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Sunday, August 12, 2018

Bedfellows In A Reeking Middle East Charnal House (Mixed Metaphors, I Know)

Win Without War

Huge new report: the United States’ “allies” in the war in Yemen are aiding and abetting Al Qaeda. [1]
For three years, the Saudi-UAE coalition in Yemen has been using U.S. military support to bomb and starve civilians. But the U.S. has been flat-out ignoring these atrocities because our government believes Saudi Arabia and the UAE are our critical “allies” against Al Qaeda. Turns out, both Saudi Arabia and UAE have been secretly paying off Al Qaeda operatives in Yemen, even recruiting them to join their ranks – making the U.S. Al Qaeda’s de facto air force!
In other words: The Trump administration’s favorite excuse for ignoring the brutality we are supporting in Yemen just went up in a puff of smoke. But the Washington consensus on foreign policy is so warped that even a shocking story like this isn’t enough get Congress to stop this war.

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