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Tuesday, January 9, 2018


by James Hufferd, Ph.D., Coordinator
911 Truth Grassroots Organization


What if the U.S. and Russia fought a war, Russia won, and the U.S. media reported a vastly different outcome – that the U.S., which by the way co-created (with Israel) and still supports ISIS at least materially, had defeated it – while it was in fact the diametrically-opposed Russian Air Force, commanded by the “evil, diabolical” Vladimir Putin, shielding Syrian President Bashar Assad’s triumphant Syrian Army, that had smashed ISIS, amid the west’s frantic protests? Thus, Putin and the Russians upset the balance in the region, preventing the U.S. from crushing the country of Syria, as it did Libya and, before that, Iraq (while carefully avoiding direct armed conflict with America’s aerial avatars), throwing U.S. regrettably sinister Mideast plans for wholesale demolition into a cocked hat.

But you’d never know it monitoring any regular media source, or even at least half of the heavily infiltrated, bought, or coerced “alternative media” sources in North America or, probably, Europe. Because they (controlling establishment) still need us en masse to support the captive military, their golden-egg-supplying source.

In short, and note the difference: not because they only tell you what they want you to know, as some have said. But, the truth is worse – It’s that they tell you what they want you to think. About everything. And not a syllable more. The same exactly as pill and soap and car advertisers do. Accordingly, they expect us to be afraid of and murderously angry at ISIS terrorists they create and control, to go along with perpetuating their wars. Shameful!

Predictably, this likely sooner or later fatal form of official corruption, now typifying the top, has spread down through the whole American and broader western culture, seemingly characterizing most relationships. Because, it seems, most everyone values the fruits of thought-control more than the virtues of sincere, truthful communication.

The media is just another link in the elite establishment’s chain of command, as part and parcel of the operational New World Order – stenographers and on-air news readers who “report” precisely what they’re fed on all matters that count.

They’re not independent agents, who dig and investigate. If they tried to do such, in so far as motives and matters of the “deep state” and “national security” go, they’d find themselves ostracized, cut off, dumped. Whole stations and news bureaus, if they succumbed to truth telling, would be left unsupported to die on the vine, just as surely as you and I find ourselves ignored and ostracized when we try to push a different 9/11 narrative, however grounded in irrefutable fact (or perhaps even a different narrative on this very subject, by those loyal to certain “experts”.)

So, it’s not, as eloquently inferred of late, that individual employees of the media are lacking in courage, spine, resistance to pressure, or regard for the truth, eschewing real investigation. They might not even know the truth if they haven’t investigated! Because, brave exposés of establishment narratives are most certainly not part of their understood assigned mission – however much we may wish they were. To think so just doesn’t comport with reality. (The fact that the disillusioned public, too, has woken up and favors the late lamented high standard of accuracy and truth – as if such ever actually existed industry-wide – is shown by the current phenomenon of the public abandoning the old, regular media sources in droves, out of mistrust and polling-verified disgust.)Mbr/>
If our individual journalists were to act as if truth exposure and disclosure were their mission, the resulting articles or pieces would seldom if ever get on the air or in print, anyway. Because, if such ever did, their banner franchises and dependent careers would go poof in an instant. Nice to think they could effect change but, consider this: If your trusted dog bites you – doggone! No more dog! The chains of dependency are that strong and seldom broken, with stenographers a dime a dozen.

And that’s your establishment, in a nut shell, exactly where it belongs! And its systematic loyalty in these days of rage is not even to the elected government at the national level, but to the deplorably desperate, perhaps treasonous pretenders in line with New World Order ideology: the self-designated “liberals”, who are, in accordance with that bond, not at all content with the usual loyal opposition status.

Did this chain of self-restraint and dependency somehow eventuate by itself, by accident? Of course not! As William Casey, then-Director of the CIA, said to newly-minted President Ronald Reagan in February of 1981: “We’ll know our disinformation program [Operation Mockingbird] is a success when everything the American public knows is false.” What they’ll do now that the public is tuning out their direct dictation to a growing extent is anybody’s guess. It seems to be prompting more bald-faced, malicious shock actions from them of late, with no prior announcement – coincidentally, the actions of dictators.

They tell us exactly what they want us to think is true, to claim our sanction. Not just distortions of real events, with crucial whole events or aspects ignored. But, when it serves their purposes, with stuff made up. Because, in 2018, “that’s the way we roll,” to quote someone you’d know. Rule 2 = Don’t believe a word.

JH: 1/8/18

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