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Saturday, June 2, 2018

People Who Are Incapable Of Apologizing Don't Get To Condemn Anybody Else

The People's Email Network, PO Box 35022, L.A., CA 90035 

There is an increasing crescendo of condemnations flying back and 
forth in political realm nowadays. We've noticed a pattern out there. 
Perhaps you have as well. 

On the one hand, typified in its most extreme example by Trump, we 
have people who are obdurately adverse to apologizing for any 
condemnable thing, and they are the ones quickest to condemn others 
who aren't drinking from the same Kool-Aid pitcher. Then on the other 
hand we have people who publicly, and sometimes tearfully, apologize 
when they mess up. 

Trump's people jumped all over Samantha Bee the other day, demanding 
an end to her entertainment career, for using an obscene expletive in 
reference to the first daughter. It was a subject from the podium of 
the White House press secretary. It's far from the first time they 
have demanded the end to a career. 

Besides the blackball campaign successfully prosecuted against Kathy 
Griffin, from which she is only now starting to recover, they do it 
practically every day. More and more they are demanding termination 
of members of the special counsel's investigation, based on wholly 
specious accusations of wrong doing. 

We agree that Bee was out of line. We are also disturbed generally by 
the increasingly gratuitous and prevalent use of the f-word and the 
s-word on TV, unbleeped on cable, notably a recent quote out of 
Trump's own mouth. And at the same time we ourselves get emails from 
time to time from right wingers filled with foul language. It's 
literally diagnostic of someone without a political argument on the 
merits that their policy commentary is comprised of potty talk. 

If anybody wants to complain about the use of foul language, those on 
the Trump side are the last who have a right to complain. They 
plastered obscenities hurled at Hillary Clinton all over their 
t-shirts and signs at their rallies. Before that these same people 
were displaying racist images of President Obama. They set the lowest 
of all possible low standards. But that does not mean we have to 
stoop to their level, Samantha. 

Griffin could not have apologized more profusely for something that, 
while not in good taste, did not even remotely approach a serious 
threat of any kind. 

Did Trump accept her apology? No, he did not. No more than he has 
EVER apologized for any of his own sins, including crude insults of 
every political opponent he ever had, including encouraging actual 
violence against opponents at his rallies, implicitly even reporters 
who then required actual secret service protection. 

Apology or not, Trump continued to demand more pounds of flesh than 
Griffin even has on her slight body. To the point where Griffin was 
remorseful that she had ever apologized at all. What is the point of 
apologizing to people who are incapable of accepting apologies? 

And as a consequence Trump has no right to complain. He is both 
mercilessly unforgiving of others and entirely lacking in contrition 

In the case of Roseanne Barr, we have someone with a long history of 
making ignorant racist and anti-Semitic remarks. She finally went on 
such an offensive and extended rant that ABC had no choice but to 
pull her show. If they had not, all their advertisers, even very 
conservative companies, would have jumped ship. 

We don't know the content of all the communications between ABC and 
Roseanne after her latest tirade, but we can infer much. 

ABC TALKED to Roseanne before they acted, and at least by a couple 
hours from the reports we've heard. Clearly Roseanne was on advance 
notice she was way over the line before she was actually fired. We 
don't know if she reacted to ABC dismissively or arrogantly in the 

But she obviously did not believe she needed to apologize about 
anything, otherwise she could have jumped right on Twitter 
immediately to do so. She did not. Perhaps she thought, as does 
Trump, that she could get away with anything. And that, most of all, 
is what left ABC no choice but to can her, whether she apologized 
after the fact of that firing or not. 

It is precisely because Trump is so incapable of apologizing himself, 
or of sincerely condemning anything his supporters might do, that he 
has no moral authority to condemn anyone else on the other political 

The first time someone else is caught in a possible lie, no matter 
how gray, Trump demands exorcism. The liar in chief, who does 
absolutely nothing but lie all day and night long, has no right to 
complain. He lies constantly lies, as do all the people around him, 
even about whether other people are lying. 

Until Trump apologizes for everything ugly thing he has ever said and 
done, going at least all the way back to calling for the death 
penalty for five innocent teenagers decades ago in New York, with 
full page newspaper ads, he has no moral right to condemn anybody 
else for anything. 

Let Roseanne call for the firing of Samantha Bee, if she cares to 

For our part, we strive to keep our condemnation of Trump, as 
deserved as it might be, in good taste. 

And you can demonstrate in good taste where you stand, with any of 
our resist Trump message items, including our original Trump, the 
Fraud, bumper sticker which foresaw it all at the very beginning of 
the primary campaign. 

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