald Trump?


by James Hufferd, Ph.D., Coordinator
911 Truth Grassroots Organization


All of us hear it every day, always have, from all the media and from our parrot neighbors: “This country is (some add ‘by far’) the greatest country in the history of the world.” In the media, and probably, as an echo, for most of our neighbors, that assertion goes unquestioned, just a fact. And, by some measures, the statement long has been, and undoubtedly remains, true. It’s true, for instance, that the gross economic productivity of the U.S. is unmatched.

Not wanting to sound negative all the time (nobody wants that), I’ve thought long and hard about what else I can add to the list of positive ways in which the U.S. unequivocally leads the world or excels beyond anybody else. Frankly, it’s hard to come up with such. Corn maybe? Astroturf? It used to be said that a new immigrant arriving in the U.S. with 2 cents in her/his pocket (or no pocket) could uniquely succeed here economically and, given a few years, become patriarch or matriarch of a large, prospering multi-generational family, given a little luck and lots of hard work. But, is that generally true now? It’s not even certain that those crossing the border with thighs the size of cantaloupes could do it nowadays.

How about the vital statistics? Let’s see. Wellbeing and contentment of regular citizens? Crime rates and personal security? Longevity? Healthcare? Education? Nope. Look them up.

But, what about democracy and the political clout of ordinary citizens? As an overwhelmingly influential group? Open your eyes and ears! Justice? Rights and freedoms? These are being peeled away in sheets and closed in on more with each passing day. Morality? Ethics? Criminy Christmas! And don’t forget 9/11!

How about generosity? “Aha!” you say. “The gross amount of its foreign aid is a category in which the United States leads!” But a large majority of that is military aid, and comes in the form of grants, with the stipulation that the funds must be spent on our (U.S.) homicidal products.

As a grudging sop to those who still defend, or at least give lip service to, the still potent myth of “American Exceptionalism”, which entails this certainly remarkable country’s self-arrogated “moral” right to override every other nation’s right to freely choose its own path, and insist on monetary and/or every other compliance or annihilation at the point of a gun or credible threat of fates even worse, there seems to be a single point of affirmation. Living in the U.S. probably is the most comfortable option for most Americans – especially those Americans who exalt the U.S.A. above all the rest. Just as is, undoubtedly, true for most Canadians, Frenchmen, Chinese, or Papua-New Guineans living in their own country. North, South, East, or West, home is best for most in that sense. And each country certainly has its points. We have, in the millions, our entailed home ownership and our personal vehicles. On the other hand, I saw hordes of Japanese tourists all over everywhere during my recent spectacular tour of Iceland!

I have traveled a bit myself, and lived in urban Brazil twice, and have found that the average Brazilian, though perhaps oppressed (as if we North Americans are not), has about the same degree of personal freedom. There is a story from the Soviet era of an average Russian at last managing to achieve his dream of making it to his imagined heaven, New York. Disappointed, he writes home on arrival, “This place is full of foreigners!”

So, why are we always told, with a seemingly straight face every time, day after day, generation after generating, that the U.S. is unequivocally this earth’s greatest country ever, with the unequivocal right and obligation to all to recalibrate the rest of the earth in its image? (And that those who naturally resist are our “enemies”?) Because, that’s what all the purveyors of that unfortunately outrageously, wildly inaccurate myth desperately want us to believe. It’s the leading tenet of their religion (and source of wealth).

Just as this is our country, right or wrong. And it certainly is endowed and privileged to a superior (though not unique) extent in many ways, for our enjoyment and improvement. But, don’t forget that now, narrative is truth, at least in practice. Personally, I love the self-serving narrative, because I was raised on it. But the facts say otherwise. Money in the control of an elite will generally triumph, nevertheless. Unless… we, the people persistently enough demand across-the-board correction and quantum improvement. That’s the only way it can happen.

JH: 11/19/’17

Yesterday's South Dakota Keystone Pipeline Spill

Central Bankers Want To Subsume, Not Compete With, Blockchain

Medical Destruction: It's Not Just Opioids

CDC Tests Reveal That 3,800 US Water Supplies Are Up To 400% More Contaminated Than Flint

Imaginations Gone Nuclear: After All, Anything Is Predictable For Those So Inclined

Pentagon Trained Syria's Al-Qaeda "Rebels" In Use Of Chemical Weapons

Another Glimpse Of Pedophilia Trafficking

Poppy Output Hits Record High As US Troop Surge In Afghanistan Completed. Hmmmmm...

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Loyalty Of FDA To Big Pharma Exposed In Move To Ban Plant That's CURING Opioid Addiction

Dozens Killed In Bombings In Damascus And Eastern Syria

Capitalism Collapsing From Inequality - Blame Russia!

Report: The US-Led War "Against" ISIS Is Killing 31 Times More Civilians Than Claimed

After Declaring Bitcoin A Money-Laundering Tool, JP Morgan Busted For Money Laundering

Report: Saudi King To Relinquish Power In Favor Of Son Next Week

The Death Of Dissent - Why The Web Is Becoming Homogenized

Russia Rapidly Restored Balance Of Power

Claims Of Second Hijacking Of America, This Time By ET's

Suddenly, Israel Is Getting Worried About The Trump Administration

NBC News: Having Kids Is Bad For Earth, Procreating Deemed Immoral

While Politics And America Are Being Played, Millions Of Kids May Lose Health Insurance Over Congress Missing A Deadline

Why People Will Happily Line Up To Be Microchipped

War Crimes As Policy

Journalist Calls For Ban On Truth Of DC Predation

Friday, November 17, 2017

"Antibiotic Apocalypse" As Livestock Force-Fed 80% Of Prescribed Antibiotics Worldwide

How Trump Saved Americans $35 Trillion With One Signature

US Government Understates The Cost Of Its Global War By Two-Thirds

Retired FBI Special Agent Blows The Whistle On The Real Robert Mueller

Trump's Pivot To Asia: Arms Sale Bonanza, An Anti-Peace Trip

Poll: Voters Want Special Counsel Investigation of BOTH Campaigns

PCR: Who Gets To Push The Nuclear Button?

Corbett: The Saudi Coup Is A Global Crisis

What The Black Death Of Pedophilia Can Do (You Tube)

Internet Inventor: "The System Is Failing" Us

15,000 Scientists Warn Of The Top Environmental Problems Threatening Humanity's Future

Farhad Shahabi: US Tries Persistently To Destabilize Iran. Why Care About Iran's Regional Influence?

Now, Alaska, 20 Minutes Away, Prepares For War With North Korea

Here's The (Bound And Gagged) FBI Informant Who Is Said To Have Information On The Uranium One Deal

What She Is Really Saying Is That The DOJ Investigating Her Would Be An Abuse of Poor Lil Hillary

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Government As Explained By A Fictional Conversation With An Extraterrestrial

Omega-3 And Omega-6 Fatty Acids Are Confirmed As Effective Treatment For ADHD

"The People Voted For Brexit, Get Over It!"

The Truth About The Sex-Abuse Scandal

Bizarre, Mind-Altering Narratives Disguised As Kids' Entertainment

NYT-Style Putin Bashing

China Builds World's Fastest Wind Tunnel To Test Hypersonic Weapons That Could Reach West Coast US In Under 14 Minutes

Abel Danger: Kelly 138

Russia-Syria Forces Step Up Attacks On "Rebels"

Kurdistan Regional Government Declares Support For United Iraq

Russia-gate Spreads To Europe

Let's Stop Glorifying War

"Putin's Praetorians"

Plan To Switch Pakistan From US To Chinese Orbit Can Transform The Region

Introduced Inefficiencies: Why Productivity Has Tanked And Income Inequality Has Soared

John Kerry Checked (For Then) The Zionist Blowhard

China Pioneering Scientific Dictatorship

The Non-strategy In Afghanistan: Protect The Harvest?

5 Of The Most Important JFK Files The CIA Is Still Hiding

US/ROK Military Threats Are Provocations For Nuclear War

Actress With DNA Evidence Of Her Rape At Golden Globes Mysteriously Fell Off A Cliff And Died

Pharma Drug Cartel Just Changed Definition Of "High Blood Pressure" To Trick Half Of US Adults To Buy High-Profit Prescription Drugs

Whether Engineered Or Not, New "Black Plague" Can Kill In 3 Hours; WHO Fears Global Pandemic

10 Compelling Reasons Why Las Vegas Shooting Has Disappeared From Headlines

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

How To Help Loved One Deal With PTSD

Duplicity And Hate - Saudis Plan To Give Up Palestine For War On Iran

Illegal US Presence In Syria, Elsewhere

Black Cube: Saturn Occult Symbolism - Harvey Weinstein's Connection To Mossad And Other Intelligence Agencies

Mideast Turmoil: Follow The Oil, Follow The Money

Zimbabwe's Army Seizes Power, Mugabe Confined But "Safe"

Gates Foundation Leads The Way In Eugenics Population Plan To Rid The World Of Humans

Special Council Investigation Into Clinton Foundation Shenanigans?

A Deeper Look Into The Heads And Networks Of Sicko Predators

France Reveals Agenda To Become A Pedophile Haven, As It Lowers Age Of Consent To 13

100 Years Later, Balfour Declaration In Bad Odor, Except In USA, Israel

Norwegian Media Can't Handle's WTC Information

US Operation To Save ISIS In Raqqa

"Mad Dog" Mattis Claims UN Let Us Intervene In Syria, Although It Didn't And Couldn't

Saudi Arabia VS Iran - Which Would Win?

Satanist Netanyahu Is Mad, Sad, And Still Tries To Be Bad

Slush-Fund, Pay-To-Play Clinton Foundation Facing Financial Meltdown

58% Of Americans Disapprove Of Media's Trump Coverage

Benjamin Fulford's Post, November 13, 2017

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

We Should Tell The Saudi Crown Prince That If He Wants To Start A War In Lebanon Or The Gulf, He's On His Own

"We The People" Are The New Permanent Underclass In America

Israeil Oligarchs Crowd-Fund Crimes Against Humanity

Massive Nuclear Overkill - For More Profits To The Blood-Money Crowd

Who Is Changing The "War No More" Sentiment Of Armistice Day Into War-Glorifying Propaganda?

How Understanding The Libyan Disaster Will Lead To A Resolution In North Korea

Long Arm, Heavy Hand Of FBI (FIB) Pushes Into NZ To Zap Kim Dotcom

File Sharer Larger than Phony Bin Laden Raid

Saudis "Moving Out Of Oil, Terrorism, And Corruption" - But, What Will Be Left?

The Cost Of Killing (And Rampant Money-Making For A Few, At Public Expense): $8 Trillion In Interest For Post-9/11 Wars

Media Silent As A Record 1 Million Protesters March In Spain To End Government Corruption

Absolute Proof US Elections Are Fake

DHS Plans 2018 Biological Drill For Kansas-Oklahoma Border, Spurring Protest

Who Would Swallow North Korea After Its Collapse?

The CIA And China Are Competing To Fund Silicon Valley's Artificial Intelligence Startups

Israel's Foreign Agents Are Not Required To Register Under The Foreign Agent Registration Act. Why?

Plague Spreads To 10th Country, Experts Spooked

American Cartel: Nonprofits Unapologetically Accepted Million In Blood Money From Opioid Profiteers

PCR: Washington Intends To Control The Explanations You Receive

Monday, November 13, 2017

Bill Gates Building A25,000 Acre AI Smart City In Arizona

Security Breach And Spilled Secrets Have Shaken NSA To Its Core

Exposed: Secret Raqqa Withdrawal Survival Deal

Abel Danger: Kelly 135

Federal Appeals Court Agrees To Heal Appeal By Dzocar Tsarnaev

Federal Appeals Court Agrees to Hear Case for Boston Marathon Bomber's Innocence Mon, Nov 13, 2017 1:05 pm ( Details

Federal Appeals Court Agrees to Hear Case for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s Innocence

Paul Craig Roberts

On November 11, Mr. Graham informed me that the Federal Appeals Court for the First Circuit granted his intervention of amicus curiae. This means that he and others will be permitted to make before the Appeals Court the case for Dhokhar’s innocence—a case not made by Dhokhar’s appointed attorney at the trial.

Moscow Outmaneuvers Washington's Kurdistan Project

Angry Divide Among US Farmers Over Pesticide

Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, And Jeff Bezos Own More Wealth Than The Entire Poorest Half Of The US Population

PCR: Will America Survive Washington?

Chevening "Scholarships" And Boosting Imperialism

Inventions By Women That Men Get Credit For

Strong Iran-Iraq Earthquake Kills More Than 300

Video: Powerful earthquake hits Iraq and Iran, killing ...

UN Agency Warns Brazil Not To Backtrack In Defining Human Enslavement

Evidence Claimed That PLAGUE Outbreak In Africa Due To An Engineered Depopulation Weapon

Mainstream Media Fake News War Propaganda

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Friday, November 10, 2017

Abel Danger: Kelly 133

If US Land Were Divided Like US Wealth...

The Saker: Debunking Two American Myths

Saudi King May Relinquish Throne To Crown Prince

Pension Bailout Bill To Be Introduced

Joachim Haglopian: The Long History Of Elite Pedophile Bloodlust

Benjamin Fulford's November 6 Post - Decidedly Optimistic

US Strikes Soaring In Afghanistan, Along With Civilian Deaths

Deal Trump Administration Now Wants To Offer Kim Is More Realistic, Limited

Roger Stone: No Smoking Gun? The JFK Files Are On Fire

NASA: It's Volcanic Activity That's Heating Up Antarctica's Ice Sheet

Will India Resort To War With Pakistan?

Suddenly, It's The Democrats Who Have A Russian Problem

Thursday, November 9, 2017

While Everyone Was Busy Being Distracted By Texas...

Trump Election Anniversary And The Delusional Race To Save Democracy

Campaign To End The United States Begins

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