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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Russia Seen As "God's Chosen Nation To Reconvert The West"

Mueller: Ahab With No Whale Oil On His Stick

USG Fines Wells Fargo $1 Billion For Loan Violations

Respective Vessels Key To Securing High Arctic War Theater

Wrap-up Of Week's Madness From The Dysfunctional Superpower, At Home And Abroad

Churches Internationally Split By Efforts To Dump Traditions And Morality

The State Of Free Speech In "The Land Of The Free"

Syria, Iran And Chaos In International Relations

Trump To Counter-Sue For DNC Server

Russian Missile Tech Has Made America's Trillion Dollar Navy Obsolete

GOP Faces Rural Rebellion Over Trump Trade Agenda

Say No To War: The World Cannot Afford More Victims Of War

What's Eating Away At The Greenland Ice Sheet?

Swarms Of Huge Sharks Discovered In Northeastern US

5 Things To Ask Before Hiring A Real Estate Agent

What Will Social Security Look Like For Millennials?

Everybody Has Feelings - Don't Disappoint!

Sowing The Wind: Czech Republic - New Sold-Out Play Depicts Jesus Raping Muslim Women

It Happened Here In 1914 - A Military Slaughter Just Like In The Middle East, And John D. Rockefeller Buried It Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind

Corbett: Solutions - Spontaneous Order

6 Reasons To Get Out Of Afghanistan

Even Them: Senators Call On Homeland Security To Release Info On Cellphone Surveillance

The Changing Face Of Germany

Russian Deep State? Putin And Assassination Of Journalists

UN Admits "Refugees" Are "Replacement Migrants" Fo Europe And Other Low-Fertility Countries

Pink Floyd Front Man Leaks Email Exposing How White Helmets Recruit Celebs With Saudi Money

UK Spies Are World Champs In False Flags, Lying And Deception, And Have Been For Centuries

New Study: US Economy Actually About To Sink

World Economics: The Most Simple Of Calculations

China Blanketing Tibet With Massive Rainmaking Geoengineering Project

Government Accidentally Sends File On "Remote Mind Control" Methods To Journalist

China Military Islands Now Control South China Sea

Welcome To Pleistocene Park: The Mammoth Plan To Recreate An Ice Age Ecosystem

Turkey Will Repatriate All Gold From The US In Attempt To Ditch The Dollar

Patrick Buchanan: Hijacked Europe - Why The Authoritarian Right Is Rising

Without Evidence Of Chemical Use Or By Assad, The Establishment-Owned Media Stood Firm: BOMB!

Friday, April 20, 2018

America Can't Be Trusted Anymore, Or, It's Hard To Be Powerful When Nobody Believes A Word You Say

The Saker: Each "Click" Brings Us One Step Closer To The "Bang"

Moon Of Alabama: Cleanup Around Damascus Continues - WMD Rumors Prepare The Way For A New US Attack

David Ray Griffin: The US Role In The Destruction Of Syria

Rand Paul Says: False Flag

Nikki Nicks Trump, Trump To Nix Nikki?

Russia's Counter-Sanctions Can Hurt, Too

Moral High Ground? In US-"Liberated" Raqqa, UN Saw Destruction Like Nowhere Else In Syiria

SWIFT Financial Messaging System Will Defy US If Pressured To Cut Russia Off, CEO Sayis

Fact: NATO Thought The Warsaw Pact Would Crush Them In A War

After The Strikes: Comparison Of Media And Practical Readjustments Internationally

US Troops Aren't Leaving Syria, But The Media Lost It When The Possibility Was Raised

Russia Has Crossed The Rubicon, Its Elites No Longer Believe Partnership With The West Is Possible

Russia Is The World's Last, Best Defender Of The Westphalian International Order

Media Keeps Parroting Fake News Of Russian / Syrian Cover-up Of Chemical Sites

West's Rejection Of God To End In Misery And Terror: Solzhenitsyn's 1983 Prophetic Warning

Russiagate McCarthyism Blasted In Major Interviews

Abby Martin Interview With Max Blumenthal Critical Of Israel Blocked By YouTube In 28 Countries

America First Or American Empire First?

Trump And Putin Are Both Nationalists - They SHOULD Be Colluding Against Globalism.

Deep State Pushing For Permanent US Military Presence In Syria

Where Is Tucker Carlson? MIA For 2 Days After Exposing Syria Gas Hoax. In Re-Education?

Zionism: Theology Of Murder - Israel Turns 70

US Lawmaker: Trump Lied, Congressional Briefing Provided "Zero Real Evidence Against Assad"

Israel Continues To Block And Sabotage Peaceful Settlement In Israel

Lavrov: No Reason Not To Supply Syria With S-300 Defense Systems

Huge Strategic Exercise Is Underway, With Half The B-2 Fleet Airborne Over The US

Is An Anti-Aging Pill On The Horizon?

Syrian War Report: Operations In Southern Damascus, Eastern Qalamoun

Natalie Portman Nixes Israel For Nazi Policies And Piggish Behavior

The Price Of US Global Dominance - Numerous Human Losses

Hybrid: Scientists Grow Human Brain In Tiny Rodent

Containers With Chlorine From Germany, Smoke Grenades From UK Found In East Ghouta, Damascus

Fisk Rips Away Excuses For Air Strike On Syria

A President Held Hostage

First Saudi Movie Theater In Decades Open With "Black Panther"

Deutsche Bank "Mistakenly" Sends $35 Billion Out The Door

New Portable DNA Scanner Gives Results In 90 Minutes

Iraq Coordinates With Assad To Take Out ISIS Fighters Within Syria

Israel And Iran War Is Near

"Calamitous Collapse" Of The Podesta Group Sparks Former Employees' Reveals

10 Irrefutable, Devastating 9/11 Facts

The Erosion Of Character And Loss Of Liberty

Here We Go Again: Fake News Is Fake Amerika

The Surprising 'Why' Of Current Britain Driving The West's WW III Push

The Skripals Have Survived, But They Are Not Sate. The Novichok Fraud Should Bring Down The UK Government

As Lies On Syrian Gas Attacks Unravel, US And UK Shift To Claims Of Russian Cyber War

LaRouche: False Flags, Fake News, Regime Change In Washington Exposed As Made In London

The Victims In Syria, Yemen, And Gaza - US Outrage Versus US Crimes Against Humanity

Saudi Arabia Exposed As Secret Hand Behind Ongoing Syrian Regime-Change Operation

By US Standards, The US Should Have Been Bombed 25 Years Ago And Its President Condemned And Hounded

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Secret Cable Spells Out Saudi Policy

The Skripal Case: 20 New Questions That Journalists Might Like To Start Asking

US Taxpayer Sends $3456 To Pentagon And $39 To Environmental Protection

What Is Sound Science?

Trump Hands The Military Industrial Complex Another Massive Win

US / North Korea Summit: Hold The Cheers

Seems Inevitable: Now A Trump - Haley Rift?

Fake News Douma CW Incident Probe Worthless

Donald Trump: The First Jewish President?

Eliminate Trump Unites The Establishment

World War III: Are We Being Manipulated Into A Fight We Can't Win?

US Muslims Attempt To Storm Public Offices To Thwart Trump's Agenda

NASA's TESS Satellite Launches To See New Alien Worlds

Fed's Beige Book Notes "Dramatic" Increase In Prices Due To Tariffs

US Officials Signal Further US-Led Aggression In Syria Coming

What Kind Of Information Does Google And Facebook Have On You?

Ron Paul: Fool's Errand - 17 Years In Afghanistan

Comey: From Roses To Jail. And Not Alone

Twitter Blocks Girl With Down Syndrome From Posting "Pro-Life" Pictures

Trump's Smiling "Thumbs Up" To Kim's Peace Moves Now - But Just You Wait!

Syria: Who Is Stalling The Investigation?

"Who's Your Daddy?": Why Violence

Fear Pompeo And Bolton, Trump's Heedless (like Headless?) Hawks

Chris Hedges: The Campaign To Exterminate Muslims

Sergei Lavrov: "I Am Not In The Guessing Business"

Unpersons: The Anti-Empire Report

Putin Addressing The G-A-S Report Using Logic And Facts

The Guardian Appears To Have Intentionally Blocked Its Readers From Learning About The Fisk Report

Starbucks Giving Black People Free Coffee For Reparations

Abolish The FBI, America's KGB

The Shot Heard Round The World And The Man Who Fired It

Jim Rogers: "Enjoy This Market Hoorah Before The Worst Market Connection Of Your Lifetime"

Hollywood's Malicious Propaganda Dehumanizes All Russians

Berlin To Implore Trump Administration Not To Force Germany To Comply With US Sanctions On Russia

Israel Forced To Use Own Air Force After US Drags Its Heels In Syria

Hillariy's Sociopathic Wikileaks Emails: Kill Assad, Destroy Syria - Deep State Goal For Ten Years

Is Someone Stalling Access To Syria Gas Hoax Site To Protect US / UK?

Anti-Vaccine Doctor Facing Death Threats

Post WW II NEOCon Strategy Shaped By Strategy To Oppose Soviet Union

Bolton Leads New Charge For Arab NATO Occupation Force

Privatization And Militarization Of Deep State

Mastermind Of Iceland's "Great Bitcoin Heist" Flees To Sweden After Brazen Prison Break

IMF Sounds Alarm On Global Debt, Sounds Alarm: "United States Stands Out"

Coil Carbon Fiber Artificial Muscle Lifts 12,000 Times Its Own Weight

Watch Your Step! Facebook Will FORCE All Users To Accept Being TRACKED Around The Internet

Infrastructure To Integrate And Scale Air Taxi Services In Cities

Rand Paul Warns New US War Powers Act Will Rubber Stamp GLOBAL CONFLICT

Reprise: 911 Lawyers' Committee For 9/11 Inquiry Petition Press Conference

Video: Little Douma Boy -- How The GOOM's (Govt Operative Manipulators) Lie To Us

On MSNBC (Video): Jeffrey Sachs = (Not Goldman Sachs?) Smuggles In TRUTH! (What's This?)

Pulling Out All The Stops: Dem Introduces Bill To Lower Voting Age To 16 By 2020

Western Media FINALLY Investigates "Chemical Attack" In Syria And Finds... No Evidence

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Think About It: NYT Gives Unindicted War Criminal Featured Op-Ed Space

Trump's Triumphs - So Far - On North Korea

How One Small Town Handles The Opioid Crisis

Former UN Climate Expert Calls For Rules On Geoengineering

What Even A Small-Scale Nuclear War Would Do To Planet Earth

Israel On High Alert For Direct Iranian Retaliatory Attack

Roger Stone's Invasion Of The Swamp, With Friends (Viideo)

When They Did It Before: Kuwaiti Girl, 1990

Trump Is Naive About The Neocons Surrounding Him: Roger Stone

Syria Is Just Kabuki Warfare As We Sail Into Financial Armageddon

Syria's Christian Church Leaders Show Their Colors

The Rape Of Russia: An Interview With F. William Engdahl

Wayne Madsen: Israel Is Blackmailing Lindsey Graham Over His Homosexuality

"Roseanne" Sends A Huge Message To Hollywood

As The (Lack Of) Rubble Settles, The Real Plan For Syria Is Revealed

The Extent To Which CNN Will Go

America's Rich History Of Lying To Start Wars

Mine's Bigger - Emmanuel Macron, President Of Poodlestan: "I Am The Equal Of Putin"

Israel Continues To Wag The Dog For Middle East Wars

Roger Waters Of "Pink Floyd" Denounces Fake Organization "White Helmets"

Trump Could Destroy The Swamp And Neocon Media In One Blow If He Condemned The Syria False-Flag Gassing

Tucker Carlson's Death Blow To Syria Gas Hoax (Video)

Perpetual Intolerable Cheezyness: Presumably, The West Gains The Verdict Only By Fixing The Jury

False WMD Accusations As Tool Of Foreign Policy

USA's "Stupid Mistakes" Ensure Victories For Russia On Many Fronts

True Targets Of US-Led Aggression In Syria

Germany's First Sex-Doll Brothel Opening

(In Britain, They Call It "Westmonster"): Crimes Of A MONSTER - You Tax Dollars At Work

Now Relationships - Everything's Politicized!

Cuba's New President

Autonomous Drones Will Soon Decide Who To Kill

Musk Blames Robots For Tesla Production Crisis

Rudowski: The Hidden Human Sacrifices To US Hubris

Pulitzer Prize Hypocrisy: Fragrant Disinformation Honored

Ron Paul: US Grasping At Straws In Syria

License For The War Mentality: War, Abuse, And Other Maladies Preventing Self-Determination

VOLCANO ERUPTION WARNING -Tens Of Volcano Earthquakes RUMBLING Around The World

MK ULTRA Survivor Shares How Her Multiple Personalities Were Used By The Global Elite

Doug Casey Views The Migrant Crisis In Europe

Over One-Third Of US Population Lives Where Ozone Pollution Levels Earn An F

PM Theresa May's Husband's Investment Firm Made A Financial killing From Bombing Of Syria

Oddly Or Not, Senate Republicans Refuse To Back Bill To Rein In Opioids

Russia Not To Dither Around In Response To New US Sanctions

US Shameless Violation Of International Law. Fabricating Evidence And False-Flag Operations

Russia Reveals Who "Staged" Syria Gas Attack, As US Claims Moscow May Have Tampered With Douma Site

Eight Reasons Why The Latest Syria Chemical Weapons Allegations Are Almost Certainly Complete Nonsense

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

What Is The Real Reason? And Who Really Won The Day?

Western Media Cover Tracks Of Leaders' War Crime In Syria

Nikki Haley Hell-Bent

Pearson Sharp Reporting Live From Inside Syria

Claims About Syria Attack Unraveling

Who Do You Believe?

Why Do So Many Feds Sell Out To Ruling Cabal?

Pentagon Caught Lying As Russia Reveals US Missile Humiliation

Why Most Of Those Tomahawks Never Hit Their Targets In Syria

For First Time Since Iraq, World Has Not Heard From Julian Assange

Shadowy PR Firm That's Lobbying For Regime Change In Iraq

Background On An Obscene Lie

Rand Paul Tells Wolf Blitzer He Thinks Syria Gassing Was False Flag

PCR: Once Upon A Time Long Ago, Truth Was Important

Is This The Beginning Of The End Of The Trump Presidency?

Ron Paul: Trump's Disastrous Syria Attack

Godfather US Dares Syria To "Use Chemical Weapons Again"

Syrian Forces Repel More Missile Strikes

US Senate Moves To Limit President Trump's War Powers

More To It: Is Trump's Broader War On Syria On Hold?

The Tentacles Of This War Of Aggression

Unique Underground Farm Without Soil Or Sunlight

Agreement Signed To End The (Original) Korean War

Flipped Ideology:Social Justice - When Good Becomes Evil

Fears Friday's Missile Strikes "Mark The Official Start Of World War 3"

Planned? Dark Clouds Loom As Economic Optimism Ends

Bashar Al-Assad: The Abraham Lincoln Of Syria

What Do We Really Know About Syria? Next To Nothing (And It's Intended That Way)

Environmentalists And Farmers Trying To Halt Dow's "Agent Orange" Pesticide

"Bombshell" Inspector General's Report Reveals Corruption Of FBI

PCR: The Crisis Is Only In Its Beginning Stages - But Could End Well

Video Evidence US Actually Bombed Syrian Cancer Research Facility

Pennsylvania House Votes Ban On Abortions Solely For Down Syndrome

Inspectors Gain Access To Alleged Syrian Chemical Attack Site

Report From Alleged Chemical Weapons Attack Site

Monday, April 16, 2018

Alas! Poor Syria, If Imperialists Make Another Run At The Wall!

Rouhani Phones Putin Warning Global Crisis If Western Strikes On Syria Go Unanswered

Eminent British Journalist Robert Fisk Reports From Clinic At Center Of Global Crisis - Doctor Says No Chemical Weapons Used

Timing: US And Allies Bombed Syria The Night Before International Inspectors Were To Arrive

Clinton Allies Seethe With Rage At Comey

Looking For Social Media Alternatives?

McCain Now Blames Trump For Assad's Alleged Misdeeds

LaRouche: Clearing The Fog Of War. Lies...

Backlash From All Sides To Trump's Syria Attack

Haley Shakes Ladylike Finger At Syria

Dems Hawk Fake News For Money

Second Amendment Rallies All Across The US

Government Gives Your Money To Banks, Over And Over