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Monday, April 30, 2018

MI-6: Where They Tell You Not To Look

The White House Mercenary Connection

PCR: What Can Be Done To Save Us From All-Consuming Final War?

Kevin Schipp: Ongoing Deep-State Coup To Overthrow America

Sweden Reveals Why A "Cashless" Society Might Not Be Such A Good Idea After All

Firearms Self-Defense Questions - Is It Legal?

Chaos Erupts As "Caravan" Of Illegals Scales US Border Fence

Hygiene Habits That Can Do More Harm Than Good

Mark Dice: Shampoo Is Now Racist?

Major Explosion Registers 2.6 On The Richter - Trump And Bolton's Plan For Korea?

Seattle Voids Records For Pot Convictions, Giving People A Second Chance

There's Only 4 Million Bitcoin Left To Be Mined - Here's Why

"Bury Them Alive": White South Africans Fear For Their Future As Horrific Farm Attacks Escalate

A New Type Of Poverty Is Crushing The Middle Class (And Not Just Here)

Military Industrial Complex Stocks Sent Crashing As North And South Korea Achieve Peace

Ann Coulter: Caravan Of Asylum Seekers Will Be Shipped In And We'll Get Another Round Of MS-13

The Real Character Of Press Secretary Sarah Sanders

North Korea Has Shown How To Play Nuclear Poker With Trump, Iran May Follow Suit

The (Unrecognized) US Contribution To Bloodshed In Syria

Trump Administration Sends A Dark, Threatening Message To Kim Jong-Un

Netalyahoo To Again Cry Wolf - But Something Bigger Is Up

Netanyahu's New Propaganda Against Iran: "Iran's A Bad Boy" - Secret Nuclear Files

PCR: The Syrian Crisis Escalates

New Scandal: Clinton, Inc Strikes Again

The League Of Assad-Loving Conspiracy Theorists

Russia's Floating Nuclear Power Plant Is A Harbinger Of A Revolution

Russia's S-400 Air Defense System Proves To Be Red Rag For The US Bull

Non-White Invasion Of Eu (Audio Podcast)

It's Ridiculous Just How Much More The Russians Get For Every Billion Spent On The Military

China: Big Brother Sees You

Here's Why We're Willing To Pay More For Unhealthy Foods We Crave

Chelsea Manning Reveals Senate Campaign: "Abolish ICE To Stop Ethnic Cleansing In America"

Early Facebook Investor And Zuckerberg Mentor: "I Feel My Baby Has Turned Into Something Horrible"

Robo Wars

The Korean Promise - The Meeting In Panmunjom

Dems Ignore Dossier In Their Report, In Stark Contrast To Their Earlier Rhetoric

Chuck Todd (Of All People!) Makes Comey Squirm With This Question About Russia

Protests Force Starbucks To Ditch The Anti-Defamation League From Leading Anti-Racism Training

The Methane Time Bomb And The Future Of The Biosphere


Bots, Hashtags, And Fake Social Media: How Facebook PSYOPS Divide And Conquer America

Call For Arms Embargo Against Israel: Jewish State Atrocities In Gaza

Whether It's Russiagate, Skripal, Or Syria - The Media Have Lost Their Grip On Reality

The Skripal Story Has Disappeared And Also The Skripals - Why Would That Be?

Sunday, April 29, 2018

Is The US Headed For An Imminent Debt Crisis? Here Are The Signs

Are Social Justice Warriors Snowflakes? Or Just Cold

Everything You Need To Know About Inflation

Glaring Omission In Wall Street Journal China Essay

Mad Dog Mattis: War In Iran "Very Likely" Unless Iran Leaves Syria

Migrant Caravan Gathers On US-Mexico Border Before Asylum Bids

Russia's Foreign Ministry On Syria, Iran, And Yemen

Fake News About Russian Lawyer Vesselnitskaya

White House Correspondents' Dinner Host Doubles Down

Along With California Criminalizing The Bible, Google Is Now Banning Ads...

Mocking Summit Talks With North Korea

Pompeo's First Address As US Warrior Secretary Of State

Full-Scale War In Syria Coming?

Reality Check: Are Gun Confiscation Laws Trampling Your Civil Liberties

American Jews Have Abandoned Gaza - And The Truth

New Polymer Could Make For Infinitely-Recyclable Plastics

Soros's Record $40 Million Short Sale Of MGM Stock Two Weeks Before Vegas Massacre

Space-X Plans To Fly You Across The Globe In 30 Minutes

Inventing The Next Computer

Reporters Slam White House Correspondents' Dinner As "Embarrassment" And "Gift" To Trump Administration

MIT Machine Captures The Dreams You Never Remember

Dems Refuse To Stop Female Genital Mutilation

Bolton: US Expects North Korean Denuclearization To Go Down As It Did In Libya - Remember The Result Of That?

Times Of Israel Admits Jews Do Control The Media - But YOU Better Not Say It

Goldman Sachs Warns Pharma Companies That Curing Disease Is Bad For Business

Kim Vows To Open Nuclear Sites To US Experts

The Specific Emails Hillary Didn't Want You To See

US Hybrid War Arrives To Replace Cold War

"Cruise Missile Left" Complicit In American Escalation Toward World War III

Beijing Set To Transform Itself Into A Tech Capital

Clash Over Antarctica's Future Is Deepening

Rise Of Anti-New World Order Establishment

The Fringe Cult Of Peaceful Coexistence?

Censorship Alive And Thriving In USA - Especially Via Internet

Syria - A Case Study In Propaganda

Trump Walks Back Promise To Release Remaining JFK Files, Despite Remaining Questions

Glaring Hypocrisy Makes Absurd Mincemeat Of America's Harsh Foreign Policy

Conspiracy Theory? US Army Has Admitted To Conducting 100s Of Germ Warfare Tests On Americans

The Saker: War With Russia: Two Great American Myths

The Implications Of Russia's New Weapons Systems

Parkland School Shooting: Eyewitnesses Saw Killer Wearing Different Shoes

US Meddling In Foreign Elections: A CIA Tradition Since 1948

The Period Of American Dominance Has Passed

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Justin Trudeau's Texas-Size Pipeline Crisis

Help The People Of Gaza During Their "Great Return March"

The End Of Our Empire Approaches - History Is Clear On Where We're Headed

Mattis: Troop Withdrawal On The Table If Korea Peace Deal Is Solid

Israeli Occupation Forces Kill 4 Palestinians, Wound 955 In Justified Gaza Protest

Saudi Arabia Kills Dozens Of People In Yemen

What Mysteries Lie In Ruins Of Scientific Studies And Research Centre Of Damascus?

Why Did US And Allies Bomb Libya? Corruption Case Sheds New Light

George Carlin: Advertising And Bull*hit

Washington Now Using Currency War To Destabilize Iran

Who Cares About Iran Dropping The Dollar?

Probable Western Responsibility For Skripal Poisoning

The Silence Of The Skripals - Government Blocks Press Reports, Media Change The Record

Syrian MP For Aleppo Laughs At BBC Propaganda

Sergei Lavrov: The US Is Trying To Divide Syria

US Military Is America's Worst Enemy

Wildlife Services Killed 1.3 Million Native Animals For Big Ag In 2017

US Ally Literally Beheading People Over Nonviolent Drug Charges

How Globalism Con-Game Leads To New World Order

Congress Continues Fumbling In A Fog About Opioids

Islamic World Warms To The Coming Cashless Society

The New Russia-Bashing Neocon Think-Tank

Dems Pail $50 Million For NEW Anti-Trump Dirt Research

"Antisemitism" Fighting Word In UK, Eurozone

New World Order Agents Fall On Their Face In Eastern Asia

Rabbi Michael Lerner And Kevin Barrett Discuss Israel/Palestine

Police State, USA: 80,000 Swat Team Raids Per Year

Quotes Delineating The New World Order

Vladimir Putin's "Scheme" That Was Conceived As So Diabolic

PCR: Will We Ever Stop Believing?

Macron: The Man Of Yesterday?

Blowback Against Facebook, Google, Amazon Just Beginning

Question: If We Live To 100, How Are We Going To Afford It?

About The Vaunted Austrian Tradition In Economics

"Canada Is In Serious Trouble" Again - And This Time, It's For Real

Island Of Fire: Do We Want To Go There Again?

Why China Assigns Every "Citizen" A "Social Credit Score"

Amnesty International Calls For Embargo Of Arms To Israel

EU, Germany Seek To Condition Syrian Aid On Political Concessions

UN High Commissioner: Gaza - Israel Must Address Excessive Use Of Force

Nano Crystal Electricity Arrives, "Changes Everything"

House Intel: "Russiagate" Orchestrated, Weaponized Fake News

Chossudovsky: Korean Peace, The CIA's Role, Will The Summit Happen?

Trump Seals JFK Documents Until 2021

Friday, April 27, 2018

Dems Super-Spitefully And Expensively Scapegoat Russia For Historic Failure

House Intel Committee Majority Release Redacted Version Of Final Russia Report

Gaza Fence Killings Expose Israel's True Mentality

Textbook Example Of Mainstream Network Lying And Propaganda About Syria

Western-Demonized Assad Compared To Others

The Tsar's Photographer And His Amazing Preservation Of Russian History

How To Use Data To Make A Hit TV Show

Multiple Cities Come Together To Pass Ordinances Making It Illegal To Ban Guns

Police Threaten Arrest If Citizens Speak Out Against The State-Sanctioned Death Of Alfie Evans

Mark Dice: Diamond And Silk Crush Congressman

Facebook Blocks Pamela Geller (Again!) For Reporting On Muslim Antisemitism In Germany

Entrepreneurial Spirit In Action

Scientists Drum Up Quantum Entanglement At The Macro-Scale

North Korean Leader's Cross-Border Walk For Peace

Research Shows Google's Search Manipulation Tried To Rig Election For Hillary

Horror Movies? Exposed: Syrian "Hollywood"

Transhuman Dreamin': Brains Kept Alive Without Body

How The Internet Turned Bad

Sandwich Crisis Deepens: Subway Closes 500 Stores In 2018

Russian-Iran Ties Surge Under US Pressure

Did You Really Drop Bombs On A Chemical Weapons Facility, Mrs. May?

A Horde Of Prominent Neocons Form A Brand New Anti-Russia Think Tank

Role Of The CIA In Setting Korea Agenda

Emergence Of (Sponsored) ISIS Threat In South Asia

Trumped Up Treason: No Victims, No CW, Douma Witnesses Speak At OPCW Briefing At The Hague

Why Most US Weapons Systems Are Worse Than Russia's

Korean Unification, Not The New Vietnam Some May Have Wanted, In The Offing

Why So Many Terms Of Service And Privacy Policy Updates Lately?

Ron Paul: How False Flag Operations Are Carried Out Today

Russia Buys 300,000 Tons Of Gold In March; Nears 2,000 Tons In Reserves

Global Pension Gap Expected To Hit $400 Trillion - US Leads The Way

Real Indian Shiva Destroys Pocahontas And Blows New World Order Wide Open

American Doctor Who Exposed Clinton Foundation Corruption In Haiti Found Dead

American Doctor Kicked Out Of Africa For Healing Ebola With Ozone Therapy

North And South Korea Declare End To War, Proclaim New Era Of Peace

Gold Leaving US Vaults: Sign Of Upcoming Currency War And Armed Conflict

Cabal Of Wealthy Donors Financing $50 Million Trump-Russia Investigation

Why A Bar Can Boot Trump Supporters, But A Bakery Cannot Deny Gay Cursomers

Israel Totally Screwed: Russian S300 Units Delivered, Already In Operation In Syria

Syrian War Report: Russian EW Systems Disbling US EC130 EW Aircraft

Finland Ends Its Experiment With Universal Basic Income

Plan For Job "Doomsday": Universal Basic Income

Fix And Resell Old Computers? Off To Prison!

Dr. Gilbert Doctorow: "America Is Absolutely Corrupt" - An Apprisal Of The Present World Standoff

PCR: Brewing A Fatal Conflict


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Thursday, April 26, 2018

Home Buyer's Dilemma Explained In One Picture

Bill Cosby Sexual Assault Retrial Sent To Jury

Ron Paul: Macron Changes Trump's Tune - We're Staying In Syria

Should Online Gambling Be Legalized In US?

Ten-Year Treasury Yield Hits 3% - Here's What That Means For Your Wallet

Global Race To Develop Self-Navigating Ships Leaves US Behind

Robots Greet Customers At First Personless Bank

Key Dems Jumping Behind New "Soviet-Style" Jobs Act

Researchers Are Livestreaming The Sound Of The Bottom Of The Sea

Startup Offers $3 Million To Anyone Who Can Hack The iPhone

Great Exodus From America's "Blue" Cities Accelerates

France Shows What You Actually Get With Democratic Socialism

Bump Stocks And The Bill Of Rights

Corporate Social Media Behemoths Are Systematically Censoring Independent Media

The Coming Boom In Gold Prices

It Takes A Worried Man - On Guns, The President Should Listen Only To Me

War Profiteers VS The People Of The United States - And It's More Than This

Israel May Strike Russian Systems In Syria After Threats Of Catastrophic Consequences

"Coverup"? Toronto Van Attacker Bald In Arrest Photo, Full Head Of Hair In Court Sketches Next Day

Pontiff Comey Pontificates: "There Is No Deep State"

Cast-Iron Guts: James Comey Says He's Ashamed Of Republicans

LaRouche: Macron Spoke For The Empire; Did Trump Listen?

Viral Photo Prompting Indonesian Government To Ban Child Marriage

The New Kind Of "Democracy": Israel Has Purchased The South Carolina Government

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

International Campaign Is Criminalizing Criticism Of Israel As Antisemitism

Rand Paul's Shameful 11th-Hour Flip-Flop On Pompeo - Is He Really Even One One-Millionth Different?

Reconstructing Syria

Israel Warns Of Escalated War In Syria

US-Israeli Hostility Toward Syria Threatens World Peace

Canada's Corporate-Controlled Media Declares Van Terror Attack A "Collision"

The Tools And Information Preppers Need For Emergency Communication

CNN Manipulative Internet Dirty Pool

Antioxidant Found To Wind Back The Clock On Blood Vessel Function By Up To 20 Years

Ron Paul: Unintended Consequences Of Trump's Syria Attack

Hero Who Stopped Waffle House Shooting Raised Nearly &100 K In A Day

Guess What - We Already Know How To Cure Cancer

ISIS Triangle Which Allows Militants To Disappear Is A Joint Operation

How Britain Engaged In A Covert Operation To Overthrow Assad

Trump Re-Backtracks On Syria After French Leader's Visit

Russia Now Claims US Missile Strikes Largely Failed, And It Has Captured US Missile Technology

Scarier Than John Bolton? What A Ticket!

Landmark Bill Restricting Criticism Of Israel Sneaks Through South Carolina Senate

Viciously Attacking A Voice Of Reason, CNN Shows Its Hand

Just When You Thought "Russiagate" Couldn't Get Any Sillier

Islamic State Spokesman: War Not Over, Just A "New Phase" Of Jihad

Andre Vitchek: Diagnosing The West With Sadistic Personality Disorder (SPD)

White Lies And Black Disbelief In A Fading Empire

Study: Google Search Manipulation Can Swing A High Percent Of Undecided Voters

Emmanuel Poodle? There Was Some Bite

Recovering Gold, Copper, Other Metals From E-Waste Cheaper Than Mining Them

US Educational Shorting Out Continues

Supremes Lean Toward Trump In Travel Ban Hearing

Watch Firefighter Catch 3-Month Old Baby Dropped From Raging Inferno

More Comes Out: Trump-Hating FBI Texts Exposed

Debating Saudi War On Yemen With Pro-Saudi Jihadist

"Intimately Involved In Torture" - 109 US Ex-Generals Against Gina Haspel's CIA Bid

Luke Rudowski: YouTube Now Screwing Its Creators Big-Time

Who Exactly Ordered The Destruction Of Steel Important(Physical Evidence) From The World Trade Center?

Man Who Escaped From Alcatraz Sends FBI A Letter After 50 Years

OPCW Finds: No Chemical Weapons At Syrian Facilities Bombed By US

While The US Huffs And Puffs, The Syrian Army Liberates East Qalamoun

The SHOCKING Advice Clinton Gave Trump

UN Officials Call For A New Approach To Sustaining Peace

Is Nicaragua Next In The Lineup For Regime Change?

No Restitution, No US Reconstruction Money For Syria

The View On The Ground Of The Destruction Of Syria's Industrial Heartland

Quantum Radar Could Make Stealth Technology Obsolete

So That The REAL War Criminals Escape Justice...

Is This All Just A Distraction? - "Media Ignores MASSIVE Hillary Scandal"

Q: The "Inside Truth"? - What's REALLY Happening? - ("I Hope Trump Is Still On Our Side")

How A Guy In The Netherlands Spotted The Top-Secret X-37B Space Plane

Sadly... Is The US Government Evil? You Tell Me

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Pro-Islamic Group Files Lawsuit To Bury Federal Immigrant Terror Report

WikiLeaks Pounds The Democratic Party Elite Following Russian Collusion Lawsuit