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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Julian Assange's Mother Strongly Implicates Seth Rich In DNC Leak

Britain's Very Stupid Hunt - Trying To Start World War III

"America First" VS China's "Strategy Of The Four Continents"

A "Regime" Is A Government At Odds With The US Empire

Dying For What? A Tour Of Fruitless American Killing And "Sacrifice"

How The Media Keeps Americans In The Dark About The Slaughter In Yemen

Abel Danger: Reverse CSI 16

Benjamin Fulford: Geopolitical Post - August 20, 2018

Elizabeth Warren Says: "I'm Not Running For President In 2020"

Scarborough: Mueller Would Beat Trump "In A Landslide"

Excerpt From Ann Coulter's "Resistance Is Futile"

PCR: Self-Hating Whites

Is This All Natural?: Pouring It On - New York, Are You Prepared For A Flash Flood?

German Foreign Minister Says Europe Needs A Bank Transaction System Independent Of US

5 Reasons The Nightmarish War In Yemen Should Never Be Forgotten (Photos, Video)

The "MeToo" Movement Has Fallen Victim To Partisanship

Illegal Alien Arrested For Missing Iowa Girl Murder

Patrick Wood: The Threat Is HAPPENING Before Our Eyes - It's Time To DO, Not Just Hand-Wring

Dear Friend,

I am appalled at the ingrained apathy toward issues that really matter while great outcries are made over stupid and distracting issues such as Russian meddling in US elections, Q and Q Anon, bashing Trump, locking up Hillary, race baiting, etc.

This is exactly what our enemies are orchestrating us to do: excess over meaningless trivia while they put the noose around our collective neck to hang us.

Oh, America. Wake up!

Recent articles posted in Technocracy News trumpet the clear and present danger of Scientific Dictatorship, massive social engineering, crushing censorship of conservative thought and smothering surveillance.

I pick these articles from all around the world and never from conspiracy theory media. This week I posted from MIT Technology Review, Slate, The Intercept and World Economic Forum to name a few. They all say essentially the same thing: we are cooking like frogs in a pot and the water is about to boil.

If you don't like it, there are plenty of things that you can do about it. The problem is, nobody wants to do anything about it -- except perhaps complain that nobody is doing anything about it.

In the end (if nothing changes very soon), I suppose America is going get what it deserves for sleeping through the invasion and rolling over into digital slavery. Slavery by any other name is... still... slavery.

The fact is, those who say that they love their country but do nothing to save it don't really love it at all. It's just empty rhetoric, leading to a false sense of security.

Recognized or not, engaged or not, today is the day of battle and each American must decide on their own response.

Note that there are no links in this email. No offers, no requests. No appeals. No nothing. Just my rant and ever-nagging warning.

Yours for Liberty,

Patrick Wood
Editor, Technocracy News and Trends

Indonesia Reports US Pressure To Cancel Purchase Of Preferred Russian SU-35 Fighters

US Marines' Presence In Norwegian Arctic Regarded As An Attacking Threat By Russia

Not Ballyhooed, But Russia Already Has Potential Killer Satellites Orbiting The Earth

Jury Convicts Manafort On 8 Of 18 Felony Counts

Hannity Has Unreleased John Brennan Emails That Will Decimate Mueller

Social Media Censorship: Here Are The Deep Basics

Provocation: NATO Launches Largest War Games To Be Staged In Latvia

Likely Won't Happen: Ban Killer Robots To Protect Fundamental Moral And Legal Principles

John Whitehead: Battlefield America: The Ongoing War On The American People

Chossudovsky: Profound US Shift Of Mideast Alliances: Declaring War On Turkey? Exiting NATO?

PCR: Greece Killed, Wrung Dry, Kicked Aside By EU, IMF, Others To Follow. What When Only The Global Financial Institutions Remain?

Currently: Manafort Jury Seems Hung Up On At Least One Count

In Brazil, People's Clear Choices Blocked By The Country's Economic Kingpins

A Revolutionary Idea: How To Make The Third World Richer Than The First

China's Privileged Elite Also Undergoing Purge

Pushback: Legal Preparation For A Gutting Of The Deep State

Abel Danger: Observationally Only - Jewish Exclusionary Violence A Malevolent Juggernaut

Monday, August 20, 2018

Horror Of Saudi School Bus Attacks Lingers On

Ayatollah Khamenei: US Policy Is To Stoke Wars Among Muslims

Congress Passes Bill Addressing China's Theft Of Intellectual Property

The Advanced Nazi Scientific Colony In Antarctica: Was It Plausible?

How Cosmic Is The Cosmos? Is There Really Anything Profound About It?

Uh-Oh - Iranians Universally Galvanized By Dislike Of Trump

Hillarious! Sacha Baron Cohen And Howard Dean Discuss Clinton's True Gender

Abel Danger: Operation Classified

Trump Faces Mounting Legal Pressure On Three Fronts

Abel Danger: Reverse CSI, Rothschild Patented Anthrax Powder...

Pope Speaks Out On Sex Abuse Scandal

How Scientists Engineer Foods To Make Then Dangerously Addictive

Manafort Jury Finishes Third Day With No Verdict

The Fraudulent Mexican-American War (1846-1848)

Apocalypse By 2040? Hey - That Extends It!

Beijing Notes Signs Of US Decline Behind Bloated New Pentagon Budget

Now Ethiopia In Turmoil Of US/Saudi-Backed Coup - Not "Reforms"

The Mind Of The Mass Media: An Email Exchange Between Myself And A Washington Post Foreign Policy Reporter

Be Careful What You Believe - US, US Media Bias & Lies

Andre Vitchek: Hello, They Lied To You About Iran - And Everything Else!

10 Powerful Things That Extend Your Life

The Third-Person Effect: Why We Are Not So Open-Minded

Survey Shows 66% Of Americans Don't Want To Live In Technocratic Smart Cities, So... ?

65 Years Ago Today, The CIA Colluded With The UK To Overthrow Iran On Behalf Of Big Oil

The Technocratic Global Government Of The Future Is Here

J.P. Morgan's Plan To Outright OWN Wall Street In The Next Crisis

Stephen Lendman: The Myth Of Foreign Meddling In US Elections

Mark Dice: BIG Changes Coming

Ron Paul: Beware - Debt Is Our Nemesis

Claim: Thousands Of Child Slaves Forced To Work On Illegal London Cannabis Farms

And This They Call Evidence? Atlantic Council Imagines How Russia "Probably" Will Influence 2018 Election

Lavrov: Secret Directive Bans UN Agencies From Helping Rebuild Syria Until "Political Transition"

Sanctions, Sanctions, Sanctions - The Final Demise Of Dollar Hegemony?

Revolt And Convulsion Again Roil Iraq

Washington's Spy Games And Meddling In Iran: What's The Real Complaint?

The Nastiest Anti-Trump Remarks From Coordinated Media Attack

Illinois Muslim Leader: "Everything We Represent Goes In Total Contradiction To What The West Represents"

Patrick Wood: Big Tech Out To Stamp Out American Conservatism

Big Tech censorship is going ballistic, and now other corporate giants are piling on: Visa, Mastercard and Stripe have just shut off credit card collection services for some conservative press organizations, and some mega-banks are trying to impose their own un-Constitutional and possibly illegal gun control rules to destroy the Second Amendment.

If you haven't figured this out yet, these corporate Technocrats have declared WAR on America! Furthermore, they are obviously acting in concert with each other to obliterate the conservative movement altogether. If nothing else, they see this as a 'hail mary' to flip the balance in the House and Senate, and most importantly, to get rid of Trump in 2020.
,br/> But don't think Congress -- or even President Trump himself -- is going to save us this time. It ain't gonna happen. Yes, there will be lots of rhetoric and tough talk, but there will be no victory for us unless zealous individuals get involved in their local communities. That's the only place that you can chop these corporate giants down to size.

Seriously, we need an army of such activists all across America -- 25,000, 50,000 or even 100,000. And we need them NOW!

This is the mission of Citizens For Free Speech and its soon-to-be-released social media platform, We are dead serious about sponsoring ACTION, not RHETORIC!

Clapper Distances Himself Somewhat From Brennan

From Vietnam To Afghanistan, Collateral Damage Courtesy Of US Military

Monopolization Of The Press And Militarization Of Fakery

View: Dangerous Confrontation In The Middle East

Losers US/Israel Want Others To Pay For Fixing And Cleaning Up The Mess They Caused And Are Responsible For In Syria

China's Moves To Counter Indian Influence In South Asia

George Naylor On Subsidies To Farmers And The Corporate Price-Control System

It's been an agribusiness ploy for years to tell farmers the answer to their low price problem is to export more and find new uses. (They don't mention that this emplies we're aiming to make food scarce, which NOBODY would want.)

Farmers themselves don't export anything, or make ethanol either, so what they were saying is you farmers go ahead and plant as much as you can (oh, and we'll encourage the same all over the world with our new technologies), and leave things up to the market. So the supply is always increasing at the expense of the environment here in Iowa and in Brazil, etc. while the only thing that increases demand is the fact the commodities are so cheap. They also use the renewable fuels standard to keep up demand. If it wasn't for that, who knows how low prices would be?

The system is designed for extraction to produce cheap commodities. All the "subsidies" have been a scam based on fake economics. A diversified farm that has livestock and needs oats for feed and bedding, hay and pasture would be the only way to prevent erosion and water polution. When farmers get "subsidies," the actual market prices of corn and soybeans can still be very low. Therefore, it becomes cheaper to feed livestock in huge corporate confinements and feedlots rather than doing it on the family farm with the sound crop rotation. The true costs, present and future, are not being included in the price of the commodities, so the empire can expand and increase corporate profits. So agribusiness uses taxpayer dollars to make it look like farmers are on the dole, while the family farm system and rural communities are destroyed worldwide.

The billions spent on subsidies pale in comparison to the loss to the economy and the soil and water resources. Farmers and peasants all over the world flock to cities (usually shantytowns with no running water or sewers), and become shithole countries like we're becoming.

Former Secy Of Agriculture John Block: How The US Can Avoid A New Farm Crisis

Life After Google: People Will Tire Of "Usurping Human Minds"

Corbett: Voluntaryism And Conspiracies

Historian: Second Civil War Brewing In US, Or No?

The Drumbeat Begins: Senator Warren Wants The Government To Take Over All Big Businesses

Chinese Infiltration Of America Leading To War?

A New Cover-Up? Court Orders New Mexico Authorities To DESTROY New Mexico Compound

You're Surrounded Mr.Mueller, Give Yourself Up - The Truth Is Becoming Too Big To Hide

Andre Vitchek Introduces Us To The Real Iran That Israel Is Using Trump To Try To Destroy

Forbidden Knowledge: Dustification - North Tower Spire Turns To Dust

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Top Iranian Diplomat Says US Will Never Again Overthrow Government In Tehran

Germany Interested In Implementing Russia's Cooperative Refugee Initiative

Trump Blamed DC Officials For Cancellation Of Military Parade

US Military Developing Real-Life Super Soldier, Wonder Dog

5 Times Leftist Hate Turned Into Violence

The Nonstop Mueller Operation Is The Deep State Secret Plan To Mess Up The 2018 Election

Abel Danger: Why Benghazi Went Bad And What The Bad Was

Paul Manafort Awaits His Fate As Jury Deliberates

Fire Man: "Undying Russian" Who Touches Molten Steel Reveals His Secret

Greece Rejects, Exits Final 3-Year Bailout Program

Dozens Of Korean Families To Have Almost Week-Long Reunion

Palstinian Leader Makes Rare Appeal For Popular Resistance

"Financial Crisis" Behind US, UK Declining Life Expectancy

Afghan President Announces Ceasefire With Taliban

Israel's "True Friend" Bolton Arrives To Plot Iran Strategy

Zarif: US Dreams Of Doing It Again On Anniversary Of '53 Iran Coup

The Press: Last Gasp Of A Dying Man

US Government Seeks Facebook Help To Wiretap...

US Redirects Syria Funds, Insists It's Not Withdrawing

Is Ethanol Terrible? Or Are The Oil Interests Propagandizing Us To Kill Renewables?

Black Voter Support For Trump Nearly Doubles: To 36%

More And More Hillary Stuff Pried To Light, Judicial Watch Demands Re-Opening

Mad Bull Brennan Takes Hits, Lashes Out Some More

FBI Dealt Blow By DC Judge

The Secret Battle For Africa - Why Is There A Battle For Africa? And Why Is It Being Kept Secret? Because The Powers-That-Be Are Secretive Parents Or Something? Who Pays For It Again?

Rand Paul: Crazy Brennan Has Called For Death Penalty For President Trump

Heading Toward A One-Dimensional World: Facebook's "Shadow Banning" Effectively Snuffs Out Opposing Viewpoints

Demise Of Print Newspapers May Have Far-Reaching Consequences For Communities And The Nation

After The Court Found Monsanto's Roundup Gave A Man Cancer, It Was Found In Dozens Of Kids' Cereals

Funny But True: Rudy Giuliani Explains How Trump Tower Meeting Was In No Way Collusion (Video)

Minnesota: Massive Muslim Brotherhood Display Of Power To Take Place - Looks Like An Emerging Takeover Attempt, As In Europe

750 US Communities Have Successfully Built Their Own Private Internets To Avoid Big Telecom Monopoly

Vatican Remains Completely Silent Regards Rampant Pedophilia Exposed In US Dioceses

Saturday, August 18, 2018

On Equal Footing: China's President State Visit To North Korea In September

Russian Foreign Ministry On Syria, Maria Butina, And UK Big Lies

Stephen Lendman: US/Turkey Rift Unrelated To Pastor Brunson

Trump Regime Continues Supporting ISIS - Telling Us What?

UK Police: An Average Of 15 Acid Attacks Are Perpetrated Per Week

How The Hell Did A Teenager Hack Apple's Secure Servesr? And How Many Could?

We're All Lab Rats In The Largest-Ever Monetary Experiment In Human History - And How Do Things Work Out For The Rat?

Where's The Shame? Saudis Spinning The Optics Of Dead School Children

Understanding How Evil Happens

South Africa Calls For 300,000 Gun Owners To Turn In Their Weapons

Truth Music Playlist, Summer 2018

(Video) The Smelly Mystery Of The Human Pheromone

Russia Offers 2.5 Million Acres Of Farmland To China Amid Worsening Trade War

Drowning Among Israeli Settlements, An Ancient Christian Palestinian Settlement Struggles To Survive

Trade War Can Push Chins (World's Biggest Market) To Russian Energy

(Video) Make Men Masculine Again

Senators: US Army Must Explain Poisoning Of Children At Its Bases

Putin Can't Dance With Austria's Foreign Minister At Her Wedding Without Drawing Criticism - Was He A Bad Dancer?

Trump Defends Meeting With Foreign Leaders Against Critics Who Just Want To Bomb And Sanction Then Into Revenge Mode

John Brennan Is No Match For Trump

Rand Paul Suggests Granting Assange Immunity In Exchange For Congressional Testimony

It Happens That Europe Is Undergoing A Conservative Christian Revival, And The Media Aren't Telling You About It

Shocking Report Details How CIA Hubris Exposed Agents In China, Resulting In 30 Executions

NATO Repeats The Great Mistake Of The Warsaw Pact

Terrorists: What Are They Thinking?

We often dismiss terrorists as non-humans, monsters, at first. But when we learn that they were seemingly normal individuals with families and jobs, it’s hard not to wonder about how their minds really work.
The search for a terrorist “personality” or “mindset” dominated psychological research in the 1970s and 1980s and remains a significant area for research today. A new study published in Nature Human Behavior, which assessed the cognitive and psychological profiles of 66 Colombian paramilitaries imprisoned for committing terrorist acts, now argues that poor moral reasoning is what defines terrorists.
The idea behind such research is obvious – it’s to identify stable, predictive traits or “markers” of terrorist personalities. If we could do that, we may be able to predict who will become a terrorist – and perhaps prevent it. But this type of research is viewed by many psychologists, myself included, with extreme caution. Researchers carrying out such studies typically use a myriad of psychometric measures, personality and IQ tests in various contexts. But there’s no consensus on how useful these tests are.
And even if we did manage to pin down terrorist markers, what would we do with this knowledge? Would we all be tested across our lifespan? What would happen if we had a marker?
The term “terrorist mindset” is also problematic because it fuels the notion that terrorists are abnormal, resulting in knee-jerk endeavors to uncover the abnormality. For psychologists, abnormal suggests presence of a disorder, deficit or illness which makes terrorists “sick” or different.
This idea seems plausible because it helps us come to terms with extreme behavior.
But terrorist atrocities are undoubtedly the end of a chain of events which only achieve significance with the benefit of hindsight. By focusing on the event itself, how the terrorist was behaving at that time or how he/she may have been thinking in the immediate run up, our understanding becomes distorted. This is because the process of becoming a terrorist has been overlooked.
Of course it’s not easy to get hold of terrorists prior to an attack. Most research therefore concerns terrorists that have been caught or are suspected terrorists. The new study did just this. Imprisoned Columbian paramilitaries completed a battery of social-cognitive tests, creating individual profiles – including assessments of moral cognition, IQ, executive functioning, aggressive behavior and emotion recognition. They were then compared with 66 non-criminals.
The researchers found terrorists had higher levels of aggression and lower levels of emotion recognition than non-criminals. However, no differences were found between the groups for IQ or executive functioning. The biggest difference between the terrorists and the other group was seen in moral cognition – they found that terrorists are guided by an abnormal over-reliance on outcomes. The authors argue that this distorted moral reasoning – that the ends justify themeans – is the “hallmark” of a terrorist mindset. They assessed moral judgement by asking participants to rate various stories according to levels of unjustified aggression.
The results are intriguing and seem intuitive. But we cannot be sure that this profile wasn’t a result of their incarceration – we know that prison distorts cognition. If not, was it present from birth or did it develop in the run up to becoming part of a terrorist group?
These questions cannot be answered, yet they are fundamental. Headline statements from high-profile research of this nature can be misleading and counter-productive. Despite its appeal, there is no scientific support for the idea that terrorists are psychopaths or have a personality disorder.
Often research is contradictory – some researchers argue that their findings show terrorists to be suicidal while others claim they are extrovert, unstable, uninhibited, aggressive, defensive or narcissistic.
In fact, psycho-pathological behaviors are more likely to conflict with a terrorist agenda than aid it – it after all relies on commitment, motivation and discipline.
Luckily, the more we find out about terrorists’ quest for significance the better we can understand the identity and social issues that are fundamental to radicalization. So there’s every reason to be optimistic that psychology can be a powerful tool in the fight against terrorism.

The Whole Truth And Nothing But The Truth,

Jonathan Chambers
Patriot Vigilante

Turkey's Collapse Could Send "Millions" Of Refugees Flooding Into Europe - Who Wants That?

PCR: The CIA OWNS The US And European Media - Concrete Proof (As If We Needed Any)

Can America Ever Come Together Again?

New Mexico Jihad Compound Destroyed By Unidentified Authorities, Suspects Freed - Something Is Fishy

Trump: "We Won't Let" Discrimination Of Conservatives On Social Media Happen

Paul Craig Roberts: Is America Savable? Total Shutdown On Free Speech

Kanye West: America - Country Of Intolerance - We Are Choosing To Enslave Minds, Not Letting The Truth Be Free

Sources: Trump To Impose Martial Law In California Unless Brown And CALEXIT Capitulate

Far-Right Swedish Party Hopes To Topple A Century Of Socialism

(Video): In 2014, 2 Weeks Before Her Death, Joan Rivers Claims Barack Gay, Michelle A Transgender

Abel Danger: Twin Towers Reverse Engineering Poster, Etc.

Has California's "Fukushima Waiting To Happen" Burst, As Whistleblower Alleges?

Dems Set To Commit Historic Fraud, Pelosi's Instructions To Win 2018 Midterms

Special Announcement Of A Very Special Upcoming? Event And Solicitation Pertinent Thereto

PCR: Monsanto And Its Bought Scientists Have Initiated The Destruction Of The Human Race* (*Possibly Redundant Due To Other Methods)

Throwbac to 1818?: Trump To Netanyahu - (Palestinians) Must Be Completely Conquered

It Was Called "Protective Edge": Israel Absolves Itself Of 2014 Black Friday Gaza Massacre

Taos Anomaly: FBI False Flag Preparation Camp Discovered? Told You So!

Caitlin Johnstone: How To Beat A Manipulator - To Con, To Be Conned Is Human

Eric Margolis: Afghanistan - Graveyard Of Empires

Friday, August 17, 2018

Really? : Elon Musk, Through Tears - "I Had To Work On My Birthday"

Manafort Judge Rejects CNN's Cheeky Request For Jurors' Names And Addresses

Stephen F. Cohen: Sanction Mania VS Russia

US And Mexico Negotiating A Trade Deal Without Canada

Fear Is The Enemy Of Freedom

Abel Danger: Interview With Robert Tosh Plumlee, Who Flew Cocaine To Bill Clinton, Worked With Barry Seal, Knows The Dirt

The List Of Products And Foods That Have Tested Positive For Monsanto's Carcinogenic Glyphosate

Censorship Is The New Front In The War On Consciousness

You Should Be Ashamed, United States - YOU Have Destroyed Venezuela's Economy

Russiagate Could Be The New WMDs? What Would That Mean?

Syria - Pentagon Plants High ISIS Numbers To Justify Occupation

Around The World, We See The Link Between Economic Liberty And National Prosperity

Canceled - Trump's Military Parade Could Feed Every Homeless Vet For 9 Months Or House Them For 6

The Three Trigger Terms Being Used To Stop Critical Thinking

Trump Administration Hits Facebook With Discrimination Complaint

Syria Rebuilding: Scenes Of Repaired Facilities And Roads

Putin Accepts Politically Significant Wedding Invitation, Flabbergasting Some

Caitlin Johnstone Banned From Twitter For Cheering For McCain's Death

Stuff Of Horror Movies! : Former Yazidi Slave Girl Flees Germany After Being Confronted By Her ISIS Captor Turned Refuge

Japan And China Slashing Washington's Sovereign Debt Is Washington's Worst Nightmare - And Japan Is Doing It!

Blackwater Founder Renews Pitch To Privatize Afghan War, Advisers Fear Trump Will Listen

Deficit Spending Is Exploding Under Trump And GOP

Ron Paul Interviews Senator Rand Paul On His Visit To Russia (Video And Transcript)

The Democratic Party Is Destroying Itself With Its Obsessions

Declining America Is Setting Itself Up For Terrible Revenge After The Fall

Manafort's Judge Is Under Federal Protection After A Wave Of Threats

Young Antifa Protesters Are Asked About Their Political Preferences

Soros Foundation Giving Up On Hungary - So, How Do We Get Him To Give Up On Us?

How Security Clearances Perpetuate Top-Level Corruption In The United States

Monsanto's Carcinogenic Glyphosate Found In Popular US Consumer Products

73rd Anniversary Of Destruction Of Japanese Christianity - The Bombing Of Nagaasaki

The NYT Gives Defrocked John Brennan Op Ed Space To Lie

Russophobe Joe Scarborough's Big Lies Spearhead Media Lost In Deceit And Stupidity

Stephen Lendman: Hundreds Of Newspaper Editors Defend Press Freedom They Abhor

Use Vinegar To Kill Weeds Naturally And Give Monsanto's Roundup The Heave-Ho

Hackers Steal $13 Million From Bank ATMs In 28 Countries

Trump Rages "Honesty Wins" As Nationwide Anti-Trump Editorial Blitz, By Up To 400 Papers, Strikes

Brennan Goes Nuclear After Losing Security Clearance, Pens Furious Screed In New York Times

Corbett And Pilato: What's The FBI's Role In The Taos Compound Scandal?

"Blanket Of Dust" - A Thought-Provoking New Play About The 9/11 Cover-Up And Denial

Hang On: Within 5 Years, Aging Could Be A Thing Of The Past

Tit-For-Tat: Russian Strategic Bombers Deploy Near Alaska

Attorney: Notorious Grifter Imwan Awan Deserves No Jail Time Because Trump, Republicans Were Mean

It's Not Like There's Stuff To Be Done: Senate Back To Work In August, But Not Many Show Up

The Usual: Investigative Journalist Found Dead 1 Week After Interviewing Bill Clinton Rape Victim, Reporting To FBI, DOJ

It Ain't Over Till... : "Moonshine" Casts An Eerie Glow Over Korea

Trailer: It's "Trump @War" VS "No Trump, No Wall, No USA At All"

PCR: Are Hailed Increases In Income Generation Actually Killing Us?

Ray McGovern: Brennan Only Got A Down Payment On What's Due Him

No Thought Of Assimilation: The Muslim "Refugees" From US-Led Wars Bring Their Culture With Them

Thursday, August 16, 2018

ISIS Killer, Arrested In Sacramento, To Be Extradited Out Of The Country

Trump Strikes Back At "Ringleader" Brennan

What An Idea! Ban Censorship

Pompeo's New Iran Action Group: Echoes Of Iraq Start-Up - They Never Learn

Trump's Sanctions On Iran Dig Deeper Grave For US Forces In Afghanistan

Half-Truth: UN Report Finds ISIS Giver "Breathing Space" In US-Occupied Areas Of Syria

China Buckles: Trade Truce Delegation To Washington

Abel Danger: Competition Of Ideas And Systems

Abel Danger: How Money Rules

5 Months Of Skripal Saga, UK Offers Zero Evidence, Wild Theories And Sanctions

UK Globalists Now Calling For A Ban On Cars

"Trump" Surprises Court At Manafort Trial

US Creates "Iran Action Group" To Change Regime's Behavior