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Tuesday, January 23, 2018


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James L. Hufferd
5.0 out of 5 stars

A Good And Fact-Filled Book On The Most Vital Current Subject

January 12, 2018
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase

This anthology, put together by my sometime publisher, John Paul Leonard, and other US-empire-dissenting notables, is commendable for tackling the single biggest cynical deception mounted by "our" government in this American dark-age period - that the US military and its political henchmen are battling real enemies overseas and here in das homeland. As their fact-filled essays make abundantly clear, ISIS and similar allied terror groups have been the foot soldiers of US aggression, in conjunction with US air power and drones, in Syria, who they continue to supply and direct, even after the Syrian Army of President Assad, aided by President Putin's air force and likewise abominated Iranian allies, have all but obliterated them.The core of survivors from the ISIS debacle have by now been sent on a new assignment, to wreak havoc for the US in Afghanistan. If the American public knew all of that, through now hard-to-imagine honest and diligent mainstream reporting, would matters be different? Would the American public rise up and say as one, "Not another dime for you slime-balls in power? I would hope so. All of the assertions I make here have now been amply evidenced by independent journalists on the ground, much more so than in early 2016, when this book came out. Most of the articles that make up the anthology, with the exception of an extraordinarily long one toward the beginning, which breaks the general flow by interminably summarizing the rather dry decades-long prior history of the entire Mideast, are well focused and on point, and all are worth reading. I'd rate the entire production a a 4-and-a-half, but bumped it up to a 5 because coverage effectively addressing its ultra-important subject is badly needed. Please buy, read, and recommend widely to help straighten out your country.

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