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Monday, December 31, 2018

US Strategic Command's Sobering Sense Of Humor

PCR: The World Known To Me Is Fading Away

Jesse Ventura Confronted The CIA - Would You?

Kim Jung-Un Warns Washington Not To Test His Patience With Sanctions And Pressure

House Dems Introduce A Plan To End Shutdown, Not Including Wall - Next Move Trump's

Computer Virus Hits Newspapers Coast-To-Coast

Sununu: Democrats Feel They Gain From Border Chaos

Church Of England Demands UK Welcome Boat Migrants: "Everyone Is Precious"

At Least 530 Murders In Gun-Controlled Chicago In 2018

Abortion Leading Cause Of Death In 2018: 41 Million Killed

Eddie Bravo Speaks Good Sense About The Caravan

Obama's New World Order Laughed As Trump Began To Speak. But Then...

DEMONS Really Are Possessing People, Warns Psychiatrist, As Pure Evil Sweeps Over Humanity

US Forces Withdraw From Afghanistan - Secret Negotiations With Taliban - Huge Political Change On Horizon

U.S. Forces Withdraw From Afghanistan. Secret Negotiations with the Taliban. “Huge Political Change on the Horizon”

Reporting from Kabul, December 27, 2018. The announcement of withdrawal of the US forces from Syria and then Afghanistan was truly incredible to many US allies in the Middle East and Afghanistan. Although, some believe that Trump pulled the forces out to add a victory on his presidential track record to win a vote for himself and his party in the upcoming presidential election, this is not true especially about Afghanistan which tells a different story. Part of America’s presence in Syria was driven by Israeli interests such as containment of Iranian influence and the decision has infuriated Tel Aviv.
Since months, the US has been working to recast Afghan policy and the withdrawal of 7,000 troops from the total 14,000 is not a sudden decision, but part of a new agenda which is already noticeable in the recent US movements in Afghanistan.
President Trump’s apparently abrupt and insistent decision to remove boots from Syria and Afghanistan that met with reactions, pleas and even resignations from US lawmakers and Generals indicates that the chief decision-making panel is behind the doors to whom Trump only serve as a speaker because unlike common sense, Trump is a nonentity to decide all by himself. The Pentagon before and under James Mattis has defended military presence both in Syria and Afghanistan.
The US has its nine mega bases legalized across Afghanistan and it will keep a few thousand noncombatant soldiers there, as it has already halted or wound down the combat operations.

This is a time the US is not greatly engaged in Afghanistan that the withdrawal would affect its presence or influence. The insurgents have captured more than half of country; conclaves under peace talks are vaguely underway to negotiate the future fate of Afghanistan; the presidential election is scheduled for April 2019, all of which sets the stage for the US to implement the new giant plans.

It has been months since the US special representative for Afghanistan Zalmay Khalilzad (image right) has been bargaining with the Taliban and regional states allegedly about peace, but the secrets have been unfolding day by day. If the US had decided the withdrawal with most of Afghanistan under government control, it could signal some optimism for a prosperous future. But now with militants seizing the control of major cities and districts, the US exit as well as covert talks with militants namely Taliban in Qatar or UAE reveal that a huge change is on the horizon in Afghanistan to the likely detriment of its nation.
Reports confirm that the US’s agreement with Saudi Arabia and UAE have caused the half of American soldiers to depart from Afghanistan. It is also noted that former Pakistani Chief of Staff General Raheel Sharif who has also commanded the Saudi-led Yemen war at the former’s request, has nudged Saudi Arabia and UAE to dispatch forces to Afghanistan. The Gulf States’ forces are said to be deployed in southern Afghanistan to “help quell any possible unrest arisen out of US and NATO exit”. But if something of sorts happens, it will only mean to take the reins of control from the US, without any intention to bring peace, or in other words, to keep, as two of the huge moneymaking sources, the drug trade and the illegal mining of rare earth elements running.
Following April 2019 presidential election, the new government in Kabul will be designed carefully to be able to secure the US interests. For the US, installing a vigilant, obedient and dedicated government is at the top of agenda. Every time an Afghan president gets nearer to the end of his term, it prompts the US policy makers to deliberate on replacing it with the most loyal candidate. Everyone knows that the current dual leadership government led by President Ashraf Ghani and the Chief Executive Abdullah was hammered out behind the doors under the chairmanship of former Secretary of State John Kerry.
Now at this juncture of time, Trump believes that when the US interests can be maintained without the physical presence of US forces, why should they bear the cost of keeping soldiers and get themselves entangled into violence. Trump and his key policy-makers are of opinion that Afghanistan now has reliable degree of pawns in necktie and arms devotedly loyal to the US to secure its ubiquitous economic and political as well as military interests. It no longer feels the need to remain in large number that may also help it escape long criticism of intervention from inside America.
The US expects the next Afghan president and its government to keep Russia or Iran at arm’s length. Afghanistan’s judiciary, legislative and executive power is centralized to president who is authorized to take critical decisions without referral or accountability to any other government authority. And this is the reason that a candidate fit and proper for the US can hold the entire nation’s fate at hand to rule according to the US’s best interests.
But this will not be sufficient and under the new agenda, the US will reportedly rely on Arab (and possibly Pakistani) forces to take lead of Afghanistan, as negotiations are in progress over who should fill the gaps created by partial US departure.
Kandahar’s police chief Taadin Khan, the younger brother of former powerful chief Abdul Raziq, has said that Pakistan has sent its own representatives in the guise of Taliban members to peace talks in Dubai in a bid to win more concessions on the threshold of major transition in Afghanistan.
The US special envoy Zalmay Khalilzad’s hasty frequent trips to Afghanistan, Pakistan, Russia and Arab States in recent months was nothing but efforts to inform and reach a consensus with the involved states about the shift in US Policy on Afghanistan.
One more development that points to the actuality of major policy change in Afghanistan is that Pakistan has started building the barbed-wire fence along disputed “Durand Line” border with Afghanistan in 2018 that is set to be completed by 2019. Before the construction of the fence, militants trained and armed in tribal areas of Pakistan would cross the border into Afghanistan without a minimal resistance from either side.
And now under Ashraf Ghani’s government when the Taliban and other militant groups have placed their anchor in respective regions, gained an easy and less-resisted foothold in parts of Afghanistan, built their Afghan brand of training camps and gotten their presence almost legalized in the face of the Afghan government and the US, Pakistan no longer sees need for its territories to be used for harboring and exporting extremism into Afghanistan as it is conscious of likely twist in the US strategies on Afghanistan.
Kandahar’s powerful police Chief Abdul Raziq who was assassinated at an inside job in a suicide attack following a press conference with top US General Scott Miller, had strongly stood up to Pakistan’s border fencing when the scheme reached to the stretch of his province. Raziq’s murder was partly fueled by his anti-Pakistani stand and resistance to building of fence.
Unfortunately, in such vulnerable times when each foreign state holding a stake in Afghan war struggle to extract more interests, Afghanistan’s capital Kabul usually witnesses indiscriminate and illogical armed attacks on non-military government buildings. On Monday, armed assailants stormed the building of the National Authority for Disabled People and Martyrs’ Families following a powerful suicide attack in front of the gate, as the employees were preparing to leave the office for the day. The attack killed nearly 50 people as the attackers would fire on civil workers when they moved floor by floor.
No group claimed the responsibility for it, and nor any militant group should accept it, because it is the war of regional intelligence agencies that intentionally take lives of normal Afghan people as a means of pressure against the Afghan government or other involved parties.
Note to readers: please click the share buttons above. Forward this article to your email lists. Crosspost on your blog site, internet forums. etc.
Masud Wadan is a geopolitical analyst based in Kabul. He is a frequent contributor to Global Research. 

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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Abel Danger: Mattis Resignation, Protecting Israel, And Related

2019: The Year Of Economic Collapse And Big War?

PCR: Blessed Are The Warmongers: The World Has Only One Leader

Russia And Turkey In Syria

Russia's Fence Along The Crimea-Ukraine Border

Mastermind Behind Mueller's Rigged Witch Hunt Revealed

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Relentless Smear Campaign Against Corbyn: The Truth

Facebook's Secret Censorship Manual Exposed As Platform Takes Down Video Showing Israelis Terrorizing Palestinians

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Cop Killing Re-Ignites Fury Over Sanctuary Cities

Putin's New Year Message

Trump: Huge Progress Made With China On Trade

Judicial Watch Warning: Illegal Immigrants Bringing A Wave Of Epidemics

Why Globalist US Officials And Hollywood Oppose A Border Wall: Vested Interest In Maintaining Organized Crime Route Into The Country

Saturday, December 29, 2018

Chemtrails Exposed: Dresser Industries And The New Manhattan Project

Jimmy Dore: Hillary Clinton Pushes For More War In Syria (Video)

"Everything Is Fake" Internet Traffic Metrics Are B.S.

The Weaponization Of Social Media

Climate Science And The Myths Of Renewable Energy

Holiday Season Israeli State Terror In Occupied Palestine

Headlines Over Trump's Border Wall Dispute, Silence On Endless US Wars

Spy-Involved Huawei Being Shunned, Chiina May Lash Out Militarily

Stephen Lendman: US And Israel Partner In Each Other's Wars

A Closer Look At 5G Equipment That Is Being Installed Across Los Angeles

Sentiment Speaks: The Fed Has Lost Control

Massive New Immigrant Caravan To Leave Honduras; El Paso Faces Imminent Crisis

How Far Will They (Globalists) Go?: Outrage After Swedish TV Downplays Gruesome ISIS Beheadings

Impressive Solar-Powered Island Resort Opens In The Maldives

Alark US: Security Expert - "Sweden Is On The Way To Civil War"

Angela Merkel: Nation States Must "Give Up Sovereignty" To New World Order

Novel Idea: Land Swap Between Turkey & Syria To Avoid Conflict Over Manbij?

Fate Of Russians In US Prisons Casts Shadow On American Justice System

In 2018, Globalists Pushed The People's Patience To The Edge

Which Side Are You On? The Financial Fantasists Or Realists?

Trump's National Security Team Has Been Trying To Box Him In Like Every Other President, But He Called Their Bluff

The Depression Of 2019-2021

Spectacular Left-Wing Corruption

The Dollar's Volatile. How's The Ruble Doing?

Systemic Anti-Americanism?

Trump's Withdrawal Critics: Clinton - "Isolationism...", Etc.

Who Is Behind The Destruction Of Trump's Economic Gains?

Dave Hodges: When The Lights Go Down In The City

They Can't Stand It: CNN Wants Punishment For Soldiers Who Get Trump Autographs, Etc.

"We The People..." How The World, Here And Abroad, Is Overthrowing The Globalists (Video)

Friday, December 28, 2018

Putin: "95% Of World's Terrorist Attacks Are Made By The CIA"

US Debt Rising $44,000 Per Second

"Build The Wall Or Close The Border" - Trump's New Ultimatum

Syria's Army "Raises Flag" In Kurdish Province For First Time Since Start Of Civil War

The Only Russian "Bots" To Meddle In US Elections Belonged To Democrat-Linked "Experts"

Ann Coulter: Shut Down The Liberals' Indoctrination On Campus

College campuses have gone absolutely insane.
A year ago, a student group asked me to speak about our nation's immigration laws at the University of California at Berkeley, the so-called "birthplace of the free speech movement."
As you may have heard, my speech was abruptly canceled because leftist thugs decided to riot and the administration wouldn't stick up for free speech.
As I point out in Resistance is Futile: How the Trump-Hating Left Lost Its Collective Mind, ever since Donald Trump's election, liberals have lost their minds. But there's no padded room to keep them contained! Instead, these violent, masked lunatics have taken over college campuses, where young Americans are turned into automaton leftists just like themselves.
America's universities are supposed to expand young minds through free speech, debate, and robust thought. Instead, they're leftist indoctrination factories that punish dissenting speech and ban views that don't align with the socialists, communists, and Marxists trying to hijack our country.
I fear for our future when colleges teach our nation's youth to harass, harangue, and harm anyone who disagrees with them — or even anyone designated a Bad Thinker by people who can't think at all. Instead of a battle of ideas, they're being taught to do real battle — to riot in the streets with black masks and baseball bats. What harm did all those Starbucks windows ever do to them?
Young conservatives on college campuses across our nation are losing their right to free speech – and even the right to walk down the street without getting sucker punched – because of how intolerant the liberals have become.
But lest you think I've given up hope, faithful conservative, there's a group I trust that fights back against this onslaught and exposes leftist bias, abuse, and indoctrination on college campuses for all the world to see: Campus Reform.
Campus Reform, a project of the Leadership Institute, is the single most powerful force for campus free speech in America today. By sticking up for conservative students and giving them the tools necessary to defend themselves and their principles, Campus Reform provides an absolutely essential public service.
Bottom line – Campus Reform uncovers the liberal schemes that the mainstream media wants to keep hidden . . . and they shut down the liberals' indoctrination on campus after campus.
And to sweeten the pot – when you give $100 or more to LI's Campus Reform, I'll rush you a copy of my new book, Resistance is Futile. Saving young conservatives AND getting a free book? What a deal!
But let me tell you more.
Campus Reform is run by Morton Blackwell's Leadership Institute. LI is one of the nation's most respected and powerful voices for conservative students and young people. They've organized and trained a national network of 2,083 active conservative student groups at colleges all over America.
I took one of the Leadership Institute's courses myself when I was a student. It helped me become a better editor and expose the liberals' tricks at my college, in addition to cheering me up by introducing me to other young patriots.
Like they did for me, LI trains these students to powerfully — and civilly! — articulate conservative principles. Their training equips young people with the tools to stand up for their principles when they find themselves censored, punished, or threatened by radical faculty or students.
You see, it's not just media personalities like Ben Shapiro, James O'Keefe, and myself that the liberal mob tries to run off campuses.
Campus police at the College of DuPage in Illinois told conservative students they'd "lock them up" for handing out copies of the U.S. Constitution. Yes, that dangerous document that the created the greatest country ever known to man.
A teaching assistant at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln harassed the student president of a conservative group for recruiting students. With a gesture from her middle finger, she shrieked profanities at the conservative student and called her a "neo-fascist" and "Nazi." Charming.
At Purdue University in Indiana, a staffer called conservatives "vile, racist idiots" and threatened to rape pro-life students. (And you wonder why liberals prefer violence to debate.)
In all three cases, LI's Campus Reform exposed the truth. Armed with investigative reports from their student correspondents on campus, Campus Reform got word out to their nationwide audience of concerned conservatives. And they brought it to news outlets like Fox News, Newsmax, the Blaze, and numerous talk radio shows.
Ultimately, Campus Reform's exposure of the truth got results. In these cases and many others, Campus Reform's quick and powerful action forced universities to change their anti-conservative policies, discipline leftist student groups, and suspend or fire radical professors.
I believe an angel gets its wings every time a leftist professor is fired for their outrageous and unapologetic abuses against conservatives.
But Campus Reform's fight to make the left see the light and feel the heat won't be won overnight.
To fight the forces of the intolerant left, stand up for free speech, and protect conservative students who want to simply share their beliefs without getting a black eye, Campus Reform is counting on your help.
The Stalinist show-trial that liberals tried to hold against Judge Brett Kavanaugh reveals the disgusting depths the radical left will stoop to. And with the left gaining political strength in the midterm elections, the suppression of conservative free speech on campuses is only going to increase.
Friend, let's make 'em pay.
Thank you.
In liberty,
Ann Coulter

Prelude To The Current Crisis In Middle East

This Couple Arrived In Baghdad A Few Short Weeks After Marrying...

Trump: "We Have Gained Nothing By Killing Sadam And Khadaffi" - And That's Just For Starters

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US Had Planned To Create Biological Weapons Lab For Tests In Crimea

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Growing Opinion: Expect A 9/11 Style False Flag in 2019 To Push Us Into World War III As The Globalists Revolt The Imposition Of Peace

Reshuffling The Deck Chairs In Riyadh

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Mysterious "Nude Selfie" Seems To Have Thrown Mueller Team Completely Off

La Rouche: Trump Dumps British Empire's Agenda Of Permanent War

Thursday, December 27, 2018

Stephen Lendman: Will Trump Use Paramilitary Hired Guns In US War Theaters?

Russia Angered Over Israel's Latest Attack On Syria

OK, What Is Really Going On In Paris?

General Wesley Clark Reveals Who Is Blackmailing President Trump

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They Call It "Isolationism" Just Because We're Not Going To Be Fully Fighting One Of Our Many Wars

They Are Literally Out To Kill Us: Virginia Farver - The Relationship Between Directed Energy Weapons And Your Smart Meter

White House Meeting With Plunge Protection Team Spells Trouble For Economy

Ban On "Bump Fire" Stocks Spooks Gun-Owners

Globalists Call For "Celebration" Of Plunging Human Fertility As War Against Humanity Accelerates

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

Trump, Tariff, The Constitution, And The Congress

Did 2018 Usher In A Creeping Tech Distopia

Ron Paul: Does Trump Have The Authority To Fire Fed Chair Powell?

Luke Rudkowski: Donald Trump / Rand Paul 2020?

Uh-Oh - Venezuela Calls US Comments On Guyana Dispute "Interventionist"

CIA Coined And Weaponized The Label "Conspiracy Theory"

Progressive Socialism Has Produced The Brown Shirts Of Our Time

Doctors Who Hide From Their Past: Expose Them

Israel's Government Collapses Amid Corruption Charges And Trump's Mideast Chaos

Syrian War Report: Final Battle For Manbij Is Shaping Up

Alan Sabrosky: "Mad Dog" And The Bane Of Civilian Control

Trump Calmly Held Off Mueller With Three Words

The President Blindsided Pelosi And Called Her Bluff - Not What Was Expected

Just Think What Moon Jae-In's South Korea Would Have Done With 9/11 - It Could Happen Here

In The Event 9/11 Was An Inside Job, Challenging Assumptions Behind It

STrump Visits Troops In War Zone In Iraq, His First Such Visit

Chiinese "Princess" Arest Exposes China's World Domination Plot

Transhumans Still Focused On Immortality In 30 Years

Is Amazon The Embodiment Of Orwellian Surveillance?

China Leapfrogs US In 5G Internet

Israel's Airstrikes In Syria Threatened Two Civilian Flights

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UN Ambassador: US-Russia Relations "Practically Non-Existent"

She's Lost It Again: Hillary Clinton's Christmas Greetings Is From The White House

Worry Over Kids' Excessive Smart Phone Use Is More Justified Than Ever

Scientists (Physicists Et Al) Can't Localize Consciousness

2018: The Year Public Watchlists Became Commonplace

In Christmas Eve Sweep, Police Forcibly Remove City's Entire Homeless Population

Do Only Dummies And Racists Want A Protective Border Wall?

Government Shutdown Or Not, The Police State Will Continue To Flourish

Candace Owens Responds To Black Students Who Feel They're Oppressed

House Dems Are Lining Up Behind Pure Evil

Thierry Meyssan: US's Refusal To Fight For The International Financiers

Disparities Galore: Need To Correct Them All?

Dave Hodges: The Dangers Of Uncontrolled Immigration

Syria Withdrawal Enrages The Chickenhawks

Krakatoa Warning: Another Eruption Could Possibly Kill Millions And Lower Global Temperature Significantly For Five Years

CBS Now Openly Reporting On The Elite Ingesting The Blood Of Children

Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Rare Victory For Churches Fighting LGBT Agenda

The Most Memorable Gaffes Of 2018

Toxic Legacy Of US Assault On Fallujah "Worse Than Heroshima"

Turkey Says US Agreed To Vacate Syrian Kurdish Enclave As Ground Attack Imminent

Foreign Minister: Turkish Forces Will Cross Into Kurdish-Controlled Syria

Syrian Government Forces "Enter" Kurdish-Controlled Manbij Region

We Know How Trump's War Game Ends (?)

Merry Christmas, My Fellow Inmates! - Let Nothing Dismay!

Andre Vitchek: What Happens If The French Yellow Vests Win?

John Pilger Visits Julian Assange

Stephen Cohen: Do Russiagate Promoters Prefer Impeaching Trump To Avoiding War With Russia?

Ho! Ho!... Washington Bears Gifts To Kiev's Neo-Nazi Warmongering Regime

"With $22 Trillion Of Debt, US Is In No Position To Attack Iran"

Organ Theft? Staged Attacks? UN Panel Details White Helmets' Criminal Activities, Media Yawns

Kevin Spacey Threatens Full Disclosure Of Hollywood-Deep State-CIA Connection

Body Language - The White Envelope

Trump Country Map T-Shirt FREE

Trump: Only Wall Will End Shutdown

Longest Ever (Liquidity Fed) Bull Market Over?

Space Travel Take Shorter Time Period Than Thought

Migrants Stuck In Tijuana Dream Of US Celebrating Christmas

The Most Egregious Fake News Stories Of 2018

Want Food Stamp Restrictions? Trump May Be Able To Enact This Reform WITHOUT Congress

House Dems' Top Two Goals In 2019

In Praise Of Nationalism (Text And Video)

Forbidden Knowledge: Build The Wall Christmas Special Featuring Confederate Cat (Trigger Warning)

Always Be Open: One Perspective And AN Idea On How The Liberal's Health Care Notion Could Work Out In US

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Dave Hodges: Beware The Face Of Leftist Delusion - Alexandra Ocasio Cortez, The $44 Trillion Woman

Dave Hodges: Why Aren't Humans Allowed To Use Free Energy? - Way Out!

Monday, December 24, 2018

Trump Signs Bill Naming Virginia Post Office After Fallen Son Of Gold Star Father Khizr Khan, Who Was Recruited To Bait Him

Benjamin Fulford Geoplitical Update - December 24, 2018 / A Shocker

Rumblings About The 2020 Presidential Primary Calendar

Ex-Spooks Say Comey Did Irreparable Harm To FBI

Trump's Fed Feud Roils Market, Alarms Republicans

Turkmen Leader Plays And Sings Own Song - In German? (Video)

Did Meteor Strike Russia Again And No One Noticed? (Videos)

Christmas In Aleppo: Christians Celebrate As City Recovers (Videos)

Ghadaffi's Son Sought Help In Libya Election; Russia's Reply: "No On Should Be Excluded"

Obsession With Consumerism Will Destroy The World Of Our Children

Home Alone: Bored, Trump Tweets Up Storm During Christmas Shutdown

Michelle's Spite Taken Out On Melania Gets Her The Hook

Brussels: Man Fires On Restaurant With AK-47 On Christmas Eve (Question: Who's Doing This Stuff?)

Susan Rice: Trump More Dangerous To America Than "Any Foreign Adversary" - When They Don't Get Their Way!?!

Dow Falls 650+ Points, Worst Christmas Eve Trading Day On Record

Forbidden Knowledge: All I Want For Christmas Is You (2 Minutes)

France (Macron) Vows Support To Syrian Militants Amid US Pullout

Is Alice Warlker (Or Anyone) Anti-Semitic For Waking Up?

Dangerous Delusion: Pedophiles Believe They Should Be Part Of The LGBT Community

Government Has No Obligation To Keep Its Promises

[Editor’s Note: One of the most important topics we cover in Notes from the Field is the current state of pension funds around the world, a.k.a. the global pension crisis.
Many pension funds and social security systems globally do not have enough money to cover the retirement obligations they owe to millions of workers. For example, in the US alone, pension funds are about $7 TRILLION short of the funding they need to cover the promised benefits.
We spend so much time discussing this topic in Notes, because it is relevant to you, no matter your age or geographical location. And that is why, for the next five days, we will republish our top articles on pension funds and social security benefits from 2018.
More importantly, while the current state of the pension funds and Social Security in the US and around the world is quite dire, there are still many solutions you can implement to secure your retirement savings.
Read the following articles carefully, and implement some of our recommended strategies in 2019.
Today’s article was originally published on February 5, 2018.]
The United States Court of Appeals for the First Circuit gave us an interesting glimpse of the future last week when it ruled on an obscure case involving government pension obligations.
Ever since the mid-1990s, police officers and fire fighters in the town of Cranston, Rhode Island had been promised state pension benefits upon retirement.
But, facing critical budget shortfalls over the last several years that the Rhode Island government called “fiscal peril,” the state legislature voted to unilaterally reduce public employees’ pension benefits.
Even more, these cuts were retroactive, i.e. they didn’t just apply to new employees.
The changes were applied across the board; workers who had spent their entire careers being promised certain retirement benefits ended up having their pensions cut as well.
Even the court acknowledged that these changes “substantially reduced the value of public employee pensions provided by the Rhode Island system.”
So, naturally, a number of municipal employee unions sued.
And the case of Cranston’s police and fire fighter unions made it all the way to federal court.
The unions’ argument was that the government of Rhode Island was contractually bound to pay benefits– these benefits had been enshrined in long-standing state legislation, and they should be enforced just like any other contract.
The state government disagreed.
In their view, the legislature should be able to change laws, even retroactively, whenever it suits them.
Last week the First Circuit Court issued a final ruling and sided with the state of Rhode Island: the government has no obligation to honor its promises.
News like this will never make major headlines.
But here at Sovereign Man our team pays very close attention to these obscure court cases because they often set very dangerous precedents.
This one certainly does. Because Social Security is in even WORSE condition that the State of Rhode Island’s perilous pension system.
We talk about this a lot in our regular conversations.
According to the Board of Trustees for Social Security (which includes the US Treasury Secretary, the US Secretary for Health & Human Services, and the US Secretary of Labor), the Social Security trust funds “become depleted and unable to pay scheduled benefits in full on a timely basis in 2034.”
Once again– that’s the Treasury Secretary of the United States saying that Social Security will run out of money in 16 years.
You’d think this would be shouted from the rooftops, especially given how long it takes to save for retirement.
Yet instead the news is ignored or flat-out rejected by people who simply want to believe either that it’s not a problem, or that the government has some magical solution.
The First Circuit just showed us what the solution is: cutting benefits.
And now the government has legal precedent to do so.
They can retroactively slash whatever benefit they want in their sole discretion regardless of what legislation exists, or what promises have been made in the past.
Let’s be smart about this: the clock is ticking. Sixteen years may seem like a lifetime away, but with respect to retirement, it’s nothing.
Securing a comfortable retirement takes decades of careful planning, and a lot of folks are going to have to catch up.
Fortunately there are a lot of options available, but you’re going to have to take deliberate action.
For example, you could set up a more robust structure to help you put away even more money for retirement and invest in safer, more lucrative assets that are outside the mainstream.
A number of our readers, for example, are safely earning double-digit returns in secured, asset-backed lending deals with their properly structured IRA and 401(k) vehicles.
This problem is completely solvable. But you’re going to have to solve it for yourself. You can’t rely on the government to fix it.
The First Circuit Court affirmed last week without a doubt that government promises aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.
To your freedom,
Simon Black,

Trump Deserves A Defense Secretary Who Will Implement HIS Vision

Trump Bashed In Media For Standing Up For The People, As If It Were Just For Him

Trump's Next Permanent Secretary Of Defense And Other Educated Guesses

The Creepy Line (Documentary) - All About Perils Of Google, Facebook...

Jewish Voice For Peace

Dear James,
I turned 90 years old this December, and I am anything but a stranger to the cruel policies of governments around the world.
But what’s happening in Gaza is truly shocking.

Raw sewage spills on the streets. Essential medicines are dangerously close to running out. 90% of people don’t have access to clean water. International monitors warn that the territory will be literally uninhabitable if drastic actions are not taken to end the brutal siege and provide desperately needed aid and opportunities. Many argue it already meets that description.

Gaza is an Israeli-created humanitarian disaster few are willing to name as such. But Jewish Voice for Peace is committed to recognizing the reality and to acting appropriately.

For Gaza and beyond, JVP speaks the truth with honesty and compassion.
And no two qualities could be more important to rally behind.
Will you join me in supporting JVP today?
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As desperate as the conditions in Gaza and throughout Palestine/Israel are, JVP’s organizing programs are some of the strongest in the history of American Jewish communities.

It is really one of only a small handful of Jewish organizations that honor the radical working class politics - and JVP stands for new, creative, and radical visions for our future.

Join me and thousands of others who are fighting for a just peace in Palestine/Israel, and particularly for the people in Gaza, with a contribution to JVP today.
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