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Friday, April 27, 2018


Hello To All!

Yesterday (April 26), about midday at my location, I tried to access this website to add a new post, and was blocked with a notice from Google, my (now practically everybody's) ultimate landlord, stating that I had violated their terms of service by posting "unsolicited content", and I could appeal with a simple statement, and would then hear from them probably in 2 days, maybe longer, with a verdict that could end my tenure forever or permit me to resume. On a whim, I just now tried to access the site without any word from them, and VOILA! It worked, for now, anyway!! So, I will now try to resume normal activity and see how it goes -- no promises! If I disappear again, so be it. One can only do what one is permitted to do, right? Well: that's our brave new world. Thank you for making this endeavor that's honestly for you a success! Tell your friends!


James Hufferd, Coordinator
911 Truth Grassroots Organization

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