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Friday, July 6, 2018

A Small Compendium Of Resources On Pedophilia Rings

Subject: A small compedium of resources on pedophilia rings
International Commission of Inquiry Into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse
Chief Counsel Robert David Steele

Due to the salacious nature of pedophilia, neither the corporate or mainstream-left media will seriously investigate
. As a result, the vast public is unaware that we are in the midst of an epidemic of elite pedophilia rings. 

 purpose of elite pedophilia rings is to blackmail politicians and other higher-ups in order to control them. Often these abusers are drugged to get them to "comply." 

The impulse is to look away from the tabloid-tainted purience with which pedophila has been branded. For the sake of the children and babies who are being sexually abused and even tortured and murdered, at a minimum, it is incumbent upon you to educate yourself about the epidemic of pedophilia rings being operated worldwide by and for elites, many of whom are well-known prominent people.

 pedophia in the government
, scan this article
​documenting ​
​government employees 
who have been convicted of pedophilia. 
2.  Listen to Ole Dammegard's over-the-top interview with Carine Hutsebaut who has been investigating child/baby abductions for over 30 years
​, including children caged in 

or convicted billionaire pedophile pimp, Jeffrey Epstein, do a search on his name at Porkins Policy Review for the best overall reporting. The press was quick to tar and feather Bill Cosby, but heaven forbid they put the spotlight on Epstein.
cumbag Alan Dershowitz is
​ and fellow participant.​

Besides Epstein
​'s years-long friendship 
with Trump, the Florida trial revealed Epstein had over 26 phone numbers for Bill Clinton, who flew at least 22 times on Epstein's private plane, the "Lolita Express
​ often to Epstein's private Caribbean island ("Orgy Island").​

4.  Corbett Report has a superb ongoing open source political pedophilia investigation.

​Highly recommended:  Dr. Lori Handrahan's research on child trafficking, especially this excellent interview on Guns and Butter in which she states that children under 4 years old are highly valued because people under four cannot testify in a court of law.

6. Conspiracy of Silence is a
​ ​
​1993 ​
documentary pulled from the Discovery Channel as it was about to air.  It details the infamous Franklin scandal in which top Washington officials during the Reagan/Bush era were supplied with children from
Boys Town in Nebraska.  

Tangentially connected is a Corbett Report on Jeff Gannonwho was kidnapped as a child (the first missing child to be on a milk carton) and became part of 
notorious Bush-era White House male prostitution ring

There's so much more I could add. This is just tip of the iceberg​

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