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Monday, November 6, 2017

New Details In Hillary's Email Scandal

New Details in Hillary’s Email Scandal

It’s the talk of Washington!

The scandal over President Trump’s alleged collusion with Russia now may actually turn out to be a scandal of ex-President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton colluding with the former Soviet Union. And that’s not to mention their being aided and abetted by ex-FBI Director James Comey, current Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and current FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

While the mainstream media would have you believe that President Trump is in hot water due to scandals related to his former campaign manager Paul Manafort — scandals that have nothing to do with his presidential campaign — the real hot water may be just warming up for Hillary Clinton.

Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta’s brother Tony (along with John Podesta himself) has been accused of helping the Clintons rake in $145 million for their eponymous foundation from shady Russian oligarchs. On October 30, Tony Podesta announced he’ll resign from his lobbying firm, the Podesta Group — the same company that lobbied Hillary Clinton’s State Department to approve the tremendously corrupt Uranium One deal.

Indeed, this is the true smoking gun of the Russian collusion scandal that Congress is now only waking up to, due to intentional misdirection, misinformation and omission of information on behalf of people like Comey, Rosenstein, McCabe and others.

Republican Congressmen like Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Trey Gowdy and Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee Bob Goodlatte are rightfully angry that the FBI and the Department of Justice have made a mockery of their integrity over the last eight years via plainly partisan shenanigans.

One of the biggest scandals is that the so-called “Dirty Dossier” that was used to try to smear President Trump earlier this year (it was thoroughly discredited by The New York Times and other news outlets) was funded by both the FBI and the Democratic National Committee, in conjunction with Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Talk about a scandal!

The Russian trail therefore begins where it ends, and the American public is finally starting to see where all the dirty laundry is being kept in Washington. Watch as Fox’s Judge Jeanine Pirro discusses this intensely with Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton and the American Center for Law & Justice’s Jordan Sekulow.

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