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Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Saudi Gun-Running To US Coalition Jihadis In Syria On A Scale "Comparable To Iran-Contra"

US Must "Show It Is Trustworthy" Before Iran Will Negotiate A New Deal

"The Hypocrisy Is Astounding": US Media Attempts To Sabotage Korea Peace Talks

Russia, Turkey Urge US To Stop Threatening Rhetoric Over Arms Deals

Why Zionist Americans Are Scared Of (Allergic To) Iran

Chances Of No-Deal Brexit Increasing By The Day - What It Would Mean

Analyst: Iran Won't Accept Terms Of Surrender In Talks With US

Iranian Foreign Minister Zarif: US Can Blame Itself For Leaving The Deal, Talks

US Coalition: Civilian Casualties Unavoidable In Anti-Terror Operations In Iraq, Syria (Apparently, Even When Allied With The Terrorists)

Here's What We've Lost In The Last Decade

Paul Craig Roberts Interviewed On "Outside The Box"

Chomsky Gets It Right - Accuses Israel Of Brazenly Meddling In US Elections

Painting Of Trump Team "Crossing The Swamp" Sets Off Social Media Frenzy

Pompeo Tries Countermand Trump: At Odds Over Preconditioning Meeting With Iran

Who Is Allowed To Report The News In China?

Paul Ryan's Own Brand Of Obstructionism Has Caught Up With Him

North Korea Not Ready To Just Give Away Its Nuclear Program, Wants Serious Concessions

Iran Sees Through Trump's Formulaic Offer To Meet

The Six Biggest Lies From The FISA Memo To Spy On Candidate Trump And His Campaign

Next Trump Takes On The Fed - Shades Of Jackson (Hooray!)

Where Is Jeff Sessions Coming From - Besides Alabama?

A Little Ignorance Won't Help: Dem Senator Thinks Trump Made Law Criminalizing Illegal Immigration

Stephen Lendman: Travel To israel Is Hazardous

Why Americans Are About To Experience Sharply Higher Prices

Illegal Immigrants Hit Homeland Security With Massive Lawsuit - As It They Were Invited

Reduction In Empire: Turkey Asks To Join Rival BRICS

Great Nations Are Destroyed By Being Pulled Into Wars To Defend Tiny Ones

Trump's Iran Sanctions, Intentionally Or Not, Provide Enormous AdvantagesTFor Russia

The Character Of Putin And The FBI - He Makes Them Crazy

Top Military Expert Weighs In On New Russian Arsenal

Syria Prepares For Idlib, The Mother Of All Battles

Trump His Own Man: Asked And Accepted - Chief Of Staff Kelly To Stay Through 2020

PCR: Who Does America Belong To? (Not To Americans)

Trump Has Something Up His Sleeve - Brags, But Unusually Silent About 2-Hour Putin Meeting

Luke Rudkowski: The Plastic Straw Conspiracy

Mark Dice: "Walk Away Movement" Is Russian Bots Everywhere!

China Explores Using AI To Formulate Foreign Polity, Leaving Emotions To The Side

Stephen Lendman: Congress Passes Record Amount For Militarism And War-Making

Is Gender Just A Concept?

Schools Kill Creativity And What To Do About It

9/11 Inside Out - Documentary Video (33 Minutes) - LOTS Of Information.

Forbidden Knowledge / Antarctica Unveiled: The Real Scoop (Audio, 111 Minuotes)

Trump Punches Right Back: Slams Koch Network As "Over-Rated" And A "Total Joke"

Abel Danger: What We're Now Facing - The Crusade To Win Tyranny And Economic Slavery

Bob Griswold & Dave Hodges: What's Facing Trump And Us All - Graphic And Fascinating (Audio, 53 Minutes)

Monday, July 30, 2018

As Reported By Washington Post: Caught - Satellite Views Show North Korea Still Building Missiles

A Glimpse Of Future Air Travel

Nicaragua's Agony - Not To Be Ignored

Benjamin Fulford: July 30, 2018

The secret history of the planet Earth from 2000 to 2018
By Benjamin Fulford
July 30, 2018
Notice to readers: For the next three weeks, barring some unprecedented news event,
the reports will be pre-written as I take my annual sabbatical off the grid and off the
Internet. Your understanding is appreciated.
As we prepare for what may be the final autumn offensive that finally overthrows the
Khazarian mafia cabal, it’s a good time to look at the big picture to understand why a
secret battle for the planet Earth has been raging all these years.
The best place to start is still the U.S. election of the year 2000, which was a coup d’├ętat
against American democracy that started the Nazi Fourth Reich headed by Fuhrer George
Bush, Sr. That election was between two Western secret government factions: Faction
1—the Nazis, who wanted to kill 90% of humanity in order to “save the environment”; and
Faction 2—the Global Warming faction, who said this could be accomplished by using
“global warming” as an excuse to impose a carbon tax and a world government.
The Nazis won by using fraud, murders, and death threats to terrorize the U.S.
establishment into handing over power. This was followed by very real attempts to murder
90% of humanity. The Nazi regime of George Bush, Jr. began spreading bioweapons like
SARS, weaponized bird flu, Ebola, etc. to wipe out most of humanity. At the same time,
they created starvation crises in 33 countries by paying farmers money to grow “biofuel”
instead of food. They also tried multiple times to start a nuclear world war using Iran,
Syria, North Korea, and other hotspots. This is important to remember and cannot be
repeated often enough: these people tried to kill you and your family, and are still trying to
do so.
Enter the Asian secret societies. They learned of the Nazi plans to murder 90% of
humanity by successfully eavesdropping on their secret meetings, notably the Bohemian
Grove gatherings. In 2003, the spreading of SARS—a bioweapon designed specifically to
target only Asians—was their real call to arms.
This led to a rupture between heroin- and amphetamine-dealing East Asian underworld
groups and their cocaine- and marijuana-dealing former Nazi allies. The Nazis, however,
anticipated this break by moving their heroin operations from East Asia to Afghanistan
during 2001–2002.
The Nazis, as they described in their report “Project for a New American Century,” also
tried to cement their control of the world by seizing the oil fields of Iraq and Central Asia.
They use the threat of cutting off oil to keep Asia under control.
The Asians responded by threatening to assassinate the top leadership of the Western
secret government. In particular, they targeted the individuals who were members of all
three of the following groups: the Bilderbergers (European cabalists), the Council on
Foreign Relations (American cabalists), and the Trilateral Commission (Japanese
quislings and their masters).
The Asians also looked for Western allies against the Nazis. They noted that a Western
faction had been fighting desperately to expose and derail the genocidal plans of the
Nazis. This can be seen, for example, in a 1997 episode of “The Simpsons” showing a
book entitled Curious George and the Ebola Virus. “Curious George,” of course, refers to
George Bush, Sr.
There was also the BBC reporter standing in front of the still-intact World Trade Center
Building 7, saying it had collapsed.
The Asians founded a group of Western allies who became what is known as the White
Dragon Society (WDS). This group includes senior people in the Pentagon, the CIA, the
Russian FSB, the British Royal Family, Freemasonry, the Vatican P2 Lodge, etc.
This group attempted to bankrupt the U.S. in 2008 with the engineered Lehman shock as
a way to bankrupt the U.S. Deep State—the Khazarian mafia in the U.S. The Americans
were told at the time they were no longer able to buy goods from the rest of the world on
credit. That is why the U.S. trade deficit went from over U.S. $696 billion in 2008 to $381
billion in 2009 after the Lehman shock.
The attempt to bankrupt the U.S. Deep State would have succeeded, too, except for the
fact that the U.S. forced Middle Eastern client states to cut the price of oil they sold to the
U.S., and the Chinese were fooled into supporting Communist agent Barack Obama and
financing his regime. Only later did they realize he was just a Bush/Clinton/Rockefeller
Also around that time, in a series of episodes never before revealed to the public,
handwritten letters were sent by the WDS to the Chinese Politburo, the Vatican, and the
British monarchy that…requested their help in stopping the genocidal faction. The result
was the removal of Pope Maledict (Benedict XVI) and the abdication of the Queen of the
Netherlands, the King of Spain, the King of Belgium, etc. This was the beginning of a
purge of Western governments that has been trickling down ever since.
Another visible sign of change was the decision by the UK, France, Germany, Italy,
Switzerland, etc. to join the Chinese-led AIIB. As a result of these letters, the Europeandominated
Committee of 300 also authorized the disbursement of over $5 trillion for the
Chinese OBOR infrastructure plan.
The other visible result was the signing by 195 nation-states of the Paris Accords in
December of 2015. The Global Warming faction assumed this was total victory for their
However, at this point the Gnostic Illuminati and members of the Rothschild family formed
an unusual alliance to ensure the election of Donald Trump as president of the United
States. Thus, on November 8th, 2016, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry was
summoned to an off-the-grid base in Antarctica and was informed that Hillary Clinton
(Rockefeller) was not going to be elected as U.S. president. Also, on that election night,
there were battles between Special Forces at the giant underground base beneath Denver
International Airport that allowed the U.S. military backers of Trump to take the electionstealing
machinery away from Hillary.
This was the first time since the election of President Ronald Reagan in the 1980’s that
the U.S. presidency fell out of the hands of the Clinton/Bush/Rockefeller crime family.
The result was that the genocidal faction within the U.S. military-industrial complex was
replaced by the “America First” group. This group is now battling full-out against the
Global Warming faction. That’s why Trump announced that the U.S. was leaving the Paris
Secret negotiations between the U.S. military and Russia were also taking place prior to
the Trump election, according to a source involved in these negotiations. As a result, a
secret deal was reached where the Russians were to be given vastly increased influence
over Western Europe and the Middle East west of the Euphrates River. The aim was to
basically offer Europe to the Russians, in exchange for a military alliance between Russia
and the U.S. to counter China, according to sources involved in these negotiations.
However, the Russians are fully aware that they hold the casting vote, and they plan to
use this to create a more equitable, multi-polar world system, according to Russian FSB
sources. They also have learned from experience not to trust the Americans, because
they have a history of telling negotiating partners what they want to hear and then
betraying them later, the sources note.
This autumn there will be more negotiations involving Asian secret societies, the
Russians, and the U.S. military-industrial complex. The aim will be to force a final
surrender of the Khazarian mafia. There will also be negotiations for an alternative to the
Paris Accords as a way of reorganizing the world financial decision-making authority to
reflect present-day reality.
In order for the reorganization to succeed, the key country that now needs to be included
is India. India has a population roughly equal to that of China (1.34 billion versus 1.41
billion) but a much younger one. According to Wikipedia, “More than 50% of India’s
population is below the age of 25. By contrast, less than 25% of China’s population is
below the age of 25.” So while China’s population is rapidly aging and will soon start to
shrink, India’s is young and growing.
Furthermore, under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, India now has competent economic
management and is experiencing rapid economic growth. Clearly, then, India’s
importance is rising and will rival and possibly exceed that of China if current trends
However, the Paris Accords—which were supposed to be about carbon emissions but
were really about percentage control of the financial system—gave 29.4% of voting rights
to China and only 6.8% to India. If you look at this, it’s no wonder India is feeling a bit
miffed and is reluctant to cede a dominant world financial role to China or participate in its
China-centric OBOR project. Obviously, any agreement on a new world economic
division of voting rights will have to do better for India than the Paris Accords could
That’s why there are now secret negotiations taking place aimed at offering India a world
role that more closely reflects its economic and demographic reality. If these talks go well,
the long-awaited announcement of a new world financial system may finally become
possible. We are reluctant to give specific dates, but if autumn negotiations go well, some
sort of announcement is possible in 2019 or 2020.

ISIS Holds 30 Women And Girls Captive After Deadly Assault In Southern Syria

Subverting Elite Power So We End Human Violence

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Andre Vitchek: "Faces Of North Korea" (26-Minute Video)

Erratic Empire Downfalling - Incisive Article

Western Press Dislikes Imran Khan's Win In Presidential Election - But Who Asked Them?

Israel Has No Right To Self-Defense Against Gaza

Sea Level Rise Could Knock Out Miami's Internet Connectivity

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Trump's Iraq: Why The President Would Want War With Iran

Are We Saving "Syrian Heroes"? Or Just Importing More Fanatics?

Robert Fisk: Are We About To See The Final Battle Of Syria?

Study: Bernie's "Medicare For All" Plan Costs $32 Trillion?

Copenhagen Imam: Jihad Necessitates The Muslim Invasion And Conquest Of Europe (Watch)

NYT Upset By Threats Against Media, But Ignores Hundreds Of Attacks On Trump Supporters

Human Trials Of Stem Cell Therapy For Parkinson's Disease To Begin In Japan

Washington Doesn't Want To See Improved China-Phillippine Ties

Congress Pushes Ballistic Missile Defense Program Bases On Laser-Armed Drones

The Economist Blames Polygamy For Civil War And Aggression, Discounting US, Western Destabilization

Lavrov: Russia Is Well Aware Of And Well-Protected From US And Western Military Plans

Trump Says He's Ready To Meet With Iran's Rouhani "Any Time And With No Preconditions"

Germany Offers Asylum To Terrorist White Helmets, Why Not Assange Or Tommy Robinson?

Non-White Invasion Of EU: Weekly Update

The Schizophrenic Deep State Is A Symptom, Not The Disease

The Debate Over Wind Turbines VS The Military

Predictable: Indian Media Erupts Against Imran Khan

Culture Of Death: Dr. Paul Byrne: They Don't Want The Patient To Live!

Why, In Legend, Does The Devil Play The Fiddle?

Hidden History Of Khazarian Empire - Straight-Up Background, Likely Accurate

Syrian War Report: Government Troops Launch Final Push To Defeat ISIS In Southern Syria

Corbett: The Problem With Schooling On The Ripple Effect

Billionaire Mogul Fighting To Feed Venezuela's Hungry Masses

Faced With Rising Antisemitism, Jews Are Returning To Their Old Haunts

Trump's Approach To Iran Driving US Policy In Circles

Memorandums For The President On 9/11: Time For The Truth - False Flag Deep State Truth!

To Veterans With Invisible Wounds (PTSD)

"Messiah Mania" Hits Fever Pitch In Raging Israel

A Nationalist Faction On Wall Street Challenges The War Faction Which Owns The CIA And Media

VA Continues To Hook Veterans On Dangerous Opioids; Local Growers Offer Them Free Cannabis

10 Signs That America Is In Much Worse Trouble Than We All Thought

BRICS Sets Global Agenda - Peace Through Development

Mueller Has Last-Ditch Plan To Fabricate Evidence To Frame Trump

Winner Of New Tech Arms Race Will Rule The World

Sunday, July 29, 2018

FBI Found To Have Ongoing Relationship With Left-Wing Southern Poverty Law Center

Next-Gen Nuclear Is Coming - If Society Wants It

From A Space Station In Argentina, China Expands Its Reach In Latin America

Is America's Birthrate About To Start Booming?

Congress Finally To Investigate Tech's Effect On Kids

Abel Danger: Report On MH370 (Lost Malaysain Airlines Plane) Due For Release

Mexican President's Surprising Letter To Trump

Grasping At Straws Time? Trump Urges Special Counsel Mueller To Disclose Conflicts Of Interest

Support For Germany's Ruling Conservative Alliance At 12-Year Low

Syria's Violent Opposition Gives Up On Takeover, Now Wants To Talk Constitutional Power-Sharing

A Foothold: Muslim Community In Mexico

Fortifying A World Power: Erdogan Urges BRICS Leaders To Let Turkey Join

Losing Their Grip: Senators Warn UK, France, Germany Against Bypassing Sanctions Against Iran

Powder Keg Paris: 300,000 Immigrants Are Living In One Suburb

Stephen Lendman: Targeting Assange Threatens Speech, Media, And Academic Freedoms

Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Reject Going To War With Iran

Here's How Systems (And Nations) Fail

Wages Of Stupidity: Sweden Will Remain Sweden In Name Only

Trump's Meetingm With New York Times Chief About Fake News

Trumpm Pauses Press Conference For Powerful Reason

The "Real Face Of America" Said To Be The Secretary Of State, Pompeo

Iran's Foreign Minister: US Addicted To Sanctions, But Iran Can Weather Them

What's Wrong With These People? Israeli Navy Attacks Gaza-Bound Aid Ship

Former US Under Secretary Of State: Trump Doesn't Understand Iran's Culture Of Resistance

EU Is Trying To Cheat UK Out Of Brexit; May Should Walk Away With No Deal

Polls Show Trump In Trouble In 3 Midwestern States

Adventures Of Olga, The Viking Queen Of The Rus

American Evangelicals have Been Hoodwinked Into A Big Lie About Israel And The Rapture

"Russiagate" Drowns Out Real Liberal Voice, Helps The Conservatives

"It's Not Russia Which Threatens Me, It's My Own Government"

TSA's "Quiet Skies" Tracks US Citizens Like Terrorists

Roger Stone On Russiagate Partisan Freak-Show - What Does He Really Think?

What Happens In Fukushima Stays In Fukushima? Its Radioactive Particles Found In California Wine

MSM On Life-Support, Expect More Censorship And False Flags

Desperate Measures: Government Shutdown For Funding The Wall?

Red Dawn, Blue Dawn: Leftist-Coordinated Military Invasion Coming Through The Border Next

"Civility Is A Tool Of White Supremacy"

Dishonor Among Thieves: Fellow Prisoners Really Do Assault Pedophiles

Egypt To Execute 75 For Protesting The Overthrow Of The Country's First Elected President In 2013

Australia May At Last Forge A Treaty With Its Native People

Wild And Unprecedented Price Fluctuations Are Causing Financial Chaos For US Businesses

Ray McGovern On The Fraud That Is Russiagate (Podcast)

Ray McGovern On The Fraud That Is Russiagate

Koch Network 500 Big Money Barons Slam Trump As "Divisive"

Saturday, July 28, 2018

Wising Up: Czech Prime Minister Says Illegal Migration Should Be Fought At All Costs

US Seeks To Create Anti-Iran "Arab-NATO"

Fresh Economic Protests Rock Baghdad, Southern Iraq

Kurds Reach Deal With Damascus To End Syria Conflict

Sources: Russian Hackers Focusing On US Electrical Grid More Than Electoral Systems

Russian Knowledge Of The Germans In Antarctice (2 Podcasts)

It's Boiling Over!: GOP Rep's Family Threatened In Vile Attack

Jordan Peterson's Best Comebacks (New) 2018

Tip Of The Iceberg: Obama Administration Knowingly Funded An Al-Qaeda Affiliate

Stephen Lendman: Mass Casualties From Southwest Syria ISIS Attaks

The Reason The US Has Highest Maternal Death Rate (And There's No Excuse)

A Sampling (But Important): It's Been Over A Year Since MSNBC Has Mentioned The War In Yemen

Uh, Oh! US "Concerned " About Pakistan Election After Longtime US Critic's Victory

Qanon: Hawaiian Missile Attack Nuclear Red Flag By DEEP STATE?

Massive Northern California Fire Gets Even Bigger

Are Russian-Spy Hookers Targeting Tech Leaders At Silicon Valley "Cougar Nights"?

Shhhhhhhh!!!!!!! If You're Not A Trump Fan, There Are Some Things You Just Shouldn't Bring Up In Public...

Spain: Nude Sunbathers Watch As Illegal Migrants Come Ashore, Sprint Into The Forest

US Secret Wars In Africa Rage On, Despite Talk Of Downsizing

Breakthrough Could Triple The Energy Collected By Solar To 60% Efficiency

After Decades Of Silence, Nuns Talk About Abuse By Priests

Ecuador's President Wants A No Execution Pledge Before Feeding Assange To The Wolves

Pakistan's "Populist" Wins The Election

This Can't Be True - The Math Is ATROCIOUS! If Inflation In Venezuela Were Really 6 Billion %, Prices Would Double EVERY FEW SECONDS, Not Two Weeks!

Tucker Carlson Revealed The One Truth That Will Destroy The Democratic Party

Dmitry Orlov: US Intelligence Community Is Tearing The Country Apart From The Inside

Last Spasm Of British Imperialism In Middle East - Interview With Peter Ford, Former UK Ambassador To Syria

Now, HERE's A Conspiracy Theory - Pointing One Finger At Others, While Pointing Three Back At Themselves

Someone Bold And Uncorruptible Needs To Do Something Real About Prescription Drug Costs

Britain's Jewish Press Are Revolting

Establishment Republicans Sell Us Down The River - Invite 32 Million Central Americans To Seek Asylum - Who's Paying/Blackmailing Them To Do That?

The Anxiety Epidemic - Over What, Exactly?

The Premise A Political Libel Based On An Alibi: How Hillary Set Up Mueller To Fail

Reporters Struggle To Get Pentagon To Answer Questions About War

Dems And Republicans Unite To Hand Trump $717 Billion In Military Spending - Who Is For Sanity Here?

How Much Would A War With Iran Hurt America?

The Stramge Convergence Of Technologies Of Life And Of Extermination

In Just The Past 2 Weeks, Dozens Of People, Mostly Children, In Iowa Have Vanished

Mexico Turns To Russia For Cheaper Wheat Amid Trade Tensions With US

Is Terrorism In Syria Being Financed With Taxpayer Funds?

Western Media Only Covers Syrian Civilian Deaths From ISIS Attacks When It Suits Interventionist Agenda

Mattis Shocks Reporters With Answer To Question About Trumjp's Menacing Tweet To Iran

Poverty Criminalized, Wealth Immunized?

Caitlin Johnstone: The Internet Enables Us To Uncover And Remake The Rules, But It's TRICKY And Who Will Decide?

The Media Whores And Their Knee-Jerk On The Weird Official "Russian" Novichok Story

Why Americans Must Defend The Freedom Of Julian Assange

Will Islam Overtake Europe After All?

PCR: Russiagate Pure BS, Aims At Conflict Toward World War

Syria: Raqqa Residents Tired Of US-Kurdish Militia, Ask Syrian Government To Take Control

Russia Now The Favored Ally In Middle East Against Arbitrary US Power: Egypt Latest Example

Low-Intensity Civil War Wracks Sweden, Due To Extreme Political Correctness

Friday, July 27, 2018

Violent Coup Fails In Nicaragua, US Tries Regime Change Methods

US Suddenly Buys More Ecuadorian Oil - Is Trump Also Buying Assange's Arrest?

PCR: No Agreement With Washington Can Ever Be Trusted

Newsmax TV Weekend Lineup

Newsmax TV Weekend Lineup
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She created a media frenzy wherever she went and was beloved the world over. Take a behind-the-scenes look at the life of the cherished British princess, Diana, and find out why she remains a global enigma long after her death.
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Josef Mengele: Hunting A Nazi Criminal
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Infamous for his deadly experiments on Holocaust victims, Dr. Josef Mengele simply disappeared after WWII. Who was this Nazi war criminal? And why was he never caught? We uncover his secret life in Argentina and Brazil and unmask this evil “Angel of Death.”
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CIA VS. KGB: Battleground Berlin
Saturday at 8 p.m. ET
For 50 years, Berlin was the symbol of the Cold War, and at the heart of the intelligence battle between the U.S. and the Soviet bloc. Thousands of KGB and CIA agents observed each other in the biggest information war in history. We’ll hear from former CIA and KGB agents, and discover the hidden face of the Cold War.
Saturday at 9 p.m. ET
Finding and killing the enemies of Israel, America’s strongest Mideast ally, is the objective of Mossad’s special “Kidon” unit. The elite agents from the secret division work strictly for Israel’s prime minister. What are their assassination techniques? Did they poison Yasser Arafat? Newsmax TV investigates.
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Armchair Assassins Pretend To Be Journalists, Direct Pentagon To Disobey "Traitor" President And Start A War

After US Public Ignores "Traitor Trump" Hype, Russian Hack Attack Scare Story

Bahrain Urged To Restore Citizenship To Hundreds Of Nationals

Analyst: BREXIT Vote Was The Most Embarrassing Decision For UK Government Since WWII

US Judge Denies Order To Ban Downloadable 3-D Guns

Mattis: Report Of Planned US Military Action In Iran "Fiction"

5 Clues Don Jr's Trump Tower Meeting Was Set Up As Dem Dirty Trick

The Heart Is Not A Technological Construct

The Government Is Stealing From You More Than Ever Before

The year was 1986.
Top Gun was the #1 movie in America.
Halley’s Comet was visible with the naked eye.
Microsoft went public, instantly making Bill Gates one of the wealthiest people in the world.
And the US government took in $93.7 million through a little known authority called “Civil Asset Forfeiture”.
As you’re likely aware, Civil Asset Forfeiture is a legal process that allows the government to seize assets from private citizens without any due process or judicial oversight.
People can be deprived of their private property without ever having been even charged with a crime, let alone never having actually committed one.
The horror stories of its abuse are endless.
People who have never done anything wrong have had their life’s savings, homes, and business assets confiscated without so much as a warrant.
This constitutes theft, plain and simple.
And like most government initiatives, it started small.
Again, the statistics from 1986 show $93.7 million worth of cash and property was seized by the government.
By 2014, that figure had grown 4,667% to a whopping $4.5 billion.
And we learned in 2015 that the government stole so much private property from its citizens that the total amount exceeded the value of all property stolen by every thief and felon in America combined.
It reminds me of that sign Ron Paul used to keep on his desk during his tenure in Congress: “Don’t steal. The government hates competition.”
The public also learned about all the extraordinary incentives for state, local, and federal police agencies to steal from private citizens.
The entire idea behind Civil Asset Forfeiture is that they can confiscate your property, then put the burden on YOU to prove that you didn’t do anything wrong in order to get your property back.
So much for innocent until proven guilty.
It’s such an astonishing scam: how is someone supposed to be able to afford to prove his/her innocence after their financial resources have been confiscated?
Moreover, it turns out that these agencies are all sharing the wealth among themselves.
The US Department of Justice routinely doles out hundreds of millions of dollars of these stolen funds to local police in a corrupt sort of ‘profit sharing’ arrangement.
DOJ statistics show that between 2000 and 2013, federal “equitable sharing payments” to state and local law enforcement more than tripled, totaling an incredible $4.7 billion.
There are some sickening stories of police departments using this money to buy things like margarita machines, trips to Hawaii, concert tickets, and more.
This is money that was stolen from private citizens without a warrant or any due process whatsoever.

John Russell