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Monday, June 18, 2018

California's Clever Agenda To Grab 6 Senate Seats

Naomi Prins: The Central Banking Heist That Put The World At Risk

When Rabin Tried To Make Peace

Tourists And Tech Bring Resilient Iceland Back From The Brink

Comey "Last Honorable Man In Washington" - Now What?

Kellyanne: Media Calling Migrant Detention Centers "Concentration Camps" Outrageous

Staunch FBI Agent Peter Strzok Open To Testifying Before Congress

Now Trump Says He Hopes To Negotiate A "Real Deal" With Iran

Le Figaro: French Special Forces On The Ground In Yemen

McConnell's Disallowance Of Amendments To GOP Leadership Legislation Fuels Resentment

Pro-GMO Activist Propaganda Masquerading As Journalism

Who's Going To Buy It?: What's In Trump's "Deal Of The Century"? - Indian Reservation Equivalents

Drivers Behind The War On Syria And The Impoverishment Of Us All

Trump Approves $50 Billion In Tariffs On Chinese Goods

Chossudovsky: In The Aftermath Of The Trump-Kim Summit

Trump Tries To Level A Warped Table On Trade

Summation Of DOJ Inspector General's Report

Nunes: Impeachment Is On The Table For Rob Rosenstein

Rise In Defense Of Julian Assange

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Undercover At The World's Most Secretive Society: Mail Reporter Infiltrates Bilderberg

Hundreds Of Washington Post Employees Sign A Petition Slamming Billionaire Owner, Bezos

Imperial Tool Amnesty International At It Again

So, The End Of Merkel?

Spitznagel: Hard Assets Will Return... The Heartland Will Matter Again

The 19th-Century Crank Who Tried To Tell Us About The Microbiome

Russian Official Warns US Not To Take "Tough Action" Against Syrian Army In SW Syria

Syrian Air Force Hits ISIS Hard In SE Homs

Bringing Julian Assange Home

We Need An Anti-War Party

Desperate Asylum-Seekers Being Turned Away By US Border Agents Claiming "There's No Room"

Unpersons: The Anti-Empire Report

Western Complicity In Saudi Arabia's Dirty War In Yemen

Chris Hedges: Scapegoating Iran

Supreme Court Faces Major Decision On Partisan Gerrymandering

Scientist Launches Hunt For Loch Ness Monster DNA

World Cup: Iceland Viking War Chant

Deep State Leakers Caught In The Act - Now All Hell...

Moscow Is Basically A Giant Street Party Right Now - May Its New Image Prevail

Abel Danger: Ex-Top Boss Serco Prison Contractor Becomes UK Justice Minister

First Lady Speaks Out On Immigration Crisis At Border

How Many People Are Rocking The World Cup From Which Countries? Russia Breaks Records

Putin Visits Lavishly Restored, Strikingly Beautiful Monastery Outside Moscow

Russia Dumps Half Of Its US Treasury Bonds - Nearly $50 Billion!

From Enemies To Partners: Vietnam, The US, And Agent Orange

China Plans Historic Mission To The Moon's "Dark Side"

Truth Jihad: Kevin Barrett Interviewed On The Jewish Question

Australia To Netanyahu: We Ain't Moving It, Mate

Gazprom Says Ready To Start Major Gas Projects In Iran

Trump's Zio-Ambassador Reportedly Told State Dept To Ease Scrutiny Of Israel

Slander? Claim Trump Feeding Immigrant Kids To American Elite Pedophiles

19 Little-Known Interesting World War II Facts

Saudi Aggressive Attack Against Hodeida Declared "An American-British Op"

World Cup: Mexico's Heroics Against Germany Cause "Earthquake" At Home; Iceland's Yesterday Ignite Volcano

Angelina Joie In Mosul: Learns The True Horrors Of War

Roger Stone: FBI May Have Set My Up In Russian Sting

Gowdy: House Will Use "Full Arsenal Of Weapons" Against FBI, DOJ

Would You Believe? A Serious Global Shortage Of Sand

US Row Over NATO Ally Turkey Playing Both Sides

Woman With Box Cutter Attacks People In French Store Shouting "Alahu Akbar!", 2 Injured

Trump Repeats Call To Halt US-South Korean Drills, Stirs Unease Among US Military And Allies

Not Of This World? Stunning Images As Russian Rocket Flyover Awes People Across The Country

5,000 Families Displaced In Yemen's Hudaydah

Pro-Trump Forces "Prepared For War" When Mueller's Report Issued

Comey Let Clinton Off Partly Because He Was Doing The Same Thing

UK PM May Says It's Essential To Insure Parliament Won't Block Brexit

Israel Advances Bill Criminalizing Filming Atrocities Against Palestinians

Announcement: Trump's 'Deal Of The Century" Imminent

MSM Confirms Conspiracy Theory That Walmart Stores Are Being Turned Into Concentration Camps

Biological Warfare: Maps Show Half Of America Could Be Hit By A Pandemic Within 70 Days Of An "Outbreak"

Activists: Artifacts From Ancient Syrian Synagogue End Up In Israel

I Think We've Heard This Before: Congress Tackles Mounting Opioid Crisis

The Only Issue That Matters - Who Controls The Money?

Demographics And Destiny: Pension Train Wreck Coming Up

Russian Firm Savages Mueller For Trying To Hide Evidence Using "Fake Law"

Abel Danger: Kelly 298

Mainstream Media Remains Willfully Clueless On Trump-Kim Summit Results - It's Complicated

Report: Mueller's Report Due By Summer's End

Saturday, June 16, 2018

One Year Ago: Julian Assange Explains Why The Democrats Are Doomed

Is Nationalism Necessarily Bigotry?

Patriot Vigilante: Who's The One Promoting Islamophobia Here?

I believe the deep state simultaneously promotes, exploits and condemns islamophobia by arming and funding extremists, promoting videos of atrocity real or staged, establishing a boogeyman to justify establishing a police state and fueling the military industrial complex, and then defending against those who act and speak irrationally in response to the perceived threat.
But their endgame is New World Order not caliphate. Don't ever underestimate the Deep State. They are merely playing a very dangerous game.
I'm not looking for Christian theocratic society, but of course I think we best 'coexist' under natural/common law of God's moral foundations.
However, we are free to believe as we choose without state coercion.
If we, the Christian, offend simply by debating or offering an apologetic that's sometimes unavoidable, but if we are merely slandering our fellow man due to their culture, upbringing, and belief, we may want to reevaluate if we come from a place of love. This goes for me too!
We must also remember that there are many ignorant and hypocritical Christians, on my worst days I am one. We don't engage because we are naturally superior. We don't seek to blindly invade comfort zones without first forming sincere relationships. We engage because we truly care about all men and women and believe everyone is deserving of Grace. We become friends and invested, not out of mere duty, but because we truly love and care. We don't seek to control or manipulate.
We can be vigilant without allowing ourselves to buy into geopolitically driven propaganda and warmongering. There is a much larger mission at stake and it's the only way things could ever truly be made right...

GOP Fears Midterm Backlash Over Immigration Policy

US-Backed Militants Release Daesh In Secret Deal

Pentagon Urged To Fully Disclose Role In Yemen War

More Americans Support Canadian PM Than Trump: Poll

Italy Prevents Two More Boats Loaded With "Human Cargo" From Docking

US Ambassador To Israel Fires Back At State Dept Over Scrutiny Of Israeli Army

Rod Rosenstein Delivers Remarks At International Economic Forum

"Proprietary Communities" And Totally Privatized Government

Israeli Military Order Authorizes Ethnic Cleansing

Will US Dark Forces Sabotage Improving Relations With North Korea?

Not Kilauea But Yellowstone Could End All Life On The Planet

US/UK/France Back Saudi/UAE Assault On Yemeni Port City

Ray Bradbury/HBO Films: Fahrenheit 451

Sara Carter Reacts To IG Report On FBI

Horrendous Moment Freak Gust Of Wind Sends Portable Toilet 100 Feet In The Air...

The Creepy AI That Can Predict The Future - The Machine That Anticipates Your Movements

Berkeley City Council Rings In Agenda 21, Declaring "Climate Emergency"

Q-Anon Military Intel Surrounding And Tightening On The Mullahs

Hilllar's Emails Bombs With The Fuses Lit - And Google Had 'Em All

Workers Flee And Thieves Loot Venezuela's Reeling Oil Giant

Sustainable Prepping: 5 Alternative Energy Types For When

DOJ Refusing To Give Grassley Access To Agent Who Interviewed Flynn

Patrick J. Buchanan: Trump's Historic Gamble

Tucker Carlson Crushed A Deep State Apologist With One Question

Slauterbots (video): Brace Yourself

Censure Of MSM Treatment Of Trump-Kim Agreement: They Demand We Stay Forever On The Cusp Of Nuclear War

German MP Predicts Merkel Could Be Ousted By End Of Next Week

Canada Might Sanction Trump Administration Rather Than Raising Tariff Bid

Trump Quotes Leaked From G-7: "I Can Send You 25 Million Mexicans..."

White Helmets: A Tool For Regime Change In Syria That's Too Important To Stop Funding

Stalin Is Not Great - The Neo-Stalinist Revisionists Are Wrong

A Case For Russian Aircraft Carriers

A Recent Citizen Diplomacy Visit To Russia: A Remarkable Report

A Young Russian Explains Why The West Now Reminds Him Of The USSR

Corbett: India And China Announce The "Oil Buyers Club"

Nanking Massacre: Interviews - Part II

Markets Awaiting Trump's Announcement Of $50 Billion Tariffs Against China

Nobody Plays The Hate Game Like Jewish Supremacists

Monticello Officially Recognizes The Rest Of Thomas Jeferson's Children

White House Officials Tried Tp Ogmpre Trump's Request To Set Up A Meeting With Putin

Trump's Media Game Puts Press Back On Its Heels

Clinton Emails Accessed By Foreign Actors, Revealed In New Document

Popular South African Politician: "We Have Not Called For The Killing Of White Pwoplw... At Least For Now"

Corbyn Could Be The Man Who Saves Brexit

New Video Shows Vegas Shooting Strike Team Being Told To Turn Off Body Cams

Latest US Job Report: Thumbs Up

American Consequences: The Butcher's Guide To America

The Butcher's Guide to America

This month, we're talking about the Heartland...
The mysterious middle of America that few folks on the Coast understand.
It's blamed for weighing down GDP... for electing President Donald Trump... even for holding on to cultural values that are no longer politically correct.
Editor in Chief P.J. O'Rourke starts us out by defining what we mean by Coastal vs. Heartlander... and Dr. David Eifrig talks about a resurgence in the Heartland as rural communities start to outpace urban growth.
Hedge fund legend Mark Spitznagel talks with P.J. about goats, black swans, and what it will take to "unlock" the Heartland's undervalued assets... while advertising exec and lifelong Toledo resident John Fedderke asks whether the Rust Belt city will shine again?
Financial analyst Matt McCall talks about the future of legal marijuana in the U.S... while author and feature writer Geoff Norman brings us a long read from Vermont, one of the front lines of the American heroin epidemic.
P.J. asks, "What's up with the Farm Bill?" There's plenty of manure here to spread around. And Bill Bonner shares an essay from the slaughtering yard that you should keep handy – there's a chance we all end up raising hogs in our backyards.
ProPublica's Alec MacGillis wrote a great article just after the 2016 election that we're republishing – mostly because we suspect that most "Coastal elites" still don't get it... It's not about people loving President Trump. It's about people hating them.
Then, our anonymous top lobbyist shares how bills are really passed in Washington, D.C. with the Puppies Are Cute Act ("PACA")... And bestselling author Turney Duff details a chilling experience about trading tragedy.
Sebasti├ín Edwards details America's forgotten default... Steve Sjuggerud shares the surprising loser in a U.S.-China trade war... Richard N. Haass thinks North Korea could be the best thing for the relationship between the U.S. and China since the collapse of the Soviet Union... And Buck Sexton talks about a growing Coastal panic, what if the so-called "blue wave" doesn't happen?

Public Barred From Senate National Defense Authorization Act Markup: The Agenda Anyway

Yemen Destroys Saudi-Led Coalition Warship

UN Rejects Plan To Demand Immediate Ceasefire In Yemen Port

Of How Australia's Guns Were Grabbed

Former Prisoner Of Conscience Clarifies The Situation In Nicaragua

UN Report: US A Sh*ithole Country

Foot-Dragging Or Real Downside? IMF Warns US Of Likely Disruptive Effects Of Trade Policy Change

Pepe Escobar: Masters Of The Universe (Very Informative Video)

US Provides Military Assistance To 73 Percent Of The World's Dictatorships

America Dispenses (Enforces!) Advice, Refuses To Look In The Mirror

Military Industrial Complex Jittery: Dem Senators Move To Prevent Trump From Removing Troops From South Korea

The Substance Of Trump's Coming Mideast Peace Plan, "The Deal Of The Century"

Trump Now Favors House GOP Immigration Bill

Paul Craig Roberts (Interview): All Those Who Challenge The Ruling Ideology Are Called 'Fascists'

Abel Danger: Zionists Appear To Target Argentina

Friday, June 15, 2018

Corbett And Pilato: New World Next Week - Are IQs Really Dropping?

These European Countries Are Refusing To Accept The Unchecked Influx Of Migrants

A Tale Of Four Summits - And America's Age Of Anxiety And Bewilderment

Top House Dem Facing Arrest In Foreign Spy Scandal

The Central Bank Party Is Already Over

Some Of The Most Systematically Important Banks In The World Are Tumbling

Dershowitz To MSNBC: "Locking Up Manafort Before A Trial Is So Obnoxious To Our Constitution"

Trump Tweetstorm Caps "Another Tumultuous Week"

Congressman Steve Scalise (Who Was Shot) Talks Gun Rights

Colombia, ELN Guerrillas End Fifth Round Of Talks Without Agreement

US: North Korea Sanctions To Remain Until Full Denuclearization

Dozen Saudi-Backed Mercenaries Slain In Western Yemen

New Research Points To Universal Antibody Drug For HIV

Russia Urges Removal Of North Korea Sanctions

Brexit Amendment Hijacked By UK Government Figures - Bye-Bye, May

Nicaragua Renews Talks To Quell Protests - Death Toll At 164 - Who Could Be Behind The Protests?

Trump Says He'll Oppose Moderate GOP Immigration Bill

China Levies New Tit-For-Tat Tariffs On 659 US Goods

"Crimea Is Russian Because Everyone There Speaks Russian," Trump Reportedly Informs G7 Leaders

Empires Fall. Now It's America's Turn, And Russia Will Make It Happen

Can The EU Become A Partner For Russia? Hardly!

Roger Stone: Adam Schiff - Desperate Liar, Leaker, Con-Man, Hustler

Non-White Invasion Of EU - Weekly Update

Putin Makes It Clear: Russia's Superweapons Are Reality, Already Deployed (Video)

Moscow-Beijing Bullet Train - It's Happening

The New York Times And The Swamp - A Love Story

American Media And Punditry Remain A Dishonest Militaristic Embarrassment

Putin: Russia Must Support The Family - The Survival Of Our People Depends On It

John Pilger (Interview): The Disgraceful Persecution Of Julian Assange

John Bolton Is An Evil Mutant Death Walrus

IG Report As Issued: Pasteurized Tofu

Abel Danger: Trump Tweets Bust Senior Executive Service Officers

US And EU Quarrel, But Remain United Against Russia And China

Do They Really Consider Trump That Dumb?

Drug Free Anesthesia - No Thank You

Mueller Just Heard The 3 Words That Will Finish His Investigation For Good

Syria: Will The Real Terrorists Please Stand Up. Under US Law, Abetting Them Is A Crime - But That's What American Personnel Do

Instant Contempt - Sedition - Treason

Syrian War Report: Russia, Turkey Reportedly Reach Agreement On Tell Rifaat

How Defense Contractors Are Cashing In On Immigrant Kids' Detention

Illegal Immigration Supremacism - The New Fake News Con

The Incredible Potential Of Flexible Soft Robots (The Slaves They Always Wanted)

The Intellectual Dark Web And Why It Had To Go Dark

Media Damage Control Following Email Report

Damning Hillary Emails Probe Report

Europe Awash With Stored Oil On Ships

Israeli MP Invokes Supremacy Of "Jewish Race" - Does He Mean Supremely Immoral?

Trump To slap Tariffs On Up To 900 Chinese Products, Dollar At 2018 High

Currencies Crash: "I Would Recommend You Panic"

Irony: Mueller Throws Manaford In The Clink

The Bilderberg Plan To Force Us On The Digital Grid

Comey's Insubordination: Why Didn't Anybody Say Anything?

9/11 Charades Still Carry Weight

Gun Control: Should Start With Pentagon And Police

Imagine Outcry If Israelis Were Held In An Open Air Prison Like Gaza And 120 Were Shot Dead

IG Report Confirms Obama Lied About Hillary's Emails

Lawrence Wilkerson: The Penchant To Torture

US To Send USD 6.6 Mil to White Helmets - But For What?

One For Sanity

Will Domestic Foes Now Block Trump's Way?

The North Koreans Finally Got The Deal They've Been Offering For 3 Years

George Galloway: Has Trump Turned The Corner On The Imperial War-Hounds, Decisively Confounded His Enemies?

America The "Good": Face Up Or Else

IG Report: Comey Claimed DOJ Prosecutors Were Intimidated By High-Powered Clinton Lawyers

LaRouche: Trump And His Eurasian Allies Outflank The Dying British Empire

Is There A Committee Of 300 That Runs The World?

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Passengers Recount Horrifying Moment Plane Hit Vortex

Public Barred From Senate National Defense Authorization Markup - Why? Because I We Had Access To The Weapons, We'd Use Them On Them?

You Can Undermine The Evil Cabal

Many Ordinary Meds Cause Depression - Public Trust In Pharma Hits New Low

"Russia Is Isolated" "Doesn't Make Anything" "Nigeria With Nukes"

"Willingness" To Impact The Election: IG's Clinton Report Is Loaded With Bombshells

Abel Danger: Kelly 296

Russian Girls Sing Beautiful Folk Song About Love

Take Populism Global! Italy Shows The Way For Trump

Dirty Cop Mueller's Case Is Unraveling - Time To Shut Him Down And Indict His Deep State Allies

A Trump-Putin Summit Would Only Hurt The Cause Of Peace

Google-Facebook And The War On Our First Amendment

"They Threw Russia Out" - No, Donald, Here's What Really Happened

Mark Dice: Virtue Signalling Gone Wrong

Mario Draghi Explains Why He Is Leaving QE (Quantitative Easing) As EU Economy Collapses

California, North California, And New California All Possible This Fall

Pompeo's Toughness On North Korea

Free Money Calculation: Fed Will Give 36.93 Billion Of Taxpayer Money To Banks (How About Other Way Around?)

Emergency: Tommy Robinson Transferred To Muslim Prison, Facing Certain Death (Don't Cross The State!!)

The Battles Of Roseanne Barr And Why A Spinoff Show Could Lead To Another Epic Fight

Discrimination? ...Non-Aggression? ...Money In Politics? Ask Ron Paul

James Comey Conducted FBI Business Using His Personal Gmail Account During The Clinton Email Investigation

For America To Survive, Google Must Be Defeated

Elon Musk To Build High-Speed Hyperloop From Downtown Chicago To Airport