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Monday, November 27, 2017


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


Complacent? Obviously, Americans seem to be red-hot passionate over lots of things right now. But not over what we, the greater Truth Movement small minority habitually claim to be. We can argue – and do – that our issues are the important ones and acknowledging them as such is needed to start irresistible stampedes to right all the wrongs besetting us. But the random visible sparks we from time to time emit are easily contained and – let’s admit it – just do not spark wildfires among the citizenry (whereas the larger media are able to do that, at least for a limited time, on a whim).

I’m talking about 9/11 (and, of course, all its progeny and aftershocks of rampant militarism, the long, shameful string of smaller but still deceitful, deadly false-flag operations that have followed, and the media’s role of burying by never mentioning or suggesting government agency participation in any of that. We urge people to hit the streets in droves endlessly to demand answers to and total cessation of that style of managing the populace, and the people never hear us. In many cases, they don’t even know we exist.

I’m talking about endless, ongoing, directionless and murky foreign wars – perpetual-motion machines if ever such there were – instigated, all of them, by super-rich and venal war-hogs in unelected cabals to get us to upload our earnings and savings (if any) to them and sanction their agony- and death-dealing state monopoly on willful violence, carried out in defiance of all international laws. All that, they lie, is to protect us. And the people just stand by and pay (or, don’t pay), and sometimes wring their hands. Meanwhile, there’s not enough counter-action in even protesting to make the slightest ripple.

I’m talking about slow-walked or eternally boggled justice, when it comes to certain individuals or even crime networks. A lot of noise from predictable quarters, generally no, or token, action or movement.

I’m talking about Central Bank tyranny that has the billions-strong commoners of the world in ever-deepening, hopeless and perpetual hock to trillionaires, mainly over non-negotiable, one-way contracts and the perverse peculiarities of compound interest mathematics. People gripe, wring their hands as the CBs and their long train of minion tribute-collectors wring our earnings, and continue paying with (mostly electronic) checks and flesh, monthly and daily. With only more fleecing in sight. (Someone suggested a Biblically-inspired Jubilee recently to erase debt and clean the slate. Now, there’s an idea to explore).

I’m talking about a totally-controlled media, with delivering daily disinformation the sum and substance of its mission. The people, not being utter fools, can eventually catch on and turn the traditional media off – as they are doing increasingly, in droves. But they have not yet glommed onto the decidedly mixed-bag of alternative media, either, while the battle of “Whose is fake news?” continues to rage, so far generating more smoke than clear air.

They (the people and the specifically-concerned “Truthers”) may – and do – wring their hands and complain over a debt-based style of economy that is slowly (or rapidly) strangling us. They may – and do – opt decisively in polls for no more wars, endless, murderous rumbles abroad, occasionally claiming one or two of our own trespassers over there (mostly in accidents or one-by-one in retaliation), which somehow trumps the thousands, cumulatively scores of millions, of foreigners killed and their homes smashed to rubble. And, as with 9/11 (where lots of people are vaguely or clearly aware the narrative, as told at story time, doesn’t compute, but do nothing), just knowing it’s bogus and infinitely evil, and even going so far as actual hand-wringing, does nothing but raise blood pressure and ruin carefree lives.

Which is why so many are probably wise to tune it all out. What else can they do, with no realistic point of pressure to rally to? No real leaders. No Martin Luther King. No Gandhi. The great hope of many millions, Obama, just another cheerleader for the situation. Nobel Prize for Peace? How about for Deception?) Trump remains an enigma. And now, in protest of no means of improving anything, they are so disenchanted as to not even watch the NFL anymore. Go figure! Tribal hate and planned discord has become the neurotic resort of some. And, with all that dysfunction going on (or not going on), the reason(s) the country may be falling apart are not even addressed, as much as we, the Truthers, quietly compete intramurally to tell each other about them).

Then, what to do? Quit hand-wringing and come up with, or at least join, a plan. I believe that Craig McKee’s plan to get the overwhelming majority of 9/11 Truthers who are convinced that no airliner struck the Pentagon on 9/11 to form a single, unifying list is a step in the right direction. It’s called “getting our ducks in a row”. We (i.e., most of us in 9/11 Truth) have been trying for years to bring about a paradigm shift in the U.S. and worldwide on that key, central issue. Unfortunately, even a court case can’t be anywhere near enough to accomplish that, because the pre-established context will not accommodate wholesale change based on a single endorsed factoid or statement. But unity of message, achieved step-by-step, can help enormously.

Approaching from a different direction – Americans demanding total restoration of the Constitutionally-mandated mode of Defense-Only American Military (“to provide for the common defense”) – no longer extra-constitutionally missioned with foreign intervention and adventuring – in place of handwringing about rampant militarization, which has never gotten us anywhere, could work. That concept would provide an otherwise-missing simple, practical rallying-point for the majority of all of us who are like-minded on the syndrome of rampant perpetual militarization but have nowhere to go.

I say that because I personally don’t know of any other basic idea to halt the militarization and willful terrorization on a now-global scale that’s destroying us economically, spiritually, and, most importantly, survival-wise.

To overthrow the frightening forces arrayed against us all, we must get smarter than the psychopaths. If my idea won’t cut it, we will still need one. And we must never stop using our minds. “Use it or lose it” was never more appropriate.

JH: 11/24/17

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