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Tuesday, December 12, 2017


by James Hufferd, Ph.D., Coordinator
911 Truth Grassroots Organization


Let’s dispense first with Conspiracy 1 – It’s really not so much that tiny, super-intense Israel mysteriously (or maybe not) manages to control the mighty, world-spanning colossus U.S. (although the personnel are certainly there, ubiquitously, to at least create that impression), or vice-versa, as many in Israel reportedly believe. It’s probably more like the same cabal of multi-billionaires that tightly controls one, ditto the other. So, who? Probably the ones with long pedigrees that have long sneezed conspicuously at the quaint notion of usury. In other words, look hard on the grizzled boards of the leading central banks and, presuming you could find them, the lists of their principal perennial patrons. In point of fact, it would make little sense for these almost-human being mega-mega-money managers (missing only human empathy) NOT to grasp and manipulate the world to the fullest extent they can. After all, they own it. And that’s their DNA! Beyond dispute, they have, after all, bought and paid for the U.S.A.

2. We are as much prisoners of the central banks – primarily Bank of England (City of London), although rumor has it we’re “independent” now, as if we were locked away in the Tower of London in the 16th century were prisoners of England. Because, all signs point to the Bank of England owner/controllers being the principal (top secret, although, when you think of it, who else could possibly afford to be?) controlling owners of the private Federal Reserve system that exercises a lien, through taxes going straight to it, on literally everything in this, our country (the U.S.), in conjunction with lesser, closely linked central bank brothers and cousins elsewhere in Europe and ‘round the world. Outside of maybe a couple of countries still outstanding (and harassed), there is not a recorded deal closed or a square milimeter owned in the world in which the central banking mob doesn’t claim at least a healthy cut, or a lien in the case of real estate.

They, in effect, hold in mortgage the U.S., Israel, and most every other so-called sovereign country or entity – including you and me and the trees you may grow. (Ever get a piece of mail (called and treated as a “document”) from a government agency not addressed to YOUR NAME IN ALL CAPS? Note: it’s not specifically addressed to you in the flesh, but rather, they have you registered since the day you were born and incorporated as a going venture of theirs, on which they can and will draw. Again, your federal taxes go straight to them, and the amount has then to be re-borrowed at actively compounding interest in order for the USG to cover its obligation – all of that being the case since the congressional Christmas break, 1913, shenanigan and illegal agreement between the USG, mostly sitting at home by the fire, and the newly-hatched creature, the Fed.

3. U.S. hyper-militarism and the death/blood money political economy – The twin true reasons, really the only two, for the overall War With Terror waged continually by the thus-controlled U.S. against the recalcitrant and independent-minded everywhere, in way too many locations by now to list inclusively with accuracy or authority, are, first, to attempt to extend centralized, one-world control, operationally run out of Washington, widely and firmly to and beyond the ends of the earth, and second, to provide the top dogs running the thin-air money spigots providing all the fictitious (fake) funds to the world on a compounding loan basis, license, or at least salable reason, along with some other similar hide-the-pea machinations – to squeeze firmly upward to the top of the tube and thus return the lion’s share of the earnings of the common workers and eaters of the world (us) to them and their operational admiring lackeys.

The wars perpetuated since the big launch event heralding the next phase (9/11) have expended (wasted, really) an estimated $8 trillion, partly paid for through taxes and partly accrued through eagerly-granted Central Bank loans for the governments to transfer to the operatives and the flush investors standing to pig out beyond grandly on the collaterally death- and anguish-dealing wars. And that stupendous sum of money has been literally shot on the requisite equipment and supplies, lethal and otherwise, and far more so on lordly profits, with a miserly, un-sustaining trickle of it reserved in benevolent appreciation for the soldiery. While for the investors, the induced gains from the elaborate, never-ending hoodwink continue to be astronomical and demanded as the price of support.

I admit I haven’t looked up (wouldn’t begin to trust) the figures, but I rather imagine the production of war materiel is the largest single sector of U.S. manufacturing and exports today, or close to it. Just imagine for a minute our economy if that chunk of investment and employment could instead be diverted to creating products useful for purposes other than enabling mass-murder and most wanton destruction! And, in addition, think of the benefits health-wise from lowering blood pressure, restoration of serene sleep, and release of hatred, anger, terror, and bitterness, and maybe cancer that would result. Now, think! In the most productive economy ever in the world, most everyone you know is experiencing long-term stressful and god-awful financial woes. How is that even possible? Think!

4. Speaking of health – there’s the forever war in Afghanistan, which now, under U.S. military auspices, produces 90% of the world’s opium, mostly to be distilled and re-valued 1,000 X upward into opiates, perhaps most of which are marketed to and by the giant drug companies, and passed by them on to doctors (licensed dealers) who get lucrative kickbacks per unit for prescribing/distributing. And, voila! Fantastic profits all around, and, surprise! we have ourselves an opiate crisis! (Now, where did that come from?) More U.S. deaths (and it’s quickly spreading abroad, too = more profits! = more mysterious deaths) resulting from overdoses (now 60,000 and rising in the U.S.) per year, more than U.S. fatalities in the entire, multi-year Vietnam War. In general, the public hasn’t mentally assembled or been apprised of that very venal, still-unchecked chain of criminality and (hopefully) prosecutable and fully-punishable guilt (at least, if it weren’t officially sanctioned, enabled, and maintained). Somewhat surprisingly, even many hardcore conspiracy theorists balk at grasping and believing this particular one that’s the most obvious and staring us in the face, because no one is assembling and talking about it. Don’t you think it’s past time we did? Although, the minute the regular media begin broach this subject in its ugly, nasty fullness, I imagine the brave ones will be dropped without explanation or shot to shut them up, one by one.

5. Let me get just a little more outrageous yet – I suspect someone or other is recruiting and placing in top political, entertainment, informational, professional, law-enforcement, military, clergy and, probably, leading financial and industrial positions on the basis of sex-trafficking (primarily the child variety) susceptibility and inclination. And I suspect they’re using the centralized power that that facilitates over the mutually incriminated individuals to maintain much-heightened discipline and loyalty among the overclass thus tainted. We are afforded little glimpses of that from small-scale mass arrests from time to time of late. Personally, I would tend to suspect that “someone” overseeing the recruiting and placement to be whoever (plural) is involved in heading up all of the other united conspiracies already described. And I hasten to add that I don’t consider that particular entity’s prime identity or motive in any of these cases to be religious.

These, instead, boil down to enhanced control and maintaining the effective discipline among operatives down the line to extend and completely consolidate the same. Just look how slowly and reluctantly pedophilia and elite-figure racketeering are investigated and prosecuted. Why so? Because, first of all, too many involved have their own induced secrets to protect and, as importantly because lethal blowback from the top is a lead-pipe certainty. It happens over and over, and is rarely if ever seriously pursued. And there’s no law over “the law”.

Beyond these prime examples, a couple of sub-categories are more than worthy of special attention as well.

3a) U.S. media reporting on Syria, according to infinitely-more-trustworthy responsible independent investigative reporters who have spent much time in that victimized country, is all a pack of outrageous, self-serving, face-saving lies. Of course, most of us know – from these sources – there was no chemical weapons attack by Assad on his own citizens, though such was reported twice to try to justify Washington’s attempt at butchering and destroying Syria as it did Libya, and gutted Iraq. Chemical ordinance (sarin gas), in the hands of ISIS since Secretary of State Hillary Clinton ordered it sent to them from Libya after a penitent and supplicant Qaddafi was gratefully stabbed in the back, was used, and they pulled the false-flag attack. And the “international, neutral” and much-praised (actually, as it turned out, they were none other than ISIS itself operating under yet one more name) “White Helmet” observers reported that Assad had ordered the attack carried out by his forces. Then, after the Syrian Army, under the Russian Air Force, routed ISIS (which was also the real identity of the so-called I.S.-supported “Syrian Rebels” under direction and bombing support of the U.S. Air Force) and took back nearly the whole country, the U.S. government and controlled media claimed that they, the U.S. (in fact ISIS’s creator and supplier throughout) had defeated the Caliphate and subdued ISIS (ISIL, al-Nusra) in Syria, as in Iraq, where the Baghdad government, also increasingly tilting toward Russia and Iran, really rose to the occasion and did the job.

In fact, Russian forces have stopped the U.S. in the Middle East cold and ruined Washington’s plan to disintegrate most of the countries in the region. But, undaunted, Washington claimed victory over its secret ally and asset, ISIS. It’s as if, in 1945, survivors of the Third Reich had announced that Germany had won the war and driven the Allies out – except that the German people were there to see, whereas most Americans don’t even know where Syria is.

3b) Wherever there’s a terrorist incident in Europe and beyond, outside of the U.S., independent analysis has regularly shown that the CIA, and/or Mossad, MK-5/6, etc., very probably orchestrated it. And if in the U.S., something in the neighborhood of 100 instances of “terrorist” plots, not all of which materialized, have been found to have been orchestrated, often in association with “drills”, from cases of recruitment and/or entrapment by the FBI – which continually claims that terrorism is and terrorists-in-waiting are rampant “in all 50 states”. As I have repeated a number of times now, if the on-the-ground “terrorists” acting out in North America and Europe were really Middle Eastern ISIS-inspired or representatives, they wouldn’t likely be attacking ordinary people going about their business but, instead, striking out at powerful government officials responsible for the policies they hate. But somehow, they never seem to think of that.

With the ambitious Las Vegas shooting episode recently, the reality of an elaborate set-up, while still murky, became obvious for all to see – and then the nonstop media coverage that went on for two weeks just stopped, because the public’s questions got too hot and they weren’t fooling anyone anymore. Wish that had happened with 9/11! It appears that Sandy Hook, too, may yet blow up in their fat faces soon as well. And if there’s really shown to be no terror but government-orchestrated terror meant to terrorize at some point, then there will no longer be an excuse to rifle the whole U.S. economy to murder innocent foreigners overseas. Then what?

4a) It always made sense to me that women, instead of geriatric male politicians, should decide in cases of contemplated abortion. But, at the same time, I have always maintained that no one I know would ever have an abortion if I had anything to say about it. And so it remains – a contradiction, perhaps. But, some years ago now, I started to notice that “liberal” media outlets were no longer touting “choice”, but actually advocating for women to abort. Then, quite recently, it came to my attention that some 90% of all abortions in the U.S. liquidated black babies – precisely, the next generation of the de facto secondary U.S. population that had been overwhelmingly beguiled into buying the by now stridently radical Democratic Party’s identity politics line. And, at that point, the ulterior motives of the globalist-sponsored radical media became clear as day. I am appalled.

4b) One more – You have to go to the alternative media, independent reporter, responsible investigative media in the U.S. to learn of the to-be-expected actual negative consequences of simply releasing (and heavily subsidizing) millions of destitute, uneducated, totally foreign, mostly Muslim refugees from the awful wars the U.S. and tag-along European allies ignited and carry on today in the Middle East mostly employing Muslim mercenaries and U.S. air power. Crime waves featuring assault, property damage, murderous violence, and fratricide, near 100% unemployment and dependency of the migrant newcomers, overwhelming of social services, and ludicrous demands for majority compliance with their religious and cultural norms, along with blood-curdling threats for noncompliance, have followed in many places. In the U.S., which is currently making itself a less-accepting target, radical so-called “liberal” activists and catering media are demanding the sort of open-borders, coddling criminal migrants policy that is sinking Europe – and for one main reason: to gain the vote for non-citizens. Why? to win elections for the globalist cause.

OK, maybe all the above really aren’t conspiracies after all. Maybe they’re just how the universe naturally operates. I would concede that such is true to this extent – that the universe perhaps naturally produces clusters of conspirers and conspiracies just as it produces black holes and galaxies. And that grand conspiracies like those described here are among the finest examples we have of black holes on earth, threatening to pull us asunder.

“And how dare they?” you might ask. From their point of view, as construed from their rules, they own it all. They paid for it (even if with nothing but thin air), so why can’t they run it? They see us as mere squatters on their earth, some of whom occasionally work for their benefit on their private latifundia. So, our goal has got to be, ultimately, to restore our ownership by right of prior occupation. Realistically, they don’t have a leg to stand on. Just one big, bad conspiracy.

JH: 12/12/17

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