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Friday, December 29, 2017

FBI Runs Another "ISIS Terrorist Jihad" Attack In San Francisco, Precedents

December 30, 2017

Source: 7SanDiego

California Man Charged With Plotting Christmas Day Attack in SF
By Rhea Mahbubani and Brendan Weber • December 22, 2017

A Modesto man was charged Friday with plotting a terror attack — using explosives and a truck — in San Francisco on Christmas Day “in support of ISIS,” according to a criminal complaint.

The suspect, Everitt Aaron Jameson, 26, is accused of providing “material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization” between Oct. 24 and Dec. 20, and expressing his willingness to “do anything for ‘the cause,'” according to an affidavit filed by FBI Special Agent Christopher McKinney.

The plot was uncovered by way of a monthslong sting operation that involved two undercover FBI employees and a confidential informant, who communicated with Jameson first through private messages and then on social media.

Jameson “identified a possible target location, noting that the best place would be a large area such as San Francisco,” according to the court document. He singled out Pier 39, knowing that it was a “heavily crowded area.” Jameson picked the popular tourist destination, saying he was familiar with it and wouldn’t need to scout the location beforehand.

The time in question for the attack was between Dec. 18 and 25 because, according to Jameson, “Christmas was the perfect day to commit the attack.”

When asked about an escape plan, Jameson replied “he was ready to die.”

Please go to 7SanDiego to read the entire article.


The origins of global Jihad:

It was Max von Oppenheim going all the way back to just before WWI in 1914 who was responsible for creating global Jihad. The Kaiser was intrigued with Oppenheim’s knowledge of the Middle East, and so Oppenheim presented the Kaiser with the idea of “inciting Muslims into Jihad against the colonial powers”. Sort of like a “secret weapon” used by Germany written about in the Berlin-Baghdad Express.

The Sultan of the Ottoman empire then had his religious leaders through the grand Mufti issue a fatwa declaring a global Jihad to unite the Muslim world to throw off colonial rule. Jihad has always been present which has a powerful effect on these tribal groupings in the Muslim world. Still now over 100 years later the global Jihad (“secret weapon”) continues to be manufactured in the west as we saw with the FBI in this recent “Jihad attack” on Pier 39 in San Francisco.

Max (Freiherr) von Oppenheim (15 July 1860 in Cologne – 17 November 1946 in Landshut) was a German lawyer, diplomat, ancient historian, and archaeologist. He was a member of the Oppenheim banking dynasty. Abandoning his career in diplomacy, he discovered the site of Tell Halaf in 1899 and conducted excavations there in 1911-13 and again in 1929. Bringing many of his finds to Berlin, he exhibited them in a private museum. This was destroyed by Allied bombing in World War II. However, most of the findings were recently restored and have been exhibited again at Berlin and Bonn.

Oppenheim was a controversial figure before and during World War I because he was considered a spy by the French and British. He did in fact engage in anti-Allied propaganda, aimed at stirring up the Muslim populations of the Allied-controlled territories against their colonial masters.

Max Oppenheim was born on 15 July 1860 in Cologne as the son of Albert Oppenheim (de) and Pauline Engels. Albert Oppenheim, a member of the Jewish Oppenheim family of bankers had converted to Catholicism in 1858 to marry Catholic Pauline Engels, from an established Cologne merchant family. In 1867, Max’ grandfather, Simon, was awarded the title of Freiherr (Baron) in Austria-Hungary. As the title was also valid in Prussia, the family now styled itself “von Oppenheim”.

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