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Friday, November 3, 2017


by James Hufferd, Ph.D.,
Coordinator, 911 Truth Grassroots Organization


At least to believe the media (and who does anymore? – certainly, fewer and fewer), the question on every American’s mind this star-crossed Hallowe’en night is something like: “How do the gossamer-thin ISIS/ISIL terror networks now covering and threatening nearly every country on the face of the earth (including apparently 53 out of 54 in Africa) manage to inspire amateur, would-be (or, never-thought-of-it before) jihadists in the U.S. to rent vehicles out-of-state in order to slam them into chockful bike paths (reminiscingly near the one-time Twin Towers and 7, quite coincidentally, I’m sure), killing at least 8 and wounding dozens more?

But, actually, I think I know what may have happened here – just as I thought, apparently correctly, in the more-splashy Las Vegas case a month ago. I chose deliberately to say “may have” and “think” because I have absolutely no direct evidence. But I don’t need direct evidence to conclude the overwhelming probability for my surmise, on the basis of 90 – 95% of such cases in which the genuine inspiration for the attack is conclusively revealed and traces straight back to the FBI-CIA nexus, the axis of the lion’s share of the world’s current baffling, radically-destabilizing wave of mass evil. (Throw in the Pentagon/Situation Room into that axis/nexus of iniquitous operations for good measure – to say nothing of the closely-linked deceptions, bald-face lies, and beyond-volatile anger and confusion generated). True, this case involved vehicular homicide (the first such this side of the Atlantic, unless you count airplanes). But, otherwise, the only outstanding difference this time, as compared to most other state-sponsored-terror instances, is that the culprit, for some reason, didn’t die in dilecto. (Because the cops aimed poorly and missed his vitals?)

And, of course, another reason I know that 95 – 100% of these obscenities are not as advertised loud from the rooftops is that they don’t make any sense as real acts of insanity by Middle Eastern-inspired holy wackos. To wit: if such were behind such, they wouldn’t go after ordinary bike-riding regular Joe’s and Jo’s. Why would they? Their enemies, after all, sit in Congress, Parliament, the WH, the State Department, or Westmonster – not on bicycle seats or at hoe-down music fests on Hwy. 91. If they’ve seriously “had it”, why don’t they ever go after the crafters of the berserk policies they so much profess to hate? Can anyone answer?

So, my first assumption is that the FBI/FIB was the instigator here, as per usual, the real motive being to emphatically remind Americans to “stand back and let us do our business”, which is (in no particular order) a) of adding restrictions on and protections for us (the authorities/establishment) from you, in the process of preventing future kamikaze runs by vehicle renters, and b) either cheer us on or stand back as we bring as much death and mayhem as we want by whatever means we devise, on your dime, to make our favorite backers trillions nonstop by dint of arms in the Middle East, Africa, Southeast or Central Asia, Pluto, Bikini Atoll, or anywhere else we dream up, while scamming you into thinking we’re winning (for the first time since VJ Day and Granada, by the way) and making you all real safe.

And I might as well add – the greatest mystery in the world (to me) is if and how the parade of mostly young, exorbitantly-paid, impressively articulate, usually from Ivy League or Bryn Mar, foundation or think-tank experts – who have typically worked in 127 countries, impressively remaining alive on airplane food, for 16 years by the time they’re 28 – how these immaculate Ken and Barbie prodigies so young and brilliant you can almost smell them – can talk nonchalantly, convincingly, and in great detail for an hour, from close-up, personal experience, on various aspects of the official version, on the ground, of the “War on Terror”. Or, on the convicting pre-career of Oswald, the “lone gunman” (no other scenario ever being mentioned). Or, of the convoluted doings of the 19 with their box-cutters on 9/11.

I wonder. Do they route these cookie-cutter, out-of-the-woodwork, beautiful hair media instant-geniuses through Hollywood on the way up? (Or, are the rest of us just naturally smarter?)

JH: 10/31/17

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