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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Forensic Data Proves DNC Was Not Hacked By Russia

LaRouche: Trump And Putin, The New Paradigm - Sending Traitors Into Hysterical Fits Of Rage

Chaos At The NATO Summit Benefits Eurasian Integration

Why Would Trump Be So Shamelessly Stuck On Israel?

Dems Urged, Rightly, To Get Off It, Beat Trump With Ideas - There's Just One Problem

Republicans See The Light And Come To Trump's Defense

Monday, July 16, 2018

Benjamin Fulford - July 16, 2018

"Police Hunt In Black Communities, Protect And Serve In White Ones"

Pamela Anderson: Americans Are Programmed To Always Blame Russia When Things Go Wrong

PCR: Is President Trump A Traitor Because He Wants Peace With Russia?

POTUS Meets With Putin: Would Rather Take Political Risk For Peace

National (In)Security: The United States Of Inequality

US House Approved Latest Version Of Israel Anti-Boycott Bill

Stephen Cohen: Summit-Gate And The Campaign Against Peace

NATO Vassal States Sufering From Stockholm Syndrom

Clinging To Collusion: It's Probably Safe To Indict Knowing That No Evidence Will Ever Be Attainable

Peace Talks Between Nuclear Superpowers Offends America's A-Holes And Morons

Israel/Azerbaijan In Cloud War To Kill Iran With Drought

Syrian War Report: Militants Hand Over Dozens Units Of Military Equipment To Army

21 Newspapers Caught In Anti-Trump Conspiracy

Rand Paul On Election Meddling - Stellar!

Syria And Helsinki: Finally The Truth On Israel And Terrorism

Planet X Incoming: Birth pPangs Video (June 2018)

Collusion, Delusion, Confusion: What Blood Hatred Does To A Person

US And Israel In Syria, Russia, New World Order

Caitlin Johnstone: Two Big "Russia! Russia! Stories Released Days Before Trump=Putin Summit

Trump's Open Defiance Of Washington's Russophobia Is A Revolutionary Act - PASS IT ON!

America's Russia Derangement Syndrome

Trump Calls Them Out: Says EU As Much A Global Foe As Russia, China

Stagecraft: Here We Go - Immediately, THIS Is Trotted Out! Trump May Be Toast

Helsinki Is The Latest Offensive In Trump's War On The Extablishment

Idiotic Russia Meddling Hoax Kept Alive By Summit - And The Main Hoaxters Are Never Cross-Examined

It's Clearer Than Ever Now: It's Trump VS The Mighty Bipartisan War Party - And They're Used To Always Winning

BOOM! Russian President Reveals $400 Million Sent To Hillary Campaign - Though Trump Was His Personal Choice

An Independent Take On "What Happened Behind Closed Doors" At Helsinki Is Not Allowed, Abruptly Terminated - Watch

Republicans, Too, Wanted Russian Blood, Blast Their President For Calling It As He Saw It

Trump: I Raised Election Interference With Putin

Where Mueller's Headed: A Familiar Academic Offers Insight

Perspective Or Shade? The Biggest US National Security Problem Economic

FCC: Sinclair Broadcasting's Expansion Plan Too Big To Get Through The Gate

How The Argument About The Parties And Race Goes

Technocracy In Europe Argues That Citizens Should Not Have A Say

Big Picture: Trump Attacks Mueller During Press Conference With Putin - He's Good And Off The Rails

No, He Denies Certainty Of Putin/Russian Government Involvement In US Election

We're Eyewitnesses: How Democracies Turn Tyrannical

Abel Danger: Kelly 318

No "Grand Bargain" With Putin: The Russians - A Basket Of Deplorables

Mueller's Strategic Indictments To Waylay Summit

Censorship Master Plan: Tech Giants To Silence Online Free Speech

Graham Hancock: The War On Consciousness (Video)

Sunday, July 15, 2018

For Consistency - White House Canceled John Bolton's Interview With CNN

Drug Boosts Immune System By 40 Percent In Elderly People And Also Has Anti-Aging Affect On Fruit Flies

Chinese Government Developing AI To Recognize Anyone Anywhere

Poll: Nearly Two-Thirds Of Germans Say Trump Is More Dangerous Than Putin

Putin Unlikely To Dump Europe For US - Helsinki Breakthrough Unlikely

Even If I Get Moscow As "Retribution", Critics Will Say It's Not Good Enough

New Developing Major Threat At The Border

New York Stuck In Soviet-Era Cold War World

"Israeli Rockets" Strike Syrian Military Positions Near Aleppo

PCR: India Stands Up To Washington

Will Russia Begin Accepting Boer Refugees?

Enough! In Stunning Rebuke, CA Dem Party Refuses To Endorse Dianne Feinstein

A Lutheran Pastor Explains: Russia Is A Beacon Of Promise For A Christian Future

Stzrok - Security Clearance Or Not? Jeff Sessions Back On The Hot Seat

Saudi Arabia Arrests Religious Leaders For Criticizing Royal Family: What's Behind It?

What Trump's NATO Defense Plan Would Mean For The US

BREXIT: May Says Trump Told Her To Sue The EU

Syria: Government Troops Widen Offensive Near Qunteira

Corporate Push-Back: Airbus Reported "Furious" Over Loss Of Military Jet Deal After Warning To UK PM

5-Year-Old Dangles From 19th Floor Balcony In China For 30 Minutes

France 4, Croatia 2 - Russian World Cup Highlights

Frustration Factor: Civilian Casualties In Afghanistan Highest In Ten Years

Rand Paul: "Russia Is Always Going To Meddle In Our Elections, Just Like We're Going To Meddle In Theirs"

Nunes: Mueller Indictment "Would Look Ridiculous" If Trump Had Taken This One Step

Mosquitoes: Scourge Of The Earth

Monika Schaefer And The "Hoax Of The Twentieth Century"

More From Duiff - Will Trump Finally Shake Off The Bankster Chains?

The American Revolution - Pawns In The Game

Wikileaks, Mueller, Russia - More Way, Way Out Intel From Our "Friend" Duff

Our President: Trump's "Appalling" Behaviour Is "Cynically" Calculated

What's This? "The Duffel Bag" - Since 1787? A Very Bold Critique!

Boris Johnson, BREXIT, And What It Means For The Wider World

India Ok's Mumbai Branch For Iran Bank, Other Mutual Protective Moves

Dem's Claim Deep State Hack/Flack Deserves Purple Heart Rebuked

Russians' Indictment (Formalized Accusation) Tosses A Shadow Over Helsinki Summit. But Whose?

Huh? German Writer Calls For Replacing Germans With Migrants To Stop Populism

Corbett: 5 Conspiracy Theiroes That Became Conspiracy FACTS

Two British Royal Family Members Flat-Out Refused To Meet Trump

What America Can Learn From Europe's Immigration Crisis

Facebook Purges Over 80 Accounts In Sweeping Attack On Alternative Media And Sources

USHS NEVER Performed Vaccine Testing, As Required

US Courts Release 2017 Wiretap Reports: Trends, Quirks, Anomalies, And Cover-Ups

Trump Says What He's Been Thinking About NATO

Four Radical Policies Dems Are Pushing Right Now

Luke Rudkowski: Promised End Of Independent Media And The Fake News Psy-Op

No, Political Mayhem Is NOT Bipartisan

US House: Rosenstein Impeachment Plans

Forget Impeachment - Here Are 7 Other Ways Donald Trump's Presidency Could Yet Go Down In Flames

5 Things To Watch For In The Trump-Putin Summit

The Map That Shocked The President

Abel Danger: Kelly 317

Normalization Of Pedophilia Goes Mainstream - Molesters Rebranded "Minor Attracted Persons"

"Black Site" Prison Discovered In Arizona, Thought Dedicate To Trafficking - Run By A Government Defense Contractor

Trump Defects To Russia?

Mueller Just Doomed A Trump Ally With One Shady Decision

"FBI Lovebirds" Is A Cover Story To Hide 50,000 Emails That Could Well Detail A Deadly Assassination Plot

LGBT Is Abandoning The Democratic Party - The Blue Wave Is Dead

The Deep State Wants Kavanaugh Confirmed At All Costs - Why?

The BBC Film That Exposed Israel's Illegal Secret Nuclear Weapons

Saturday, July 14, 2018

Trump Beat Up NATO Members In American Protection Racket

US Indicts 12 Russian Intelligence Officers For Hacking Democrats (Because It Was Set Up On That Side To Make It Easy)

At NATO, Trump Should Declare Make America Great Again, Doctrine Of Self-Defense

Watch Huge Crowds Protest Against Trump In UK

Awkward? Trump And May Remarks After Meeting And Sun Interview

Trump Administration: "We can Guarantee Guantanamo Prisoners Locked Up For 100 Years"

Trump Says Iran Will Capitulate - "They Will Call Me And Ask For A Deal"

Trump Marching Onward And Downward

Trump's Criticism Of NATO Ignores The Real Questions

China In The Middle East: Beyond Xi's Economic Charm Offensive

Israeli Air Raids Kill Two Palestinian Teens In Gaza

Trump Ambassador Lobbied UK Over Jailed Tommy Robinson

Former Sinn Fein Leader Gerry Adams' House Hit With Explosives

Scotland: Trump Security Breached By Greenpeace Paraglider

New York Man Miraculously Escapes Botches Mob Hit (Graphic Video)

Chinese Navy Sends Surveillance Vessel To Keep Tabs On Pentagon RIMPAC Exercises

Jaguar Escapes New Orleans Zoo, Goes On Killing Spree

Israeli Airstrikes Continue On Gaza Despite Ceasefire

Russia Rejected Israeli Demand On Iran

Abbas Meets Putin, Voices Concern Over US Policy

Swift Hamas Response To Stop Israeli Aggression On Gaza

"To Err Is Human": A Documentary About Medical Mistakes And Working For Patient Safety

You Now Can't Leave The US Unless The IRS Lets You

"Thanos Did Nothing Wrong?" 1,000s Embrace The Population-Control Philosophy

Survival Of The Richest

Pesky CNN Reporter Accosta Finally Gets An Answer From The President

As Elon Musk Proposes Water Filters For Flint, The City's Mayor And Others Outline Their Real Needs

Truth And Shadows: The World Knows Osama Bin Laden Did 9/11, Right? So, Why Isn't There Any Evidence?

Johnson & Johnson Forced To Pay $4.7 BILLION For Knowingly Giving Woman Cancer

Out Of Joint: Now, Rosenstein Uses His Office To Maliciously Smear And Sabotage Trump's Supreme Court Pick

Intrepid: Trump Just Said One Thing That Everyone Was Too Afraid To Admit

Judicial Watch: Tom Filton's Video Weekly Update

McCain Again: My Way Or I'll Sabotage.

Republicans Are Preparing To Impeach Rob Rosenstein

The 12 Worst Cases Of Trump Derangement Syndrome

NYT: America First, America Hated, America Alone

Dershowitz: Indictment Of 12 Russians Proves Special Counsel Was "Never Needed"

Anyone? Russia's Most-Expensive Diamond To Go On Sale

US Wages Trade War With One Of World's Poorest Nations Over Used Clothing

"Creepiest Person In America": Peter Strzok's Congressional Testimony Goes Viral

Leak At Porton Down Lab May Be Behind UK Novichok Poisonings:Russian Embassy

Trump Fails To Follow Royal Protocol As He Meets Queen (Video)

"US Law Doesn't Apply Here" - India's Defense Chief Resists Pressure Over S-400 Deal With Russia

Russia Plans $50 Billion Investment In Iran's Oil, Gas Industry

Deep State Sideswipes Helsinki Summit With Mueller Indictments

Trump Is Right. NATO Is Obsolete, And If Europe Wants To Fight Imaginary Enemies, It Should Pay Its Own Way

Schumer's Plot Falls Flat With Red State Dem Senators

Peter Strzok's Creepy Smirk After Answering Panel Question - See What You Think

Donald Trump And The Real Russian Scandal

The Case That Now Makes Gun Control Truly Impossible

Media Scoundrels Jump On Phony Indictments Of Russian Nationals

YouTube Will Now Decide For You What Is And What Isn't Authoritative News

Stephen Cohen: Summitgate And The Dem/Military Security Complex Anti-Summit Campaign Against Peace

Needed Witness-Protection Scheme For Whistle-Blowers Exposing Big Tech Wrongdoing

School Of The Americas: Training Torturers And Secret Police or US-Backed Dictators Since 1946

12 Russians Indicted In US On Phony Charges

Symbolic Flag-Raising In Daraa, Syria

CIA Playbook: What's About To Go Down In Iran

Neocons Panic As Trump-Putin Meeting Could Mark End Of Syrian Proxy War

New Archeological Evidence Pushes Back The Date Of Iceland's First Settlement

Kavanaugh's Stand On Rules For Campaign Funding

Dems Split, Fighting Over Supreme Court Strategy

Britain's Story Of Skripal Poisoning Unfounded, Demolished

Friday, July 13, 2018

US Airstrikes Kill 30 Civilians In Syria's Bukamal

Pakistan Election Campaign Bombing Kills 128, Injures Over 200

New Perspectives On Improving Health Care In The US

Cannabis Has Become An Alternative To Addictive Opioids

Mueller Issues Fake Indictment, Brits In Rug-Chewing Fit

Competitive Party Gerrymandering As An All-Important Political Goal

PCR: Trump Should Fire Rosenstein Immediately

Saudis, UAE Advancing US Agnda In Middle East

Writer: Trump And May Are Globalist Puppets

Russian Indictments Release Meant To "Spoil" Putin-Trump

Washington Post Reporter Busted Reading Fake "Collusion News" Into DOJ Document

Trump: Very Sad - Europe Losing Its Culture To Mass Immigration

US Senate Just Gave $38 Billion Of Your Money To Poor Israel. Question: Based On Good Behavior?

Decrease Of Drug Prices For The US? Don't Hold Your Breath

Syrian War Rport: Daraa City Liberated By Syrian Army

Russia: US, NATO Main Sponsors Of Taliban, Trade In Narcotics In Afghanistan

Mueller's International Geopiolitical Bombshell - His Biggest Move To Date

Gordon Duff: Collusion Proven, Election Rigged, 12 Russians Indicted Proves It

If You Like The War On Terror, You'll LOVE The War On Breast Milk

UK Police Claim To Have Found Bottle Containing Novichok Nerve Agent In Amesbury Victim's House

Lavrov: West's Anti-Russian Policy Built On "Highly Likely Thing" Theme

London Anti-Trump Rally: Gripping Images That Caught The Mood

Trump Ruffles Allies' Feathers With Indelicate Statecraft During European Tour

Russia Can Mediate A Grand Bargain In Syria

Louie Gohmert's Big Contribution To Our Knowledge Of Clinton's Server Problem

Trump Brought Nothing New To Brussels, His Fellow Leaders Will Wish They'd Listened Before

Trump Sending Top Team To Mexico To Woo New President

Banking With The Fed - Arranging Deck Chairs On The Titanic

US Promoted Sectarian Mass-Murder In Syria - Russia Put A Stop To It

If Rosenstein In Announcing It Is Telling The Truth, It's An Obama Problem

Why Trump Will Return Empty-Handed From Helsinki

The Saker: There Are More Russian Wonder Weapons In The Pipeline. For Every US Move, The Russians Have A Reply

A Small Sampling Of US Media's Russian-Hating Absurdity Going Into Summit

Brexit: Britain Can't Even Control The Terms Of Its Own Breakaway From The Jaws Of EU

Europeans Seeking Independence From US By Boosting Military Spending

Why Syria Is Hailing China's "Great Game" In Middle East

European Governments Face An Existential Crisis - Only Solution Is To Adopt New Populist Paradigm

Corbett: Indira Singh - 9/11 And P-Tech Software

Are Elite Technocrats Planning To Escape Earth And Head For Space?

Trump Says US-UK Trade Deals Depends On A Hard Brexit, Not May's Plan

Corbett And Pilato: World Next Week

NYT Suggests Dems Moderate Before Midterms, Gets Inundated By Hate

Mueller Indicts 12 Russians Involved In "Democratic Email Hacking"

Human Psychology: The Delusion, "I Am Not Responsible"

Testimony: All Of Hillaryi's Emails Were Being Sent To An Undisclosed Foreign Entity

European Powers Prepare To Scrap Dollar In Iran Trade As Disgust With "America First" Policies Mounts

The Trump-Kushner Delusion On Palestine

In Letter,. Kim Thanks Trump For "Strong Will, Sincere Efforts"

Ireland In Solidarity With Palestine

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Israel Bill To Compensate "Terror Victims" Using Palestine Money Passed By Knesset

Prominent Whistleblowers And Journalists Defend Julian Assange At All Night Vigil

Kim Jong-Un's Letter To President Trump

Congress's New AIPAC Law Richy Rewards Israel For Egregious Behavior And Whatever Else

Israel's New State Law Dishonors Israel And Victims: Very Revealing

The Holes In The Skripal Story

The Media's Brazen Dishonesty About North Korean Nuclear Violations

For May, The "Special Relationship" Means Craven Compliance

Trump Beats Up NATO Members In American Protection Racket

Our Sun Grew Fat When A Sausage Collided With The Milky Way

How To Survive A Summer Power Outage

Trash Piles Up In US As China Closes Door To Recycling

Muslim Party Leader Tells Dutch To Leave Their Own Country If They Don't Like Diversity