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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

US Senate Easily Passes Criminal Justice Overhaul

A Reminder That The US Doesn't Own The Earth: China And Russia Band Together On Controversial Heating Experiments To Modify The Atmosphere

Dying Man Leaves 14 Years' Christmas Presents For Neighbors' Little Girl

Chemtrail Pilot Blows The Cover Off Operation Indigo Skyfold

Outraged: Trump Claims 19,000 Missing Strzok Texts Would Have Exposed Mueller Probe

Homebuilder Optimism Collapses

Frosty Wooldridge: Allegory Of France's Destruction & The West's

Ron Paul: Saudis Tell US Senate Where To Go. So, Go!

Don't Look Now: Saturn's Rings Being Lost And May Be Gone In 100 Million Years

MIT Team Develop Tech That Can Reduce Objects To Nano-Scale

Goldman Sachs Helps Billions Vanish From Malaysia State Fund , Faces Criminal Charges

Belgium: No Confidence Motion, Prime Minister Resigns

Yellow Vest Movement Is Blowback To 2008 Financial Crisis That Never Ended

Russia Can Easily Design New Missiles To Defend Itself If US Pulls Out Of INF

Hugh Hewitt: Trump Would "Relish" Impeachment

Leftist Activists' Pressure Attacks Tucker Carlson's On Air Free Speech/Truth

Unexpected New Development In Michael Flynn Sentencing

Forbidden Knowledge: Released Smoking-Gun Las Vegas Shooting Footage - SPECTACULAR

Benjamin Fulford Geopolitical Update - December 17, 2018

Stock Market Stars Are Crossed For An Ursa Major Upset

Why China's "Social Credit" Scheme Will Create More Corruption, Not A Better Citizenry

PCR: Is Russia learning? Maybe, But Not Fast Enough

The Demands Of The Yellow Vest Movement Are Growing Into Real Systemic Change

Here Comes Hemp: Congress Votes To Unleash A Billion-Dollar Industry

Ants And Air Raids: US Airstrikes Kill 62 "Radical Islamic Terrorists" In Somalia

With FBI Misconduct Against Flynn Revealed, Mueller "Obstruction" Probe Evaporates

FBI Helps Italian Authorities Thwart ISIS Bombing Plot Targeting Vatican

Millions Of New Jersey Gun Owners Defy Gun Magazine Ban

Weaponizing Dems' Investigations Could Bring Constitutional Crisis

Mueller's Fatal Overreach

Homeland Security Warns Of EMP (Power Grid) Strike

Dave Hodges: Will Terrorism And Sedition Trigger Martial Law Right After Christmas?

French Media Caught Editing Images of Yellow Vest Protesters For TV News

Monday, December 17, 2018

Ron Paul: A 50% Correction Will Spark A Depression That May Be Worse Than 1929

Caitlin Johnstone: Twenty-One Thoughts On The Persecution Of Julian Assange

Texas School Speech Pathologist Refused To Sign A Pro-Israel Oath, Now Mandatory In Many States...

Gideon Levy: I Feel No Sympathy For Israeli Settlers

Maria Butina Pleads Guilty To Befriending The United States

An Historical Journey Into Crimea

Christopher Steele: Hillary Clinton Was Preparing To Challenge 2016 Election Results

Trump, The Quintessential American

PCR: The Myth Of Western Democracy

Canada To Pay Heavy Price For Role In US Banditry

Hillary's Very Bad Week: "Foreign Agent"

Ron Paul: Capitalism's Opponents Wrong About Everything

Ron Paul: Why The Senate Vote To End Yemen War Is So Important

Quickly Figure Out What The Visa Requirements Are For Every Country With This Site

Stephen Lendman: The Clinton Foundation Racket

Ukraine's Putschist Regime Planning Beligerant Provocation Along Russian Border

Menace: Israel Developing Offensive Missiles That Can Reach Anywhere In Middle East

There's A Story Here: Man In Siberia In Underwear Holds On Tight As Excavator Spins Him Around At -37C (Video)

Russian TU-160 VS US Bombers: The White Swan Still In Its Prime

"I Didn't Really Get Into Rap." Lavarov On Music, Borscht, World Policy, And Harry Truman

Trump Hails US Economy While "Outside World Blowing Up"

Jeremy Corbyn Puts Forward No Confidence Motion In Theresa May Over Brexit Deal

Russia's Emergent National Strategy - A Hub Between Dynamic Asia And Faltering Europe

How Putin Turned The Tables On Russia's Would-Be Tormentors Yet Again - Black Sea Geopolitics

Russian Deployment Of Nuclear Bombers To Venezuela Served Its Purpose - A Preview Of Tomorrow

All Of Europe's Powerful Counties Are Effectively Leaderless - EU Adrift

What's Dark Fiber 5G? Burying The Evidence For The Control Of Mankind

Current FCC "Safety" Guidelines Were Written "When Cell Phones Were The Size Of A Brick"

Catherine Frompovich: Lady Justice, Please Take Off That Blindfold

Microchipping As In Sweden Can Lead To...

Amazon Second Headquarters: Corporate Welfare Is Small-Scale Central Planning

Russian Commitment To Venezuela

22 Predictions For Social Media In 2019

Judicial Watch: Documents Reveal Obama State Department Urgent Sabotage Of Trump

New Chief Of Staff Mick Mulvaney Embarrassed By Surfaced 2016 Video Of Him Calling Trump A "Terrible Human Being"

California Devastated Utility Proposes $2 Billion Rate Hike To Fund "Wildfire Safety"

US Commits To Indefinite Occupation Of Syria - Controls Region The Size Of Croatia

Rich Americans Say Money Trumps Love In Relationships

US Medicare For All & Big Tech - The Future Of Mass Patient Surveilance

Mysterious "UFO" Drifts Past Elon Musk's SpaceX Capsule, Sparking Claims It's Proof

The Festering Social Rift Over Pensions - Why Does He Get To Retire And I Don't?

New Rules Of Engagement Between Syria And Israel As Russia Changes Its Position

US Government Shutdown Looms Over Border Funding

Should Robert Mueller be arrested for obstruction of justice? Under his direction, damning evidence was destroyed to protect Hillary Clinton – DC Clothesline

Mueller Destroyed All Of Strzok-Page Text Messages During His Tenure - Obstruction Of Justice

Should Robert Mueller be arrested for obstruction of justice? Under his direction, damning evidence was destroyed to protect Hillary Clinton – DC Clothesline

Not A Government, But "Organized Crime Bosses Ruling Us By Fear". See What YOU Think

10,800 Children In America Raped By Illegals

2018: 10,800 Children Raped in America by Illegal Aliens
By hosting a public debate over funding for The Wall with Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi in the White House, President Trump sent a powerful message to his base: The days of the leadership in Washington sneaking off to hold secret meetings and cut deals that betray America are over.

Remember all the times when John Boehner – Paul Ryan’s drunken predecessor – would sneak off to the golf course with Obama? Then, a few days later, he would announce that a “great” compromise had been reached with Obama. The compromise would always be something that enraged normal Americans, such as amnesty for illegal aliens or a congressional exemption from Obamacare. Trump has signaled that those days are over. “It’s called transparency, Nancy!”


Man Who Predicted 2008 Meltdown Surprises With New Prediction

Today, Doug Casey is more reclusive, splitting his time between Aspen and a mountain retreat in South America (which he equipped with a professional grade golf course and luxury spa).

Yet, he has not lost his strange talent for accurately predicting world events well before they happen.

Recently Doug sat down for a rare talk about modern America...

What followed was a series of brutally honest revelations about everything from immigration... to political correctness (which he calls a "tsunami of raw sewage")... to where the next stock millionaires will be made (it's not going to be in digital assets)... a new prediction that could affect your money, your lifestyle, and this country in ways few could have guessed...

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What is it going to take to get a wall built on our southern border? Tucker Carlson had the former mayor of Shiloh, Israel on his show this past week to talk about the blazing success of Israel’sborder wall with Egypt. 55,000 illegal aliens from poor African countries had snuck into Israel in one year, which is a huge number for such a tiny geographic area. As the rates of rape, murder, burglary, grand theft auto and dynamited ATM machines skyrocketed, Israel’s government opted to build a wall on its border.

Pelosi and Schumer insisted in their public debate with Trump that a wall won’t work. How about Israel’s wall? In 2016, the number of illegals dropped to less than 20. In 2017, it dropped to zero. Zilch. Nada. Israel has proven that a border wall is 100% effective in keeping out illegal immigration.

Perhaps America could try to recreate that experiment, given that the total costs for the wall are less than one-fifth of what illegal aliens cost the taxpayers in a single year. Two-and-a-half months after the wall is completed, it will have paid for itself. Talk about long-term value!

One of the most disgusting elements of our lack of a wall on our southern border is the fact that most of the Americans who originally demanded a border wall – have been dead for many years! Mexico’s Revolutionary War lasted from 1910 to 1920. It was during those years of bloody, violent conflict amid our dysfunctional southern neighbors that Americans began asking Congress to build a wall to keep Mexico’s problems on Mexico’s side of the border.

The federal government sent troops to the border to keep the violence from spilling into America. Citizens were rightly concerned that Mexican partisans, starving due to a war with their own federal government, would begin raiding and pillaging American border towns for food. The Texas Rangers were reactivated to patrol the border, and other states enlisted militia groups to protect the American people from being victimized by a war that had nothing to do with our own citizens.

After the states complained for years that they were dealing with a federal problem, the American people began asking for a big, beautiful, hyuuuge wall on our southern border. Wouldn’t it make more sense, they argued, to put up a large physical barrier instead of having to patrol huge stretches of land with armed guards on horseback? It would have been a huge cost savings to build a wall.

Congress responded to years of American requests for a wall by forming the federal Border Patrol in 1924. In other words, America’s government has been trying to deal with the “border crisis” in exactly the same manner for the past 100 years, without trying anything new.

How about if we just TRY the wall? Could we at least build it and test the results for a few years, just so we can finally alleviate Nancy Pelosi’s concerns that a wall won’t work? We would even look the other way as Nancy invests hundreds of thousands of dollars in a ladder manufacturing company.

Meanwhile, data compiled by NCFIRE (North Carolinians for Immigration Reform and Enforcement) reveals that the state of North Carolina has arrested an average of 18 illegal aliens every month this year for the crime of child rape.

Statistically, this means that the 50 states in America are on track to arrest 10,800 illegal aliens for raping children in 2018. And that 10,800 figure is a bare-minimum, super-generous, giving-the-illegal-alien-child-rapists-the-benefit-of-the-doubt number. A total of 10,800 arrests assumes that each illegal alien child rapist only rapes one child in America. Many will rape three, four, or a dozen before they are caught, so the “true” number could be in the 30,000 to 40,000 raped children range.

Given that these 10,800 child rapes would have been 100% preventable if the illegal alien child rapists had not been in America, we would love to see these figures shared prominently on a national news broadcast. Unfortunately, that might make some illegal alien cancer researchers look bad, so we’ll probably never hear it repeated. We hate to break it to you America, but when Mexico sends us its child rapists, sometimes they’re not sending us their best child rapists.

Just out of curiosity, we would love to hear what Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi’s cutoff number would be. If 10,800 raped children in America is not enough to make them desire a wall on our southern border, where is the line? Would 20,000 child rapes be too many? How about 50,000? Or, should we just accept that massive amounts of child rape are what we have to endure as a country, so we can atone for some sin that we never committed against Mexico?

Here’s another fun fact you can share at Christmas parties: Mexico has had an estimated 140,000 civilians killed in the cartel wars that have been raging unabated down there since 2001. Which means that every two years, more Americans die from Fentanyl that comes in through Mexico than Mexico has lost in a bloody 17-year war. We’re starting to think that maybe Mexico has a lot of problems that its child rapists are bringing with them when they sneak over the border.

We’ve been asking for a wall for 100 years now, but instead we still have the Border Patrol trying to do the job. The result is 10,800 annual child rapes and 70,000-plus Fentanyl deaths. We’re really sorry that it makes Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer uncomfortable to have to talk about the wall out in the open, in the light of day. But we’re sorrier for all of the raped children and Fentanyl overdose victims and their families, so suck it up, buttercup. We want The Wall and we want it now.

Sunday, December 16, 2018

Melissa, Moms Rising: Congress Passes Farm Bill, Renewing SNAP Program Intact

This week the U.S. Congress approved a Farm Bill that protects SNAP (food stamps). [1] This is amazing, huge, incredible news for our families!! And it’s all because of you!!
We’re so excited about this victory that we are doing a celebratory dance!
As you may remember, when the House of Representatives originally introduced their Farm Bill, it included harmful and unnecessary work requirements for SNAP recipients, as well as massive cuts that would have led to a million people being kicked off of this vital nutrition program and children losing their school lunches. It was a disaster! It was such a disaster that it failed on the House floor when they brought it to a vote the first time, only to pass a few weeks later after making a deal with ultra-conservative Republicans. [2]
But we spoke out! YOU spoke out. And you were heard. The moms, dads, and concerned people of America called Congress, told their stories, literally showed up to in-district offices and on Capitol Hill, and sent letters saying “#HandsOffSNAP!” And the U.S. Senate listened. When it came time to write their own bill they did it in a bipartisan way and protected SNAP. [3] They heard our rally cry, recognized the importance of SNAP to struggling families and our economy, and chose to protect the program rather than chip away at it.
Then, during months-long negotiations, the House Democrats and a bi-partisan Senate held firm in protecting SNAP and eventually the House Republicans caved and passed a bill that keeps SNAP intact.

French Mass Rebellion Grows And Deepens, French Ruling Class Shaken To The Core

Trump Moves To Deport Vietnam War Refugees

Suspected Jihadists Kill 42 In Mali's Nomadic Tuareg Camps

US Sanctions Ex-Israeli General For $150 Million In Arms Sale To South Sudan

State Department Refuses To Trace Whether Israel Is Using US Military Aid Illegally

Report: Saudi Prince Planning Netanyahu Meeting Hosted By Trump

Number Of People Killed In Yemen Six Times Higher Than UN Estimates

Son Of Deposed Shah Of Iran Calls For US-Backed Regime Change

Democrat On Why He Voted To Prolong Yemen War: "I Don't Know A Damned Thing About It."

In Grave Danger: Islamic State Militants Still Holding 3500 Iraqis In Syria Prisons

Is Terrorizing Into Obedience The Best Way To Raise A Child? (And What About A Religion Doing The Same?)

How Britain Stole $45 Trillion From India And Lied About It

Every Member Of US Congress Approved Crushing Sanctions On Nicaragua

US Has Always Backed Dictators, Trump's Support For MBS Is No Different

In Sheldon Adelson, Far Right Israel Hits The Jackpot

US Senate Resolution On Yemen Passes, But Passage Into Law Seems Unlikely

In Syria The Entire Nation Mobilized And Won

How The New Silk Roads Are Merging Into Greater Eurasia

When Will Trump Bring Home US Forces From Syria?

Activist Dane Wigington Exposes Empire-Serving Geoengineers Under Orders Condemning The Planet. Watch The Video

Russian Lawmaker Blast Futile US Meddling In Nord Stream Gas Deal With Germany

British Media - BBC - Out To Prove Moscow's Interference Behind Yellow Vest Protests. Sound Familiar?

Luke Rudkowski: Media Blackout -Ongoing Paris Yellow Vest Protest

Yellow Vest Demonstrations His London In Protest Against Brexit Betrayal

Doctors Euthanize Young Woman Because She Had A Mild Form Of Autism

Police Dismantle Massive Sex Slavery Ring Run By Israelis - Mainstream Media Silent

Thousands March In Brussels Against UN Migration Pact

Federal Judge In Texas Strikes Down Affordable Care Act

Moscow To Set Up Military Base In Caribbean

Dave Hodges: Ross Perot Accurately Predicted The World We Live In

Forbidden Knowledge: Discovery of 12,000-Year-Old Comet In Northern Greenland Fractures Our View Of Not-So-Ancient Earth History

Obama Said To Be Not "Natural Born", But Congress Tried To Protect Him

Sweeping Supreme Court Ruling Could Scrap An Array of Federal Regulatory Bodies

Two New Legal Developments Dems Believe Will Eject Trump

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Stephen Lendman: US War By Other Means

Voting Fraud In the "Banana Republic Of Kalifornia" Is A Huge Warning To America

"We No Longer Live In Conventional Capitalism; There Are No Recognizable Cycles"

Stephen Lendman: Controlling Domestic Fact: Obama Tried To Undermine Trump Straightaway In Office

Canada Faces Geopolitical Turmoil Of Existential Magnitude

An Explanation Of Why Russian Nuclear Bombers Are In Venezuela

In Democracies' Political Chaos, New Model Emerges

What Lies Behind The Malaise Of The West?

Obstruction Of Justice? Mueller Wiped Peter Strzok's Phone Clean

Russia Greenlights Retaliatory Syrian Attacks On Israeli Targets

Facebook Exposed Millions Of Users' Photos To Cap Off A Terrible 2018

Caravan: The Egged-On Arrogance Of The Migrants

The crisis at the Southern border continues to rage on.
Thousands of migrants are threatening the sovereignty of the United States with an invasion.
And now the illegal aliens in the caravan just issued this threat to Donald Trump that will leave you speechless.
Donald Trump pulled every lever of power at his disposal to prevent the mob of migrants from pouring over the Southern border.
He deployed 5,400 troops to assist Border Patrol in defending against the migrants trying to enter the country illegally.
Trump also worked out a deal with Mexico to end the disastrous policy of catch-and-release by having migrants remain there while their asylum claims were processed.
Finally, he put in place rules – which are being challenged in court – that would automatically deny asylum to any migrant caught crossing the border illegally.
It began to dawn on the migrants that their expected glide into the United States was never going to materialize.
Illegal aliens from Central America were used to American Presidents rolling out the red carpet for them.
Past administrations – both Democrat and Republican – had turned a blind eye toward border security.
Trump worked to change that awful reality by putting in place pro-America immigration policies.
The President correctly saw this was his mandate coming out of the election.
But the migrants decided to test him anyway.
And now they are escalating their threats.
A mob of angry illegal aliens marched on the U.S. consulate in Tijuana.
They presented a letter with jaw dropping demands.
The migrants demanded that either they receive entry into the United States, or the Trump administration would have to pay them $50,000 each to return to their home countries.
Alfonso Guerreo Ulloa – one of the mob’s leaders – explained to the local paper why they were demanding the U.S. government ransom them $50,000 to go home.
“It may seem like a lot of money to you,” Ulloa explained. “But it is a small sum compared to everything the United States has stolen from Honduras.”
These extortionists were not the tired and poor huddled masses their cheerleaders in the fake news media and Democrat Party claimed them to be.
They are not legitimate refugees escaping life threatening persecution at home.
In fact, this demonstration proves Trump’s point that these are economic migrants looking to game the system to win asylum in America.
The marchers demanding $50,000 to return home carried signs that made it clear they were invading America to take jobs away from native born citizens.
Two of the signs read:
This march comes on the eve of a government shutdown over funding for Trump’s border wall.
The sight of migrants demanding the U.S. government stand aside while they invade the country, or otherwise pay them a $50,00 bribe to go home, only strengthens Trump’s position in this fight.
We will keep you up to date on any new developments in this ongoing story.

OPEC Now In Deep Crisis: What Would Its Demise Mean?

Bare-Breasted, Silver-Painted "Mariannes" Confront Police In Paris

Experiment To Dim The Sun

The Truth About The Rise In Children's Mental Disorders

These Two Analogies Will Help You Explain Bitcoin To Anyone

Future Of Eduvcation: No New Ideas Foreseen, Continuation O Past Generations' Learning

"Psychoses" Of UN And Macron Revealed

Bill Gates Is Funding Geoengineering, Etc.

Over 40% Of Americans Refuse Flue Vaccinations

Worldwide Debt Hits $86,000 Per Person, $186 Trillion

Russian Firm Wants To Build Electric Mustang With 840 HP And All-Wheel Drive

Ron Unz Explains What China Should Do

Tentacles Of The Boogeyman Converging

A New Mass Cult Targets America: "Wokesterism"

I Ain't Got No Quarrel With Them Russians

On Top Of Everything, Macron Accused Of "Treason" By French Generals

PCR: All Those Who Challenge The Ruling Ideology Are Called Fascists

Economic Expert Proclaims Globalism Is Dying, Nationalism Taking Over The World

Friday, December 14, 2018

Mueller Rebukes Flynn, Who "Chose To Make False Statements To The FBI". But Did He? Mueller's Statement Might Be False.

The Saker: 2018 Man Of The Year:- The American "Dissidents"

China's Chang'e Spacecraft Enters Lunar Orbit Ahead Of First-Ever Dark-Side Landing

Strzok-Page Texts Were Wiped Before Inspector-General Could Review Them

Clinton And Uranium One Whistle Blower's "Explosive" Testimony On Capital Hill

Diplomacy Matters: Korean Troops Peacefully Cross DMZ For First Time Ever

Corbett: History Is Written By The Winners

MASSIVE "Macron Resign" Protest This Saturday

Israelgate? Could Mueller Next Turn To Middle East In Search Of Trump Collusion?

Strassbourg Shootings A False-Flag To Thwart Yellow Vests

So, Russia Exerts Little Or No Influence On Our Elections, But Who Does? Our "Representatives" Must Be Forced To Ask

Trump Plans To Pressure African Leaders To Choose Between The US, And Russia And China

PCR: Wild Success Of US Propaganda Will Be The Cause Of Its Demise

In The Western World, Truth Is On Its Deathbed

The Planet's Inequality Gap Growing More Extreme

A Historian Holds Britain To Account For Its Part In Killing Millions In A Rare Interview

British Spies Infiltrated Bernie Sanders's Campaign?

US Meltdown Over Russian TU-60s In Venezuela - Our Territory Too! (As Ukraine Is Russia's?)

Outrage Against The First Amendment! More-Than-Compromised Congress Trying To Criminalize Criticism Of Israel

Do Little Israel's Many Assassinations Include Yasser Arafat?

Today, The Military/Security Complex Is The Government

Rules Are For Fools? Pentagon Considers Illegally-Occupied Syrian Areas US Territory

Defying Trump, US Senate Votes To Stop US Support For Yemen War

Putin Knows How To Throttle Google, Trump Needs To Pay Attention

The Clintons, Trump, And Epstein: What Is The Truth?

Dave Hodges: What Happens If Trump Is Impeached And Removed

What's Funny? Snowflakes Hold The Country By The B----

Homeless Population In LA Linked To Voter Fraud

Thursday, December 13, 2018

Senator Claire McCaskill's Farewell Floor Speech: "Too Many Embarrassing Uncles"

Schumer Says Dems Won't Budge On Trump Wall Demand

French Upper House Rejects Call For Confidence Vote On Macron

EU Parliament Says Brexit Divorce Deal Not Open For Renegotiation

Justice Department Won't Make Whistle Blower Available For Clinton Probe

Caravan Organizer Outed As Likely Terrorist

Don't Let Ukraine Drag America Into War

China Hopes To Divert Russia's Siberian River Water To Its Arid North

Patrick Buchanan: America Is An Unserious Nation In A Deadly Serious World

The "America Last" Express Hurtles On: Saudi Arabia, INF, Ukraine

Russia Could Destroy The Ukrainian Government With This Political Gambit

The Elite Are Creating An Authoritarian "Beast System", And Those That Dissent Could Lose Everything

Mike Pompeo: A Profile In Arrogance, Extremism, And Thugishshness

Stephen Lendman: Suspicious Strasbourg Shootings


Explosive Developments In The Case Of Michael Flynn, Will Judge Sullivan Finally Right The Ship Of State?

"$4,700 In Google Ads (Paid For By Russians)? That's It"?

US Senate Passes Resolution Blaming Saudi Prince For Khashoggi Murder

"Shady As Hell": Data Wiped On Strzok, Page iPhones By Mueller Team

Why Is Paul Ryan Blocking The Bill In Congress To End US Support Of The Saudi's War On Yemen?

Foreign Troops Are In France - The UN's Kigali Principles Are In Play

Abel Danger: America Is The Easiest Country In The World To Steal From

Trump: "The People Would Revolt" If He Is Impeached

"The People VS Muhammad" Banned In Canada

Is Islam a "religion of peace"? Was Muhammad the true and final prophet of God? Is the Quran the fulfilment of the Bible, and legitimately continuing the traditions of the Judeo-Christian scriptures? 

Perhaps one of the most audacious, shocking, unthinkable and highly controversial ideas to ever be conceived, The People vs Muhammad places the founding father of Islam on trial for crimes against humanity, and to challenge his self-proclaimed authorship.

This publication was banned by all mainstream book selling distribution channels in Canada and the author was banned from Facebook.

There have also been repeated calls for the likes of Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kinokuniya, and Waterstones to not participate in the ordering and distribution of this publication.

However there is no smoke without fire and reading this publication will help you fully understand why many have used political correctness, intimidation and bullying tactics to prevent the release of this publication.

Reading this will arm you to go toe to toe with anyone from this religion that criticies the legtimacy of the Christian faith.

Time is running out as this bundle will expire shortly.

Grab it now at



Attending School While Palestinian: Brief (Horror) Stories From The Last Six Weeks

Forbidden Knowledge: MASSIVE 9/11 Breakthrough

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Hating Your Own Country: Teaching US Kids To Loathe America

Researchers Develop Cheap, 10-Minute Test That Can Detect Cancer Anywhere In The Body

US Navy To Release Genetically-Engineered Organisms Into The Ocean, Unleashing...?

Yellen Warns Of Another Potential Financial Crisis: "Gigantic Holes In The System"

Outrage! Migrant Caravan Demands $50G Each To Go Home

The Consequences Of Unasked Questions About Capitalism

Google Employees Publicly Rebel Against Building A New Dystopian Search Engine

Mark Dice: Google CEO Gets A Surprise Visitor

Ron Paul: Foreign Policy Arrogance Undermines Our National Security

Deep State FBI Suggested Flynn Not Have Attorney During Interview, Which Led To Guilty Plea

Jim Bovard: No Halo For George H.W. Bush

Can Liberals Survive The Apocalypse? (Not Too Serious)

May Survives Conservative Party Vote Of Confidence 200 to 117

Brexit In Video: Series Lays It All Out

Determined Hate: New York's New Attorney General Promises To Use "Every Area Of The Law" To Investigate Trumps

Google May Be Blocked In Russia (At Least), And Country Is Ready To Change Laws To Do It

US Lawmakers Want To Put A Cork In Russia's Pipeline To Europe

House Passes $867 Billion Farm Bill, Sending It To Trump

Pedophilia & Child Trafficking: "Both The Glue And Achilles Heel Of US Deep State" - And Who's Behind That?

Crucial Evidence: Wikileaks Emails Reveals Western Special Ops Were Present In Syria A Start Of The War, Belying Claim Of Native Rebellion

Who's Conflicted? Trump Says US Military Spending Is "Crazy" High, Then Calls For Billions More

Remarkable Time-Lapse Video Shows How Russia Built The Longest Bridge In Europe, Connecting To Crimea - 3 Years In 3 Minutes

G. Edward Griffin: Yellow Vest Protest Headed Next For Canada?

9/11 - Bringing The Evidence: How YOU Can Help

PCR: US Deep State Government Catastrophically Deluded By Its Own Propaganda

How About Making Ramadan More Christian?

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The Fate Of America Lies In The Hands Of The Most Unlikely Group

Crisis In The Making: Know Your Rights Or You Will Lose Them

Foster Care System Breeds Homelessness, Incarceration, Joblessness...