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Tuesday, March 13, 2018

One Observer's "Next False Flag" Prophesy: Put In On Your Calendar And Let's See If It Pans Out

Kurt Richard Haskell (Facebook)
1 hr ago
I think this could be an upcoming false flag. First of all, there will be 1000 people involved and 25 different agencies! That is a lot of participation for a simple preparedness drill. Next, this location will be in the vicinity of Parkland hospital where "victims" will likely be taken. Not only was JFK brought to Parkland hospital after he was shot in a false flag but the most recent false flag was in Parkland, Florida. Also, the string pullers love their numerology and one of their favorite false flag dates is March 22nd. Several false flags have happened on that date. Although this event is set for March 18, drills are often run slightly before hand to obtain footage and practice for the big event that occurs a few days later. Not to mention, this event will apparently involve the collapse of a building. This could very well be tied into the most recent bombings in Austin, which isn't too far away from Dallas. Lastly, we've had a recent false flag in Dallas with the false flag cop shootings of 2016. False flags often take place where previous false flags have happened as all of the government officials have previously shown their willingness to participate in the fraud.

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